rajui had installed some application from tar00:21
rajuhow can i know its installation done in rightway00:22
OmsniffiscentIs it in your application menu?00:23
aveilleuxraju: Is it a binary or source?00:28
rajuaveilleux: its a source00:29
aveilleuxraju: Then you'll need to extract it (You can use File Roller for that, just double-click and hit "Extract"), then compile it00:30
aveilleuxraju: You can do this by opening Terminal, then using the cd ("Change Directory") command to get to the folder where the source is, then reading the README file for instructions00:31
rajuaveilleux: i did that , but thing is i wanna verify its installation status .....properly done or not00:31
aveilleuxraju: What program did you download in tar format?00:31
rajuaveilleux: ^^^00:31
aveilleuxraju: The Vala libraries? Or some DE for Vala?00:33
rajuaveilleux:  hey thank man , you i got it00:35
rajuthank you aveilleux00:35
aveilleuxraju: Because the recommended method of installation is the PPA, not the source00:35
aveilleuxraju: Thzt way you'll always be up to date00:35
rajuaveilleux: i had done as ./configure , make ,make instatll00:35
aveilleuxraju: That'll work too, but I *highly* recommend taking a look at this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Vala00:36
rajuaveilleux:  i am on it00:37
rajuaveilleux:  thats very good one00:38
aveilleuxraju: The best way to find a good source for Ubuntu packages is to Google "<name> ubuntu" (w/o quotes)00:39
rajuaveilleux: some times i am going like that ...." googe 'pkg name' in ubuntu "00:40
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JNunezSetting up a ubuntu desktop for a friend and her 3 kids.  I want to make a change to the desktop and look and feel then have it be the same on all of their desktops.  Any suggestions?02:36
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HoboCannibaLcan anyone help me... my function key doesn't seem to work at all so i cannot utilize my keyboard03:53
* HoboCannibaL scans the chan for useful help03:55
aveilleuxHoboCannibaL: What keyboard is this?03:57
HoboCannibaLits for the laptop so it won't specify when i look up the specs03:59
HoboCannibaLthe laptop is an asus g73sw04:00
HoboCannibaLi can get the function key to work, i found the problem is that they don't have this particular laptop keyboard supported for ubuntu04:00
HoboCannibaLwhen i go to preferences, and go to keyboard....they do not have this model....so i'm assuming that is the problem....04:01
aveilleuxHoboCannibaL: Have you tried manually setting the keyboard shortcuts?04:01
HoboCannibaLyes and it will not allow me to change them to fn+(key)04:02
aveilleuxHoboCannibaL: It should say something like "X11volcontrol"04:02
HoboCannibaLyeah, it won't let me use function for anything...i have it set up to use it for my volumes and stuff...but i would prefer to have the secondary option04:03
HoboCannibaLalso my keyboard backlight doesn't work with ubuntu either04:03
HoboCannibaLi've searched the net for linux drivers for this model of lappy but i can't really find much of anything for what i need04:05
HoboCannibaLaveilleux: also, is there anywhere i can register this nick and also hide my dns?04:09
aveilleuxHoboCannibaL: Ask about that in #freenode04:09
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HoboCannibaLaveilleux: are u still available?04:29
thewrathhey all04:32
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meditatingfroghey thewrath04:58
HoboCannibaLanyone know of a place that has good tutorials for ubuntu and the terminal?04:59
holsteinHoboCannibaL: i made a server here at the house05:01
holsteinand started doing things without X05:01
holsteinchat in irssi for example05:01
ddecator(irssi ftw)05:02
* holstein fist-bumps ddecator :)05:02
HoboCannibaLholstein: thanx...05:08
holsteinHoboCannibaL: i would like to take my old EEE05:09
holsteinand install a command line system05:09
HoboCannibaL'EEE' ?05:09
holsteinsee how much and can get done using it as a main machine :)05:09
HoboCannibaLam using a g73sw05:10
HoboCannibaLbeen having probs though with finding drivers for it though lawlz...05:10
holsteinyou can always just do it in the gnome terminal05:10
holsteinjust google whatever you are trying to do05:10
holsteinand try the job in the command line05:10
HoboCannibaLyep...can only find windows drivers05:10
holsteinsudo cp files around05:11
holsteinsimple stuff05:11
holsteinnext time you have to make a text document05:11
holsteincd there and use nano :)05:11
HoboCannibaLyeah i'm very very new to linux05:11
holsteinHoboCannibaL: how are you liking it so far?05:13
HoboCannibaLlove it....05:13
HoboCannibaLso much better than windows05:13
HoboCannibaLits just a lot different lol05:13
