ronin789Doing the movement of Electrons...00:00
VampiricPadraigNice. I am doing Computer Network Technology00:00
ronin789not too bad...00:01
ronin789where if you don't mind If i ask...00:01
VampiricPadraigMonaghan Institute of Further Education and Training00:02
ronin789hold on a sec now your across the border... oooo00:02
VampiricPadraigehh.. Nope00:02
ronin789very nice... over there...00:02
ronin789I've never been to the north...00:03
ronin789the furthest I went was to Ballyshannon...00:03
ronin789and Ros Point beech...00:04
VampiricPadraigdon't know that area00:04
ronin789don't ya?00:04
VampiricPadraignope. ballyshannon rings a bell but "Ros Point"...nope00:04
ronin789Right your comming to clare next summer and your going to stay in my house...00:05
ronin789And we're going to have a chat and some pints over at a neigbours...00:05
VampiricPadraiglol. Might do that :D00:06
ronin789I'm going to give you some pictures now of the area..00:06
ronin789If you want you can come down around September. and we can to Lisdoonvarna...00:07
VampiricPadraigWell, I will have to see what I have planned for around that time lol00:08
ronin789*go to lissdoon on a friday afternoon...00:08
ronin789Go way out of that...00:08
ronin789you'll come down on a friday afternoon and we might orginise a Lisdoonvarna festival... this year...00:09
VampiricPadraigthat sounds like a plan00:10
ronin789It does in deed..00:11
VampiricPadraigIs there much nightlight in Clare btw?00:12
ronin789Yes there is but its a bit shit...00:12
ronin789I usually hang around this bar called Brandan's...00:13
ronin789Its where all the mad people hang out...00:14
ronin789in Ennis...00:14
VampiricPadraigAh yes Ennis lol00:14
VampiricPadraigI will definately go there when I get into Clare lol00:15
ronin789You'll have to thumb a lift there now....00:16
VampiricPadraigThe bus is actually cheap00:18
ronin789It fairly cheap ya....00:20
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airurandohi moylan20:39
moylanall well?20:40
airurandonot bad, working weekend for me though.20:40
airurandoand you?20:40
moylanworking weekend?  hope you're been well paid for what for most is a four day weekend!  me?  not much.20:41
airurandocan complain20:42
airurandowork every second weekend20:42
airurandowork 7 days out of 14 though20:43
airurando12 hour days20:43
moylanye gods, as what?20:43
tdr112hey airurando20:43
airurandomicrobiologist with a biopharma company.20:43
airurandohey trd11220:44
moylanpretty cool.20:44
airurandonah, a job like any other20:44
airurandotdr112: are we go for UGJ at TOG?20:45
airurandosays he with fingers and toes crossed20:45
moylannot really.  if i drop something i don't go 'did that vial contain plague?' :-D20:45
tdr112we did , i said he last week20:45
airurandomissed that20:46
airurandothats great20:46
airurando10 am start?20:46
tdr112yep 10 am20:46
tdr112want to do a blog post ?20:47
airurandoto clarify I heard you say it was looking good but I never heard the confirmation?20:47
airurandoyou read the meeting logs?20:47
tdr112not yet20:48
airurandojust wondering as blog posts came up during it.20:48
airurandotdr112 when you say ´want to do a blog post ?' where are you suggesting?20:50
tdr112do you want to do one ?20:53
airurandoon the ubuntu-ie website?20:54
tdr112yep , and i will copy most of it to the tog one :)20:55
airurandowill do and also duplicate content to mailing list.20:57
airurandonever done blog post before.20:57
airurandois it dummy proof on the website?20:57
tdr112well if you come up what to wirte i can put the blog for you20:58
airurandoworking tomorrow but off mon and tue.21:00
airurandowill try to get it done then.21:00
airurandoIĺl put it up on the LoCo dir tonight.21:01
airurandowondering about Limerick still.21:02
tdr112there was talk on the hackerspace list about it21:05
airurandoI think infoturtle is offline at the moment21:07
airurandoIḿnot sure what the problem is there21:08
tdr112there was talk on the list saying they where up for it21:09
airurandoIĺl text him to see what the story is.21:12
airurandotdr112: looking good for UGJ Limerick!22:41

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