pwnsauceHi. While booting Natty, before login screen, the screen backlight turns off. I hit the login screen fine, and can log in. dmesg isn't throwing up any errors that I can see. Any pointers? Thanks00:09
MaximLevitskypwnsauce: and others. I wonder why Ubuntu doesn't provide a wider range of kernels to install, so that users that update don't get slammed by a kernel bug?00:12
yofelubuntu never removes a kernel, you can just go to grub and select an older one00:12
yofelupdating or upgrading is your choice though00:13
MaximLevitskyI have seen thousands of complains about, 'I installed ubuntu version $n" and now my $device doesn't work00:13
MaximLevitskyits usually not fault of the distro, its just new kernel00:13
yofelwell, they can add the sources for the older release and install that kernel if they prefer it00:13
yofelbut grub will by default always use the newest one00:13
MaximLevitskyI thank goddness always use latest my compiled kernel so at least I get constant, but low rate of bugs, I usually report and in rare cases fix00:14
* yofel is happy with the ubuntu kernels in general00:15
MaximLevitskyAnd always when I update the ubuntu I get plenty of surprises in userspace area00:15
pwnsauceI'll try to revert to a previous kernel to see if it's solely kernel related.00:15
yofelcan't really say that they alway work fine though00:15
MaximLevitskyAt least thats not the case with the kernel00:15
MaximLevitskyUbuntu does indeed keep old kernels, and thats good thing, and should be told to users00:16
pwnsauceThanks for your help lads. Hopefully I won't have to come back. :)00:16
MaximLevitskyAnd for new installs it really should offer few kernels, not just one00:16
MaximLevitskyAnd maybe just maybe the same can be done for GFX stack00:16
MaximLevitskyYes I know thats not easy, but I do run few copies of mesa here00:17
MaximLevitskyActually my laptop has nvidia, and 2 copies of nouveau mesa all installed side by side00:17
MaximLevitskyGFX bugs also are huge source of bad reputation of linux00:18
penguin42yeh radeon can be flaky for me as well00:18
MaximLevitskySo if your GFX card did work in older version, you should have an option to keep it temporarly in new ubuntu00:18
MaximLevitskyAt least to report the bug00:19
pwnsauceGonna chroot, and install previous few kernels. I'll report back if I have any findings00:19
MaximLevitskyIts real life, really ubuntu should focus more on users, for the sake of popularity. I am not blaming it actually, just note that I think its too idealistic00:20
MaximLevitskypwnsauce: why chroot?00:20
yofelwell, that's the case for nvidia too, it would be nice if they wouldn't just ship the most recent versions, but at least the different major versions and have -current depend on the newest one...00:20
yofelbut I guess they don't want to maintain that00:20
pwnsauceMaximLevitsky, because my machine is virtually unusable with current settings. No back lighting. It turns off just before it hits gdm00:21
pwnsauceplymouth works fine. Recovery mode is also affected.00:21
pwnsauceAnd it's not hardware related. Working fine here in my other linux distro00:22
MaximLevitskypwnsauce: understand you very well00:22
MaximLevitskypwnsauce: you say that display is off, but you can still see a very faint picture, right?00:23
MaximLevitskyfrom light reflection that is00:23
MaximLevitskyor in other words backlight is turned off00:23
pwnsauceMaximLevitsky: Yep. Reminds me of an old laptop whose inverter burned out. The screen displays the picture, just no light is generated00:24
pwnsauceMaximLevitsky: Exactly00:24
MaximLevitskyin that case its must be the kernel00:24
pwnsauceMaximLevitsky: Previous kernel release had same issue, but it occurred much earlier in the process.00:25
MaximLevitskysome googling on the issue might help, maybe00:25
pwnsauceMaximLevitsky: Been doing it for a while now! I'll just revert to an old kernel. Report back soon. Thanks for your help00:25
MaximLevitskypwnsauce: btw what ubuntu you use?00:26
MaximLevitskyand 10.4 works?00:26
pwnsauceMaximLevitsky: I did a fresh 11.04 install, and it worked fine (apart from minor bugs).00:27
pwnsauceUpgraded two days ago, and problems occurred00:27
SoulShadowanyone here able to help me downgrade my broadcom driver?00:27
ChrisBuchholzHello guys. I'm having compiz crashing for me from time to time with alpha 3. Is there anyway to make it restart instead of having to reboot my computer every time?00:27
SoulShadowfrom 5.100 to 5.60?00:27
MaximLevitskypwnsauce: got it00:28
pwnsauceMaximLevitsky: Later. thx00:28
SoulShadowanyone having wireless issues with 11.04?00:29
DaekdroomAnyone here using xorg-edgers' r600g?00:29
penguin42Daekdroom: I've got it on --> this machine, not updated since last week though00:30
