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curryhow can i assign a specific size to my display?05:26
currythe one i want is not in the list . . .05:26
jarnosI don't see any network manager in tray in xubuntu 10.10.08:42
Sysialt+F2 "nm-applet"08:42
jarnosSysi, it does not help. "nm-applet --sm-disable" is running already, but is not shown in tray. It is not marked as hidden in tray properties.08:55
Sysiare any other items visible?08:57
Sysiadn what xubuntu/xfce version?08:57
jarnosSysi, yes, see above08:59
Sysiahem, what?09:00
jarnosSysi, what do you mean be ahem?09:00
jarnosby ahem09:00
Sysiwhat above?09:00
jarnosSysi,  I don't see any network manager in tray in xubuntu 10.10.09:01
Sysiah, sorry, just woke up09:01
Sysihave you tried relogging/rebooting?09:01
jarnosSysi, I tried relogging09:02
jarnosSysi, I'll try rebooting.09:02
andrew2hello, i'm having some trouble getting compiz to show window borders on xubuntu 10.10, can anyone please help me?09:05
Sysiinstall emerald and set it to use it09:06
Sysior what was the other one..09:06
andrew2allright, i've installed emerald09:07
andrew2what exactly should i be doing next?09:08
jarnosSysi, rebooting did not help.09:08
Sysiandrew2: go to compiz settings -> window borders09:08
Sysijarnos: hum, weird09:09
andrew2i'm there09:09
Sysijarnos: are you using the default icon theme?09:09
Sysiandrew2: "there's /usr/bin/xfwm" somewhere, replace with "emerald"09:10
andrew2thanks Sysi that did the trick09:11
jarnosSysi, I have not changed it. But I installed xubuntu in non-default way: I installed by ubuntu minimal cd (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD), and then xfce by "sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop", if I recall correctly.09:13
jarnosI also can't start synaptic package manager, since it does not accept my password.09:14
Sysirm -rf ~/.gnome2/keyrings/09:15
Sysitry installing gnome-icon-theme09:15
jarnosSysi, it does not help at least without further actions.09:18
Sysihum, there's filed bug about nm-applet not working on kubuntu but then it didn't even start09:18
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ubottuHi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!09:37
jarnosOdd thing is that it does not accept my password, when the application is started from xfce menu. But if I start it by gksudo in terminal, it will accept my password.09:38
jarnosSysi, what is the purpose of those keyrings you told me to delete? Will they be created again some time?09:40
lee026well thanks for being here09:40
lee026need to see the news but i will check back09:41
Sysijarnos: it removes old paaswd, new one is asked next time you're trying to use keyring09:42
jarnosSysi, did you note the above?09:43
Sysiwith menu? yes09:43
Sysireally weird problems09:45
jarnosSysi, the difference is that when starting from the menu, gksu is used instead of gksudo.09:46
Sysiin ubuntu they should do the same thing09:46
jarnosSysi, yes, gksudo is symbolic link to gksu, but "gksu synaptic" does not allow me to use it, "gksudo synaptic" allows.09:53
Sysii don't get how is that even possible09:55
jarnosSysi, same for e.g. mousepad, gksudo works, but gksu tells password is incorrect.10:09
Sysido you have authentication settings or something in menu? you could also try removing gksu, if there is such package10:11
jarnosSysi, I don't see such settings. Removing gksu would remove e.g. network-manager-gnome and update-manager, and would install tens of new packages.10:20
Maxs21rhi all10:24
jarnosSysi, maybe the network manager problem is connected to gksu problem.10:26
Sysicould be10:26
nicofsWhere should i go if i have issues with natty?15:07
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drcIn the Settings manager>Mouse>Devices there is a <Reset to Defaults> button, but it apparently resets the defaults for Devices only (i.e., not Behavior, which has no reset option).  Anyone know offhand what the default settings for Behavior are?15:14
