Ronniemhall119: i fixed the twitter api call, its in twidenash rev300:58
mhall119Ronnie: what was the issue01:43
YoBoYgood morning08:47
RawChidHi, we're going to do something like the Global Jam, but it's not exactly on the same date. Are we allowed to use the name Global Jam?11:42
ongolaBoyhello. On wiki.ubuntu.com what is the better syntax to link something from Launchpad ? Ex: [[LP:~myUsername]] ???13:26
AlanBellongolaBoy: you can do @SIG@13:48
AlanBelland you can also do LP:1234 to link to bug 123413:49
ubot4`Launchpad bug 1234 in launchpad "Gina is an unmaintainable mess of command line options, environment variables and shell scripts (affects: 1) (dups: 1) (heat: 7)" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123413:49
ongolaBoyAlanBell: I want to link to launchpad user account like this one https://launchpad.net/~manga-willy14:17
Ronnieping mhall11914:28
RonnieYoBoY, cjohnston: Feedback on "my teams" page? http://ubuntuone.com/p/ezu/14:38
Ronniebranch: lp~ronnie.vd.c/loco-directory/my-teams/14:40
ongolaBoyI want to link to launchpad user account like this one https://launchpad.net/~manga-willy on wiki.ubuntu.com , what's the best syntax ?14:45
trinikronoongolaBoy: i would just put a link like this [[https://launchpad.net/~trinikrono|trinikrono]]15:28
ongolaBoytrinikrono: yeah; it looks like there's no other option... was thinking of a short trick with LP ... :(15:38
trinikronoongolaBoy: you know what they say about shortcuts lol15:39
ongolaBoyno ?? what are they saying ?15:39
ongolaBoy[[LP:~trinikrono]] for instance send you to bug :(15:40
* ongolaBoy have to leave :)15:41
alfred-gaetanosalve a tutti. Sto cercando di attivare la scheda wireless del mio laptop (broadcom 802.11n) seguendo la procedura indicata nell'help. Ho installato  ndisgtk package ed ho scaricato i driver per windows. il problema è che il driver è un eseguibile (.exe) e non riesco a trovare il file .inf. Qualcuno mi sa aiutare? Grazie.17:03
Ronniealfred-gaetano: you can ask your question in #ubuntu or #ubuntu-it 17:04
YoBoYhi Ronnie great, but I think you put there too many ressources links, and the free right space is strange, like is missing something17:07
RonnieYoBoY: im thought about a resource dropdown, what do you think about that?17:08
alfred-gaetanoops... maybe this is not the Italian chat... anyway, I'll try it in english: I would like to activate my broadcom 802.11n wireless device in ubuntu. To do that, I've installed the ndisgtk package and I've downloaded the windows driver from the toshiba site. However, the driver is a .exe file, and I'm not able to find the .inf file which would be required to complete the procedure (# System ▸ Administration ▸ Win17:09
Ronniethe page is too orange in my opinion too17:09
Ronniei tried to make the title links dark grey, but then it is not clear they are links17:10
YoBoYthis page is just an easy way for registered members to see what's appening on their teams, they don't need really the ressources links, the website link can stay, it's always good to make a quick jump to a team official website17:10
alfred-gaetanook sorry17:11
YoBoYbut a drop down menu can be a good solution too17:12
YoBoYand an other point, too many "team" word repetition :)17:14
YoBoYRessources : Website | wiki page | Forum | Mailing List | IRC Channel17:14
RonnieYoBoY: very good poit17:18
trinikronomaybe they are really stressing on the importance of teamwork lol17:20
YoBoYwe can stay with this ressources solution to start, to see if the others users like it or not :)17:21
RonnieYoBoY: any ideas for the 'orange' problem?17:22
YoBoYcan we reduce too the +new, to just a "+ new" and not repeat also the meeting and event ?17:22
Ronnietrinikrono: if you have idea's, we can use all the help ;)17:22
trinikronobut i love the LD!17:23
Ronnieif the heading "Meetings" and "Events" are grey, that would help a lot17:24
Ronniebut the problem is that links should be different than normal tekst17:24
YoBoYperhaps to make it less present, adding a background on the even teams17:24
Ronniei tried for a sec, but thats making the page even more messy17:26
YoBoYI can imagine ^^"17:27
RonnieYoBoY: what do you think about this: http://ubuntuone.com/p/iRY/17:33
YoBoYRonnie: great :) I like the pictures but not the background color17:35
trinikronois something wrong with white?17:36
RonnieYoBoY: the pictures were in the first screenshot too17:36
YoBoYno trinikrono 17:36
YoBoYha yes :] don't know why they didn't show up earlier ^^"17:37
Ronniemaybe because the picture itself is smaller17:38
YoBoYhum... pictures or microblog17:38
Ronniei have to admit that i like the grey parts17:38
Ronniemicrblog, but if not present (only 4 teams use it) fallback to pictures to fill the space with social content17:38
YoBoYok good idea :)17:39
Ronniei didnt know -fr has neither one17:40
YoBoYI haven't filed it, the edit page want a hashtag and we don't really use one, we have 2 twitter accounts (one for the team announcements, one for the event announcements), and no pictures accounts17:44
YoBoYyes we are a strange team17:44
Ronniewe have no team-twittter accounts, but we have 2 members using the #UbuntuNL twitter tag in messages concerns the loco17:45
trinikronoYoBoY: is it true that wine is cheaper than water by you?17:46
YoBoYlol bad wine perhaps17:46
YoBoYRonnie: question about the myteams page, do you limit the number of events displayed ?19:04
Ronnieyes, both 3 events and 3 meetingd19:04
YoBoYgreat :)19:04
YoBoYand an "upcoming events" link if there is more ?19:05
RonnieYoBoY: what do you mean by thaT?19:07
YoBoYif there is more than 3 events, can we have a link to the complete list of upcoming events for the team ?19:08
YoBoYthis page : http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-fr/events19:08
RonnieYoBoY: if you click on the "Events" or "Meetings" title you get the full list19:09
YoBoYha ok ^^" sorry19:09
YoBoYbetter you are right19:09
* YoBoY hugs Ronnie 19:09
Ronniemhall119, cjohnston whats your opinion about the my teams page http://ubuntuone.com/p/ezu/22:38

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