penguin42Daekdroom: This is an rv710 with xorg-edgers and the drm-next kernel form 4th March00:30
SoulShadowoh boy, i'm going to have fun trying to fix this wireless driver00:31
Daekdroompenguin42, does compiz cause this for you too? > http://paste.ubuntu.com/582302/00:31
penguin42Daekdroom: I'm running KDE on it, I get this instead: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/71788900:32
ubottuUbuntu bug 717889 in linux (Ubuntu) "(via ttm_bo_ref_bug) BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request at fffffffffffffff8" [High,New]00:32
penguin42hmm that's not the one I meant - where is it...00:33
penguin42ah bug 71787000:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 717870 in linux (Ubuntu) "RV710: [drm:radeon_cs_ioctl] *ERROR* Failed to parse relocation -35!" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71787000:34
SoulShadowi have bug 732677 in bcmwl =\00:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 732677 in bcmwl (CentOS) "bcmwl not work on BCM4311" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73267700:34
penguin42Daekdroom: at least one of them is 100% repeatable - play full screen video in flash and then move virtual desktop and BANG00:34
DaekdroomIn KDE?00:35
penguin42Daekdroom: With effects enabled00:35
Daekdroompenguin42, if I'm to report it, should I tag it as xorg-edgers, or is it only kernel related?00:37
penguin42Daekdroom: I don't know; I'd file it agains tthe kernel and put a note saying it's on xorg-edgers and give the package version of xserver-xorg-radeon in the comments; maybe ask on #ubuntu-x when someone is around00:39
penguin42Daekdroom: Thing is there is some interaction of the kernel, mesa, libdrm and the xserver - I think it's the same guys who fight all of them for the radeon specific bit00:39
mateoburHello, I just upgraded natty01:07
mateoburand I have lost the launcher :)01:07
MaximLevitskyfeature remove party continues?01:08
MaximLevitskynew date appindicator lacks weather01:09
MaximLevitskyand timezones01:09
AmpelbeinMaximLevitsky: you can add other locations to the indicator01:10
mateoburcompiz (opengl) - Fatal: GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap is missing01:11
AmpelbeinMaximLevitsky: time and date settings -> clock -> "Time in other location"01:11
mateoburwhen I try to load unity, this is new01:11
MaximLevitskyAmpelbein: very very broken compared to old applet'01:14
AmpelbeinMaximLevitsky: yes, I agree.01:14
MaximLevitskyAmpelbein: and no weather ether01:14
MaximLevitskyYet, at least nice to see that this feature isn't 'politically' removed01:15
AmpelbeinMaximLevitsky: yeah. I switched to classic session and will wait till at least oneiric will come out01:15
AmpelbeinMaximLevitsky: you might run into bug 727089 when setting location01:15
MaximLevitskySpeaking of features, I really think GNOME is mad01:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 727089 in Unity Foundations "indicator-datetime-preferences crashed with SIGSEGV in g_utf8_normalize()" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72708901:15
MaximLevitskyFor example about features that really should be removed01:15
pwnsauceMaximLevitsky: Big thanks. Was kernel related. reverted to 2.6.38-5-generic01:16
MaximLevitskyLet see, brasero still uses old cdrkit just due to 2 reasons01:16
MaximLevitskybecause it needs UDF for DVD-VIDEO disks and CD-TEXT for sound disks (real audio disks)01:17
MaximLevitskyAbout later not sure, its probably useful sometimes, but former, what the hack, why would I want to create a DVD Video disk?01:17
MaximLevitskyAnd hint, that feature doesn't work ether...01:18
MaximLevitskyThat crud if kept, but useful and zero-maintenance features are booted.01:18
MaximLevitskyI think is just a lack of creativity, which I admit nether have I much of it01:19
MaximLevitskyThese days peoples somewhat look at Apple and see that they do innvate (not much though) and want to do so too.01:20
MaximLevitskyAnd since they aren't capable of doing so, they just remove things and claim innovation01:21
MaximLevitskyLook for example at Android01:21
MaximLevitskyNot that it has a lot of innovation, but still it has01:22
MaximLevitskyAnd doesn't suck that much01:22
MaximLevitskyUnity, Gnome Shell, nah, almost nothing01:22
MaximLevitskypwnsauce: Hi, no problem!01:22
MaximLevitskyIn other final words, Gnome devs (not users of course) are Apple wannabies01:25
MaximLevitskyAnd I feel that is creeping into Ubuntu world as well01:25
rww#ubuntu+1 != http://www.livejournal.com/01:26
MaximLevitskyrww: Sorry, I just had to say that. I am not trolling01:27
mtaylorhey all - I can't switch timezones in the clock applet in natty in classic desktop anymore (and really couldn't figure it out in unity) - it there a place I should be looking for that now?01:31