charlie-tcadrc: which version?15:16
charlie-tcaxubuntu version?15:16
drc10.10, 4.6.2  Is that the versions you mean?15:17
charlie-tcalet me bring up 10.10 and look15:17
* drc boggles at the power of having multiple versions available :)15:18
charlie-tcaI have every version available here, with 386 on hardware and all ubuntu and xubuntu releases in VBox15:19
charlie-tcaI just haven't run installs on all them yet15:19
charlie-tcaIt is a bit slow, getting them to run15:20
charlie-tcadrc: I also run at least three computers at once, since I do a lot of testing15:21
charlie-tcamouse behavior:  Threshold = 8, Time = 250, Distance = 515:22
charlie-tcaDevices tab: Acceleration = 2.0, threshold = 415:23
drcGave up multiple computers a few years ago (when my youngest daughter started running several boxes...only one geek in a household)15:23
charlie-tcaYou are welcome15:23
drcI should know better than changing defaults without recording them15:24
charlie-tcaIt is necessary, since I run the development version on my daily system. I keep a 10.04 box for when development version crashes15:24
drcBut I was seduced by the <Reset to Defaults> and wishful thinking15:24
charlie-tcasuch things happen15:25
charlie-tcaI haven't touched 10.10 since it released15:25
charlie-tcaI really like Natty, with xfce 4.815:26
drcand I can't get 11.04 to install (well, U, not X..haven't tried that...yet)15:26
charlie-tcaimages are working today, at least Xubuntu is. I will be running Ubuntu images in a bit15:26
charlie-tcaboth 386 and amd64 desktop images installed today15:27
drcCan it do a USB install?  Last time I tried (with U), it got to a point in the install where the USB install REALLY wanted a CD to refer to (i.e. stopped cold).15:32
charlie-tcaI don't know. I only have one computer that will boot from usb, and I haven't gotten far enough to test that yet15:37
charlie-tcaIt is supposed to be able to, both Ubuntu and xubuntu use the same installers15:38
drcI'm assuming that the basic core install fucntions are shared with U/X/K, just the DE installed being the difference?15:39
drcopp...anticipated me15:39
charlie-tcaKubuntu seems to have different installer stuff, too. It uses Ubiquity, but I don't know if it uses casper15:40
knomehey xubuntu people, the story of the new wallpaper is here! read more at http://open.knome.fi/2011/03/18/xubuntu-natty-default-wallpaper/15:42
nicofsIs there any config file for the xfce4-panel? my panel tries to start on a display that doesn't exist anymore and hence crashes...15:51
charlie-tcalook in ~/.config15:58
nicofsthere's quite a lot there...16:05
nicofsthe trouble is that i can't start a new panel because it tries to start on that non-existent display... i just don't know how to fix that...16:08
charlie-tcaThat's not the panel config then, it is xorg16:09
nicofswhatever it is - i don't know what to do...16:09
charlie-tcaYou tried deleting the panels and starting them over again?16:10
ubottuDid your panels disappear? Press alt+f2 and run: xfce4-panel | See also: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XubuntuPanels | Want to theme your panels? See http://xubuntu.wordpress.com/2007/10/12/howto-set-a-background-image-for-your-panel/16:10
charlie-tcathat wiki page tells how to completely remove them and restart them16:10
charlie-tcadrc: Xubuntu i386 installed from usb stick today16:11
nicofscharlie-tca, "xfce4-panel" results in segfault16:11
charlie-tcaThat's bad then16:12
charlie-tcaMaybe you have to wait for the updates to complete16:12
nicofscharlie-tca, i think the issue is that i used this nvidia tool to manage my two screens... and now that this tool is gone, i have only one display cloned to both screens and no panel...16:13
charlie-tcaMaybe try going to just one screen until the drivers get sorted out again, then/16:14
nicofscharlie-tca, i have only one screen atm - but that doesn't give me my panel back... :-(16:14
charlie-tcayou're running alpha software, I don't have an answer other than to wait for xorg and the video drivers to catch up again.16:15
