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psusigod damn I love emacs!00:19
psusidiff-mode for the winz00:21
psusiworked up a patch the other day to add an argument to a signal upwer emits over dbus... decided to change it from a string to a uint today... open the quilt patch, scan the lines I changed, tap C-c on each that might need modified to jump to the code, make change if needed, rinse, repeat, finally quilt refresh.  patch converted in under a minute00:26
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ScottKcjwatson: kdm's uploaded.  Thanks for the patch.01:17
bdrungsmoser: i came to an different conclusion for bug #736326 ;)01:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 736326 in txt2regex (Ubuntu) "typo in repetition subwindows" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73632601:18
smoserbdrung, oh?01:19
psusiif the current maverick version is 0.9.5-4, then backporting a fix would bump the rev to what?  ubuntu1, or ubuntu0.1?01:20
bdrungsmoser: fix it and make it sound better and then forwarding it01:20
bdrungpsusi: -4ubuntu0.101:20
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smoseroh. sorry. i just assumed the bug opener spoke language.01:21
smoseri do not.01:21
smoserbut yeah, forwarding to debian is correct, definitely. thank you.01:22
bdrungsmoser: his fix was correct. i only improved it further01:22
psusireason #768 that quilt patches applied in bzr branches are evil: merge goes all fubar over the .pc stuff01:31
bdrungpsusi: agreed. bzr and quilt are not a good couple01:43
psusibdrung, they are a perfectly good couple.. as long as you keep the patches deapplied in the bzr repo01:43
psusiworks great as long as you do that01:44
bdrungyes, but the package imported commits then applied01:44
ScottKAll the more reason not to bother with UDD.01:44
psusiyea, that needs fixed...01:44
psusihalf the packages I've been working on lately I guess someone sane manually set up the repo so they are deapplied, and the other half the auto importer imported them applied... bad auto importer01:45
ScottKApparently it was thought to be a feature at one point.01:46
ScottKI think it's not accidental it works that way, but I gather it's being reconsidered.01:46
* psusi takes whoever thought so out behind the tool shed01:46
broderi still argue that it makes sense given that the resting state of a 3.0 (quilt) package is patches applied. if you don't like what bzr is doing, you really should be taking issue with what the source format is doing01:48
ScottKI do, but that horse is already out of the barn.01:49
bdrungbroder: it's a pita to look at patches and bzr diffs!01:49
ScottKThe only place I use v3 is where I use it due to orig.tar.bz2.01:49
bdrungbroder: all the changes to files in .pc ...01:49
psusibroder, say what?01:50
bdrungScottK: v3 is cool. you can configure it to apply the patches at the beginning and drop then when finished building01:50
psusiit is a pita to look at and adds useless bloat to have the quilt patches already applied in the repo01:51
ScottKbdrung: I think the idea of starting with patches applied is completely backwards.01:51
broderpsusi: i've had this argument with you before, and in the interests of keeping the channel civil, i'm going to pass on having it again at the end of the day on a friday01:51
* psusi can think of few better times to have such an argument ;)01:52
psusiI'm now reviewing my changes before pushing to lp, and the bzr -p output from the quilt-applied package is 3x larger and nearly unreadable compared to the deapplied one01:53
bdrungbroder: should we file a bug report requesting a change of the importer?01:54
broderbdrung: i'm not making a point either way. i'm strictly pointing out that you guys are complaining about the current state, whereas i'm arguing that there are a series of very reasonable decisions that get you to this state01:58
broderi'm also suggesting that you need to understand (even if you disagree with) those decisions in order to have a chance at coming up with a satisfactory alternative02:00
bdrungbroder: i understand that you imported the package like dpkg-source gives them you.02:03
bdrungbroder: you do use dpkg-source, aren't you?02:03
bdrungyou can give dpkg-source an parameter to not apply the patches and add 'unapply-patches' to debian/source/local-options02:05
bdrungthen the patches are not applied in the branch and they will be applied when you build the source02:05
bdrungbzr bd builds the package outside the branch. therefore 'unapply-patches' in debian/source/local-options isn't required02:06
broderlike i said, i don't actually feel like arguing about this right now, and haven't formed a well-thought out opinion on what the bzr importer in particular should do anyway02:06
broderi didn't actually mean to hit-and-run comment, so sorry02:07
bdrungbroder: the question is where we should discuss this topic. in a bug report or on ubuntu-devel ML?02:08
* psusi things u-d02:08
psusithinks even02:08
broderu-d will get more eyes02:08
bdrungpsusi: do you volunteer to write the initial mail? my bed needs me...02:09
psusibdrung, if someone else doesn't, I'm sure I will eventually, but I actually can't post to the list without moderation yet, so ;)02:10
