ScottKdebfx: What's wrong with the one that was uploaded a couple of hours ago?00:43
apacheloggeroggy oggy oggy00:46
ScottKWatch out, I'm fixing kdm's upstart script.00:57
ScottK(fortunately patch provided by cjwatson, so you all should be in good hands)00:58
apacheloggerScottK: oh, mind that one, I once made shitty kdm maintainer scripts if you recall ^^01:33
ScottKAlthough kdm.upstart says it was written by nixternal.01:33
ScottK(which, IIRC, is accurate.01:34
apacheloggerall the more reason to not trust it :P01:35
apacheloggerso, when are we migrating to systemd? :P01:35
ScottKThe the kdm.upstart change was done by debfx, so I'm sure it's good.01:35
ScottKRight after we finish the upstart migration.01:36
apacheloggerah, so that is also going to start with vastly varpoware01:36
* apachelogger should suggest that name to the dictator for consideration01:36
ScottKUpstart migration will take a long time.01:39
ScottKIt might be usable by then.01:39
nixternaljeesh, i did the kdm.upstart stuff like a while ago02:48
valorienixternal: any progress on a new laptop?02:54
valorieI was sorry to hear about your loss02:54
nixternalnone what so ever :(02:54
nixternaldon't have enough cash saved up to get a new lappy. hopefully one day soon though02:54
valorielittle buggers are expensive02:55
nixternalthe laptop was really useful for packaging, when i go to loco dev events and what not. right now, i could probably do some minor packaging, but no way could i do anything that takes more than a couple of minutes to package02:55
nixternali am doing a little more work right now that should hopefully put a little laptop cash in my pocket to help out. with donations and money i have put aside for a new lappy, i am at about $400. $400 can get you a lappy, but nothing dev worthy to be honest02:56
apacheloggernixternal: depends on the defintion of worthy02:57
apacheloggerI once had a very nice businessy laptop for 450 EUR02:57
apacheloggerwhich of course is like 3600 USD, but still02:57
nixternalthe lappy i had was a quad core with 4gb of memory. it wasn't super expensive at the time, actually it was only like $700, but you can't get that type of power for $700 unless you get lucky. which i have my eye on a couple of dell outlet computers right around that price point02:58
nixternalapachelogger: haha, so true02:58
apacheloggernixternal: also you should find yourself a sponsor02:58
nixternalthe lappy i am using now only cost me $350 in 200802:58
nixternalit is a celeron m, which is ok for use, but not development type stuff the least bit02:58
valorieI had a dell refurb which I LOVED02:58
valorieuntil the hinge broke, which broke the heat sink02:58
nixternalyeah, i had a dell latitude d830 refurb that was amazing, but it was totalled in a tornado last year :/02:59
apacheloggernixternal: well, you have a desktop... if you do a build just icecc it ;)02:59
nixternali have lappy bad luck it seems02:59
valorieit was out of warranty, so .... dead02:59
* apachelogger had his n900 in the icecream cluster the other day02:59
apacheloggersuprisingly enough it got one or two jobs ^^02:59
nixternalapachelogger: that desktop is running windows 7, and it isn't mine, it is a loaner for doing some other work on02:59
nixternali could run from a live cd, but unless you have done that recently, let me fill you in. it sucks!02:59
apacheloggerScottK: reminds me, I need to fiddle with some arm box setup, don't I?03:00
valorienixternal: vm!03:00
apacheloggernixternal: the trick is to run it from a flash medium :P03:00
apacheloggerthat is about the experience you get with kubuntu mobile on the n900 right now :)03:00
ScottKapachelogger: Yes.  You need to make the ice creaming magic work on the .200 box so I can use it's large external hard drive to get kde rebuilds going.03:00
nixternalat least i had a good burger and beer tonight :)03:01
apacheloggerScottK: rebuilds == clean trunk builds or something else?03:01
nixternalapachelogger: i do run from flash now. i haven't had an actual cdr disk in who knows how long03:01
ScottKapachelogger: Clean trunk builds.03:01
apacheloggerhm, icecream should be easy though03:02
apacheloggerScottK: I'll try to get to it tomorrow, best poke me around 16 UTC though03:02
apacheloggerthat is well before I would leave for restocking on booze  ^^03:02
apacheloggernixternal: and you don't like it?03:02
apacheloggerget a fast flash03:02
apacheloggermicrosd >= class 4 seems pretty fine03:03
nixternalor i could just always give up on open source, seems it has given up on me damnit. right now consulting wise, open source/linux isn't hitting. i am doing windows crap, and to be honest, i don't know what i am doing, but i am getting paid for that :)03:03
apacheloggerespecially with loads of mem since everything will be in cache anyway03:03
ScottKapachelogger: Thanks.  Please ping me when it's done and maybe I'll be motivated.  It's going to be a bit of a PITA to set up again now that everything's moved to git.03:03
ScottKnixternal: My main laptop has a 5400 RPM hard drive.  Live CD from a USB stick is actually faster.03:04
apacheloggernixternal: maybe you are not marketing properly?03:04
apacheloggerScottK: just use the neon recipies?03:04
* apachelogger thinks the neon ppa should just be armelified -.-03:05
ScottKNo.  I'm using the stuff to hook into CDash.03:05