charlie-tcafresh install is working today16:15
charlie-tcaMaybe check this, too: * weboide found out that apt-get actually removed xorg-server package, that's why GDM wouldn't start! =X16:16
nicofsi bet it's just one line in some config file telling the panel to start on the wrong display...16:17
nicofscharlie-tca, apart from the panel, my xfce4 is running...16:18
drccharlie-tca: thanks for the heads up16:19
charlie-tcadoes the right-click desktop menu work, too?16:19
charlie-tcagot it made then until things get fixed16:20
nicofssince not much can go wrong now, i just downloaded the nvidia drivers...16:21
charlie-tcaI wouldn't try that, unless you are ready  to completely reinstall16:22
nicofsi don't have my home folder on the same HDD as the system - reinstalling is not too bad...16:24
charlie-tcathat's good, cause when you install that nvidia driver, that is your option16:25
nicofscharlie-tca, if that pc were vital to my life, i wouldn't try out natty on it...16:25
nicofsI think i ruined it :-)16:33
drcDoes the "update-manager -d" in 10.10 upgrade to A3 or the daily build?17:26
pete1can I report bugs here? ristretto eats up all my RAM & Swap17:29
charlie-tcadrc: it upgrades to natty, and should include most of the updates. Natty if kept updated is equal to the daily builds17:34
charlie-tca!bugs | pete117:35
ubottupete1: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots17:35
drccharlie-tca:  danke17:35
charlie-tcano problem17:35
charlie-tcadrc: be aware, xorg is broken again in natty17:36
charlie-tcaDoing a partial upgrade is almost always bad17:36
drcoh well17:37
drcin that case maybe I'll just take a nap17:39
charlie-tcait's pretty common in natty for breaks like this. You are fine if you don t upgrade while things are in turmoil17:40
drcoh, I'm familiar with problems in alphas/betas, some days I just don't feel like putting up with the headaches/excitement (and this is rapidly becoming one of those days)17:42
charlie-tcaI know that feeling17:42
drcfunny thing is, it has nothing to do with computers...the new puppy is evidently still in her alpha stage :(17:47
drcand she definatley want to BE the Alpha dog17:48
charlie-tcaahhh, beta is march 3117:49
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drcmaking the news: http://www.webupd8.org/2011/03/xubuntu-1104-default-wallpaper.html19:19
Unit193drc: I thought it was going to be http://www.flickr.com/photos/leogg/5224255554/in/pool-1546142@N20/19:27
drcDon't shoot me, I'm just the piano player....19:28
Sysithat was suggested too, but wasn't chosen19:28
Sysiiirc that will be available too19:28
charlie-tcaUnit193: that will be included on the cd, for the user to install if desired19:28
Unit193charlie-tca: Thanks, I missed that part19:29
drciirc, it was a tie, and our benevolent dictator chose :)19:29
drcwait...I was wrong, that was between the two to be "included" not the default19:31
charlie-tcaplease don't confuse the Xubuntu Project Lead with the man that puts out several million dollars a year for Ubuntu and Kubuntu19:32
drcXubuntu does not share in this largess then?19:35
charlie-tcaxubuntu recieves support only, no funding19:36
jookHey, I dunno what happened here. I just installed some updates, and after the reboot, my panels are gone.20:03
ubottuDid your panels disappear? Press alt+f2 and run: xfce4-panel | See also: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XubuntuPanels | Want to theme your panels? See http://xubuntu.wordpress.com/2007/10/12/howto-set-a-background-image-for-your-panel/20:04
jookHey, thanks mate20:04
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xubuntu_noobhey, if I'm testing an xubuntu instance off of a USB drive, will I lose apps I install?23:27
bazhangif its not set to persistent , sure23:28
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent23:29
bazhangcheck the last link for help with that23:29

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