ftajcastro, another crasher: compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in nux::StaticCairoText::UpdateTexture()01:15
viraldiegoHi folks, I'm using debs from https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-daily, which still have the version as 4.0b13pre. This is causing a bit of confusion (see https://github.com/kazu-yamamoto/Firemacs/pull/7), does anyone here know whether these builds will come with a version >= 4.0 anytime soon? Or should I switch to the ppa at http://is.gd/f6TM4? Cheers.08:26
chrisccoulsonviraldiego, whenever the version on mozilla-central changes08:48
viraldiegoOk thanks, so I'm guessing that'd be around the time of the final 4.0 release is that correct?08:52
magciuschrisccoulson, didn't it already switch to an RC?08:57
chrisccoulsonmagcius, no, that was done on the mozilla-2.0 branch08:57
magciuschrisccoulson, ah.08:58
magciuschrisccoulson, I assume that's stable, whereas -central is still dev?08:58
* magcius would have figured that -central would have version bumped after RC.08:58
chrisccoulsonmagcius, yeah. we're going to rename the firefox-4.0 packages in the PPA to firefox-trunk, and that will make it clear that they are always coming from mozilla-central08:58
chrisccoulson(and will avoid having to rename them every few weeks too)08:59
magciuschrisccoulson, why not 'mozilla-cenrtal'?09:00
magciuser, central09:00
magciusoh wait, firefox != xulrunner09:00
* magcius is always annoyed at that09:00
chrisccoulsonmaybe, but that's a bit of a long name09:00
chrisccoulsonfirefox-mozilla-central ;)09:01
magciusfirefox-hg ?09:01
chrisccoulsonhmmm, that could mean any of the 4 branches in http://people.mozilla.com/~sayrer/2011/temp/process.html then09:01
magciusI saw that article.09:02
viraldiegochrisccoulson, noticed the 3.6 packages from that ppa still have the "pre" suffix, does that mean the 4.0 packages will also keep the "pre" suffix forever?09:02
chrisccoulsonyeah, it's going to be a lot of fun keeping up with that09:02
magciusAre 'release channels' being managed in terms of hg branches?09:03
magciushg branches are terrible.09:03
chrisccoulsonviraldiego, in the daily PPA, yes.09:03
chrisccoulsonmagcius, i assume so09:03
chrisccoulsonthey would need to be, to be able to merge changes in from fx-beta09:03
viraldiegochrisccoulson, am I right to assume then that that daily ppa, will never come with a version number > 4.0 (because 4.0b | 4.0pre < 4.0)?09:05
chrisccoulsonviraldiego, it will have whatever is in mozilla-central09:05
chrisccoulsonso it will become 5.0~ something soon09:05
viraldiegochrisccoulson, thanks for your help I'll check mozilla-central and ask in the firefox mailing lists09:13
chrisccoulsonviraldiego, what exactly are you trying to find out?09:14
viraldiegochrisccoulson, there's an addon that uses an appversion flag in the chrome.manifest and it's set to "appversion > 4", which doesn't work on my version (4.0b13pre)09:16
chrisccoulsonno, it won't09:16
chrisccoulsonbut, what do you want to ask?09:16
viraldiegoThe maintainer of that addon was asking me why I sent him a pull request if firefox rc1 already comes with version 4.009:17
viraldiegoSo I was just wondering whether it was worth him pulling my change or not, if the nightly builds are going to stay as 4.0pre for a while then it's probably worth it09:17
chrisccoulsonno, it's not worth it09:18
chrisccoulsonit will change soon09:18
chrisccoulsonanyway, i have to disappear now09:18
viraldiegoAlright, that's good to know, cheers09:18
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BUGabundohey! I'm back!!  :D18:56
BUGabundo[reed]: ping20:48
BUGabundo[reed]: I opened FF 3.6, updated a few addons, restarted the browser, and now its stuck in a state where it asks to restart FF to finish updates :\20:49
[reed]BUGabundo: pong20:49
[reed]BUGabundo: in your firefox profile directory, what files do you have that start with "extensions."20:50
BUGabundo~/.mozilla/firefox/3.6SSD$ ls extensions* | pastebinit20:51
BUGabundo[reed]: ^^^^^20:51
BUGabundoI also get a pop up on startup about lang packs updates20:52
BUGabundocanceling the updates on the addons individually seems to enable them back on the next startup20:52
[reed]BUGabundo: delete extensions.cache, extensions.ini and extensions.rdf20:52
* BUGabundo is scared 20:52
[reed](while firefox is shutdown)20:52
[reed]and start it back up20:52
[reed](you can save them)20:53
* BUGabundo moves20:53
[reed]backups, ftw20:53
BUGabundoI have a btrfs snapshot of last week20:53
BUGabundobefore I went to lisbon on work/vacations :P20:53
BUGabundojust booted the machine20:53
BUGabundoso backup is fresh :)20:53
BUGabundo[reed]: no fix. addons still show it requires it to restart20:55
[reed]why are you using 3.6 anyway?20:56
BUGabundomeh.... I *was* going to start a new FF4 profile this week20:56
BUGabundoI was on 3.6 because some of my critical addons weren't upgraded yet20:56
BUGabundobut I think most of them already are20:56
BUGabundostill, don't want to be left with a non working profile20:56
BUGabundoit *should* work20:57
[reed]not sure20:59
[reed]file a bug? find Mossop on IRC?20:59
BUGabundooh well21:01
BUGabundobetter remove the HOLD on FF, upgrade to 4, create new profiles and install all my addons fresh21:02
BUGabundowish me luck21:02
BUGabundoso I now can have both FF4 from natty and FF4-trunk from daily PPA?21:10
BUGabundoare those two diff profiles?21:11
BUGabundo[reed]: fta: ^^^^^^21:11
ftano idea21:11
BUGabundoor should daily ppa natty rename the package from firefox-4.0 to firefox ?21:11
ftai'm no longer involved in those21:12
BUGabundoyeah I know21:12
BUGabundobut u know the daily PPAs better then anyone else21:12
* BUGabundo starts a new FF4 profile and changes *all* mouse click options to the oposite21:26
BUGabundo[reed]: do you guys really like the mouse click defaults?21:26
BUGabundowhy can't I double click to select a partial url?21:26
[reed]gnome HID stuff or some such, iirc?21:27
[reed]I dunno21:27
[reed]you can change it21:27
[reed]it's a config setting21:27
BUGabundoI know21:28
BUGabundoI just did21:28
BUGabundo*all* of them21:28
BUGabundoits like they are all the oposite of what I want21:28
BUGabundo[reed]: how do we contact devs to upgrade their addons ? https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/long-url-please/21:55
[reed]Need help with this add-on?21:56
[reed]    E-mail your question21:56
[reed]e-mail the guy ;)21:56
fta[reed], still a bugzilla dev?22:10

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