holsteinyeah, i prefer it :)05:13
HoboCannibaLterminal commands are completely foreign to me right now though :/05:13
holsteinHoboCannibaL: well, you are looking for driver information right?05:14
holsteinopen up the gnome terminal05:14
holsteinand type05:14
HoboCannibaLyeah i like it much better...am going to take my floor-top and put a hard linux os on it so i can learn it better05:14
HoboCannibaLwhat is gnome terminal?05:14
HoboCannibaLand what is lspci?05:15
holsteinapplications - accessories - terminal05:15
holsteinthat'll get you to the command line05:15
holsteinlspci is a command05:15
HoboCannibaLoh ok....whats the command for?05:15
holsteinthat will list some hardware05:15
holsteinand information05:15
holsteinHoboCannibaL: you dont have to trust me05:15
holsteinor anyone for that matter05:15
holsteinfeel free to google these commands05:16
holsteinOR whatever makes you comfortable :)05:16
HoboCannibaLlol....yeah i pulled it up05:16
holsteinlspci will tell you lots of handy info though05:16
holsteinlets say05:16
HoboCannibaLsure does...thanx05:16
holsteinyou are tring to get sound05:16
holsteinyou can run that05:16
holsteinsee if the sound device is listed05:16
holsteinif it is05:16
holsteinyou can run05:16
holsteinaplay -l05:16
HoboCannibaLwhat does aplay -l do?05:17
holsteinthat will tell information about the sound hardware05:17
holsteinHoboCannibaL: you know the sudo command?05:17
HoboCannibaLwhat about the keyboard hardware...thats where im having trouble finding the drivers...05:17
HoboCannibaLall my hotkeys are out of whack05:17
HoboCannibaLno i do not know sudo05:17
holsteinHoboCannibaL: sudo is one you would want to be careful with05:18
HoboCannibaLhow come?05:18
holsteinsudo is super user do05:18
holsteinbasically gives you permission to break more things ;)05:18
holsteinsometimes you need it05:18
holsteinHoboCannibaL: so, in the terminal there05:19
holsteinthat will list files and directories05:19
HoboCannibaLok it gave me some options05:19
holsteinyou can cd into one05:19
holsteincd Documents05:19
ddecatorcd Doc<tab>05:20
holsteinHoboCannibaL: also, the command line lets you use tab to auto complete05:20
holsteinyeah, like ddecator ^^ is getting to :)05:20
ddecatortab complete with commands was one of those discoveries that made me wonder how i got along without it, haha05:21
holsteinddecator: totally05:21
HoboCannibaLits saying display all 2502 possibilities y or n05:21
holsteinHoboCannibaL: you'll get the hang of it :)05:21
holsteini would say no personally05:22
holsteinso as not to see the 2502 possibilities scroll by05:22
ddecatorunless you like to read lists05:22
holsteinBUT, it wont hurt anything05:22
HoboCannibaLnow whats a command to get out of that directory and back to the main gnome terminal?05:22
holsteinwell, its all gnome terminal05:22
holsteinyou are using gnome terminal to 'see'05:22
ddecatorholstein: to return to the beginning, just use "cd"05:23
holsteinHoboCannibaL: thats what i would do05:24
HoboCannibaLnice...thats pretty logical hah...i need to get used to this....where is a good learning tutorial or site where i can familiarize myself05:24
holsteinnext time you need to make a folder05:24
holsteingoogle how to do it in the command line05:24
holsteinand do it that way :)05:24
holstein*or come ask in here05:24
HoboCannibaLok... thanx for the help...its actually helpful hah05:24
HoboCannibaLas far as hard linux operating systems what would u recommend...?05:25
holsteinyou mean challenging?05:25
HoboCannibaLlol...yes...one that is non gui05:25
holsteinive heard doing an arch install is very educational05:26
holsteinand the docs are great05:26
HoboCannibaLholstein: i currently have dual booting options for windows and ubuntu....mainly cuz i do have some games and some programs that only run on windows....i did install Wine, but that doesn't run the games05:27
holsteinHoboCannibaL: i would pick something easy05:28
HoboCannibaLis there something i can get to emulate windows so i don't have to keep switching between the two operating systems05:28
holsteinmaybe a simple game05:28
holsteinor the windows version of firefox05:28
holsteinand get that running in wine05:29
holsteinHoboCannibaL: theres virtualbox05:29
holsteinand vmware05:29
holsteinand others05:29
holsteinto emulate windows05:29
holsteinBUT, you wont want to game in there05:29
HoboCannibaLi mean i can just have both operating systems i guess....if its just easier to game in windows i mean lol05:30
holsteini usually refer to http://appdb.winehq.org/05:30
holsteinHoboCannibaL: depending on the games, i think its still sometimes the only way05:30
holsteinnative windows install05:30
holsteinBUT, its getting better all the time05:30
