nigelbAlanBell: only 4 secs for me too03:00
duanedesignmorning nigelb05:30
* duanedesign is really procrastinating this morning09:36
popeyI'm leaving procrastinating for next week09:36
czajkowskiI need food09:38
evilduanedesignczajkowski: I thought I had run into you in the gtk# chat room on gimp.net. There was a user named cszikszoy. At first glance I was like 'oh', then i was like 'no'.15:51
vishjcastro: haha!! Belly in Olivia..  the voice almost sounds like the kid saying "REDRUM"16:05
vishher* voice16:07
jcastrovish: are you talking about Fringe?16:34
vishjcastro: yea16:34
jcastrohah, haven't seen last night's yet16:34
evilduanedesignhello vish16:38
vishevilduanedesign: hey..16:38
evilduanedesigntodday i am evil and you are not >:)16:38
vishwe take turns ;)16:39
evilduanedesignmy vps was acting up so I opted for irccloud today16:39
jcastromy irrcloud was acting up the other day16:40
vishevilduanedesign: i forgot to mention, you'd have to subscribe to the BugSquad Mentoring team's mailing list16:41
vishlp is just silly, it should just subscribe people to teams they join.. :s16:41
evilduanedesignvish: i think you can set it to automatically join mailing lists of teams you join16:52
vishevilduanedesign: yea, its a per user pref, and it seems set to OFF by default..16:53
evilduanedesignI went ahead and read a bit of the archives16:53
vishcool! :)16:53
evilduanedesignyes i think it is16:53
evilduanedesignand i have been trying to 'be aware' of chat in #ubuntu-bugs more16:53
evilduanedesignvish: try and answer questions and catch any informative conversation :)16:54
vishyea, -bugs is an interesting place.. :)16:55

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