ochosihey micahg 08:31
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charlie-tcaGood morning14:54
charlie-tcaochosi, mr_pouit : i386 desktop installation worked, but I only got one workspace in the VBox install. I have two workspaces in the live cd.14:56
ochosihey charlie14:56
charlie-tcaI would like at least two workspaces in our finished installations, please.14:57
ochosino clue about that tbh, any ideas mr_pouit ?14:57
mr_pouitno idea either, I need to check that15:00
mr_pouitit seems to be a bit messy, as I had to list 4 workspaces in the config even if only two are used15:01
ochosii assume it must be a bug, at least i don't remember a conscious decision against multiple worksapces15:01
mr_pouitcharlie-tca: if it's reproducible, please file a bug, otherwise I'm going to forget15:01
charlie-tcaokay, installing 64bit now, will file when it finishes15:01
charlie-tca<skaet> User Interface Freeze and Beta Freeze is March 24th (at 2300 UTC )15:03
ochosimhm, it's in my diary15:03
ochosibtw, charlie-tca and mr_pouit, i wanted to show you a rather subtle thunar-theming idea and wanted to ask you what you think of it15:04
charlie-tcaYou have a link?15:06
ochosiyes, one second, my natty install is upgrading atm...15:06
charlie-tcaXorg is awaiting all it's packages again15:06
ochosiok, here's the screenshot: http://imagebin.org/14368915:07
ochosi(it's thunar 1.0.* but it will work/look the same way in thunar 1.1.*)15:07
charlie-tcaI like that color shading, but what will happen in detailed view with the shaded lines?15:09
ochosithey won't be affected15:09
charlie-tcaI have every other line a darker gray, so everything shows up easily15:09
ochosii only colored the bg of the shortcuts and the tree-sidepane15:09
ochosiso it's independent of the rest of thunar15:09
charlie-tcaI like it. It drives me nuts to have that pane white15:10
ochosiok, so shall i push it to greybird then?15:10
charlie-tcamr_pouit: ??15:10
charlie-tcaMy thought is "Yes", let's do it15:10
charlie-tcaUnless mr_pouit knows a reason not too, go for it15:11
ochosigood, since it's a kinda last-minute change i wanted to be sure, i can wait for mr_pouit 15:11
ochosii already have the code ready, i only have to push "commit && push"15:11
ochosii just realized that the order of elements has changed in the new thunar15:12
ochosiin maverick it's home, trash, desktop, root15:12
ochosiin natty it's home, desktop, trash, root15:12
charlie-tcaminor detail15:12
mr_pouityeah, you can do it15:13
ochosiok, nice15:13
charlie-tcathis just gets better and better, huh?15:13
ochosisure :)15:13
ochosicharlie-tca: i spent/spend a lot of time on fine-tuning greybird, i would be disappointed if it wouldn't get better and better ;)15:14
charlie-tcaYour efforts are greatly appreciated! It looks really good!15:15
charlie-tcawOw! 64bit desktop is installing today15:15
ochosithat's good news15:15
mr_pouitochosi: I'm going to do an upload of xubuntu-artwork to include knome's wp, so pleae send me a mail if you want me to get the latest greybird rev from git :p15:16
ochosimr_pouit: is it ok if i update greybird _now_ or would i still have to send you an email?15:16
mr_pouitI'll only work on it when I'm back home15:16
mr_pouitso maybe I will forget :p15:17
mr_pouitbut it should be fine15:17
ochosiok, i'll drop you a few friendly lines then ;)15:17
charlie-tca64bit desktop installed, it has two workspaces!15:28
charlie-tcamr_pouit: I will do a hardware install to verify i386 workspaces, then file a bug15:29
micahghi ochosi 15:43
ochosihey micahg 15:43
ochosimicahg: how long do you think it'll take for 1.1.7 to get into natty?15:47
micahgochosi,well, since you have other patches for me, probably sooner15:48
micahgMonday/Tuesday Hopefully, can you point me to the patches15:48
ochosihow would you like them to be delivered?15:49
micahgwell, a patch in can throw in debian/patches would be good, or are they all in your PPA build?15:50
ochosithey are all in my ppa15:51
ochosii have never worked with real patches15:51
ochosithere shouldn't be much to do in fact, add one file and then change a few other lines, that's all15:53
micahgochosi, if you start with a clean source format 3 package, then add you fixes individually and rename, you'll get DEP-3 headers + Patches, see DEP3: http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep3/15:55
ochosimicahg: ok, i'll have a look into that later16:00
micahgochosi, so basically, with source format 3, debuild -S will take any changes made directly to the source and make a quilt patch out of it 16:02
ochosithat sounds easy enough16:02
micahgochosi, it will also give you sample DEP-3 headers which you can edit to be appropriate16:03
ochosihave to read up on a bit of the debian packaging stuff yet, i only dealt with the basics up to now (and i don't even know what format3 is yet)16:03
micahgochosi, http://wiki.debian.org/Projects/DebSrc3.016:03
micahgochosi, the distro version is 3.0 (quilt)16:04
ochosiso all i have to do is create the debian/source/format file?16:04
ochosiand then it'll be format 316:04
micahgochosi, yep16:04
ochosimicahg: and the 1.1.7 packages you'll build for debian/ubuntu will be format 3?16:05
micahgochosi, yep16:11
ochosimicahg: ok, so it'd be best to download your 1.1.7 source-package and then change whatever i wanna change in it and then debuild -S ?16:11
micahgochosi, you should be able to pull the 1.1.6 version, run uscan and then the appropriate uupdate command and make your changes to that, I hope to not need any new patches in Debian16:14
ochosiyeah, the patches would only be for ubuntu16:14
ochosimicahg: so you think i shouldn't wait for 1.1.7?16:15
micahgochosi, packaging diffs shouldn't matter, right, you're just changing the upstream source?16:16
micahg1.1.7 upstream is released, uscan should pull it16:16
ochosimicahg: yes, i only change a few lines of upstream and add a file16:16
ochosimicahg: ok, i'll try uscan then (never used it before)16:19
drcmaking the news:  http://www.webupd8.org/2011/03/xubuntu-1104-default-wallpaper.html19:18
drcopps...meant the main x channel...sorry19:19
Sysitopic at #xubuntu mentions #ubuntu-irc-hwlpers but that channel doesn't exist anymore, was considered useless20:02
charlie-tcaThanks, fixed it20:09
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