holsteinand now, you can plan ahead05:30
holsteinand buy games that support linux05:31
holsteinlike http://www.wolfire.com/humble05:31
HoboCannibaLyeah....how are linux games? graphic wise?05:31
holsteinHoboCannibaL: depends on the game really05:31
holsteinif you mean, are they janky somehow05:32
holsteinif games getting written for the platform05:32
holsteinthey are fine05:32
ddecatorthey're only janky if they require WINE05:32
holsteinddecator: hehe05:32
holsteingraphics drivers can still be an issue05:32
ddecatorhow steam is ever considered acceptable when running it through WINE is beyond me05:32
HoboCannibaLyeah, i got the graphics driver, that was the easiest one to get hah05:33
HoboCannibaLi do notice like with u-tube and other visually demanding applications....they look great....don't notice a difference at all on that aspect of converting from windows to ubuntu05:34
ddecatoradobe finally stepped up05:35
arvind_trcan somebody tell me how to install micro SD card reader06:42
duanedesignhello av06:50
duanedesignpatience young grasshopper06:50
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duanedesignmorning all11:29
kristian-aalborghi duanedesign11:59
r4yI got a simple question12:12
r4yI am using GIMP and I am using pencil and I want to do the color red but instead it is doing brown which some of the image has brown in it12:13
r4yI want to make the background transparent so I have been choosing a color not used in the image.12:14
r4yHow do I get GIMP not to do this?12:14
r4yThis is one of the reasons I also have KolourPaint installed12:14
r4yThe other is because KolourPaint has the pencil set to 1 pixel.12:15
duanedesignr4y: you want the pencil to draw red instead of brown?12:23
r4yhello, someone on the ubuntu channel answered my question12:24
r4ysome images are indexed. meaning they only have a certain number of colors. changing to rgb means you get all the rgb colors.12:24
r4ythat was what I put into a text file for future reference12:24
r4yI am going to finish this image real quick12:25
duanedesignr4y: and did you figure out how to change the diameter of the pencil?12:25
r4yI already knew how12:25
duanedesignok, great12:26
duanedesignhappy gimping12:26
r4yit's that when I close and re-open gimp the settings go back to default12:26
duanedesigni see12:26
r4ygimp is great12:26
r4yI just wanted simple icons12:36
r4yThese are images I captured from the Ultima 6, 7 and 8 games and made into icons12:38
r4yI've been working on them off and on12:38
r4yFinally I just added transparency to them12:38
r4yHmm, I don't know if you miss understood me.12:40
r4yit's that when I close and re-open gimp the settings go back to default12:40
r4yI just finished putting together some icons.12:40
r4y>I am a beginner at best12:41
duanedesignare thise images icons you have done?12:43
r4yI used DOSBox to take screenshots from Ultima 6, 7 and 8 and messed around with the screenshots12:46
r4yso no, but kind of12:46
r4yI resized them all12:48
r4yadded a blue sort of flame around the silver shield12:48
r4yadded more blue around the Ultima 6 sheild12:49
r4yI remember having trouble with resizing and colors12:49
r4yI used gimp's many features to fix the colors12:49
r4yI was looking for a way to play games in DOSBox and be able to do save states12:56
r4yfrontend or not12:56
r4yApparently DOSBox doesn't have that feature12:57
r4ySome games are crazy hard.12:58
r4yDGEN is pretty hard12:58
r4ywell it is D-Generation actually12:58
r4ythe exe is DGEN12:58
r4yI thought that the DGEN emulator for Sega Genesis games had the same name until I was Googling12:59
r4yI will try that13:09
r4yOK, duh!, In GIMP edit preferences, Tool options, save tool options now13:14
r4yWell, I should go to get sleep soon here13:20
r4yI don't have to keep downloading KolourPaint now, but I do recommend KolourPaint as a great substitute for MSPaint from windows which which is simple13:25
kristian-aalborghi all13:27
yonijam trying to make a hello world kernel module..but the make is failing..13:30
yonijhelp lease13:30
duanedesignwhat is the error you are geting?13:31
yonijubuntu 10.10 , made a hello.c file , made a Makefile , ....module.h not found13:31
yonijand this : No rule to make target ..in the header path13:33
yonijdo I need to gcc the helloworld file b4 make ?13:37
yonijduanedesign, I have mutiple ver headers in that /usr/src/...hope that wont be an issue13:38
yonijmake[2]: *** No rule to make target `kernel/bounds.c', needed by `kernel/bounds.s'.13:50
yonijI get this if i use sudo along with the previous one13:50
goonerhave a issue with Ubuntu booting13:51
goonerit always boots only in command line13:51
duanedesignyonij: hmm, i am not sure13:56
