KB1JWQThere a handy guide as far as "So you've got a service that isn't upstart compatible, here's how you shoehorn support in?"  Seeing issues with upstart and puppet on Lucid, figure it's time to get my hands dirty.20:01
JanCKB1JWQ: there was a PDF posted on the mailing list some time ago, but most people just look at existing upstart job configurations20:14
JanCsorry, even better, not a PDF, but a regular mail: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/upstart-devel/2011-January/001383.html20:17
KB1JWQJanC: Thanks.  While I'm on the topic, is there an Upstart equivalent to "chkconfig --list" that shows you what services start on boot?20:23
JanCKB1JWQ: upstart services are started based on 'events', so there is no exact way to make such a list I suppose20:37

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