ScottKNeon is all LPified crap anyway.03:05
apacheloggeryou can build recipies without LP03:05
ScottKThe CDash scripts are fine, I just need to update them.03:05
apacheloggerdoing cdash would be tricky though :/03:06
ScottKProbably I procrastinated long enough someone already did it anyway.03:06
apacheloggerdoable with changes to pkg-kde-tools or whatever thye are using....03:06
apacheloggerScottK: arm cdash?03:06
apacheloggerI did not see any reports03:06
apacheloggerquite surprising actually03:07
ScottKIt's been a while since I had it working.03:07
apacheloggerapparently all other distributions are busy having intercourse with their precious desktops03:07
apacheloggerwhile the mobile market gets eaten by shitty android and propietary iOS03:07
apacheloggermakes one wonder if the companies behind the big linux distros actually are living in the *now*03:08
apacheloggeroh wellz03:08
* apachelogger takes a sip of his wine and watches some golden girls03:08
nixternalapachelogger: I have marketed myself quite well. last  year i did some fairly large scale linux/oss stuff, especially with debian and quite a bit with ubuntu. but right now it is really dead here03:10
apacheloggerodd enough03:10
apacheloggernixternal: well, better brush up on your skillz in legacy os stuff then :)03:11
nixternali did a debian cluster, and i swear i never ever want to do any cluster shit ever again in my life03:11
apacheloggernothing wrong with an honest day's pay for an honest day's work03:11
nixternalapachelogger: it is windows, all you need to know how to do is right click :)03:11
nigelbhrm, is this the situation with US of A?03:11
* apachelogger wonders where he got that one from03:11
nigelbbecause I find people poaching me a bit.03:12
apacheloggernixternal: as someone who did loads of ms windows server crap in the past years, that is not how you do things business efficient :P03:12
nixternali swear, this job here, is WAMP, and I never did that before, so I just insalled shit and right clicked. And wouldn't you know it, in an hour I had a fully functional WAMP instance up and running :)03:12
apacheloggerhmm WAMP :D03:13
apacheloggergodo memories :)03:13
apacheloggernixternal: but yeah, the right click paradigm usually solves all problems03:13
apacheloggertoo bad linux doesnt implement it :S03:13
nixternali am better in the shell than i am a gui any day of the week. my dev setup, i swear i could easily get away with just something like awesome or xmonad. but those kind of suck when you try to do any kde stuff03:14
apacheloggermhh shell03:14
apacheloggerpowershell is cool03:15
nixternali need to get myself more in to c++. i feel like a noob now in c++, since a lot of my work has been python and/or java03:15
apacheloggerit is like bash, just that it craps out when you do something wrong03:15
apacheloggerand it has very weird character escaping03:15
apacheloggerlike srsly weird03:15
* apachelogger did not figure out how to do cmake with a couple of args without making powershell fall over some odd " or something03:16
nixternali use zsh anyways, you have to escape everything :)  but it is so much better than bash03:16
apacheloggernixternal: JontheEchidna can help you with that03:16
apacheloggerI think he is my personal c++ guru03:16
apacheloggernot that I needed once, since I am now doing all shit in brainfuck, but if I'd need one he would be the first person I'd ask03:17
apacheloggerJontheEchidna is actually like a C developer doing C++, sorta scary but really awesome :D03:17
nixternalactually, i need to start doing more qt stuff, that is where i have really fell apart. typical c++ stuff is still kind of easy, as I have been trying to keep fresh with it doing project euler in c++03:19
nixternaland trying to create algorithms to make my euler functions faster03:19
apacheloggernixternal:  Qt is all javascript these days ^^03:19
apacheloggerunless you are mee and constantly get a sickish feeling from javscript ending up implementing all sorts of stuff in c++ and then providing it to qml ^^03:20
nixternalyeah, which i need to play with a bit more. writing javascript via google searches is easy :)03:20
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about nixternal03:22
Daskreechawww :(03:22
apacheloggernixternal: well, I usually just write c++ without types03:23
apacheloggerworks most of the time03:23
apacheloggerif it does not google helps03:23
nixternalhehe, i know what you mean03:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about winternal03:24
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: we might want to add some QMLish guidelines to the coding style03:24
nixternalnice, they finally pulled that shit out of there03:24
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: like if you are connecting to signal in QML it is more readable if you put the { on the same line as the onSignal: 03:25
nixternalspeaking of which, whatever happened to hobbsee? I miss her, she was my partner in crime way back in the day03:25
apacheloggerthough technically it is a function 03:25
valorieI still see her in #linuxchix03:25
nixternalsomehow, at a uds, her and i were always slated to work together telling the rooms to stop talking and get ready to head out03:25
valoriedidn't know she was an ubuntero03:26