* psusi really needs to get that motu application in02:10
bdrungpsusi: just subscribe to it and then you can post without moderation02:10
psusibdrung, I've been subscribed since like 2005.. a few years ago it went moderator and developer only and -discuss was created to be public02:11
bdrungwow, really?02:11
psusilol... you didn't notice the reduction of noise? ;)02:12
psusiI'm subscribed to both and post to both, but my posts to devel sometimes don't make it at all, and if they do, take days for moderation02:12
psusiusually end up having a full conversation via the private Cc:s off list then a few days later, my replies finally appear on list02:13
bdrungpsusi: my first mail to ubuntu-devel was on 2009-10-19 according to my email archive.02:13
ScottKbdrung: There's a UDD mail list that would be the best place to send it.02:13
psusiohh, heh02:13
psusithere is?  hrm... I should get on that02:14
ScottKThe issue has been discussed before.02:14
bdrungScottK: my suggestion: use dpkg-source with '--no-preparation' - that's what sponsor-patch does02:16
psusihrm... all of my mailing list folders won't fit on the screen anymore if I sign up for 2-3 more ;)02:16
ScottKbdrung: Thanks.  I'll have to try that.02:16
psusiat least I stopped drinking from the lkml fire hose02:17
psusiok... complicated situation here and trying to sort out what I should do with the control fields... bug fix involves changes to 3 packages: upower, g-p-m, and indicator-session.  indicator-session and g-p-m already depend on upower02:33
psusiI'm thinking I should update those two depends to require the new version or greater, and add a Breaks: to upower for older versions of both upower and indicator-session, is that right?02:33
anderskWhy did ghc6 6.12.3-1ubuntu6 change the ABI hash of unix from 49642 to e3bae?  In any event, that means that all the rdeps of libghc6-unix-dev- need to be rebuilt.02:38
Ampelbeinpsusi: what does that bugfix do? does it change all 3 packages?02:39
Ampelbeinpsusi: and why 'Breaks:'? Does installing upower prevent older indicator-session versions from running?02:40
psusiyes, I have changed all 3 packages... I modified the dbus api between upower and g-p-m so that g-p-m will once again, properly lock the screen on suspend/hibernate.   I also removed the code that was added to indicator-session to lock the screen before asking upower to hibernate that was added I think as a workaround for the fact that g-p-m was broken and not doing it02:43
psusiso basically you need to upgrade all 3 packages in lock step02:43
Ampelbeinpsusi: ok, sounds like your plan is right.02:48
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bwrightIs usb-creator-gtk part of the Ubuntu project or is it an additional third party app?08:34
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cjwatsonScottK: kdm> great, thank you10:46
cjwatsonpitti: how is it possible to recover from http://launchpadlibrarian.net/66694492/buildlog_ubuntu-natty-powerpc.atk1.0_1.33.6-0ubuntu3_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz ?11:06
cjwatsonpitti: since atk1.0 is out of sync, libatk1.0-0 is uninstallable on powerpc11:07
cjwatsonpitti: cdbs Depends: python-scour Depends: python-rsvg Depends: librsvg2-common Depends: libgtk2.0-0 Depends: libatk1.0-011:07
cjwatsonpitti: (this is bad for bootstrapping new architectures, too)11:08
slangasekcjwatson: bug #734471; I think the quickest way to recover is to upload cdbs w/o the python-scour dep11:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 734471 in cdbs (Ubuntu Natty) "cdbs python-scour dependency makes fontconfig unbuildable" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73447111:24
slangasek(and then readd it after, I guess, until a better solution is found)11:25
cjwatsonwell, the bootstrapping problem will still be there11:29
cjwatsonI'll note that in the bug11:30
sabdflhello folks11:56
sladenhello Makr11:57
Kre10sI have a question about packaging. If a hardware manufacturer provides an open source driver... who is responsible for packaging it?12:22
Kre10sAm I allowed to package it?12:22
AmpelbeinKre10s: if the license allows redistribution, yes.12:23
Kre10sshould I just read the license or send the manufacturer an email?12:24
sladenKre10s: yes, of course.  Try packaging it and getting into a PPA ... check with #ubuntu-motu (Masters of the Universe) if you need help checking the licence to see if you're allowed to12:24
sladenKre10s: have you got a URL to the licence?12:24
Kre10shmm. i'll go get one.12:24
Kre10sheres the product http://www.peak-system.com/fileadmin/media/linux/index.htm and it says "The complete package is distributed under the GPL." GPL being a link to http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.txt12:26
Kre10sso that means i can try packaging it!?!12:28
Kre10sI want to package it because I'm using it allot, and its bothersome to constantly install from source.12:29
AmpelbeinKre10s: yes, you are allowed to package and redistribute.12:29
Kre10sapt-getting it would be sweetness12:29
cjwatsonwhile it's possible to package it independently, you should really ask them to get it integrated into the upstream kernel12:29
