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arandIf there is a copyright notice in a header file (e.g. zlib.h), does this also need listing in the debian/copyright file?15:30
ScottKarand: Yes.16:23
carstenhhi, could someone please merge deborphan from debian sid? it fixes a serious bug (although ubuntu might not be affected) and does not wrongly display libreoffice as possible orphan if --guess-section is used. it has been accepted in sid two hous ago.18:59
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iulianCan someone please do me a favour and build zim 0.50-1 from Sid in an up-to-date natty builder?20:49
iulianI think my pbuilder is acting strange today and can't figure out the reason.20:49
ari-tczewhyperair: ping22:16
ari-tczewAmpelbein: around?22:25
Ampelbeinari-tczew: yes22:25
ari-tczewAmpelbein: have you got installed natty?22:26
ari-tczewand do you use geany?22:26
Ampelbeinari-tczew: yes and yes22:26
ari-tczewAmpelbein: does it work?22:26
Ampelbeinari-tczew: yes.22:27
ari-tczew$ geany22:27
ari-tczewNaruszenie ochrony pamięci (core dumped)22:27
ari-tczewsegfault on start :/22:28
Ampelbeinari-tczew: do you have apport activated?22:28
ari-tczewapachelogger: I guess so, lookin' on icon in tray22:28
ari-tczewapachelogger: sorry, should be Ampelbein ^^22:29
Ampelbeinari-tczew: apport will report the crash to launchpad and will retrace it.22:29
Ampelbeinat least it should.22:29
ari-tczewAmpelbein: ok got it.22:29
ari-tczewAmpelbein: I did system update today, but still didn't restart natty. should do I restart natty and try geany again?22:30
Ampelbeinari-tczew: I don't know? Maybe it helps. Maybe not. Only thing I know is that geany worked for me the whole time.22:31
ari-tczewAmpelbein: ok I'll reboot.22:33
apacheloggerari-tczew: it is very cruel to get my hopes up that maybe I was important enough that someone would want to talk to me23:26
ari-tczewapachelogger: do you feel so bad?23:28

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