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duanedesigngooner: from the commandline does the command:   startx13:56
goonerduanedesign : will try now13:57
yonijsudo ?13:57
goonerduanedesign : its gone blank13:57
duanedesigngooner: has it ever booted properly or is this a new install?13:58
goonerduanedesign : a new install13:59
goonerordered a CD and installed from it13:59
duanedesignits not the server version is it?14:00
duanedesigngooner: you might look through the X log. You can get it with the command:   cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log14:02
duanedesigngooner: Is your CD Ubuntu Server?14:06
goonernope, its desktop14:07
duanedesigngooner: moght see if it still has internet access and run updates with the command:  sudo apt-get update; sudo oapt-get upgrade14:08
goonerit doesnt have14:08
duanedesigngooner: does it show any error messages when booting?14:10
duanedesigngooner: does this command say State:Installed  -   aptitude show gdmaptitude show gdm14:12
duanedesignaptitude show gdm14:12
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gooneri executed "aptitude show gdm"14:14
goonerit says :14:14
goonerThe program 'aptitude' can be foudn in the following packages :14:14
gooner  * aptitude14:14
gooner  * aptitude-gtk14:14
gooneralso if I leave the command line untouched for sometime, it goes blank after sometime14:16
duanedesignhmm, strange14:19
duanedesignsounds like it did not insstall all the way14:19
yofelduanedesign: aptitude isn't installed by default14:21
yofel(since maverick)14:21
yofel(on desktop systems)14:21
duanedesignyofel: ahhh, you are right14:21
goonerso then any ideas ?14:21
yofelgooner: what does apt-cache policy gdm say for the 'installed' version?14:21
gooner  Installed: 2.30.5-0ubuntu414:24
yofelhm, ok... try: sudo service gdm start14:24
yofelif it's already running try restart14:25
goonerthe screen has gone blank now ... I did not execute anything14:26
goonerits just that if I leave it idle for sometime, it goes blank14:27
yofelthat's the terminal screensaver, just press a key14:27
goonerhave to restart I think14:27
yofelhm, so restarting gdm didn't help?14:27
gooneri did not execute any command14:28
goonerwill restart the system now14:28
yofelwell, then execute: sudo service gdm restart14:28
yofelthat won't reboot your system14:28
yofelonly try to restart X14:28
goonerthe screen has gone blank and am not able to get the command line back14:28
goonerso restarted the system14:28
goonerwill execute that command now14:29
goonerbtw, I executed "sudo start gdm" before and even that blanked the system14:29
goonerfound one line : http://tutorial.downloadatoz.com/how-to-fix-black-screen-issue-when-installing-ubuntu-10-10.html14:29
yofelah, that does the same14:29
goonerya...its gone blank again14:30
gooneris that link relevant ?14:30
yofelwhat graphics card do you have?14:30
goonerhave not checked yet14:31
yofel'lspci | grep VGA' will tell14:31
goonerthe screen is blank now14:31
goonerhave to restart again14:32
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Lorizeani'm having a problem with window-size under maverick on my 800x600 netbook. Some windows (e.g. the evolution setup assistant) are too big to be displayed and they dont resize, meaning i cannot see the buttons i gotta click16:17
holsteinLorizean: i usually hold the alt key16:18
holsteinclick and drag the window up16:18
holsteinor around so i can see what i need to see16:18
Lorizeanwoah, i didnt know that was possible... still noobing around. thanks16:19
holsteinLorizean: anytime :)16:19
surbsSo, I want to install ubuntu as a dual boot along side Win7. I have a raid5 (5 harddrives). I was curious as to how much space I should allocate to each drive when prompted by ubuntu to partition. Is there a reference to how to install onto a raid5 with dual boot?16:25
iktmmm raid 516:28
iggy19surbs: ubuntu should live in 20 gigs pretty happily.  Maybe give it a bit more if you want to store a ton of stuff on your desktop/in your home directory.  What I have done in dual-boot configs is to give each OS what it needs plus some, then set up most of the rest of my space as a data partition that can be accessed by both OS's, so that you can work on the same stuff in either OS.  Aside from some games, you will probably find you can do everything16:33
alexbuntuhi all16:33
alexbuntuim running ubuntu 10.10 as live-system on a pretty new sony vaio16:34
alexbuntueverything works fine except the touchpad16:34
surbsanyone here16:38
surbsi need help!16:39
aveilleux!ask | surbs16:39
ubot2surbs: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)16:39
alexbuntuso is there any way of making this touchpad work?16:41
