twotenhi there00:13
twotenI just installed ubuntustudio 10.10 and X won't start, error is screens found but none of them are suitable00:14
twotenshould I even bother with Ustu, I just read that 10.10 no longer has a real-time kernel00:14
twotenmaybe I should just go back to regular ubuntu 10.1000:15
twotenso I came to this irc channel and I see that no one here gives a damn about U-stu so I should probably just forget about it00:16
twotenhey Studio 64 looks really good, I think I'll give that one a try!00:20
twotenI think I'll go back to Ubuntu 10.10 and apply real time patches to my kernel00:24
twotenthis whole U-stu thing has been a total dissapointment!00:25
phaidrosis there any chance to get spca1528 get running in v4l1 mode?18:29
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holsteinhey phaidros19:09
holsteingoogling for spca152819:11
holsteinand v4l119:11
holsteini would say it should be easy to plug in it19:11
holsteinand see if it works or not19:11
phaidrosholstein: spca1528 is included since 2.6.3619:45
phaidrosbut the v4l1 api is gone since then as well.19:45
phaidrosit seems thar darn skype thingie only talks v4l119:46
mousehi .. i have jack running and use pulse jack sink.. it works fine.i installed wine 1.2 and set in audio to jack..message appears in jack  alsa_pcm: xrun of at least 83.545 msecs JackAudioDriver::ProcessAsync: read error, skip cycle JackPosixMutex::Unlock res = 1 and audio fails23:30

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