MaximLevitskymtaylor: Sorry for half-trolling, but I want to tell you one thing01:34
mtaylorMaximLevitsky: half-troll away! :)01:34
MaximLevitskyYestarday _by_ mistake I downloaded xubuntu01:34
MaximLevitskySo I decided to install it and then apt-get ubuntu-desktop01:34
MaximLevitskyI really surprised by quality of its panel01:35
MaximLevitskyOne of these days I will switch to it01:35
MaximLevitskyPeoples seem to think that there is no gnome fork01:35
MaximLevitskyXfce is one01:35
MaximLevitskyWell, thats not really a fork01:36
MaximLevitskyBut it follows spirit of gnome01:36
MaximLevitskyHas more settings01:36
MaximLevitskyAnd uses many gnome libraries, eg GTK01:36
Volkodavthe pidgin ppa team is on vacation for last 2 releases ?01:37
PiciSounds relaxing. ;)01:38
DaekdroomPici, what?01:38
mtayloris there a way to configure the launcher intellihide in the unity interface?02:10
Daekdroommtaylor, ccsm02:12
mtaylorDaekdroom: thanks! is there any intent to have that launch from the System Settings thing in the power menu?02:14
Daekdroommtaylor, I can launch ccsm from there.02:14
DaekdroomBut not the specific unity plugin conf02:14
mtaylorDaekdroom: k. well cool - at least I know it's there now. thanks!02:15
dasendoes anyone here fear unity will suck?02:24
dasensorry, that sounded trollish02:24
kklimondaa little02:24
DaekdroomI think it's design is so poorly done.02:24
dasenI mean, I'm running unity, and it seems really unfinished02:24
kklimondayes, it's a problem with software in OS world - first versions almost always lack polish.02:25
Daekdroomand this version pretty much doesn't count because it's the 1st version with a rewritten interface code.02:26
dasenmmm...I wish it wasn't like that. I wish we could have the stability and bug-freeness of mac os x02:26
DaekdroomIt's called debian stable.02:26
kklimondadasen: then you, and milions of other users have to start paying02:27
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dasenin my college no one uses linux, and the teachers almost all use mac os x02:27
kklimondait's not possible to create and thoroughly test software in OS world without pushing it onto users.02:27
kklimondathat's why we have both LTS and normal release.. at least in theory02:28
daseni wish i could recommend linux to my friends who are computer illiterate, but Î can't.. there are so many potential pitfalls they can fall through, I think linux isn't ready yyyyyyyyyyyy02:30
kklimondathat also sounded trollish :P02:31
dasennot meant to be :I02:31
kklimondait's not like we'll ever get Ubuntu to the point computer illiterate people can run it on a random pieces of hardware.02:32
kklimondaWe are getting to the point where it can be ran without problems on some hardware though02:32
dasenyeah i guess02:33
daseni think perhaps the biggest hurdle to linux acceptance is the microsoft tax (it always comes preinstalled on pc's) and the lack of games02:34
dasenperhaps if those two things were fixed, we'd see more widespread use02:34
yofelnot only games, lack of general proprietary software support. People that for example need to use photoshop will certainly not use linux (and please don't suggest wine...)02:35
yofelsure, gimp's enough for most things. But it's just not photoshop02:36
dasenyeah, but for casual users gimp iis good enough02:39
Daekdroomdasen, once they figure out the interface.02:39
DaekdroomThat things creeps the hell out of me.02:39
dasenbut it's getting better02:39
dasennow only the window has a menu, the toolboxes are always on top, etc02:40
DaekdroomYeah, but unity doesn't look good with that.02:41
DaekdroomThe menu should show up with the toolboxes too..02:41
Daekdroombut a unique menu.02:42
dasenyou mean a different menu for toolbox and another for the window?02:42
DaekdroomNope. All of them should have the same menu.02:43
DaekdroomThe menu doesn't show up in the window, so you try to look for it in the panel, but then realize the focus is on a toolbox.02:43
dasenoh yeah...02:43
dasenthat's why a global menu bar is a bad idea...02:45
DaekdroomI'm not sure, I wish it integrated to the titlebar if the window wasn't maximized.02:46
daseni don't understand why don't they put the menu on the titlebar, when a window is maximized, and below it when it isn't02:46
DaekdroomOr that.02:46
daseni proposed it on the ayatana mailling list, but no one picked on it02:47
dasenwell, I'm leaving, got to sleep, thanx for the nice chat02:48
DaekdroomGood night.02:49
kklimondaI really like the current way maximized window merges with a top panel.02:53
kklimondait's like the only thing about Unity I can actually say about that it has been well though.02:54
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xiambaxAnyone know how one could get around this errno 5 input error?04:41
xiambaxdisk is fine04:41
xiambaxis the solution really to remove a ram module?04:43