apacheloggernixternal: I think she eventually left for ubuntu and then got lost completely :/03:26
DaskreechWAMP? Windows, All Microsoft PropietaryCrap ?03:26
apacheloggerDaskreech: man, I love you03:26
apacheloggervalorie: she was with kubuntu like long long ago03:27
apacheloggerI think she left about the same time I joned, must have been 2006ish or 2007ish I suppose03:27
nixternalvalorie: back in the day, it was Riddell, hobbsee, myself, tonio, imbrandon, jjesse, and a couple of others that did kubuntu everything. talk about small, #kubuntu didn't even have 100 people in it, and this channel was only like 25 to 40 strong03:27
DaskreechYeah I remember when Hobbsee came in03:27
DaskreechKinda whirlwind03:28
nixternalyeah, Daskreech was here back then, but all he did was annoy everyone, kind of like what he does today :p03:28
valorieI think she is getting married -- don't trust me on that03:28
valoriemaco will know03:28
nixternalwtf? for real?03:28
valoriemy gossip foo is rather weak03:28
nixternalis she even 21 yet?03:28
Daskreech!nixternal darn it stupid bot03:28
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:28
nixternaloh, she is in #ubuntu-devel03:29
* nixternal messages03:29
Daskreechnixternal: tell her that annoying Daskreech says hi too! :)03:29
apacheloggervalorie: oh, yours too03:29
nixternal22:29:38 >>> Hobbsee is away: I'm not here at the moment.03:29
* apachelogger forgets gossip half the way through getting told03:30
apacheloggerall existance of it gets erased after like 12 hours03:30
nixternalheh, i wonder if i know who she is marrying. she and another dev around here were hot to trot03:30
* nixternal sees if he is online03:30
apacheloggerhence I am quick to spread gossip ^^03:30
nixternalno i am not seeing, as i forgot wth his nick was03:30
nixternali know his name03:31
nixternalahha, he is online03:31
apacheloggergoogle + launchpad can do the trick then ^^03:31
valorielol: http://hobbsee.com/03:31
apacheloggerone day Daskreech and I are getting married surely03:31
nixternalgoogle + 'launchpads biggest hater & the first lp open source contributor' :p03:31
nixternalvalorie: her myspace page was the win!03:32
nixternalfind that, though don't stare long if you have seisures03:32
Daskreechvalorie: ha ha :)03:32
Daskreechapachelogger: wait what? Were we not married already?03:32
valoriei think I still have a myspace page03:32
DaskreechI remember the Pink Bunny pastor03:32
Daskreechha ha :)03:33
apacheloggerDaskreech: sweetie, I am drunk03:33
nixternalhobbsee is the inventor of the pink unicorn, and if you don't believe me, her myspace page was the kubuntu ping unicorn from 200503:33
nixternalwith a bunch of flashy stuff03:33
* Daskreech goes back to Golden Girls03:33
* apachelogger does the same03:33
nixternaldamn, i missed oz, and now it is on at 1am. i have to be up at like 6am, so there is no way i am going to watch it tonight03:34
apacheloggernixternal: oz?03:34
Daskreechapachelogger: He's running WIndows so he likes the Wonderful Wizard03:36
nixternala show from the late 90s early 2000s about Ozwald Correctional Center. a nice violent prison show on HBO :)03:37
apacheloggeras long as it is the 1938 (or was it 9?) motion picture03:37
apacheloggersimply adorable03:37
valorieJudy Garland as a 12 year-old03:37
nixternalthey didn't have cgi back then, yet it looked better than avatar if you ask me03:38
DaskreechSort of like  Real World peeps as people with a functioning brain03:38
DaskreechAlmost enough chops to pull it off03:38
nixternalapachelogger: what's happening with jersey shore? i know you watch that!03:39
apacheloggerhow do you know that?03:39
nixternalapachelogger is the new situation03:39
nixternaldo you watch it for real?03:39
apacheloggerdon't tell anyone though03:40
nixternalmy daughter got me watching it :/03:40
Daskreechnixternal: feel like going on a rant?03:40
nixternalnope, i have had some beer tonight, i am in a happy mood :)03:40
ubottuGnome bug 644930 in general "One pixel of border resizing is frustrating for user" [Minor,Unconfirmed]03:40
apacheloggernixternal: I am an artist and start drinking at 3pm these days03:41
nixternalDaskreech: i feel his pain actually in regards to that bug03:41
yofelDaskreech: wasn't that a feature? Giving you more space on your desktop for actual use?03:41
Daskreechnixternal: I just like comment #603:41
Daskreechyofel: removing resizing of windows except for key commands ( that he has wrong )?03:42
yofelaah, only went by the title03:43
nixternalok, time for me to go to bed. have to get up early and race tomorrow03:43
Daskreechnixternal: Vroom Vroom03:45
Daskreechor howevre you make bicycle sounds03:45
ScottKSo kirkland is fixing his command line colorization stuff so our debconf templates don't have to be aubergine.03:45
ScottKWe'll need to pick a color.03:45
ScottKnixternal: Can you fire up the powerpc box?03:54
c2tarunI was reading documentation of Qt and it seems to have zillions of classes. Dont know about others but frankly its impossible for me to go through all of them, Can anyone please help me where to start? I asked on #KDE but nobody replied :(04:42
Daskreechc2tarun: did you try #qt ?04:46
c2tarunDaskreech: I just tried there and got reply :) thanks04:47
=== hunger_ is now known as hunger
