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marruslerichammond, for the start after filesystem, your custom job could be (for example):  start on local-filesystems.00:18
erichammondmarrusl: Yep, got that part.  Mainly wondering if I can hold off MySQL until I complete setting up the temporary directory for it.00:18
marruslerichammond, to make sure that mysql waits for it, sure you could change the mysql config but you don't want to do that.  instead create a "wait job" to block mysql until your job is done/started.00:19
marruslsomething like:  custom-job-wait.conf00:19
marruslerichammond, wait, let me create and pastebin something.  1 min.00:20
erichammondmarrusl: cool, thanks.00:20
marruslerichammond, http://pastebin.com/fPtv6kaW00:24
marruslerichammond, now if your custom job is not a service that goes to "running" (rather it's a task that runs and is done) you might have to rework that.00:24
erichammondmarrusl: Thanks, I'll check it out. and yes, it's just a simple task.00:25
marruslBy doing "start on starting mysql" as soon as mysql signals that it's *going* to start, it will wait until custom-job-wait is done.  And custom-job-wait will block until custom-job has entered running.00:26
marruslactually it might work just as well, because the wait job terminates on (started custom or stopped custom)00:26
marruslonce the wait job dies, mysql is free to contine.00:27
marruslYeah probably some tweaking, but that gives you the method for blocking another job *without* having to modify it (which of course is a *bad* idea with stock packages, your changes will get clobbered on the next update of mysql).00:28
iggiWhats the easiest way to check what program is listening on a specific port?00:30
erichammondmarrusl: nice.  I think we could simply use this technique to do our task directly in that config (create directory and mount).00:30
marruslerichammond, aha.  great idea.00:31
marruslerichammond, fwiw, nice to "meet" you.  big fan of yours in the ec2ubuntu world.  :)00:32
erichammondmarrusl: It's cool when I'm able to contribute back a bit to the community whose work I've depended on for so long.00:35
erichammondmarrusl: Thanks for the help.00:35
marruslerichammond, happy to.  take care.00:35
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jmarsdeniggi: sudo netstat -ntlp | grep :1234     # will show you the process/program listening on TCP port 123401:26
iggijmarsden: I tried that, the problem is that it just shows "-" for the program01:32
jmarsdeniggi: That usually means you didn't do the sudo so you ran netstat as an unpriviledged user?01:32
iggiGood point /facepalm01:33
iggistill doesn't explain why apache is listening on port 80, but doesn't load the page :(01:33
jmarsdeniggi: So now you read your apache logs under /var/log/apache2 to find out what it did.01:34
iggijmarsden: I had apache setup and running fine, but once I restarted it stopped working and gives "the server is taking to long to respond". Also, the logs don't have anything interesting in them01:40
jmarsdeniggi: Sounds odd.  Maybe try stopping it and then starting it, instead of restarting??  Do you at least see your attempts to get pages in the log files?01:43
iggijmarsden: I tried that too, no luck01:43
iggijmarsden: If it makes a difference I am running virtual host, but nothing has changed since then01:44
jmarsdenI need to go out to eat soon, but test some more... what does sudo /usr/sbin/apache2ctl status  show?  Does it think apache is running?01:47
iggijmarsden: It says all connections are waiting for connection and one is "sending reply"02:03
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edugonchHello, I'm installing ubuntu server 10.10 and when I get to the disck config and the iscsi I get this error = No iscsi targets where discovered 0n xxxxxx:3260, what can I do?03:57
Tohuwedugonch: what's the make/model of your iscsi controller? Have you checked its compatibility with Ubuntu Server?03:58
edugonchPlease, I need help on this03:58
edugonchI don't know, let me see03:58
trimetaI ssh'ed into my server and ran "aptitude safe-upgrade," but then forgot about it and the ssh session timed out...it was at the "here are the updates you need, do you want them? [Y/n]" question when the timeout happened.04:20
trimetaHow do I reset apt so it can be used again?04:20
trimetaSince no actual updating was happening when the ssh session timed out?04:21
patdk-lapreset apt?04:21
patdk-lapit should of reset itself04:21
patdk-lapunless your server doesn't know the session timed out, and it's still going04:21
patdk-lapthen you need to kill it04:22
patdk-lapand when you run apt, it should tell you what to do, or clean it itself04:22
