shaunoso we're either gonna win, or turn into wolves and eat everyone00:20
shaunoas far as I'm concerned, either would be a stellar result00:21
Seeker`bah, there are wrong people on the internet01:14
Seeker`this should be fixed01:14
shaunopoo :(  scandal in ppuk already01:57
ali1234what's a ppuk?02:00
HazRPGI just bought a kindle... from tescos!02:01
ali1234how much and can you use it without an amazon account?02:02
HazRPGit was £150 with 3g+wifi, but they had the one with wifi for £10502:02
HazRPGand I shall found out soon enough!02:03
ali1234oh, you bought on line?02:05
ali1234i thought you went to 24 hour tescos and bought one cash :)02:05
HazRPGI did!02:05
HazRPGthat was in-store price!02:05
HazRPGI'd say it was a bargain for getting it straight in your hands02:05
HazRPGI didn't even plan to get one, was there for other things02:06
ali1234ah cool02:06
HazRPGsaved me the ~£6 P&P price02:06
HazRPGwow, I'm amazed at how thin this thing actually is!02:07
HazRPGargh! holy cow!02:07
HazRPGI thought that was the sticker!02:07
HazRPGwith the whole "step 1 charge your kindle"02:07
HazRPGthat was before I even turned it on, etc02:07
HazRPGso I did... I pluged it on02:08
HazRPGand looked away for a moment... and then looked back was about to pear the sticker... and noticed the screen changed!02:08
ali1234it's eink02:08
ali1234it only uses power when the display is changing02:08
ali1234nifty stuff02:08
HazRPGoh yeah, I know... but I never realised it was this clear!02:09
ali1234you are making me want one02:09
ali1234but i don't like to buy stuff from amazon02:09
HazRPGheh, I got mine from tescos :P02:09
ali1234they probably sell them at a loss anyway02:09
ali1234but i mean books to put on it :)02:09
ali1234especially given that ebooks cost the same as regular books02:10
HazRPGI'm planning on buying ebooks from other places ;)02:12
HazRPGali1234: dude!!!!02:13
HazRPGali1234: you don't *need* to register this to amazon!02:13
ali1234ok ok, it's not that exciting :)02:13
HazRPGif you buy it >from< amazon, it gets set to you with your account already on it02:13
HazRPGbut this way... you don't have to!02:13
ali1234so when you turn it on02:13
ali1234it doesn't force you to enter your details02:14
ali1234the sony one does02:14
ali1234can you use the free global 3g without an amazon account though?02:14
HazRPGI'm reading the startup guide... but it says "at any point you can click home and leave this guide"02:15
HazRPGso I'm going to read through, see what it all says and just click on the home - but plan NOT putting my amazon details in unless I really must02:15
ali1234considering getting the wifi only version02:16
ali1234don't really even need wifi tbh02:17
ali1234usb is fine02:17
ali1234which gen is it?02:18
ali1234ah only v3 has the 3g option02:19
HazRPGyeah, v302:25
HazRPGali1234: you'll be pleased to know, if you buy from tescos... you don't need to set your account :D02:32
HazRPGaww, but the browser won't let you use it unless you do :/02:34
HazRPGeverything else seems to work though02:35
HazRPGali1234: hmm, this thing is pretty cool though03:04
HazRPGI have a feeling, I'm going to need bigger discs03:09
HazRPGI've coasted around 3 discs now :/03:09
ubuntuuk-planet[Phil Bull] Desktop Help - http://philbull.livejournal.com/59039.html03:11
HazRPGthis feels wrong... k3b seems to work so much better than brasero!03:42
HazRPGI'm a gnome guy... kde stuff shouldn't be on here >_<03:43
ali1234brasero has always sucked tho03:56
HazRPGali1234: what do you use?04:58
ali1234i don't use cds04:58
HazRPGhmm, the 'send "I am alive" ping to canonical' app on software centre... does anyone use it?04:59
HazRPGas far as I can see, its for showing canonical how many ubuntu users there are out there...04:59
ali1234i don't use software centre either...04:59
HazRPGcanonical-census is the name of the application04:59
ali1234it's for OEMs05:00
HazRPGthat makes more sense05:50
MartijnVdS[    30.229] (II) intel: Driver for Intel Integrated Graphics Chipsets: [load of chipset names], Sandybridge, Sandybridge, Sandybridge, Sandybridge, Sandybridge, Sandybridge, Sandybridge06:36
* daubers checks the chilli plants and starts washing up ready to make bread07:17
MartijnVdSI parsed that as "chilli plant" (factory) instead of "chilli plant" (green leafy thing)07:20
phonex01hello guys07:46
phonex01good morning07:47
MartijnVdSI want to go out for a run08:43
MartijnVdSbut it's cold outside :|08:44
MartijnVdS\o/ working va-api + vlc08:45
MartijnVdSnext stop: working DVB+VLC08:45
HazRPGali1234: ooo, apparently they've "jailbroke" the kindle 308:46
MartijnVdSFor some reason my DVB card doesn't always execute tuning commands properly :|08:46
HazRPGMartijnVdS: typical :P08:46
MartijnVdSso I have to tune 2-3 times before I get a signal08:47
MartijnVdS(to the same channel, mind!)08:47
MartijnVdSHazRPG: typical? why? :)08:47
popeynice and sunny today here08:47
MartijnVdSpopey: it's nice and sunny here as well, but it's still only ~5-6°C08:47
HazRPGMartijnVdS: manufacturers not sticking to standards or making them do funny things08:48
