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thorwilsometimes i'm still surprised by certain comments: http://thorwil.wordpress.com/2011/03/19/ours-is-better-than-theirs/#comment-393315:13
vishbeauty lies in the eye of the beholder.. similarly perception! ;)15:40
vishthorwil: btw, do you hand draw those figures or do it on inkscape with mouse?15:41
vishhand-draw with tablet*15:41
thorwilif anyone ends up putting it into that context, i wonder what the supposed message would be?15:41
thorwilvish: tablet drawn in mypaint15:42
thorwilbut i can't really advice that, as you still get more control on paper. and scaling the image down can become an issue, with jagged lines15:43
vishcool! i've wondered how you worked on those, earlier too when you did some images( for brainstorm?)15:45
thorwilvish: rough sketches for brainstorm? scanned pen or pencil15:46
vishhmm, not brainstorm i think you had something about guys pulling in different directions15:46
vishsomething about collaboration..15:47
vishha! nearly 1yr later.. :)15:48
vishyea, that one :)15:48
thorwilpencil, but i'm actually not sure whether i penned them on paper, too, or traced them in gimp15:48
thorwila case where i used inkscape is http://thorwil.files.wordpress.com/2009/10/bar_chart_ninjas_s.png15:49
vishyea, these guys seem less hand-drawn/free lines15:50
vishhmm, we seem to be having some issue or the other every so often..15:51
vishthorwil: what issue was that design-in-collaborative-projects/ relating to? or what was the happening thing back then?15:52
vishrather the "happening" thing15:53
thorwilnot a specific event, just a consequence of my observations15:53
vishah :)15:53
coz_ hey all16:23

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