c2tarunkdeedu failed to build from source on armel and powerpc, Error due to some C++ declarations, here is the complete buildlog https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdeedu/4:4.6.1a-0ubuntu2/+buildjob/2326220/+files/buildlog_ubuntu-natty-armel.kdeedu_4%3A4.6.1a-0ubuntu2_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz can anyone please take a look06:41
ubottuUbuntu bug 4 in Launchpad itself "Importing finished po doesn't change progressbar" [Medium,Fix released]06:41
* c2tarun sorry, by mistake I posted this on kubuntu first. :/06:41
droidslayerOk thats weird, my browser crashed06:52
droidslayerc2tarun: can you pastebin the last few lines where it fails?06:53
c2tarundroidslayer: sure, just gimme a second06:53
c2tarundroidslayer: http://paste.kde.org/7631/06:54
c2tarundroidslayer: on powerpc it has some unmet dependency, I mean it requires python-scour but I think its not included in Build-Depends06:56
* c2tarun dont know how to create a architecture specific patch06:56
droidslayerMe neither ... intact I've never heard of such a thing06:57
c2tarunsorry broken package, http://paste.kde.org/7632/06:57
c2tarunits broken pacakge for powerpc.06:57
droidslayerStupid gprs06:58
droidslayerTaking eons to load a page06:58
droidslayerThe fact that I am inside the metro does not help06:59
c2tarunoh :)07:00
droidslayerLine 6 of that paste looks weird07:00
c2tarunyup, error is genuine, but how come this package built succesfully on i386 and amd64?07:02
droidslayerc2tarun: no idea... looks like some weird thing happening in Qt and opengl07:02
droidslayerc2tarun: ARM?07:03
c2tarunwhat is ARM?07:03
droidslayerc2tarun: this ftbfs is on Armel right?07:04
c2tarunyup, first pastebin is for armel and second is for powerpc07:04
droidslayerARM does not have floating point data types iirc07:05
droidslayerSo they are typedef'd to double07:05
c2tarunyup first to some structure I guess and then for double.07:05
droidslayerc2tarun: talk to ScottK when he is around07:05
c2tarundroidslayer:  ok :)07:06
droidslayerI've never dealt with ARM builder's07:06
c2tarunScottK: ping07:14
nigelbc2tarun: Its probably very late for him, catch him in the evening.07:20
c2tarunnigelb: what should I do then?07:21
nigelbc2tarun: like I said, catch him in the evening.07:21
nigelbYou're in India right?07:21
c2tarunnigelb: yup07:21
nigelbYeah, so like post 7 pm would be a good idea.07:22
c2tarunwhat do you mean by post 7 pm, is there any way of deferred posting?07:22
yofelwell, since he's always in the channel he'll answer you when he gets online07:24
c2tarunok :) I'll wait, np07:25
valorieit is very late even for ScottK07:35
valorieis it Holi for you this weekend, c2tarun?07:36
* Hobbsee waves07:38
* Hobbsee distributes hugs, and irn bru07:39
c2tarunvalorie: yup :)07:39
Nightroseit's a Hobbsee!!!07:40
Nightrose(everyone hide)07:40
Hobbseeit is!07:40
* Hobbsee waves the Long Pointy Stick of Doom!!!! ™ around07:40
Nightrosesee! i knew hiding was a good idea07:40
nigelboh, right07:55
nigelbthe long stick of doom always follows Hobbsee 07:55
DaskreechHobbsee: !!!!!08:39
* Daskreech hugs :)08:39
Hobbseehey Daskreech!  :)08:39
DaskreechHow are you?08:39
Hobbseepretty good :)08:39
Hobbseeworking for a web hosting company, and got married last year08:40
Hobbseeso nice not having to run windows, too08:40
DaskreechHa ha :)08:40
Daskreechof course it is :)08:40
Daskreechhow's both of those endeavours going?08:40
Hobbseewe were amused08:40
Hobbseegood :)08:40
DaskreechStill down south?08:40
Hobbseemicrosoft was trying to get us to use their multi-management stuff, on our linux servers08:40
Hobbseethe line the boss gave them was priceless, and made the office burst out laughing08:41
DaskreechYeah they are getting quite crafty at explaining to people why you should pay them to run Linux08:41
DaskreechI like how they are getting the hardware phone makers to pay them for each copy of Android they sell08:42
Daskreechwhat was the line?08:42
Hobbsee"uh, i don't think that even you can convince a bunch of linux lovers to use a windows tool to manage their linux servers"08:42
nigelbHobbsee: haha08:42
DaskreechAww didn't getthem to subsidise it up front in cash? :)08:43
Daskreechyeah a few years ago it occurred to me that I didn't really care what Microsoft did anymore. It just didn't affect me08:44
Daskreechit's interesting once you get there since sales pitches just sound amusing after that08:45
DaskreechPeople selling me Sharepoint and Outlook etc08:45
Daskreechummm I don't think you can convince a linux lover to take up pain willingly08:46
nigelbDaskreech: Isn't M$ offering SharePoint free nowadays?08:46
DaskreechIf they aren't subsidising it with Cash upfront I don't care :)08:46
DaskreechHobbsee: What's your job?08:46
HobbseeDaskreech: tech support @ an australian web hosting company, Anchor Systems08:47
Hobbseeit's pretty cool :)08:47
Daskreech tech support?08:47
DaskreechIs this user facing tech support?08:48
Hobbseenot phone monkey shit, though08:48
* nigelb checks if he works with Anchor Systems.08:48
* Hobbsee likes actually fixing people's problems08:48
nigelbfeels like bug fixing? :)08:48
DaskreechHobbsee: Oh me too. People can be frustratingly good at hiding the problem if they think they are at fault or are just flat out ignorant though08:49
DaskreechMy internet doesn't work08:49
Hobbseenigelb: it does, rather08:49
