TLEHallo. I was just looking "Add to existing Ubuntu install" in the download section of the website. I was wondering, if I choose this options, will this installation then change the system e.g. the sound system to mythbuntu standards?00:27
tgm4883TLE, no01:04
TLEtgm4883: ok, thanks01:05
tgm4883that just installs MCC, then you run MCC and configure the machine from there01:05
TLEahhh ok, but it sit possible to have MCC remove pulse audio and configure alsa?01:05
tgm4883MCC isn't going to remove pulse01:06
tgm4883it would only install additional packages, which aren't going to remove pulse01:06
tgm4883I'm not sure if you told it to install mythbuntu-desktop, then logged into the mythbuntu-desktop if that would not use pulse or not01:06
TLEok, then I will probably ned to do a clean install at some point, I installed mythtv on a regular ubuntu, but now I can't get pulse to output 5.1 digital sound :(01:08
tafkazhi there.12:54
tafkazi was wondering if any one else here also is experiencing the problem that live-tv in mythfrontend hangs for a couple of seconds at the end of shows12:55
tafkazand if so, if there is any known relief to this behaiour#12:55
tafkazi remember this wasnt the cas in the 0.18 version back then...12:56
_antantI would imagine it's something to do with the ad skipping12:58
_antantTry disabling it12:58
tafkazad skipping is disabled afaic12:58
tafkazbut i look it up...moment12:59
tafkazi would deacitivate that in mythtv-setup right?13:00
tafkazhm...i had some experimental features of ad skipping (means it has been activated...:-)) checked13:01
tafkazi will uncheck these features first and see if its getting better13:01
tafkazif not i can still deactivate ad-skipping completely.13:01
tafkazthanx for the hint...will try13:03
_antantno probs13:04
mycodoubt it as anything to do with commercial skipping since the commercial marking is done as a separate program, normally run by the backend13:12
mycoalways assumed it was just shutting ndown the player as the stream ends and bringing up the menu system13:12
mycoalso - i dont have autoskip on (just marking) and it pauses for me13:13
Nematodetamerwhen playing music/dvd(5.1) no sound gets to my subwoofer. "speaker-test -Dplug:surround51 -c6 -s6 -f50 -t sine" correctly gives a 50Hz sound to the LFE channel. I'm using ALSA:surround51., latest mythbuntu. Any ideas?13:47
mycomaybe try mythtv-users if u dont gat anything here13:48
tafkazmyco: so anything that could be done about that if it doenst have to do with ad skip13:50
_antantAny idea how I can hide the ubuntu screen while I'm booting?13:51
mycotry changing the theme painter or theme i spose, might/might not make a diff13:51
mycothere is a setting somewhere antant13:52
mycobut it is kinda there to hide the mile of text13:52
_antantWell I was hoping to get rid of the text too13:53
_antantAnd get rid of the text on shutdown too13:53
mycohas to be an image somewher you can edit13:53
_antantany idea how I can make sabnzbd give write access to a group for the files it downloads?14:11
mycohave it set 770 somehow14:25
_antantFound it14:25
_antantAnd I've thought of another use for my case lcd. Update me on downloads!14:26
mycodeluge is nice if u torrent14:27
mycoi have the gtk frontend on my doze laptop, fiancee uses the web interface on hers14:27
_antantdon't torrent any more14:28
_antanttrying to find an sab script that'll do it14:28
mycoyet to find a dc++ client i really like14:29
_antantI just sab it14:35
_antantsign up to astraweb14:36
_antantit's like $10/month14:36
_antantso worth it14:36
myconot if u dont have it it isnt14:37
mycoif i could spare it, it would do on getting faster net than 1500k14:39
_antantand it's only ten bucks14:41
myco$120 a year14:49
_antantnot much14:50
mycodepends what you have14:50
_antantI suppose14:50
mycokinda just scraping by on a disabled pension and studying14:51
mycokinda lucky with my internet plan - only 20G but includes free PIPE , plus free yahoo and msn and google and facebook and youtube etc14:53
mycopull 100G a month i would guess14:53
mycopay $50 a month for 2 mobiles, unlimited calls to 6 countries and 1G data ea14:54
