rwwbazhang: he's using all the cores and rams on Firefox00:31
bazhangrww, hehe00:31
rwwmy new secret is to tell people to pastebin the output of commands i want them to do because otherwise they don't do it and say they do00:52
rwwand then when i tell them to pastebin it, they're all "oh look it magically worked the second time"00:55
rwwthis has happened twice in the last day :|00:55
rwwboth times with apt-get update.00:55
Jordan_UI generally do that when I want true information. Like if I see someone ask the same question in #gentoo and #ubuntu I'll ask them to pastebin the output of "lsb_release -a".00:56
rwwi like apt-cache policy against metapackages for that00:56
Jordan_UOne time someone tried to figure out what the output should be for Ubuntu and failed miserably :)00:57
bazhangjust adding the partner repo was such a tribulation apparently03:00
IdleOnedid chanserv reset the modes I unset by mistake?03:01
rwwIdleOne: considering BT #38427 has them on a different IP on the same ISP, that may or may not actually be effective :(03:01
rwwIdleOne: yes, you should be good03:01
IdleOneso they were ban evading also?03:02
rwwno, 38427 is a mark03:02
IdleOneahh ok03:03
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rwwAmaranth: plz to poke nickserv03:15
bazhangwonder if this is the same "msi" guy from before03:48
bazhangLeakin iirc03:48
elkyDid he start off with "yes hello"?04:27
bazhangnot that I saw04:27
rwwnope. I don't think they're the same person, incidentally.04:27
elkyYeah, i agree with rww04:28
elkyDangerous path to go down, I know04:29
elkyNext thing you know I'll be agreeing with horses.04:29
* rww neighs04:31
bazhang<^141211>  |» `[[G]|ob|[C`]]^ «|     !danger ?06:20
rwwbazhang: looks fine to me. text decoration, rather than forkbomb.06:27
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rwwDScript: Hi. Would you mind explaining how your messages in #ubuntu have anything to do with Ubuntu technical support?07:21
rwwNo? Alrighty. Would you mind verifying that you're truly a human being and not something else in disguise like a cabbage or something?07:27
DScriptOi. Você se importaria de explicar como as suas mensagens no # ubuntu tem nada a ver com o Ubuntu o suporte técnico?07:28
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rwwOkay, so you're probably a human. Do you speak English at all, or just a mix of Portuguese, Wikipedia links, and ad text?07:29
tonyyarussoApparently he speaks English well enough to understand your questions :P07:31
rwwtonyyarusso: or translate them into Portuguese, anyway.07:31
Snob-MYETHPIOe texto do anúncio?07:31
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DScriptde saia branca e parou pra olhar07:35
DScripte fez o povo07:35
DScriptroda pela vida a fora07:35
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.07:36
rwwAdditionally, both #ubuntu-br and #ubuntu are for polite, helpful discussion, not nonsense. I recommend refraining from your current behavior in #ubuntu-br if you choose to use it.07:37
bazhangprokyon/mirfak appeared to be sockpuppeting11:28
IdleOneubottu: tell home about guidelines15:50
ubottuError: I haven't seen home, I'll let you do the telling.15:50
IdleOnenever mind bot15:50
Flannel!away > Axlin17:51
ubottuxangua called the ops in #ubuntu (anto)19:49
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DBOI dont know who to poke about this really21:19
DBObut I would like to get involved with the Ubuntu IRC team again, I was for quite some time a couple years back21:19
DBOgot busy with work and school, but would like to re-join21:19
FlannelHowdy DBO.21:20
DBOhowdy Flannel21:20
ubottuIf you are interested in joining the Ops team, take a look at both http://www.siltala.net/2010/03/24/ops-teams-applications-announcement/ and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcTeam/OperatorRequirements for info on the process and requirements.  You can also learn about what the job entails from people in #ubuntu-irc.21:20
Flannelmight be the best amount of info I can offer at the moment21:21
* DBO remembers the days of the wild west of ubuntu opping21:21
FlannelDBO: Aye :)21:21
DBOthe days of Seveas when the only law was what we laid down with an iron fist of tyrannical rule21:22
DBOFlannel, thanks a bunch, looking over the red tape now :)21:24
FlannelDBO: My pleasure21:24
rwwApply to the LP teams, and poke IRCC repeatedly until they waive the rest of the process. Is what I'd do.21:24
rwwthough I raise being annoying to an art form at times...21:24
DBOyou guys dont preside over #ayatana do you?21:25
DBOfair enough21:26
DBOokay, I'll work this application sometime this week, thanks for the info, cheers :)21:27
bazhanghe was crossposting yesterday too22:56
bazhangfeel free to ignore the natty questions in #ubuntu or prod to +1, I'm off for breakfast22:57
rwwyay, they moved to +123:04

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