Daskreechok let me see if i can assist you with that08:49
Daskreech(Fast Forward 15 minutes)08:49
nigelbHobbsee: wow, lovely website :)08:49
DaskreechOh you mean your Monitor is dead08:49
HobbseeDaskreech: fortunately, we don't have many of those.  People regard us as rockstars, and do what we tell them.  And we don't do desktop support, beyond helping people set up their email clients 08:50
DaskreechWhatever I just want to get on the internet can you fix my money tar over the phone?08:50
Hobbseenigelb: heh :)08:50
Hobbseenigelb: it's not too bad08:50
HobbseeDaskreech: yeah, we refer them to other people for that.  same with content changes08:50
nigelbHobbsee: its /very/ attractive08:50
DaskreechHobbsee: Oh yeah Great job then :)08:50
nigelbHobbsee: oh, so you get to fix server stuff?08:50
nigelband that's it?08:50
Hobbseenigelb: cheers.  i'll pass that on08:50
DaskreechHobbsee: Of course it's just sometimes frustrating to get there when people keep callin the mouse the remote and the keyboard the computer08:50
Hobbseenigelb: add accounts, do billing, fix stuff, change stuff on servers, sure.08:51
DaskreechUmm what? The computer is sticking?08:51
Hobbseethere's no real "you can't do this on that server", fortunately08:51
Hobbseeif you know how to do something, they're happy for you to do it08:51
Hobbseeand the people are great08:51
nigelbHobbsee: Sounds like a fun job :)08:51
HobbseeDaskreech: yeah, we don't hvae people that silly08:51
HobbseeDaskreech: although, sometimes when having to explain DNS...lets just say i've got good analogies08:52
nigelboh wow, ssh access for basic plans too08:53
DaskreechHobbsee: http://hobbsee.com :)08:53
Hobbseenigelb: of course08:53
HobbseeDaskreech: yeah, i de-blogged08:53
DaskreechHobbsee: Ok I have someone who will move to Ausie if they can work there :)08:54
Daskreechawww how come?08:54
Hobbseewasn't really relevant to what i was doing?08:54
HobbseeDaskreech: where are they now?08:54
DaskreechHobbsee: About 30 minutes from me :)08:54
HobbseeDaskreech: you're in the US, aren't you?  We're looking to hire a linux person from that sort of timezone08:55
DaskreechHobbsee: Jamaica08:55
Daskreechin what capacity?08:55
Hobbseewow, didn't know that08:55
Hobbseesecond one on http://www.anchor.com.au/about-us/jobs/08:56
Hobbseealthough that doesn't say as much about remote as it used to say08:56
nigelbI fight for the users --> OMG08:57
* Daskreech sees Windows system and goes to wash himself off08:57
HobbseeDaskreech: yeah, some users want it08:57
* Hobbsee has learned that she breaks windows stuff08:58
DaskreechNice comment for item two :)08:58
valorieHobbsee: I just sent that page to my son thomas09:03
valorieI would so like him to get out of his dead-end job and do linux professionally09:03
Hobbseevalorie: awesome!09:03
valoriehe's the one who got me on linux originally09:03
valoriemight be right up his alley09:04
valorieso if they ask you about Thomas Zimmerman, he's the one09:04
valorieI've sent very few job notices his way09:05
valorieI hope he applies09:05
* Hobbsee nods09:05
* Daskreech sends off mail as well09:07
nigelbI'll be helpful and recommend them to clients.09:10
HobbseeI know we're doing some remote management stuff as required too09:12
Hobbsee </selling hat>09:12
nigelbHobbsee: There is another motive.  I'm done dealing with Plesk and what-not-control-app.09:17
Hobbseenigelb: you poor guy.  I have to deal with Cpanel occasionally, and it makes my eyes bleed09:17
Hobbseenot plesk, so much09:17
nigelbHobbsee: the worst part is deployment.  Every time I do a code change, I had to upload each file, instead now I tar.gz and upload with a bash script, but to extract I have to use cpanel .09:18
Hobbseenigelb: nasty!09:18
* Daskreech slants Hobbsee's hat to the side09:18
nigelbYeah :|09:18
* Hobbsee likes being able to ssh into everything, and do everything from there09:19
nigelbVery few providers actually give ssh access.09:19
Hobbseeexcluding the winboxen, of course09:19
Hobbseethat's true09:19
* nigelb <3 his vps09:19
DaskreechWindows is such a ridiculous setup most of the time I wonder how any actual work gets done09:22
Hobbseeso do i...09:22
Hobbseeespecially when someone wants a 301 redirect in iis09:22
Riddellgosh, it's Hobbsee 09:43
HobbseeRiddell: gasp!09:44
* Hobbsee does live, in some forms09:44
HobbseeRiddell: was thinking of you guys on St Patrick's day.  Still drinking Irn Bru?09:45
Riddellyou were?  are you sure you haven't got your countries mixed up09:46
HobbseeI know iv'e got my countries mixed up09:46
Hobbseebut the office was ordering beer of differnt types, which reminded me of your insistence of how Irn Bru was good, and how nothing else should be drunk :)09:47
RiddellI've been banned from drinking irn bru since I got back from india, until my stomach can handle it again09:47
Hobbseeawww, shame!09:47
Riddellso now I'm having curry for breakfast instead09:51
Hobbseetha tworks09:52
Hobbseealthough i'm surprised your stomach allows that09:52
Riddellworked fine in India, it's only this bland European food that makes my stomach bad09:55
NightroseRiddell: still bad? :(09:56
RiddellNightrose: not so good this morning09:58
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Riddelldebfx: using your cmake change I get lots of these messages when running cmake to compile amarok  "DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH is not a supported variable name at /usr/bin/dpkg-architecture line 214.11:26
