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zarulboring boring12:31
zarulthis channel is really dead12:31
zarulor I am the only person who is online on Saturday12:31
megatron27zarul, just checking, where did you study?12:51
megatron27did you go to Politeknik MARA?13:00
megatron27oh okay13:00
megatron27then I got the wrong guy13:00
megatron27sorry about that 13:00
zarulno worries13:01
zarulwhy, you added someone on FB or something?13:01
megatron27no, I used to know someone with your name 13:02
zarulthere are plenty of people sharing the same name as me apparently =(13:02
zarultime to change my name to something unique13:02
zarul"Linux Kernel" sounds like a good choice13:03
zarulThinking about it... maybe I should consider that for my future son... ^O^13:04
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* hyperair facepalms. memory that feels efficient at the beginning but then starts to feel laggy afterwards?20:40
hyperairthat smells of windows to me.20:40

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