ubottuUbuntu bug 245794 in base-installer (Ubuntu) "[Errno 5] Input/Output Error during Live CD Installation " [Undecided,Confirmed]04:43
bazhangtry the alternate cd?04:44
xiambaxi have no more cds04:45
xiambaxi just pulled a stick04:45
xiambaxshall see what happens04:45
xiambaxinstall getting further then it did before04:50
xiambaxcrossing fingers04:50
xiambaxMOTHER #$%#04:51
xiambaxCrapped out04:51
xiambaxCan i network install from the main install disk?04:51
xiambaxCould I go from 10.04 to 11.04?04:55
rwwxiambax: Not directly, no. You'd need to go through 10.10.04:56
xiambaxso upgrade to 10.1004:56
xiambaxthen i can go to 11.04?04:57
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diegoviolawayland will be on ubuntu 11?07:13
rwwMore specifically, it's packaged, it's not installed by default. The whole "Let's move Ubuntu to wayland!" thing is a long-term thing for a few years from now.07:15
diegoviolai see, thanks for clearing that up07:16
diegoviolawill Canonical put resources on Wayland development?07:17
rwwNo idea, you'd have to ask them.07:17
diegoviolaok thanks07:18
Guest75072Natty cd image is too big to fit on cd-disc.07:23
rwwYes it is.07:24
duanedesignyeah the i386 is 708M07:25
duanedesignamd64 69507:25
Guest75072I am now downloadind DVD image. If it doesn't fit on dvd, I'll burn that cd image on dvd.07:26
duanedesignyeah or usb07:26
duanedesignshould be reworked to fit on CD by the time it is releades07:27
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zniavregood morning07:41
zniavreim using unity-2d , how to reset the applications button of the launchaer panel please, it's empty .?07:42
Eruaranguys is it safe to install nvidia/ati drivers?08:13
EruaranI'm on alpha 3 with all current updates08:14
nit-witEruaran, are you running in low graphics or the generics are not satisfactory08:16
Eruarannit-wit: the generics are working fine but I have an nvidia card and was wondering if its safe to install divers for it since they were broken not long ago08:17
Eruarannit-wit: would be nice to play a game ;)08:18
nit-witEruaran, if you know how to remove them if there are problems from the recovery command line go for it.08:22
test_hi all, today natty updates failed with the following error, is there somewhere I should report this?08:36
test_Failed to fetch http://nl.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/x/xserver-xorg-video-nv/xserver-xorg-video-nv_2.1.17-3ubuntu7_i386.deb 403  Forbidden08:37
zniavrehow do we call this please ? > http://i.imgur.com/eriWc.png <08:50
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duanedesignzniavre: the search is not working in the dash?09:09
duanedesignzniavre: try installing unity-place-applications and unity-place-files09:11
duanedesignsudo apt-get install unity-place-applications unity-place-files09:12
zniavrealready installed at last version09:12
zniavreduanedesign,  thank you (im using unity-2d)09:18
duanedesignzniavre: let me see if their is  a bug report09:19
duanedesignzniavre:  bug 70675409:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 706754 in unity-2d (Ubuntu Natty) "[dash] search yields no results (natty only)" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70675409:20
duanedesignzniavre: it says the update for libdee is in Natty noe09:21
duanedesignmight run: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade09:21
duanedesignto make sure you have all the latest packages09:22
zniavrei am already updated (i got his since few days i was waiting for update i got yesterday and the worrie still here, so asked here )09:24
zniavrethe black aera is called a "dash" ?09:25
zniavreok at least this point is solved ...  :o)09:25
duanedesignthe super button is the keyboard shortcut09:25
duanedesignsuper-a calls the application search and super-f calls the file search09:25
zniavrei guess it's available on unity , unity-2d does not use the same shortcut    win+a/f/d09:27
duanedesignzniavre: i was not aware of super +d :)09:28
duanedesignthank you09:28
duanedesignzniavre: hmm, it should work.09:30
duanedesignbug 72126409:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 721264 in unity (Ubuntu) "add super shortcuts to the launcher - logic" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72126409:31
duanedesignmarked Fiv Released for Unity 2-d09:31
xiambaxErrr Im having the worst luck getting 11.04 installed09:35
xiambaxburnt a disk. getting IO errors09:35
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Guest89070Ubi-partman crashes when trying to install from DVD.09:37
zniavreduanedesign, the worst thing is when bug are fixed but still on YOUR computer ... :o(09:37
ankreloadedhey fellas09:49
ankreloadedjust installed a daily build of ubuntu 11.04...and as usual it got messed up...any help??09:49