RiddellModules/Platform/UnixMultiarch.cmake  is set to 'set(CMAKE_ARCH_TRIPLET  CACHE STRING "" FORCE)'11:27
Riddellwhich is missing the curcial bit11:27
Riddelloh I know11:28
RiddellI haven't upgraded my local system to multiarch11:28
Riddellcurious e-mail du jour  http://paste.kde.org/7635/  tempted to tell him to get a job which helps the economy11:29
debfxRiddell: it's not supposed to call dpkg-architecture at runtime11:29
debfxdo oyu still have the EXECUTE_PROCESS() line in UnixPaths.cmake?11:30
Riddelldebfx: let me upgrade my system and retry11:34
Riddellmultiarch won't work on a system without multiarch11:34
debfxwell it's not supposed to throw errors on non-multiarch systems11:35
Riddelldebfx: yes I do still have that in UnixPaths.cmake, I'll fix that too11:42
debfxdoh, cmake-data is arch:all11:44
debfxisn't there an interface to query the arch triplet besides dpkg-architecture?11:47
RiddellI don't believe so11:47
debfxwe could hack around it by doing dh_install -pcmake-data -XModules/Platform/UnixPaths.cmake11:59
larsivihai - I've seen that 11.04 should provide improved desktop responsiveness, but if anything, it seems much worse - anyone here experienced the same? The load is negligable, and an i7 should not have notable problems with running a desktop12:49
Riddelldebfx: actually /usr/share needs to be sharable between architectures13:09
Riddellso it can't just be put into the other package13:10
HorusHorrendusThe amarok-utils Package for Ubuntu 10.04 (with http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/backports/ubuntu enabled) has too many Dependencies13:14
RiddellHorusHorrendus: how do you mean too many?13:15
Riddelllarsivi: my instinct says blame X and try it with compositing disabled13:15
HorusHorrenduse.g. akonadi13:15
RiddellHorusHorrendus: what's the problem?13:16
HorusHorrendusthat I want to install the amarok-utils package on my server and (in my opinion) many of the packages it wants to install are not needed for the amarok-utils13:16
RiddellHorusHorrendus: I don't see a problem there13:16
HorusHorrenduskdepimlibs for amarok-utils?13:17
Riddellalas opinions count for little when it comes to package dependencies13:17
HorusHorrendusyou mean your opinion or mine? ;)13:18
HorusHorrendusthe amarok-utils are seperate because they (should) depend on much less then amarok itself13:18
Riddellyou're right13:21
HorusHorrendushow can I see where a package would come from ... from which archive13:22
Riddellapt-cache policy <package>13:22
HorusHorrendusahh cool, thx ... yeah the newest one (for 10.04 Server) is in the kubuntu backports that I enabled13:22
HorusHorrendusahh sorry13:23
HorusHorrendusnot kubuntu backports13:23
HorusHorrendusi just dont find the repo page for them ... ;)13:24
Riddelloh that's ancient, it depends on kdebase-runtime et al13:24
Riddellthe version in kubuntu-ppa/beta doesn't13:25
Riddellso problem solved13:25
Riddell(except not for lucid but that's old versions for you)13:25
HorusHorrendushehe ;)13:25
HorusHorrenduswell not so ancient ... it is 2.4.0 (I mean amarok, lucid of course, but good for the server) ;)13:26
HorusHorrendusbut I will add the beta ppa ... should be ok for the utils ;)13:26
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larsiviRiddell: thanks, the effect was immediate and very very notable - my desktop is responsive once again14:36
larsiviRiddell: could this be a driver issue? fglrx is still not installable14:36
apacheloggerlarsivi: most definitely14:41
apacheloggerthe free ati driver is all sorts of crap it would appear14:42
yofelI somehow tend to blame mesa for that. Natty is fine with compositing on my nvidia systems, but on my eeePC it went from slow to me watching windows move in slow motion14:42
apacheloggermaybe it is a feature *shrug*14:45
ScottKc2tarun: What's the question?15:56
c2tarunScottK: hi :) kdeedu failed to build from source on armel and powerpc arch. Can you help?15:56
ScottKLet me have a quick look.15:57
ScottKThe powerpc issue is an effect of python-scour being uninstallable on powerpc.  I don't know the specifics, but it's a known issue that's being worked.  Once that's fixed, we can retry it.15:59
c2tarunScottK: what about armel one?16:00
ScottKFor armel, it looks like kalgebra is making direct gl calls and we don't use gl on armel, we use gles.16:01
ScottKThat's related to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdeedu/+bug/70779416:02
ubottuUbuntu bug 707794 in koffice (Ubuntu) "libqt4-opengl on armel should be compiled with OpenGL ES 2.x support" [High,Triaged]16:02
c2tarunScottK: I am not sure how to make architecture specific patch, can you please help me with that?16:14
ScottKc2tarun: It needs someone who understands how to port GL to GLES to do this work.  The ubuntu-arm team is working on these issues, so I would suggest leave it for them.  On the off chance you manage to get a working patch, yes, I can help you figure out how to apply it only on armel.16:16
c2tarunScottK: yeah how?16:17
ScottKDo you have a proposed patch?16:17
ScottKIf you do, I'll test build it on armel and then after we know it works, we can work on making it armel only.16:17
c2tarunScottK: hmm.... better I should leave it for ubuntu-arm team ;)16:20
