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greendroidhey, I'm new to the whole open source coding thing but thought it'd be a good challenge for a project, so I have a question, when I pull the code for unity to start working on the bugs and stuff,do you guys setup a separate Ubuntu installation where you compile and test Unity or do you use the same setup for normal work and compiling/testing/coding03:41
humphreybcDoes anybody else feel that Unity's pulse animation when you click an item on the launcher isn't prominent enough of an effect to show something is /happening?/03:59
humphreybcI personally prefer launchers/docks where the item "jumps" our bounces to show that it's doing something. But the pulse just seems... too easy to miss.04:00
MuscovyIt ought to be more prominent.04:01
MuscovyEven just if the pulse was stronger.04:02
humphreybcI might email the list about this04:02
humphreybcokay, sent. Let me know if you get the email... I haven't posted to Ayatana in months, so not sure if I'm still subscribed or whatever.04:04
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vishhumphreybc: they want to change the default to "No backlight" and so if the app is starting the 'pulse' should be more visible..06:11
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zniavre_good morning07:32
zniavre_in the launcher panel the applications "thing" is empty , how to reset it please , im using unity-2d07:33
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zniavrehttp://i.imgur.com/eriWc.png   > this is not correct application "thing"08:49
zniavrewhat to do when a bug affect you is marked fixed when it's not?09:41
zniavrebug 72126409:42
ubot5Launchpad bug 721264 in unity (Ubuntu) "add super shortcuts to the launcher - logic" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72126409:42
zniavrebug 70675409:42
ubot5Launchpad bug 706754 in unity-2d (Ubuntu Natty) "[dash] search yields no results (natty only)" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70675409:42
humphreybcAny plans for the launcher colours to inherit GTK scheme too?10:44
humphreybcUnity looks a bit weird with the Radiance theme set as the dock is still dark but everything else (panel included) is light.10:45
humphreybcalso, wouldn't it be better if hitting the Super key once showed the launcher and twice showed the dash? Sometimes I just want to show the launcher, and not the dash.10:47
AndreaAzzaroneHi, i have made a proposal to merge branch, but here: https://code.launchpad.net/~arlecchino92/unity/launcher-devices-improvement/+merge/5410011:48
ubot5Ubuntu bug 54100 in totem (Ubuntu) "Totem crashes everytime changing its preferences (dup-of: 41099)" [Medium,Invalid]11:49
ubot5Ubuntu bug 41099 in totem (Ubuntu) "[dapper][totem-xine] when I try to change connection speed it crashes" [Medium,Invalid]11:49
AndreaAzzaroneit shows "Text conflict in src/unityshell.cpp"11:50
AndreaAzzaroneis a very very simple conflict! What should I do?11:51
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coz_ hey all16:23
stefano-palazzoIs this supposed to work?18:17
DartIn dash, numpad Enter key never works on highlighted item.18:25
OmegaIn the dash, when I click on Internet Apps, I get into Developer Toors18:46
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rbnswartzDBO you in?23:06
DBOwhats up23:06
rbnswartzDBO: Yeah bzr keeps messing up on me and I can't upload so I sent you a patch via email again. Wondering if you got it.23:09
DBOuhm, maybe, sometimes my mail slips through the cracks23:09
DBOyeah I got it23:09
DBOwill look at it today23:09
rbnswartzI have had problems compiling and testing because compiz breaks every time I update. But according to everything I've asked on IRC it should work fine. I understand that this is not the best but it is the best I can do at the moment23:11
DBOcompiz breaks?23:14
rbnswartzyup it crashes on login23:14
rbnswartzand with unity that essentially means no desktop23:15
DBOyeah that pretty much is what it means23:15
DBOyou should figure out why unity not working for you :)23:15
rbnswartzWould the fact that I'm running on a NVIDIA mean anything?23:16
DBOnot really23:16
rbnswartzI've had problems with compiz crashing as well as the window manager on 10.10 on the same machine.23:17
rbnswartzI should add that it only crashes occasionally23:17
rbnswartzPossibly a hardware issue?23:18
rbnswartzI've got to go DBO I'll check into my compiz issues. If you have any questions on the patch you have my email address.23:25
Omegahumphreybc-ipad: When you want to bring up the sidepanel only, you have to hold in the super button.23:32
humphreybc-ipadOmega: Oh really23:32
OmegaI saw you mention that a few days ago.23:32
OmegaBut, I kept missing you.23:32
humphreybc-ipadYeah, been a bit busy. I guess holding it makes sense, but I'm not sure. Have to think about it. I'd say punching once to do the first simple thing then holding would be an extra trigger for the extra bit, ie, show the dash23:34
OmegaWell, the launcher comes up on press, the dash comes up if it is released before the launcher is fully revealed.23:38

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