cjwatsonout-of-tree kernel drivers tend to be sadness, ultimately12:29
Kre10sah. because you have to compile it for all the different kernel versions.12:30
cjwatsonKre10s: or, nowadays, use dkms12:37
cjwatsonbut it's still better to have it integrated upstream12:37
bdrunghi, does anyone else have bash completion problems in natty? Try "ls /de" and then press tab13:01
bdrungyou will get "ls /dev " instead of "ls /dev/"13:02
ankreloadedbdrung: no mine is just fine13:04
Ampelbeinbdrung: works for me on natty/amd6413:07
bdrunghm, maybe a configuration problem.13:07
bdrungdo you know how to restore the configuration files of a package?13:07
Ampelbeinbdrung: hmm, 'aptitude reinstall'?13:09
ionbdrung: Try resetting your .bashrc.13:10
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bdrungAmpelbein: that doesn't bring the config files back13:28
Ampelbeinbdrung: 'aptitude purge && aptitude reinstall' should do.13:29
bdrungAmpelbein: yes, that works (but not for every kind of package - non-leaf packages)13:30
bdrungthanks for all your comments. purging and reinstalling bash-completion fixes my issue13:32
chrisccoulsonbdrung, have acroread installed by any chance?13:38
bdrungchrisccoulson: yes13:38
chrisccoulsonbdrung, bug 71600813:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 716008 in bash-completion (Ubuntu) "strange bahavior on directory completion with bash built-in commands" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71600813:38
bdrung(due to a bug in evince)13:38
chrisccoulsoni guess i should reassign that13:38
chrisccoulsonthe acroread bash completion file is screwed13:38
bdrunggood to know13:39
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ScottKslangasek: What's the issue with python-scour on powerpc?  It broke my kdebase-workspace (for the kdm upstart fixes) upload?15:57
psusicjwatson, ping, it's been 11 days since I made those minor cleanups you asked for in lp:~psusi/ubuntu/natty/parted/fix-dmraid and lp:~psusi/ubuntu/natty/dmraid/fixes16:54
Ampelbeinhmm, can you access staging.lp.net via the python api? I get an "unauthorized token" error when trying 'lp-shell staging'17:11
ScottKAmpelbein: --> #launchpad, but I think staging was being retired.17:22
AmpelbeinScottK: oh, it is? thought only edge was put down. well then, testing scripts on live system ftw ;-)17:23
AmpelbeinScottK: thanks.17:23
ScottKAmpelbein: Maybe.  Dunno.17:23
ScottKIn any case, ask #launchpad.17:23
cjwatsonpsusi: thanks, I'll look at them on Monday17:30
cjwatsonScottK,Ampelbein: staging isn't being retired as far as I know17:30
ScottKcjwatson: Yes, I was confusing it with edge.17:30
cjwatsonAmpelbein: does https://lists.launchpad.net/launchpad-users/msg06239.html help?17:30
Ampelbeincjwatson: I did that conversion already, it is working on production. just not on staging. I just wanted to know if anyone else has the same problem. 'lp-shell' works, 'lp-shell staging' doesn't. (lp-shell is in ubuntu-dev-tools)17:33
slangasekScottK: circular build dependency between cdbs and the GNOME library stack due to the added feature of cleaning up SVGs at build time (bug #734471); I'd been waiting for guidance from pitti here, but we seem to be blocking/breaking enough now that I'll upload cdbs to drop this dep today and unblock us18:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 734471 in cdbs (Ubuntu Natty) "cdbs python-scour dependency makes fontconfig unbuildable" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73447118:44
ScottKslangasek: Thanks.18:44
slangasek(and then as long as I have a window where that circular dep is out of the way, I can upload fontconfig for multiarch :)18:45
ScottKSince I ping'ed you it also broke kdeedu.18:46
* slangasek nods18:47
ScottKslangasek: Speaking of kdeedu, it looks like there's more GL in there than we thought (see 707794)18:48
slangasekyep, saw your mail18:48
cjwatsonslangasek: (I noticed the atk1.0 side of that breakage because it broke plymouth and gdm builds, BTW)18:54
slangasekcjwatson: right, I'll have a go at http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/testing-ports/natty_outdate.html once cdbs is in19:07
Laneyoh, cdbs is broken?20:09
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slangasekLaney: on powerpc only; just fixed20:15
slangasekpublishing this hour20:15
Laneywill look out for it to mash retry20:16
Laneyslangasek: or will you arrange a mass give-back?20:21
slangasekLaney: if you're around and at liberty to poke at it, I'd be grateful for the help20:21
slangasekI still have openjdk to try to tackle today20:21
Laneysure, i'll just hit it in a little while20:25
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ScottKslangasek: Still seems brokenish.  I just retried kdebase-workspace on powerpc and got  cdbs : Depends: python-scour but it is not going to be installed21:26
ScottK(that one would have failed anyway due to pkg-kde-tools, but that's a separate issue)21:26
slangasekScottK: I'm a muppet; I removed the build-dependency but not the dependency21:29
slangasekso that's another hour wasted21:29
slangasekfixing now21:30
ScottKThanks to that I discovered pkg-kde-tools needs fixing, so it's not a complete waste.21:30
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