surbsi have raid5 and win7 installed, I want to create a dual boot between the two, can you please either reffer me to a detailed outline of how to install / partition the drives, that way i know what to select in order to ensure maximized performance of ubuntu16:42
surbsI am more or less having troubles knowing how much space to allocate to each drive16:42
iggy19surbs: not sure what you mean "each drive" --> in a RAID setup the drives should all look like one device to the system16:45
surbsyeah, thats what happens when i installed win716:45
iggy19if you mean, how much to devote to each OS, see my response to your first questions 18 minutes ago16:45
surbsbut when I go to install ubuntu16:45
surbsyeah, i accidentally exited out of the tab16:46
surbscan you re-post please16:46
surbssorry bout that!16:46
iggy19surbs: ubuntu should live in 20 gigs pretty happily.  Maybe give it a bit more if you want to store a ton of stuff on your desktop/in your home directory.  What I have done in dual-boot configs is to give each OS what it needs plus some, then set up most of the rest of my space as a data partition that can be accessed by both OS's, so that you can work on the same stuff in either OS.  Aside from some games, you will probably find you can do everything16:46
iggy19surbs: np16:46
surbsalright, here let me restart and boot up from ubuntu and I can more or less write down what is happening. See i understand what you mean as the harddisks should show up as "one" but that is not what happened as it did when installing win716:48
surbsinstead i see all 5 drives16:48
iggy19if the partitioner is seeing all 5 drives as independant.... I'm not sure why that is.  I've very little direct raid experience.  Is it a true hardware raid controller, or is win7 creating a "soft raid" array?16:48
surbsand it has me selecting options16:48
iggy19what options?16:48
surbslike to allocate /home16:49
surbsand some other things16:49
surbsi cant remeber, if i restart and then write it down16:49
surbswill you still be here16:49
aveilleuxsurbs: Are you in the LiveCD now?16:49
iggy19sure, that's reaosnable.  You need to tell the system how much to allocate to /home -- that's your personal data storage under ubuntu - yo uhave to decide how much space yo uneed for that16:49
surbsno, im on win7 using mIRC16:49
surbsi use win7 so i can play crysis2 XD16:50
surbsbut i want to start moving into programing16:50
aveilleuxNo, I mean "gross" to mIRC16:50
aveilleuxSince it's an awful program16:50
surbsahh, well i used to us it when i played computer games hardcore so its all i really know as far as IRC haha16:51
surbsaight, I will brb16:51
iggy19I'm sure with some quality therapy it could learn to be a better program!16:51
surbsin due time16:51
surbsin due time16:51
surbsaigh ill brb16:51
* iggy19 makes bad joke16:52
trinikronoiggy19: are you good with bug triage?16:57
alexbuntui got a sony vaio jogdial touchpad which is not doing a thing. does anybody know how to make it work?17:01
surbsok back!17:03
surbsso... when i get to "Install" it ask's "Erase & use entire disk" or "specify partitions manually..." I choose "specifiy sparitions manually" and the next tab is "Allocate Drive Space." The it shows /dev/sda..../dev/sde (all five harddrives) and has an option that says select "New Partition Table (the confusing part to me)" what should i do under this tab given that i have 5 harddrives?17:06
surbsand why dont all five harddrives list as just "/dev/sda" ? lastly there is the option "Bootloader" where i am assuming that you specifiy which harddrive has the dual bootup?17:06
aveilleuxsurbs: It sounds like you don't have a real hardware RAID controller, but rather a software RAID setup through  Windows. Am I right?17:07
surbsi think you are correct, but what is interesting is...17:08
surbsin bios i have it set to raid17:08
surbsand i have L-1 through L-517:08
surbsbut... when I did install win717:08
surbsI had to load a driver inorder for the harddrives to be reconginzed as one17:08
surbsso in win7 I have 1.2Tb of space17:08
trinikronomost of the time they only support windows for the raid ..17:09
trinikronoimaginary raid17:09
aveilleuxsurbs: Yeah, so you probably won't be able to have a pure RAID setup. At least, not initially.17:09
surbshow can i change this?17:09
surbsi want pure raid =(17:09
aveilleuxsurbs: Buy a RAID controller17:09
surbsok, is it really worth it17:10
surbsor is that something you should just invest into if you are planning on running a server?17:10
surbsmore or less are you going to NOTICE a huge difference?, and what does this mean for my ubuntu install?17:11
aveilleuxsurbs: I don't know, is the cost of any of these http://www.newegg.com/store/SubCategory.aspx?SubCategory=410 worth having a drive-spanning storage space?17:11