nit-witany description?09:58
icerootankreloaded: x-server doesnt come up/show very strange colors?10:07
Guest89070iceroot: i have that problem10:18
icerootGuest89070: sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.old  helped me10:19
icerootGuest89070: because you cant access tty1, i was using ssh for it or the grub-rescue-mode to boot into the shell10:19
icerootGuest89070: to call the grub-rescue-entry, press shift + esc at boot10:20
Guest89070Can't read ... File or directory doesn't exist,10:25
Guest89070Iceroot: ^^10:28
* Guest89070 doesn't have folder /etc/x11 !? 10:35
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bullgard4With upgrading Firefox forgot all my bookmarks. What file should I look for if the bookmarks are still on my computer?11:49
bullgard4SwedeMike: Your answer is imprecise. I'd appreciate a precise answer.12:12
SwedeMikebullgard4: that's all you're going to get from me. I encourage you to go look in that directory and see what you can find further down.12:13
bullgard4SwedeMike: I have done that before I posted here.12:14
florianhi, hope this is the right place to ask this, I'm on 11.04 didn't update for quite some time because it worked somehow stable. now i'm having problems and want to update, is this a good time to update?12:24
Guest79786If nvidia and x are fixed.12:25
coz_florian,  well you could update and NOT restart  just in case12:37
coz_florian,  or  go to synaptic package manager  check which packages are to be updated,,, and if it is xserver    xorg stuff,, unmark those and update12:37
coz_florian,  I am not sure which if any issues are on current update12:37
floriancoz_, alright thank you I'll do the update then exlcuding x-packages12:41
coz_florian,   which video card do you have there?12:41
Ian_CorneI haven't found any isues with nvidia and x12:42
coz_florian,  before doing that ,, I would stick around to check with others here  to be sure   and as Ian_Corne   said no issues with nvidia and current updates   so it might server you better to hold off for just a bit and ask again12:42
Ian_CorneI'll reboot, because 270.30 just came in12:44
florianits an intel, i think X450012:44
floriancoz_, x problems seem to be limited to nvidia, no?12:45
Ian_CorneIt boots just fine12:45
coz_florian,  not necessarily   ati as well12:45
coz_florian,   during prerelease it could affect any of the video options12:46
coz_florian,  I would still hang out and talk abit more befor attempting it...just in case12:46
floriancoz_, sure12:48
coz_let me update on the other machine to see what is included12:48
coz_florian,  there seems to be an kernel update as well as Intel xserver update12:51
floriancoz_, so two potential obstacles12:52
coz_florian,  potential,,  sure...:)12:53
coz_florian, once you do a "Reload"   in synaptic  there should be a listing of  "Upgradeabe" in the left column if you have  "Status"  clicked12:54
coz_florian,  you can review which packages are going to be upgraded12:54
leagrisHello, I know natty may be closer to release but why can't we get updated packages for 10.10 where https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/computer-janitor/+bug/591433 got a fixed package?13:01
ubottuUbuntu bug 591433 in computer-janitor (Ubuntu) "computer-janitor-gtk crashed with TypeError in verify()" [Medium,Fix released]13:01
floriancoz_, thanks for the help so for!13:03
coz_florian,  no problem...13:03
shaneoidk what you dev. did to the broadcom drivers but thank you my wireless works again13:45
IdleOnecombination of hard work and broadcom open sourcing13:46
IdleOnebut it's nice when stuff works :)13:46
MaximLevitskyVirtualbox + latest natty + opengl possible?14:02
MaximLevitskyThe 4.04 addons xserver driver doesn't load due to abi bump14:03
BluesKajhad kernel source graphics driver probs today at boot , no driver or the wrong driver was installed when the new kernel came down the pipe yesterday. Had to use the previous recovery kernel to install the nvidia-current driver14:03
BluesKajwonder if this is a common problem14:08
bullgard4Alpha3 will become Beta on 2011-03-24?14:10
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IdleOneBluesKaj: there was a security upgrade I saw yesterday that mentioned 3rd party drivers would need to be rebuilt14:16
bullgard4Why does Ubuntu not offer LibreOffice Base?14:37
yofelno idea what base is, but we do have libreoffice14:37
bullgard4yofel: I asked for LibreOffice Base. LibreOffice Base is the supposed fork Of the OpenOffice.org Base program.14:39
yofel!info libreoffice-base14:39
ubottulibreoffice-base (source: libreoffice): office productivity suite -- database. In component main, is optional. Version 1:3.3.1-1ubuntu5 (natty), package size 1958 kB, installed size 7928 kB (Only available for alpha amd64 armel armhf hppa i386 ia64 mips mipsel powerpc powerpcspe ppc64 s390 s390x sparc kfreebsd-amd64 kfreebsd-i386 all)14:39