ScottKI think that's a good decision.16:20
c2tarunthanks ScottK :)16:23
skfinHmm... sabdfl is a ubuntu member, someone actually reviewed him?16:40
sabdflevery damn day ;-)16:40
sabdflhow are things in kde central?16:41
skfinSeems quiet.16:43
skfinOr did I lose my connection?16:43
skfinNo! My uptimes :(16:44
=== skfin|HasNoConne is now known as skfin|Disconnect
nigelbskfin|Disconnect: It is quiet ;)16:46
skfin|DisconnectAh, ok.16:46
skfin|DisconnectStill. I guess my irssi kind of froze16:47
skfin|Disconnectskfin: Hey, you, stop playing.16:47
ScottKsabdfl: Pretty good.  I think our major concern at the moment is getting Qt/KDE stuff to use GLES instead of GL on arm.16:47
ScottKAnd if that's the biggest problem we have, we're doing pretty well.16:47
skfinOkay, seems that this is working again?16:50
debfxRiddell: I give up, we should just make cmake depend on dpkg-dev16:57
Riddelldebfx: yeah, probably the easiest way, thanks for trying17:04
Riddellanyone tested amarok yet?17:04
debfxRiddell: this is what I currently have: http://paste.kde.org/7674/17:07
Riddelldebfx: looking good17:13
Riddellbug 73826217:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 738262 in amarok (Ubuntu) "[Kubuntu and AMAROK] - Use of KIO SLAVES to open remote files (samba, nfs, etc)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73826217:14
Riddellhi eliasp 17:17
eliaspi'm just trying to get this patch applied to nepomuk: http://tinyurl.com/5r3empc17:18
eliaspbut I can't find the correct debian package which contains nepomukserver's sources17:18
shadeslayersame question as in #nepomuk-kde ?17:18
eliaspshadeslayer: yes! :)17:18
* shadeslayer looks17:18
shadeslayereliasp: you need to rewrite the patch17:19
shadeslayersince the code has changed since that patch was written17:19
eliaspouch, ok17:19
eliaspif i'd find the package containing the sources, that'd be a 1st step to doing this :)17:20
shadeslayeryou could just clone the current sources from anongit :)17:20
eliaspbut debian's/ubuntu's package naming/splitting confuses me a lot.. i'm used to packages which are just named like the upstream ones in my daily-used distro :)17:20
ScottKeliasp: If you know the filename you are changing you can use packages.ubuntu.com to look up what package has that file.17:21
eliaspshadeslayer: do you know whether the fix provided by K. Freitag is already in nepomuk's git?17:21
shadeslayernope ....17:21
eliaspScottK: i used apt-file, but it lead me to a wrong package (kdebase-runtime)17:22
ScottKTry p.u.c then.17:22
sabdflScottK: will be nice to see the performance on ARM17:22
sabdfllots of interesting chips in the pipeline on that front17:22
Riddelleliasp: it's probably soprano, although not the version we have in the archive17:23
eliaspRiddell: hmm, ok... looking at soprano... i'm actually using the ppa to have KDE 4.6.117:24
eliaspScottK: p.u.c tells me the same as apt-file... kdebase-runtime17:25
Riddellhmm, we're behind on our soprano versions17:25
eliasphmm, nothing nepomukserver related in soprano... (as expected, as this wouldn't make sense to me)17:26
Riddellkdebase-runtime does have ./nepomuk/services/backupsync/service/dbusoperators.cpp17:28
eliaspRiddell: ah, right... i'm probably just looking for the wrong files because there might have been changes in nepomuk itself as shadeslayer wrote17:29
eliaspjust wondering, as the posting by Klaas Freitag on the Kraft mailinglist is just 5 days old17:29
Riddelleliasp: curious indeed17:31
eliaspRiddell: you're talking about ./nepomuk/services/backupsync/service/dbusoperators.cpp while the patch is for server/src/nepomuk/dbusoperators.cpp17:32
eliasplet's see whether this makes more sense compared to the current git of nepomuk17:33
eliasptotally weird... even git doesn't have such a file... 17:36
eliaspshadeslayer: do you know where K. Freitag might have got this patch from? I don't thin he wrote it on his own....17:38
Riddellyou're probably best asking him17:38
eliaspyep, might be :)17:38
Riddelldebfx: cmake uploaded, thanks for the fix17:39
RiddellI also filed a bug in debian17:39
shadeslayerno idea ....17:48
shadeslayereliasp: best way to contact him is via mail17:48
eliaspshadeslayer: yep, will do that now... couldn't find him in any of the OpenSuSE channels17:49
shadeslayeryeah :D17:49
shadeslayerapachelogger: around?17:56
ScottKsabdfl: http://teom.wordpress.com/2011/03/14/running-kde-sc-on-the-next-big-thing/ <--- Running Kubuntu armel packages.17:57
shadeslayerapachelogger: how can i broadcast a particular service ( say some random server which offers some added functionality to another app ) onto a network, say Bluetooth or WiFi 17:58
apacheloggerwell, open a port :P18:00
apacheloggershadeslayer: if you mean making it easily discoverable avahi is your friend though18:00
shadeslayeryes .. but suppose my client scans for this service18:00
shadeslayerso that i don't want to put in a static ip18:00
shadeslayeryeah .. avahi looks the best atm ... looking at  /usr/share/doc/avahi-daemon/examples/ now18:01
apacheloggeryou don't need a static ip ... send a network broadcast msg, then poke the port assigned to the service18:01
* shadeslayer looks at avahi docs18:02
apachelogger avahi surly is easiest18:02
shadeslayerapachelogger: avahi is surely cross platform right?18:03