trimetaYeah, pgrep -l aptitude shows one process still running.04:22
patdk-lapturn on ssh keepalive, so it notices from now on :)04:22
rigvedtrimeta: just login again and run the upgrade again...i case it tell you that aptitude is already running, then you04:22
rigvedneed to stop it04:22
trimetaI can kill that safely, right? It'll wipe the lockfile properly and everything?04:22
trimetaOr do I then need to manually delete /var/lib/dpkg/lock?04:23
patdk-lapthe next apt run should notice the lock is stale04:23
trimetaHuh, that did work. Cool.04:24
trimetaI was paranoid about killing it, but it did the job.04:24
trimetaEspecially since this new upgrade is the kernel...I didn't want to mess around.04:24
patdk-lapkernel is probably one of the safest things :)04:25
trimetaSpeaking of which, I should restart this in a screen...anyway, thanks for your help guys.04:25
trimetaMore than once I've run out of space on my /boot partition and had a hard time making it redo the install correctly.04:25
trimetaOr forgotten to mount the /boot partition at all, so it can't find /boot/grub...04:25
patdk-lapya, those are annoying to fix, but no real damage :)04:26
trimetaTrue, I suppose.04:26
cavefishHey people12:04
cavefishI've got problems installing sound on Ubuntu Server 10.10 with the latest updates / kernel12:05
cavefishI've installed all the Alsa packages and nothing seems to work with the program Cmus12:06
cavefishI've got an error saing Error: opening audio device: internal error12:06
lvhHello. I'm trying to use virt-manaager to access a remote virtual machine over SSH. By default, virt-manager seems intent on logging in as root. How can I use my normal user? (Normal user has the correct permissions for creating and running VMs locally on that machine)13:19
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uvirtbotNew bug: #738209 in autofs (main) "autofs appears to be started before it is truly functional" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73820913:42
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uvirtbotNew bug: #738219 in autofs (main) "autofs should always start before at and cron" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73821914:06
nekoI'd like to configure a LDC with Samba & LDAP or Mysql... Could anyone tell me what advantages has LDAP over Mysql? I am more confortable with Mysql and I think that having personal accounts on it, I could use for more things, like php-based programs, etc14:59
nekoI need it for a network with about 50-100 computers15:00
nigelbLDAP probably is *the* authentication standard.15:01
nigelbYou can have all your machines use pam and login via ldap sharing the same /home directory over nfs15:01
nigelbso, you can have a 1000 ubuntu computers set up with ldap, and administering them would be very easy.15:01
nekonigelb, but it also can be possible  with Mysql, I think15:02
nigelbneko: how do you get mysql to talk to ubuntu login?15:02
nekonigelb, with Samba is possible15:03
nigelbthat, I don't know.15:04
nigelbI know LDAP is certainly possible.15:04
nigelband that's the reason why its there15:04
nekobut I see LDAP so many complex... isn't it?15:05
nigelbYeah, it is :|15:06
nekoI've never worked wit it15:06
nigelbI recently set it up, I know its complicated like crazy.15:06
nekoI'm used to work with Mysql, and I imagine that an user account DB with Mysql could be so much easyer to maintain than LDAP15:09
sakohey all, you guys think ubuntu is ready for production webserver?15:26
PatrickdkI sure hope so, been using it that way for years now15:26
sakoi just got aws (ec2) and seems ubuntu is the best option as there are official amis from canonical ;)15:26
sakobeen debating between ubuntu and debian15:26
compdocI use ubuntu desktop as a server - its great15:26
jkgsako: just a data point, but all my production web servers run Ubuntu LTS releases.15:27
sakoi guess if wikimedia can make ubuntu work, no reason i can't :P15:27
jkgnot sure I'd want the excitement of 6 monthly upgrades, but LTS is a nice balance for me :-)15:27
sakomy purposes are a lot less mission critical than theirs :P15:27
sakoya LTS would def be what i go with15:28
sakohmm looks like ubuntu doesnt have #includedir /etc/sudoers.d by default15:43
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uvirtbotNew bug: #738308 in apache2 (main) "Backport proxy connect SSL support" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73830817:07
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qwebirc26475how can I disable user login at boot?18:35
qwebirc26475i just to boot the computer without typing passwords..18:35
qwebirc26475-:ALL EXCEPT root:LOCAL ?18:38