aveilleuxsurbs: Generally, RAID arrays perform better than single drives, especially if the data being accessed happens to be stored in different drives17:12
surbsyeah i understand that, but more or less17:12
surbswhat i was curious about is..17:12
surbswhats is the difference between "imaginary"17:12
surbs(software raid)17:13
surbsvs. true raid17:13
aveilleuxsurbs: the "imaginary" RAIDS are handled through software, rather than a dedicated hardware device17:13
aveilleuxsurbs: Hardware RAIDs perform better17:13
surbsahh, hmm17:14
surbshahaha, i guess a new investment is on its way17:14
trinikronoubuntu does software raid also, i believe its on the alternative cd17:14
surbsdo you happen to have the link?17:15
surbsim lazy XD17:15
trinikronoyou can look here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID17:15
trinikronoaveilleux: let me ask you something, are you good with bug triage?17:16
surbsokies, thank you soo much for the help! I will prolly be back in forth between the next couple of days as this is my new discovery17:16
aveilleuxtrinikrono: Negatory17:17
surbsgo free software project! yay!17:17
trinikronoping ddecator :D17:17
suprengrwas thinking of putting 'home' directory on separate partition to use on other versions.  do I copy current home/... or myusername/ [under home] to new partition?17:26
aveilleuxsuprengr: Copy the whole /home partition17:30
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suprengraveilleux: thanks a million17:38
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suprengrwhoops - missing something here... trying: sudo su -c 'chown -R xxx:xxx /sda2/_HOME_'[sudo] password for xxx: chown: cannot access `/sda2/_HOME_': No such file or directory17:49
aveilleuxsuprengr: It's not mounted on /sda2...17:50
suprengraveilleux: that was my 1st thought.. but it is17:51
suprengraveilleux: whoops! my bad!... not sda2 [good ol' gparted!]  ;)17:54
aveilleuxsuprengr: It may be sda2, but it's not mounted AT /sda2... probably more like /media/whatever or /mnt/whatever17:55
wrecksCan anyone offer some guidance on connecting to a virtual host?17:58
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wrecksOr, troubleshooting web connectivity to a new website?18:01
aveilleuxwrecks: Virtual host as in, Apache? VBox?18:01
aveilleuxwrecks: First question, do you have multiple domain names with different content?18:01
wreckssingle domain name, but I'm running different web services on that one server (ie Webmin at port 10000, firefly on 3689, ect)18:02
aveilleuxwrecks: Ahh. Have you messed around in ports.conf?18:02
wrecksUh...not yet--I'm using Webmin's firewall to configure ports stuff18:03
aveilleuxwrecks: Oh, webmin... I know very little of that.18:03
wrecksFair enough--thanks though18:03
wrecksFWIW, webmin works fine.  I just can't seem to connect to the website18:04
wrecks(the website I'm developing, that is)18:04
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aveilleuxwrecks: No problem... I've configured Apache manually, but webmin is something I've never looked at18:04
wrecksYeah, just checked ports.conf, and I've got it listening on that port "Listen *:10666"18:05
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wrecksBut...that listen directive isn't attached to the right Vhost...maybe that's it...18:05
wrecksShould NameVirtualHost be the name of the respective .conf file in sites-enabled?18:07
aveilleuxwrecks: I've always left that alone, since I've never messed with ports18:08
wrecksGot it.  I've set it up this way since it's an outward facing system and I'm a little nutty about keeping it secure18:08
aveilleuxwrecks: Fair enough. Though if you don't have any other ports forwarded than what you need, and only run the outward-facing services as nonprivelaged accounts, you should be fine.18:11
aveilleuxwrecks: ie. change the SSH port and disallow login by the user who can use sudo, etc.18:12
wrecksTrue.  I've just built this server, so my network architecture was somewhat in flux--I haven't quite decided on whether I'll be using it ahead of the router or behind it (the router currently acts as the main firewall)18:13
wrecksBasically, I'm forwarding and opening ports as needed.  Everything has worked up to this point--this damned apache setup is making me nuts18:14
ddecatortrinikrono: pong18:14
trinikronoddecator: i am thinking, if i have someone who is interested in bug triage but finds the process difficult should i tell them to come to the beginners team?18:15
