psusiI thought that the opinion status was supposed to be different than invalid, but it seems to be hidden from all searches just like invalid.  am I not seeing a difference that is there, or shouldn't it show up when doing a text search for a bug, just not when listing open bugs in a particular package?02:53
wgrantpsusi: There is no functional difference between Invalid, Opinion and Won't Fix, except that Won't Fix and Opinion can only be set by the bug supervisor.02:55
psusiwgrant, umm... shouldn't there be some difference?  I mean... why have them if there is no difference?  I would think that won't fix and opinion should show up when a user goes to report a new bug and searches to see if it has already been reported, but invalid wouldn't02:58
wgrantpsusi: That is one of the big unanswered questions of the universe.02:58
psusiwgrant, let there be light ;)02:58
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nhomar00I'm  using Lp topost a blueprint, and when i suscribe my team to the blueprint it is shown in "gray" and the tooltip is telling "No longer Uses Launchpad", somebody knows what it means?02:59
wgrantnhomar00: Which blueprint, and which team?02:59
nhomar00look suscribers03:00
nhomar00team: openerp-venezuela03:00
nhomar00Hello :-s - so difficult ¿?03:03
wgrantnhomar00: Have you tried refreshing the page?03:03
wgrantIt looks OK for me now.03:03
wgrantBut there is a problem here.03:03
nhomar00aomething is wrong03:07
nhomar00i refreshed03:07
wgrantThe subscriber listing shows the wrong icon for teams.03:07
nhomar00mmm, BTW the tool tip is telling "no longer uses launchpad"03:08
nhomar00I'm worried about this03:08
nhomar00we use a LOT LP ;-)03:08
wgrantIt's assuming that everyone in that list is a person, not a team.03:08
wgrantSo it calls is_valid_person to determine which icon to show... and is_valid_person is False for teams.03:08
wgrantSo it's nothing to worry about.03:09
wgrantJust a display bug.03:09
nhomar00ok ok ok ok ok03:09
nhomar00i got it03:09
nhomar00good answer03:09
nhomar00but must i publish a bug for this?03:09
nhomar00or it should be in roadmap already?03:10
wgrantLet me check if there's one already.03:10
wgrantBug #51630103:14
ubot5Launchpad bug 516301 in Launchpad itself "LP says team "no longer uses Launchpad", but not on team's own page" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51630103:14
* lifeless makes it high03:25
nhomar00I can see03:29
cody-somervilleWeird. It doesn't say "no longer uses launchpad" and the icon isn't grayed out for me.03:31
wgrantcody-somerville: It depends on who you're logged in as.03:32
wgrantWe have a caching bug.03:32
wgrantSomething is populated is_valid_person incorrectly.03:32
wgrant(it should always be False for a team003:33
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mwb_susehi.  is anyone around familiar with the api, specifically the PATCH calls?15:59
Ampelbeinhi there! I'm having trouble accessing staging.lp.net via the python api, getting a "Unknown access token (c1gqlQh03cMKsfkm3V4T)." error. production works without problem17:24
james_wAmpelbein, are you trying to use a token that you got a few days ago?19:18
james_wAmpelbein, if so then delete it and get a new one19:18
james_wstaging gets reset frequently, and so will forget about the tokens19:18
Ampelbeinjames_w: thanks, that was it. on  that note, the keyring entry is named "network password", it isn't immediately obvious that this is for lplib.19:29
james_wAmpelbein, you could file a bug about that19:29
Ampelbeinwill do19:31
Ampelbeinthanks again ;-)19:32
bdrungmaxb: regarding https://code.launchpad.net/~jd-team/jdownloader/trunk - the read-protected subtree is not needed. is it possible to ignore that subtree and continue the import?21:53
maxbbdrung: No. bzr-svn's design doesn't really permit such a thing21:56
bdrungmaxb: and it can't be work around manually?21:58
maxbbdrung: Manually? There isn't really any scope for "manually" perturbing the results of a bzr-svn conversion22:34
maxbI guess you should talk to jelmer for a final word on this, but I think you're out of luck on this unless you contrive to set up a svnsync-ed mirror of the upstream, and then have bzr-svn import from that22:36
maxbIf you do such a thing, it would be good to ensure the svnsynced svn repository has a different uuid to the original, since it will contain elided content22:37
bdrungmaxb: no way for doing something for one time and then let the LP importer continue the imports?22:39
maxbI'd be shocked if you didn't run into errors due to data inconsistencies very quickly22:48
blueyedThe vim code imports appear to not work anymore? https://code.launchpad.net/vim23:37
spivblueyed: known bug23:46
spivblueyed: oh, you don't mean package imports23:46
spivMight still be a known bug of course!23:47
spivHmm, I don't see one filed.23:49
blueyedI wanted to use it for recipes, but when it's broken then there's not much reason..23:51
ubot5Ubuntu bug 738498 in Launchpad itself "vim code import fails with infinite recursion in get_manifest_and_flags_by_revid in bzr-hg" [Undecided,New]23:51
blueyedThanks, spiv.23:53

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