yofelseems like it's there, just not installed by default14:40
bjsnideryofel, i guess to make ubuntu easier to use, we should have everything installed by default,. tens of thousands of apps.14:43
yofelsure, I always said we should just dump cds and dvds and ship blue ray disks14:43
BluesKajyofel, then I'll have to buy a bluray drive ...I don't have the need right now otherwise :)14:45
yofeltrue, I guess we should stay legacy compatible and ship half a dozen DVDs14:48
BluesKajyofel, I don't mind network updates/upgrades , gives something to look forward to everyday14:51
BluesKajyofel, as you can tell , it's been a long winter here:)14:51
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bullgard4yofel: I agree. I did install it and will now experiment with it. --  Thank you for your help.14:58
ChrisBuchholzCan somebodu tell why sometimes if I maximize a window in unity, it will maximizeall the way (horizontally) and other times, it maximizes but keeps place for the Dock on the left?15:29
lite__hello. i used script http://pastebin.com/5nrzv1GK (internal eth0, external eth1, dsl ppp0) to give internet to a notebook through wi-fi hotspot, but after update to natty there's no effect :-\ ifconfig show me only very big count of rx dropped packets =(16:05
coz_ hey all16:23
ankreloadedhey fellas! I am hating this unity desktop on natty...tht dock is really a  distraction when it autohides...is there any way we can lock it permanently?16:38
Daekdroomankreloaded, install ccsm16:38
DaekdroomGo to the ubuntu unity plugin configuration and set it to never hide16:38
ankreloadedok will try...thanks16:39
AmaranthYou can change the size of it now too!16:47
* Amaranth hugs his never hiding 42px dock16:48
benste1hi, how can i change the vidoe output for an s-video output from NTSC to PAL ? - there is no option in monitors if using the nouveau driver17:25
bullgard4Why did Ubuntu install on my computer libreoffice-help-en-gb and libreoffice-help-en-us as well?17:52
ChrisBuchholzCan somebody tell why sometimes if I maximize a window in unity, it will maximize all the way (horizontally) and other times, it maximizes but keeps place for the Dock on the left?17:59
penguin42bullgard4: What is your default language?17:59
bullgard4penguin42: '~$ locale; LANG=de_DE.UTF-8; LANGUAGE=de_DE:en'.18:02
penguin42hmm, in that case en_GB and en_US is odd; I'd assumed one of those was the default and one was based on your config18:02
bullgard4penguin42: What do you mean by "your config"?18:03
penguin42bullgard4: Well it would make sense for it to install the de_DE for you because that's what you use18:04
IdleOnecould it be that it is pulling in both en_US and en_GB because of the :en ?18:09
IdleOnebut then it would also pull en_CA18:10
penguin42IdleOne: There are LOADS of en_* variants (I've never compared them all)18:10
IdleOnepenguin42: yeah what I mean is maybe it sees en as ALL en_*18:11
IdleOnemaybe ask in #documentfoundation18:12
IdleOnethat is the user channel for libre office18:12
penguin42(long channel name!)18:12
IdleOneor #libreoffice18:12
bullgard4IdleOne: You are not well informed. That channel is almost dead.18:19
IdleOnebullgard4: which channel?18:19
bullgard4IdleOne: The channel #documentfoudation is almost dead.18:20
bullgard4IdleOne: The channel #libreoffice forbids to discuss that in its topic.18:20
IdleOnesorry I tried to help.18:21
penguin42bullgard4: I suspect there is a #ubuntu-something18:21
IdleOneThere is no need to be rude and insulting. You could just uninstall the packages you don't want.18:21
bullgard4penguin42: I am listening to ou eagerly.18:21
penguin42bullgard4: Well I don't know what it is - channel list on your irc client, I'd be surprised if there isn't an open/libe office one18:22
bullgard4penguin42: I found two. I listened on both of them for quite a while.18:23
penguin42bullgard4: Well file a bug then18:23
bullgard4penguin42: I already filed one. I'am considering if I should file a second one. I do not know yet if this multiple language appearance justifies a bug report.18:25
penguin42bullgard4: Well if you feel it's wrong, file it - the worst that can happen is someone can reject it18:25
bullgard4Of course.18:25
DanaGARGH, freaking Natty installer just wiped out my Windows install.18:27
DanaGThe installer said, "Erase Natty and install 11.04", so I chose that.18:27
DanaGAnd, apparently Windows 7 is "Natty".18:27
MkaysiDanaG: did it said something about partman ?18:27
penguin42that's a bit of an extreme way of curing Bug 118:27
DanaGIt's a nonessential system, so all I've lost is time... but damn, that's one major bad behavior.18:28
kklimondaDanaG: bugs are, by definition, bad ;)18:28
* Mkaysi is laughing for that comment...18:28