ddecatortrinikrono: well, we're trying to get more linked with the BugSquad and start helping with triage, but that is still in the process of being setup so i'm not sure it's the best option atm. it might be better to have them ask questions in -bugs and/or join that group mentoring team. also, have them tell us what they are finding difficult about it. we're planning on re-structuring the wiki so it's more user-friendly18:17
trinikronoddecator: i joined the alpha group but its not me im worried about :D18:17
ubuntuchosenIs there anybody who could help me with my fglrx problem?18:40
ubuntuchoseni installed ubuntu 10.10 x64 on my machine18:41
ubuntuchosenthen installed the fglrx driver from the restricted drivers menu18:41
ubuntuchosennow when i boot into the system, my monitor says that the screen is not supported18:41
ubuntuchosenso how can i change the resolution or somethingl ike that so it will work?18:41
meditatingfrogi'm not sure, ubuntuchosen, but xorg.conf is how it used to get fixed.  have you tried investigating (sleuthing?) preferences > monitors ?18:50
ubuntuchoseni cant get to the GUI of ubuntu18:50
ubuntuchosenonly to the terminal18:50
meditatingfrogwhat video card?  maybe there is something on ubuntuforums.org18:51
ubuntuchosenmeditatingfrog: AMD radeon HD 6850, but i got it working in some previous installations18:51
meditatingfrogi never had to install fglrx, would just enable desktop effects before18:52
meditatingfrogbut i haven't messed with 3d stuff since 8.0418:52
ubuntuchosenmeditatingfrog: i just reinstall ubuntu and install the drivers an another way18:53
meditatingfrogi mean, i have integrated intel graphics, so desktop effects is all i use18:53
aveilleuxmeditatingfrog: You can use jockey-gtk, found in System > Administration > Additional Drivers19:00
meditatingfrogaveilleux: he's gone19:00
aveilleuxOh, they're gone anyway19:01
suprengraveilleux: if you're still watching channel... thankyou very much.  chmod'd ok, partition grown [good ol' gparted live cd] and current 'home' copied across with grsync... cheers!20:21
aveilleuxsuprengr: 'welcome20:26
KinkyPinkieanyone good at grub?20:43
yofelKinkyPinkie: depends on your problem20:45
KinkyPinkiei had grub2 before i dualbooted w7 with 10.4 the first time, then after running 10.4 ad going back into w7 grub was wrecked. my friend helped me fix it and then i had grub-legacy it all worked out fine until recently I decided to tripleboot with 10.10. I removed the dell-utility parition to get room for 10.10 (my other friend suggested I might have done wrong there and should have killed the recovery partition instead)20:49
KinkyPinkieswapping between lunix workedout fine, until I jumped over to w7 again tonight. now grub don't work again20:50
KinkyPinkieI a trying the guide http://grub.enbug.org/Grub2LiveCdInstallGuide getting grub2, but mounting seems to be a problem.20:50
KinkyPinkiesda1 is flagged as boot, but I cant seem to get anything past the first step in the guide to work20:51
yofelhm, I remember an issue with some windows applications messing with grub220:53
aveilleuxyofel: Windows install breaks GRUB20:54
yofelaveilleux: not only that, I had an issue where photoshop for example wrote some copyright data into the sectors used by grub220:55
yofelsince grub2 is larger than grub-legacy20:55
yofelyou end up without any working boot manager20:55
aveilleuxyofel: What. That's stupid.20:56
yofelKinkyPinkie: which step worked for you? only the booting, or did you start the chroot steps?20:56
KinkyPinkiesudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt was the only one. I got a text from my friend now (he who fixed it the first time) he said he booted from recovery disc first. maybe I should try that?20:57
yofelcan't give an advice there, I don't have any recovery partitions here, but if you already have grub2 installed it shouldn't be necessary20:59
KinkyPinkiei dont know if grub2 is still there, as i said, i have been running legacy for a while21:00
yofelhm, I don't know how to find out what's currently installed, but if you installed maverick using the live disk then I would guess it installed grub221:01
yofelaveilleux: bug 441941 was my issue btw.21:02
ubot2Launchpad bug 441941 in grub2 "grub fails after running Windows" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44194121:02
yofelKinkyPinkie: do you know which partition your maverick install is? (or what are you running right now?)21:04
yofelok, if you're on the maverick live disk currently, and you've mounted it to /mnt - what do you need help with? the --bind commands should run fine21:06
KinkyPinkiethey should but they dont21:07
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yofelKinkyPinkie: what error do you get?21:09
KinkyPinkiemount point does not exist21:10
yofelare you *sure* that /dev/sda1 is the right partition? does /mnt now contain a dev/ folder?21:11