gbsd-gordqwebirc26475: well as a server, all "server" services will run without a login, I assume you want some normal user to be able to monitor things locally at the console18:41
qwebirc26475gbsd-gord: I want ubuntu-server to boot without asking a password18:41
qwebirc26475bigbang: except for root of course18:41
qwebirc26475and I have setup a SSH server18:42
gbsd-gordbut it will boot without a password, into a running state, is what I was really trying to say18:42
qwebirc26475how can I do that18:43
gbsd-gordah it does it anyways,18:43
gbsd-gordwhat you see is the login:   for the next user that walks by, but even if that user logs in 3 months later, all the time, the services for network users have been running normally18:43
qwebirc26475gbsd-gord: but I want to get to the console without login in18:43
gbsd-gordhmm ok18:44
qwebirc26475yeah :p but i want access the shell too18:44
gbsd-gordfrom a ssecurity point of view, I'd say that was very bad, becasue there would be no accountign of who did what18:44
gbsd-gordI do understand what you want though18:44
qwebirc26475maybe I'll leave it18:45
qwebirc26475let me test one thing18:45
gbsd-gordwhat I would do, is make a user called "user", and either a blank password, or a password like "user"18:45
gbsd-gordbut its VITAL that the "user" user is not allowed to be a sudoer18:45
qman__at the very least18:46
qman__even more measures should be taken to lock that user down18:46
qman__no remote access, for one18:46
gbsd-gordthat's a huge risk you see, which is why I don't really want yout to do that, no way :)18:46
gbsd-gord^ like he says, it's scary18:46
uvirtbotgbsd-gord: Error: "like" is not a valid command.18:46
qwebirc26475I just setup the ssh server because I don't have a monitor for that computer hehe18:47
gbsd-gordthat's the way most servers are run18:47
qwebirc26475:) tks for the tips18:47
qwebirc26475need to go18:47
gbsd-gordok, be careful ;)18:48
qman__what's even more scary is the millions of users that run that way18:49
gbsd-gordyeah, don't depress me haha18:49
qman__some people I have to twist arms to use a password at all, much less implement a secure password policy18:50
gbsd-gordsome peopel are beyond help, which is normally what I put in writing in reports18:51
gbsd-gordbut ^ I spell it correctly18:51
gbsd-gord10 minutes later I still can't think _why_ he wanted to do that, which means it time for a break here18:53
Aisonas I understand, nfs4 shares are not auto mounted at bootup19:55
AisonI placed now post-up mount /home || true into the interfaces config files, so that the drives are mounted after the interface is up19:55
Aisonbut somehow this is not working either19:56
Aisonwhat do I have to consider?19:56
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Guest86001How can I make sshd to start on boot?19:58
Guest86001I installed but it's not starting..19:59
Guest86001i changed the port it's working again20:08
Guest86001the problem was the listenaddres20:18
XpistosIs there any reason why I should be able to boot a 10.04 server that has a 2tb drive in it?20:31
XpistosWhen I try and go into either BIOS or RaidBIOS I get to see the drive but it doesn't show how big it is or move from where it is20:32
_ruben2tb drives tend to get the installer to use gpt (even tho the actual limit is a bit higher than most 2tb drives) .. and grub doesn't like gpt20:32
_rubennor do a lot of partition tools20:33
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Xpistoswhat is gpt?20:51
_rubenguid partition table, dos partition tables only go upto 2tb21:05
qwebirc70881hello again21:19
qwebirc70881How do I connect 2 computers on lan21:21
qwebirc70881I edited /etc/network/interfaces but I cannot ping the machine21:21
dhimesfollowing guidelines for 10.04 jeos-and-vmbuilder.html with two worries:  apt-get install apt-proxy gives deprecation warning for twisted .protocols.telnet21:49
dhimes... and...21:49
dhimeslibvertxml.tmpl looked to have conditional logic not described in the how-to.  (I'm new at KVM- just playing with it )21:50
Aisonwhat do I have to install so that post-up, pre-down, is executed in /etc/network/interfaces21:54
Aisonsomehow it's not working here :(21:55
nonotzafor some reason php on my ubuntu lamp server isn't working. it was working before, and now it isn't. can someone offer tips on troubleshooting?22:00
nonotzaI can use it from the CLI but php pages being served from apache2 aren't parsed22:00
dhimesDid you reinstall apache?22:02
dhimesSounds like the apache config got borked so won't run the php22:06
dhimesPerhaps could happen if put in a new apache, but didn't tell it about php?22:07
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