MkaysiBug #118:28
MkaysiUbottu isn't here?18:29
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:29
DanaGbug 118:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1 in Ubuntu "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118:29
bullgard4I like that times and again.18:30
DanaGI suppose I should file a bug on this behavior.18:30
DanaGIt also offered to "Upgrade Natty"....18:31
DanaGnot sure how you'd UPGRADE a "Windows Natty" to 11.04.18:31
DanaGI'll file a bug on that.18:33
DanaGBut where's the installer log?18:34
penguin42 /var/log/installer?18:34
DanaGOkay, I'm filing a bug.18:36
DanaGIt also didn't even give a chance to verify what it was going to do.18:37
yofeliirc the ubiquity apport hook should already add those18:37
DanaGyeah, I did ubuntu-bug ubiquity.  Had to gksu it.18:37
DanaGI selected "erase natty"... and bam, it erased immediately.18:38
DanaGNo "this is what partman will do"!18:38
bullgard4penguin42: [Done.]18:40
ubottuUbuntu bug 738366 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) ""Erase Natty" wording DANGEROUSLY misleading" [Undecided,New]18:44
DanaGSomething else that's a pet peeve: apparently the arrow keys are "typing".18:45
DanaGIt freezes the touchpad while typing...18:45
DanaGGood luck typing anything with the arrow keys!18:45
BUGabundohey! I'm back!!  :D18:56
coz_BUGabundo,  you sound really surprised! :)19:03
BUGabundocoz_: been far from home and far from my online friendly folks all week19:04
coz_BUGabundo,  oh  :)  I thought maybe  you were surprised after updates  :)19:04
coz_BUGabundo,  then a  "welcome back"  is in order :)19:05
BUGabundoare they so bad?19:05
BUGabundomaking a week worth of updates NOW19:05
coz_BUGabundo,  no they arent   I just updated today19:05
coz_BUGabundo,  seems to be fine  at least on nvidia19:05
BUGabundoFetched 447 MB in 10min 11s (732 kB/s)19:06
coz_BUGabundo,  you have been gone long :)19:06
coz_darn ,, I have to break again...be back in a bit19:07
yofelhey BUGabundo :)19:12
BUGabundohey yofel19:12
mbrigdanJust wondering, with the switch to LibreOffice in 11.04, will I have problems if I stick with OO?19:13
Daekdroommbrigdan, I think that all OO packages in 11.04 are transitional19:13
mbrigdanWait, so it'll switch me automatically?19:14
mbrigdanIts not too different is it? I tend get annoyed when programs move all my menus and such around. Stupid Word 2007.19:15
DaekdroomIt's barely any different for now.19:16
mbrigdanAlright, cool19:16
mbrigdanI had a bad experience with KDevelop where it updated to a new version and suddenly all my files were incompatible. It was a nightmare. Decided to always do my research from then on.19:17
DanaGokay.... anyway, what can I do to make tablet stuff as useful on Ubuntu as it is on Windows 7?20:09
DanaGNot that I absolutely need the tablet stuff... but last time I tried, tablet stuff was lacking.20:09
=== Amaranth_ is now known as Amaranth
penguin42DanaG: Buggy or missing features?20:14
DanaGMostly missing features.20:14
DanaGThings like native handwriting recognition.20:14
DanaGFor example, Windows 7 hooks into all text input boxes, and has some native stuff.  It's not a hack like CellWriter is.20:14
DanaGRight now the only big thing Ubuntu has over Windows 7, on this tablet, is that you can do compiz on 915GM.20:16
DanaGYou can't do Aero on that.20:16
DanaGEr, that's not the ONLY thing.20:17
DanaGBut as far as pen input, Windows 7 is nicer.20:17
DanaGIt's funny: people diss Windows 7 for being hard to use with fingers.... all they really need to do is to turn DPI scaling on to make things bigger.20:18
DanaGAnyway, this tablet is pen only; no touch at all.20:18
penguin42DanaG: You might try asking the Ayatana list where to start - that's UI design; but I guess maybe not -  ask the guys who have done the current stuff20:24
BUGabundoI opened FF 3.6, updated a few addons, restarted the browser, and now its stuck in a state where it asks to restart FF to finish updates :\20:49
bjsniderBUGabundo, i didn't think you used firefox21:20
BUGabundoI do21:20
BUGabundoas a secondary browser21:20
bjsniderbtw, take a look at internet exploder 9. it's a complete ripoff of chrome21:20
BUGabundoand natty insists on opening it21:20
BUGabundosure, can you email me a windows laptop ? :P21:20
bjsnideryou could use it in a vm21:21
bjsniderfirst they ripped off firefox with ie7, now chrome21:21
bjsnidermicrosoft, where there are no original ideas21:21
kklimondaright, it's not like Firefox is ripping off Chrome and Opera ;)21:23
* BUGabundo starts a new FF4 profile and changes *all* mouse click options to the oposite21:26
DanaGargh, for some reason, Nautilus is entirely unthemed.21:37
jjessehello, running kubuntu natty in virtualbox, after update today and reboot my vm doesn't boot to a graphical interface, after uninstalling vbox additions it boots, reinstall vbox additions no graphical interface22:03
