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Guest18532how can I add new app because I don´t see main menu02:11
Guest18532I don´t see gpicview under graphic02:25
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SchleuderPetergood morning!03:06
Unit193Not morning here...03:06
SchleuderPeterhere its 4 am03:07
SchleuderPetertoday, or mainly yesterday i found out some strange things with ubuntu03:07
SchleuderPeterthe how-to about switching from ubuntu to lubuntu doesnt work03:07
SchleuderPeterafter doing all steps, i see the lubuntu layout, but nothing reacts.03:08
SchleuderPeterafter installing "new" VGA card and then the ubuntu10.10 it crashes. the alternate CD works well, but when the gnome or any other X starts, its freezing.03:09
SchleuderPeterafter switching back the GPU from the 32MB ATI rage128 to the 8MB rage it works fine...03:10
SchleuderPeterbut nothing told me, that there is a problem with the GPU. i got some errors about memory... but the RAM is well working and checked with memtest.03:11
SchleuderPeternow im installing lubuntu again... just for your knowledge: if there something strange, change the GPU03:11
SchleuderPeter"system will now shutdown for reboot" and nothing happens. is this a known problem?03:19
SchleuderPeteri'am really surprised! it only takes 260MB of RAM after booting. made a soft-reset03:24
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SchleuderPeterokay, bye!03:46
Fudgehi can i install the lxde-desktop by just  install lubuntu-desktop, or does the hole lubuntu-desktop change splash and everything?07:44
head_victimFudge: If you just want lxde then just install lxde :)08:12
kristian-aalborgI'm thinking of running Lubuntu from a 4 gb cf card, anyone tried something like that?12:13
SeiryuuI have quick one... is there a key binding to switch desktops in lubuntu?12:45
Seiryuucouldn't find one on google12:45
szczurCtrl+Alt+Arrow left/right12:59
Seiryuuthank you sir! you saved me a lot of needless clicking! :)13:03
MrQ_Hello. What are the system requirements for Lubuntu?14:46
MrQ_Okay does anyone know how many GBs does it require for default installaion?14:48
szczurMrQ_, i'd say 4GB or more would be optimal if you want to install some programs later14:50
szczur4GB or more ofc :)14:50
MrQ_You mean the defaullt installaion would fill a 4GB HDD?!14:50
szczurinstallation will use 2-2,5 GB i think (i did it almost one year ago :) )14:50
szczuror maybe less14:51
kristian-aalborgMrQ_: it should, easily14:51
szczuri said that 4 GB will be enough if you would like to install some programs later14:51
MrQ_Okay, May I ask how unstable is the latest alpha? I need to install an OS on an old Pentium II PC, and seeing that it has to be now and that there are lots of changes from 10.10 and 11.04, I'm considering installing the alpha permenantly. That's why I'm questing the stability.14:53
szczurfor pentium II processors you have to use 10.0414:53
szczursince 10.10 don't support such old CPUs14:54
szczur10.10 or later*14:54
kristian-aalborgMrQ_: could you give the full specs of the machine - perhaps a link to a review or something?14:55
MrQ_... I thought Lubutnu was made to revive old PCs!14:55
MrQ_It's Pentium II, 128MB ram -i think-, and 4GB HDD14:56
kristian-aalborgMrQ_: Lubuntu might be fine, I put it on an Eee 2g surf (which is very modest despite not very old)14:56
kristian-aalborgI hate to steal lubuntu's thunder, but it might not be the right choice here14:57
kristian-aalborgbut give it a shot, the installation should be painless14:57
MrQ_kristian-aalborg: what do you suggest then?14:57
MrQ_PS: I need it user-friendly since it'll be used by kids14:58
szczurMrQ_, for 128MB RAM i would recommend installation form Minimal CD14:58
MrQ_Slow internet connection.14:59
szczuryou can use ubuntu server iso to install pure command line environment and finish the installation using instructions i tgave you earlier15:00
kristian-aalborgMrQ_: perhaps if you have some ram lying around or could easily get some?15:02
Guest6639hi, trying to install lubuntu kinda stuck on the Who are you? page16:19
Guest6639won't let me click forward16:19
Unit193Do you have a space in your username?16:21
Guest6639ah figured it out16:23
Guest6639caps in username16:23
kosaidpo|Ool: j'etait la desus a peu pes 3 jours et poser le pblem sur stackflow et pesonne ne la resolu19:41
Unit193!fr | kosaidpo|19:43
kosaidpo|Unit193: sorry iwas in the fr room n by accident i posted it here19:44
Unit193kk, I hit that wrong anyway :/19:44
kosaidpo|Unit193: ??19:46
Unit193kosaidpo|: The bot can direct you to the french channels if you say !french (not !fr)19:47
kosaidpo|ahh Unit193 nice19:47

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