KinkyPinkiei am sure, but i am not sure about the folders. /mnt ok, but /mnt/boot isn't valid21:15
yofelKinkyPinkie: what are the contents of /mnt now?21:15
KinkyPinkiedo i simply "cd /mnt" ?21:17
yofells /mnt will show the contents too21:17
KinkyPinkiethis is what I did: ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ cd /mnt21:17
KinkyPinkieubuntu@ubuntu:/mnt$ ls -a21:17
KinkyPinkie.  ..21:17
KinkyPinkiedots are output21:17
yofelthen it didn't mount the partition in the first place21:18
yofelback to step ^21:18
yofel*step 121:18
KinkyPinkieok now that I mounted sda1 i got some stuff21:19
yofelthat's a Windows related partition then21:20
yofelunmount it again, and try the other ones, until you find files with 2.6.35 in their name in /mnt/boot/21:21
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KinkyPinkiesda2 gives what seems to be the home folder to my w7. not that big suprise, since it's where w7 is though :P21:23
KinkyPinkiesda3 gives me one hell of a commandlist21:24
KinkyPinkieso does 4.21:24
KinkyPinkie3 and 4 have my linux21:24
yofelas I said, check the files in /mnt/boot, one will have 2.6.32 files, the other one (that you need) 2.6.3521:25
KinkyPinkiei cant find any /mnt/boot21:26
yofelbut you said 3 and 4 are linux? then they'll have a boot folder21:26
KinkyPinkiei was looking at the wrong thing21:26
KinkyPinkiei found my boot folder21:26
KinkyPinkieok this is strange. i cant access the boot21:27
KinkyPinkieit tells me "no such file or directory" when it looks like it's there21:28
KinkyPinkiethe boot folder had a capital B, and there's no 2.6.35 in it21:30
yofel*that* boot folder seems to be from windows, so you're on the wrong partition21:30
yofelthe linux boot folder is lowercase21:30
KinkyPinkiethe only place I find any boot folder is in the sda1 wich is flagged as boot21:31
yofelwhat's flagged as boot doesn't interest grub much, it's installed in the MBR and gets loaded by the bios21:32
aveilleuxAs long as the drive with GRUB on its MBR is flagged for boot21:33
yofelah right, correct21:33
yofelKinkyPinkie: what are the contents fo sda3 and sda4?21:33
KinkyPinkies3 is split into 10.4 and linux-swap (not sure what it is) and sda4 holds 10.1021:35
yofelok, can you mount sda4? that should have the boot folder you need21:35
aveilleuxKinkyPinkie: 10.04* the digits are significant21:35
KinkyPinkiesorry i wasn't aware21:36
KinkyPinkiei have no clue what just happened, after a million tries, my sda4 was able to mount21:44
yofelKinkyPinkie: good, now continue with the steps on the website (bind mounting /dev)21:45
KinkyPinkiethanks I will try them :)21:45
Guest43698Hi I am a beginner in IRC chatting and am just trying it out22:00
jledbetterGuest43698, Hi there22:00
Guest43698hey :)22:00
Guest43698question - how'd u type my username so fast?22:00
Guest43698oh i see, so it autocompletes based on the most likely result22:01
Guest43698thank you geirha22:01
Guest43698see i did it myself! im already learning. thank you22:02
geirhaYou'd hit <tab> to cycle through all nicks starting with "gu"22:02
geirha*hit tab multiple times22:02
Guest43698ok that is pretty useful22:03
yofeldepends on the client, some will cycle through, some will complete the longes unique part and then show you the multiple choice on how to continue22:03
Guest43698you know , there are really so many charitable people when it comes to linux in general22:03
Guest43698ive just found that out22:03
geirhaMaybe you want to change to a prettier nick?22:03
Guest43698haha yeah I suppose that's likely I would want to do that22:03
Guest43698i loged on and it said something about not identifying myself22:04
geirha/nick   followed by the wanted nick22:04
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pratzlwow there i go22:04
pratzlnow i am this name22:04
pratzlyofel i think that i have a client that does what youve described22:05
pratzlim on xchat22:05
pratzlthanks geirha22:05
yofelyep, xchat will do the latter way, I'm on quassel, which cycles through the names22:05
pratzlwhich way have you found to be most efficient?22:06
pratzlwould you say that i am on the best channel for my interest? is this channel dedicated to ubuntu problems mostly? sorry22:08
johnny77I'm looking at the system requirements for Firefox. Under Windows and Mac it list stuff like processor and RAM. Why does it not list this under Linux?23:53
aveilleuxjohnny77: If your computer can run Ubuntu, it can run Firefox.23:53
aveilleuxjohnny77: Also, this is because Mozilla does not distribute an official version for any of the distributions. The performance requirements may be different depending on your environment.23:54
johnny77aveilleux: ok, thanks.23:56

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