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kristian-aalborgjj-afk: ah nm, it got too late01:39
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edgimar_Could anyone give me tips on debugging a kern.log entry -- I am seeing a "bad: scheduling from the idle thread; Pid: 0, comm: swapper Not tainted 2.6.32-29-generic #58-Ubuntu; Call Trace: ..." about every 2-3 microseconds -- and the logs (kern.log, syslog, and messages) are getting HUGE (as in around 20GB each).11:55
edgimar_Here's a snippet from the syslog which could be relevant: http://pastebin.com/m3tUashf12:03
kristian-aalborghttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BuildYourOwnKernel 13:00
kristian-aalborgthe dependencies you get with the command listed here (sudo apt-get build-dep linux-image-$(uname -r)) are way too heavy - who's to "blame"?13:01
kristian-aalborgnot the quatiation marks, nobody is to blame of course :) but this could probably be fixed13:02
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AnAntHello, anyone knows what happened to open_sem function in kernel ?14:15
AnAntwas it replaced by something else ?14:15
kristian-aalborgthere should be some kind of lottery where you got a ticket each time a kernel build failed ;)14:24
AnAntsorry, I meant DECLARE_MUTEX14:28
kamalkristian-aalborg: I'd be sooooo rich.  ;-)14:29
kristian-aalborgspeaking of errors, ah few is nothing to worry about, right?14:36
kamalkristian-aalborg: actually, any *error* will stop your build dead.    perhaps you just mean warnings?   post an example of one of the "errors" you're worried about.14:39
kristian-aalborgkamal: yup, I was thinking warnings14:39
kamalkristian-aalborg: yeah, the kernel build spews lots and lots of warnings for sure...  don't worry about them, as long as your build keeps rolling along.  14:40
kristian-aalborgit would be cool if you could just upload your .config and then get the .deb14:50
kristian-aalborgbugger, it quit again15:07
kristian-aalborgI got it to build finally, installing now :)15:24
kristian-aalborghurm, dependency problems15:49
kamalkristian-aalborg: which .deb(s) did you build and install?  If you build "binary-headers" and "binary-generic" you should end up with 3 .debs (one linux-image-...deb and two linux-headers-...deb).  That set of 3 .debs should be installed as a group.   That help any?16:03
* kamal notes that the wiki page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BuildYourOwnKernel fails to mention binary-headers :-(16:04
kristian-aalborgkamal: likely16:06
kamalkristian-aalborg: try this instead of just 'binary-generic':    fakeroot debian/rules binary-headers binary-generic16:07
kamalthen verify that you end up with 3 .debs -- dpkg -i them all together -- should help.   I'll see about fixing the wiki.16:07
kristian-aalborgkamal I was following some instructions I got on this channel recently more than the wiki16:08
* kristian-aalborg facepalmed and got some more coffee... is ready again now16:13
kamalkristian-aalborg: oh yes, I should have mentioned...  strong coffee is another prerequisite for the kernel build ;-)16:14
kristian-aalborghurm, I actually only have two .debs - linux-headers and linux-image16:17
kristian-aalborgI got the missing modules error, then tried again with the ignore-missing (or such) flag16:17
kamalkristian-aalborg: ignoring module checks and abi is fine.  I suspect you need that third .deb, which you'll get if you build 'binary-headers'16:18
kamalFYI, the complete set of 3 will look something like this:16:19
kamallinux-image-2.6.38-6-generic_2.6.38-6.34_amd64.deb 16:19
kristian-aalborgso, fakeroot debian/rules binary-headers16:20
kamalkristian-aalborg: yes16:20
kristian-aalborghow "heavy" is that, compared to the others?16:21
kamalvery light16:21
kristian-aalborgwho's doing the wiki, btw?16:21
kamalthe wiki pages are maintained by the Ubuntu kernel team (and the community in general)16:22
kristian-aalborgit could use a little touching up, although I really like that it's rather short16:23
kristian-aalborgbtw, ubuntu.com is looking real pro these days - probably the neatest OS website I have seen16:24
kamalkristian-aalborg: there have been various versions of the "how to build a kernel" instructions, some too long, some too short.   its tough to come up with one document that works well for everybody.16:24
kristian-aalborgthere's just a point where it gets so detailed that users can be intimidated to never try, imo16:25
kamalkristian-aalborg: absolutely true -- I like the "short instructions" for that reason, but perhaps they've been trimmed down just a bit too much.16:26
kristian-aalborgyes, it is a very hard balance to find16:28
kristian-aalborgthere's also a point where you keep users in the dark by insisting that they do things the "easy" way16:30
kristian-aalborgsomething is happening now... this might work16:33
kristian-aalborgkamal: using apmd?16:37
kamalkristian-aalborg: nope16:38
kristian-aalborgerm, my new kernel reboots the box16:39
kristian-aalborgalso in recovery mode16:39
kamalkristian-aalborg: did you apply any patches, or is the source unmodified?  What version exactly did you build, and what Ubuntu version are you running?16:41
