ojwbhmm, so i turn my old laptop on and discover it's hibernated not shut down00:40
ojwbwhich is interesting as hibernating didn't work last time I tried00:40
ojwband I log in to find the shutdown confirmation dialog up00:40
ojwbI thought it counted down 60 seconds now...00:40
chiltswho knows02:44
chiltsI've never tried hibernation ... I just figure it won't work from within XMonad (I also have no idea how to tell it to do it either) :)02:45
ojwbchilts: well, it essentially saves the state of the whole machine, so it should work from anywhere02:48
ojwbat least if you can make it happen - I think there's a command line interface to it02:48
chiltsyeah, I was thinking there must be somewhere02:49
chilts/etc/acpi/sleep.sh and /etc/acpi/hibernate.sh I believe02:50
chiltsI'll try it later02:50
chiltsso suspend uses a little power to keep things running, hibernate uses no power02:53
chiltswake up suspend by pressing a key or clicking the mouse, wake up hibernate by pressing the power button02:54
ojwbyes, suspend comes back in almost no time02:54
chiltsthat's as far as I can figure it out (for my own purposes) :)02:54
ojwbhibernate can be a bit sluggish as stuff comes back from swap02:54
chiltslooks like it just slept and once reconnected to my wireless, all looks ok :)03:05
ojwbyeah, you can expect it to work these days03:08
ojwbit used to be a bit pot luck03:08

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