_antantThere's no way I could survive with that plan14:54
mycobit o savvy you dont have to miss out14:54
mycolike i said - i use PIPE14:54
mycoall my torrents are dled thru a PIPE filter14:54
_antantI do 600G easy14:54
mycoyou would survive if you had to14:55
_antantThank god I don't14:55
mycoVERY few people in AU do the kind of data you do14:55
_antantI love my downloading14:55
mycocosts too much14:56
_antantOur plans aren't metered14:56
mycowould be lookin at least $150 a month, absolute minimum14:56
_antantholy crap14:56
mycowelcome to living on an island14:56
_antantI do14:57
mycodata to us has to trave thru thousanda of miles of undersea cable14:57
_antantLondon here14:57
mycomeh - tunnel distance14:57
mycodoesnt count14:57
mycopeople swim that14:58
mycoisnt even news when they do14:58
_antantThey're looking into the next technology for superfast network cabling14:58
mycopeople DO swim form AU to americas- makes big news when they do - takes weeks, big support crew, shark cage etc etc14:59
mycoleast we can afford petrol here tho14:59
mycoand live on a 1/2 acre14:59
_antantThank got I don't drive14:59
mycogot an electric chopper too14:59
_antantchopper as in copter?15:00
myconah - as in bike15:00
mycogood for a cruise down the shops or to the next town15:00
_antantChoppah, put your cock away15:00
_antantGreat film15:01
mycowould watch ur language - the ubuntu nerds are rather odd15:01
_antantZinn keeps doing me for da.mn15:01
ZinnHi _antant, something I can help you with today?  I am a bot, use !help to see what I can do.15:01
_antantgo away15:01
mycosteal and you shall be damned!!!!!15:02
mycogod will damn the sinners!!!!15:02
Zinnmyco: Please watch your language.15:02
_antantI know15:02
mycoomg that had arse in it15:02
Zinnmyco: Please watch your language.15:02
_antantzinn is a bloody cock15:02
ZinnHi _antant, something I can help you with today?  I am a bot, use !help to see what I can do.15:02
Zinn_antant: Please watch your language.15:03
mycojesus rode an ass on palm sunday15:03
Zinnmyco: Please watch your language.15:03
_antantLucky b@stard15:03
mycohey - ur a pom - u should know how to spell it right :P15:03
_antantMary Magdelaine was supposedly a whore though15:04
mycoapparently cock fighting is fine, but jesus and god are verboten15:04
_antantyeah, but you're talking about jesus doin someone up the shitter15:05
mycoseems fair to me actaully lol15:05
mycowas taling about him riding an ass into town as they lay palm fronds in his path - the whole palm sunday myth15:05
Zinnmyco: Please watch your language.15:05
_antantI know15:05
myconow i have to tell one o my dogs to stfu15:06
_antantBut the lack of the word 'on' left it open to comedy misinterpretation15:06
mycodeliberate ;)15:14
myconight mate15:15
_antantnight buddy15:15
tgm4883Anyone have any opinion on LCD vs LED tv's, about 46"17:25
zuixroI have two tuner cards in my Mythbuntu box, and every time I reboot, it changes the order of the cards in the /dev directory. So right now my good card is video0, but sometimes it ends up as video1. Is there a way to force them to stay the same?21:29
zuixroAlso, is there a way to reset the tuner card numbering? I've deleted and re added mine several times, and right now they start at 9.21:31
NedeHi chat!22:06
NedeI'm exhausted! I go crazy for running the platform TivùSat, italian television DVB-S encrypted with a regular subscription.22:06
NedeThey are in possession of the card TivùSat (working in a decoder certificate) and Cam TivùSat (new )....22:06
NedeHelp me?22:10
nerdful_thingsHello, how do I find out what device my dvd burner is? I'm confused what is really there. i.e. mnt/ media /dev /sr0, etc. I want to put the right device in the archive or export settings. They once worked by default, but not now. thanls22:48
mrandnerdful_things: /media/cdrom0 is common.  You can issue the "mount" command from a shell/terminal and look for something similar.23:41
nerdful_thingslooks like sr0 in some places, well thanks.23:57
nerdful_things/dev/se0/title of dvd rw I can't seem to erase23:57

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