kristian-aalborgI'm running 10.4 - I did a make localmodconfig and then tweaked it16:41
kamalkristian-aalborg: I suggest that you try building a plain unmodified kernel as a sanity check.16:41
kristian-aalborgI got it via git16:42
kristian-aalborgyeah, that's probably what I should do16:42
kristian-aalborgsomething weird is that I called it ~custom, but it seems to have installed as -generic16:44
kamalkristian-aalborg: so are you building the ubuntu-lucid (10.04) kernel on a lucid system, and then installing it on a lucid system?  Or something more fancy (i.e. installing a newer-than-lucid kernel on a lucid system?)16:45
kristian-aalborgI'm building on Lubuntu 10.4 which should be the same, then installing on 10.416:46
kristian-aalborgaptitude wants to install tzdata and similar things16:47
kamalkristian-aalborg: ok, nothing too fancy then.   I don't understand what you mean by "called it ~custom" vs. "installed as" though...  Sounds like you modified debian{.master?}/changelog and didn't get the result you expected.  post the specifics if you need help unraveling that.16:48
kristian-aalborgmight fix things... lemme see16:48
kamalkristian-aalborg: tzdata gets updated often -- probably not related to your kernel build/reboot issue.16:48
kristian-aalborgyeah, I was thinking of BzImage16:49
kristian-aalborgI edited debian/changelog to have a name that'd be different from my other kernels16:49
kamalkristian-aalborg: good plan, but ...16:49
kristian-aalborgthis reflects in the names of my .debs, so weird it's not showing upon install16:50
kamalkristian-aalborg: note that debian/changelog gets overwritten (copied from) debian.master/changelog during the "fakeroot debian/rules clean" phase ...16:50
kristian-aalborgI did it before 16:50
kamalkristian-aalborg: I'd say, double-check debian/changelog *now* to make sure it still has your ~custom tag in there -- does it?16:51
kristian-aalborgone moment, I have to fire up another pc then16:51
kamalkristian-aalborg: oh wait...   do you mean just that you expected to see "~custom" in the GRUB boot loader menu?  it doesn't show it there (sadly)!16:52
kristian-aalborgah, that's okay16:52
kamalkristian-aalborg: yeah, it shows up in 'uname -a' (but it sounds like you're rebooting/crashing long before getting to a login prompt, yes?)16:53
kamalkristian-aalborg: likely all is fine then -- when you build your "unmodified" test kernel, you may want to go ahead and *still* mark it with a special version string, just so you can verify that its really your kernel with 'uname -a' once you do get it to boot.16:54
kamalkristian-aalborg: I often build test kernels with a "~unchanged" version string addition.16:54
kristian-aalborgI fooled around with dpkt and apt-get to try to "fix" the .deb that would not install16:55
kristian-aalborgI seem to have locked linux-generic in the process, unwise as I am16:56
kamalkristian-aalborg: I don't know what state you're in there, but      apt-get install -f          may help (or at least tell you what the problem is).17:01
kristian-aalborgthey say "dependency hell" as if there is a "dependency heaven"... sigh17:07
kristian-aalborgI'm wondering... since this is from git, could it be partly unmet by the repos?17:16
kamalkristian-aalborg: unlikely -- the git repo's "master" branch should always produce a kernel that builds and installs properly.17:17
kamalkristian-aalborg: I wonder if you have some leftover bits installed from your first failed installs.  try this:17:19
kamaldpkg -l | grep "~custom"17:19
kamalthis should list all packages that you have installed which have "~custom" in their name17:19
kristian-aalborgI still have all of it17:20
hyperairkristian-aalborg: dependency issues? how about a paste of the errors?17:20
kristian-aalborghi hyperair 17:20
hyperairso how about pastebinning your errors17:20
kristian-aalborgthese issues were my own fault... I was missing a .deb17:21
kamalyou could remove (with dpkg) all of your "~custom" packages to clean up.17:21
kristian-aalborgI'm trying once more now the dependencies seem fixed17:23
kristian-aalborgah, enough for now18:05
kristian-aalborgbut thanks for helping out, ppl... I believe I will have this sorted in the foreseeable future18:08
* kristian-aalborg is back20:19
kristian-aalborgkamal: ping20:20
kristian-aalborgfakeroot debian/rules clean20:21
kristian-aalborgfakeroot debian/rules binary-generic20:21
kristian-aalborgonly these two commands needed for the "sanity check"?20:21
Kanohi, would somebody update kernel-wedge to be newer than current squeeze/sid version?20:29
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kamalkristian-aalborg: I always do:   fakeroot debian/rules binary-headers binary-generic    (building and installing the headers along with image is quick enough, and never hurts)20:48
kristian-aalborgI'll do that as well, then... although not in that order20:51
kristian-aalborgbtw the system I'm building on is Lubuntu 10.4, not Ubuntu... but should not matter, I think20:52

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