apacheloggerI don't think so18:03
apacheloggerthe lennart was involved in it18:04
apacheloggerand the lennart does not care much for cross platformness18:04
shadeslayerokay .. /me will also look at other ideas18:05
shadeslayeranother way could be to broadcast a message over the network and make the client listen for it18:06
shadeslayerbut i'd rather keep that as a last resort18:06
apacheloggershadeslayer: why?18:06
shadeslayerapachelogger: i would like to use existing stuff first ....18:07
shadeslayerif that's not possible, then implement stuff on my own18:07
* apachelogger thinks tcpip is existing stuff :P18:07
shadeslayeryeah .. but i meant existing network service broadcasting services :P18:07
apacheloggershadeslayer: that is tcpip18:08
apacheloggeravahi does nothing else than that18:08
apacheloggerin fact it does add a whole bunch of stuff on top of it18:08
shadeslayer->avahi n00b18:09
shadeslayerlooks like it just add's some more data ontop of it18:09
apacheloggerit is a multicast service discovery system :P18:10
apachelogger+ zeroconf I believe18:10
shadeslayer"It uses D-Bus for communication between user applications and a system daemon. " << Awesum18:10
shadeslayerapachelogger: well one could always download Bonjour for Windows and make it work with avahi stuff :D18:14
shadeslayerso that's another option, since i'm targeting this at cross platform stuff18:15
apacheloggerbonjour and avahi work18:15
apacheloggerusing bonjour (i.e. accessing it) would be tricky part18:15
shadeslayertrue that18:15
* apachelogger does not even know if they have an api or stuff18:16
apacheloggerfor all I know apple just has a binary, no clue how apps interact with it18:16
* shadeslayer will ask apple fanboi's18:19
shadeslayerapachelogger: http://developer.apple.com/library/mac/#documentation/Cocoa/Conceptual/NetServices/Articles/programming.html << looks like they do18:23
shadeslayerheh ... my friends were right, everything starts with NS18:23
shadeslayerapachelogger: what do you think about using UPnP to broadcast my service?19:05
apacheloggeralso an option19:05
shadeslayerapachelogger: any ideas of Qt has a API to do that? because i can't find any19:07
shadeslayerthere's something called qtupnp ... which looks dead19:08
apacheloggerthere is libupnp19:09
ScottKLook what kde4libs build-deps on 19:09
ScottKIt's got upnp support19:09
apacheloggerand libgupnp, though I fear that might have a gtk focus ^^19:09
shadeslayerhupnp too right?19:09
apacheloggershould I ever get around to envision a use of upnp in phonon I will be able to tell you all about it :P19:10
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jjesseoh wow, did some updates on my vm and kdm not starting19:45
jjessethat was fun19:46
shadeslayerapachelogger: everything was in vain, Qt rules them all : http://doc.qt.nokia.com/qtmobility-1.1.0/service-frameworks.html19:58
shadeslayereven has signals and slots and whatnot19:59
apacheloggerI once had a slot20:00
DaskreechWe need to have a KDElib with mmmK in it somewhere :)20:03
JontheEchidnatrololo, had a big PDF open in okular that used up all the swap, which lagged things enough for me to lose my freenode connection20:10
JontheEchidnaPDF, Y U NO SMALL?20:10
JontheEchidnabut I guess cpu reference manuals need to be big20:13
apacheloggerthey do20:15
apacheloggerespecially if we are talking x86 ^^20:15
JontheEchidnahttp://i.imgur.com/EQ6wX.png somebody stop me now, lol20:21
ulyssesshadeslayer: you forgot the ;20:32
Riddelldebfx: debian bug 61893220:50
ubottuDebian bug 618932 in cmake "cmake multiarch support" [Important,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/61893220:50
Riddellincase you're interested20:50
ScottKRiddell: We need to drop python-scour from pkg-kde-tools for the moment so stuff can build on powerpc.  I see you added it originally, I was wondering if you might be up for reverting it?21:25
ScottKNevermind, I figured it out.21:31
jjesseheres something interesting in my vm (virtualbox) after updating today it doesn't boot to a graphical session21:57
jjesseif i uninstall vbox additions the graphical interface starts21:57
jjessereinstall additions and reboot, no graphical session21:57
yofelif that's natty I would blame new X21:58
nixternalScottK: still need the ppc?21:59
ScottKnixternal: No.  Thanks though.21:59
jjesseyofel yeah it is natty21:59
ScottKTurned out to be a general problem that someone else was already fixing.21:59
ScottKjjesse: Could be the new udev/upstart/kdm fallbacks.22:00
jjessehrmm ok, someplace i could look to help troubleshoot?22:00
nixternalScottK: sorry about that, i was out of the house yesterday. i need to get one of those power switches you can ssh into and turn the power on. i used to have one22:01
nixternalpreparing for a hard day of work and riding today. my kankles are killing me :)22:01
yofeljjesse: ask in #ubuntu+1, if it's natty you're probably not the only one22:01
ScottKjjesse: Dunno the details. I'd look at https://launchpad.net/bugs/702090 for a start.22:07
ubottuUbuntu bug 702090 in xf86-video-intel "i965gm GPU lockup if vesafb is left loaded (EIR: 0x00000010 PGTBL_ER: 0x00000100) - *ERROR* EIR stuck: 0x00000010, masking" [High,Confirmed]22:07
ScottKSince that's what the changes were meant to fix.22:07
jjesseok will do22:07

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