Moc22I just downloaded 11.04 and tried to do a upgrade, but it hd doesn't work and seem stuck at saying installing22:25
penguin42jjesse: With the addiitons installed you might want to check /var/log/Xorg.0.log to see if there are any errors22:27
jjesseok see message about failed to load module vboxvideo module requirement mismatch22:28
jjessethat might be it22:28
penguin42sounds like it, probably best to file a bug on it22:29
jjesseok will do22:30
xiambax_Can i do a text install from the alternative disk?22:34
xiambax_I can't get this to install22:38
xiambax_Keep getting Errno 5 when trying to install from CD22:38
xiambax_don't have any big enough usb keys22:39
=== xiambax_ is now known as xiambax
guntbertxiambax: did you check the integrity of the downloaded iso?22:43
xiambaxtried the removing one ram stick22:43
xiambaxits a known issue22:43
xiambaxstill nothing22:43
penguin42xiambax: How far does it get before tha thappens?22:45
xiambaxid say 60 percent22:46
penguin42then the installer crashes and everything else is left running?22:48
=== th1 is now known as _2E0ETT
xiambaxinstaller crashes then kicks me out of the installer22:48
penguin42anyhting  in /var/log/installer?22:49
penguin42or something like that22:49
xiambaxI will attempt another install22:49
xiambaxI bought a 220 Dell Vostro with a 24 inch display on craigslist for 300 bucks.22:51
xiambaxPretty sick little system22:51
xiambaxI just want to get it up and running22:51
penguin42now you know why it was 300 bucks!22:52
xiambaxNo it works fine22:52
xiambaxIts a Core 2 Duo22:52
guntbertxiambax: my guess is still a corrupted iso image22:52
xiambaxis there a way i can boot to live disk and do network install from it22:54
Viking667...*knilb* *blink*...22:56
guntbertxiambax: thats the usual way, if I understand you ...22:57
xiambaxI want it to pull install sources from the network22:57
xiambaxnot the disk22:57
xiambaxso if it is an iso issue22:57
xiambaxit will pull none corrupt data from the tubes22:57
guntbert!minimal | xiambax22:58
ubottuxiambax: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD22:58
Viking667hm. Seems I don't need to be here. Apologies.22:59
xiambaxis there a testing branch of the minimal cd?22:59
yofelyou can change the link to natty, there is an iso23:00
xiambaxand it has wifi drivers?23:01
yofelprobably not, it's the bare minimum to start the installer23:01
ChrisBuchholzHey people. I am trying to swithc from the Broadcom STA wifi driver to the B43 driver. I have followed the ubuntu wiki and installed the packages b43-fwcutter and firmware-b43-installer. If i remove the wl module and modprobe b43, in iwconfig i get wlan1 card up but the network indicator says firmware is missing. If i remove b43 and modprobe 'wl', iwconfig is fine and network indiciator says fine. What can be up?23:01
ChrisBuchholzI wanna try B43 driver instand of Broadcom STA since i get horrible speeds with it23:02
ChrisBuchholzI have a BCM4322 wifi card23:03
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* Osaka misses 0px borders 23:16
xiambaxoh man my roommates found a usb key23:16
Osaka^_^ yay23:16
valorinAnyone here have any luck at running gnome-shell via the gnome3-team PPA?23:20
scarleoChrisBuchholz: Are you sure it's the driver? I have the same card and have to turn off the power saving feature to get good speed23:22
scarleoChrisBuchholz: With Broadcom STA driver23:23
ChrisBuchholzscarleo: how do you do that?23:24
ChrisBuchholzscarleo: because, it could sound like it. Right now - after i just modprobed it, it works great23:24
scarleoChrisBuchholz: sudo iwconfig wlan1 power off23:24
ChrisBuchholzafter some time, it starts getting so, so slow23:24
ChrisBuchholzscarleo: lets see if it works23:25
ChrisBuchholzscarleo: if it does, will i have to do that every time23:25
ChrisBuchholz...after every reboot?23:26
scarleoChrisBuchholz: There are some info somewhere abt making it permanent23:26
scarleoChrisBuchholz: I have found that there is only problem with some wifi connection points, some works good so I turn it off if I notice it gets slow23:27
ChrisBuchholzscarleo: okay thanks. I will keep an eye on it23:27
xiambaxProbably an encryption issue23:27
xiambaxHad the same issue with 2Wire systems and MacOSX back in the day.23:28
scarleoMaybe, my router has a power saving feature that if it's on makes the speed almost unusable with powersaving in Ubuntu23:28
xiambaxFound putting the password in quotations resolved the issue. 2Wire routers use none standard encryption methods23:28
scarleoin combination that is, if I turn off one or the other it's fine again23:28
=== _2E0ETT is now known as th1
valorinAny gnome-shell people around?23:43

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