popeywonder why middle mouse click on one mac opens a new tab, middle mouse click on the other opens the widget thing08:48
MartijnVdSHazRPG: the same dish/switch works fine from my TV tuner08:48
MartijnVdSHazRPG: it must be something on my DVB-S2 card08:48
popeyooo, configurable08:48
MartijnVdSHazRPG: It's a voltage thing, I think, or interference (a PC is noisier than a TV, electronically speaking)08:49
MartijnVdS("DiSEqC uses a pulsed (tone-burst) 22 kHz sine-wave at 0.5v peak to peak.", according to Wikipedia)08:51
danfishwho's going to the rubgy meetup then?09:09
HazRPGwhere's it at again?09:10
danfishClapham Junction09:13
czajkowskiAlanBell: howdy09:29
daubersbread is rising!09:44
czajkowskithe 80's radio station is addictive09:44
czajkowskiso want a fry up this morning09:44
* AlanBell is going to a party09:45
czajkowskiI miss kids parties, no way to get rice crispy cakes any other way09:45
AlanBellI think parties need more jelly and ice cream09:46
AlanBellthere will be chocolate brownie cake with icing and buttons on top09:46
czajkowskinot a love of brownies, find them too heavy.09:47
czajkowskiI could polish off a bucket of cocktail saussages and rice crispy cakes09:47
AlanBellwe do have 40 cocktail sausages, not sure about rice crispy cakes09:56
czajkowskihad nandos as well last night, that place is soo friggin busy and so tasty09:57
alexcockellHi all..10:45
HazRPGhowdy everyone11:17
HazRPGhmm... recalls someone saying they had a kindle...11:18
MartijnVdSLots of people have one11:19
* MartijnVdS has a Sony PRS-60011:19
MartijnVdSwhich reminds me.. I need to charge it11:19
popeyJabber \o/11:23
MattJJabber \o/11:24
MattJOn a Saturday!11:24
MartijnVdSXMPP \o/11:24
HazRPGMartijnVdS: hmm, just wondering ... because I'm not sure if I should register mine with amazon.com/.co.uk11:27
MartijnVdSI never registered mine with Sony11:32
HazRPGguessing you don't buy books from sony either then11:33
MartijnVdSnah, most e-book stores won't let me buy from them :(11:33
MartijnVdSA few Dutch stores will thoguh11:34
popeyHazRPG: i bought mine before they sold them direct over here, and registered it with amazon.com11:35
popeybut recently they made an option where you can 'move' it to .co.uk, so i did that11:35
popeynot that i actually use my kindle now I have an ipad11:35
alexcockellGot a new big mug delivered today...11:36
alexcockell"Don't ask me till I've had my coffee"... 570ml..11:36
HazRPGpopey: surely the kindle wins over ipad for book reading though...11:36
HazRPGbattery-life wise...11:36
alexcockellYeah - I'm sure it does..11:36
alexcockellnow - if there was an open version of the Kindle - I'd be interested..11:37
HazRPGalexcockell: nice :)11:37
popeyHazRPG: i never read for 10 hours straight11:37
popeyand i never worry about the battery on the ipad11:37
popeyif I was going on holiday I might take the kindle, but for day-to-day use, I dont use it anymore11:37
HazRPGalexcockell: erm... kindle 1 & 2 have been known to have ubuntu installed on them ;)11:37
HazRPGkindle 3 has just recently (feb?) found an exploit to run unsigned code11:38
HazRPGso that could be next :)11:38
HazRPGpopey: clearly you haven't been on long flights before :P11:38
popeyi have11:38
alexcockellYeah - but do you need to jailbreak it first?11:38
popeyand i dont read for 10 hours straight11:38
popeyalso I said "day to day" use11:39
HazRPGalexcockell: yeah, you do, but the jailbreak is easy to remove traces of11:39
popeyi dont fly 10 hours every day11:39
alexcockellS'pose so far, I've bought kit from Linux Emporium...11:39
HazRPGalexcockell: since the kindle uses linux (or a unix variant??) as its core anyways11:39
alexcockellAhh - OK11:39
alexcockellOf course - only way they have such good power management..11:40
alexcockellUnlike the latest way MS bollocked up loads of machines...11:40
dwatkinsThe Kindle's screen is also passive, which is much better for the eyes than the iPad11:40
directhexkindle is linux11:40
HazRPGpopey: ah, sorry I missed that11:40
alexcockellW7SP1... switch on autotuning on TCP/IP - and not warn anyone11:40
alexcockellMy brother was hit by it... was helping him ID the issue..11:40
HazRPGpopey: didn't realise the ipad had 10 hour battery life, that's pretty amazing if it does :O11:41
directhexkindle battery is about a month, with the wifi turned off11:41
popeyit does11:41
directhex(e-ink uses no power when the display isn't changing)11:41
HazRPGdirecthex: I wasn't sure, I knew it was a unix variant - thanks for the confirmation :)11:42
HazRPGalexcockell: yeah, the e-ink screen is the main reason for the good battery life (1 month!) - think of it like an etch-e-sketch11:42
alexcockellYeah - I sawe a friend's Kindle..11:44
HazRPGdirecthex: you'll have seen the recent kindle 3 hack then?11:44
directhexHazRPG, can't honestly say i care11:44
HazRPGdirecthex: I was instantly amused when I read it this morning :)11:44
HazRPGdirecthex: ah... hmm... I had it down that ya liked reading about this stuff...11:45
directhexit's the wife's, it does what she wants11:46
directhexthe rest is a distraction11:46
HazRPGoh, I just meant reading about hacks, exploits, etc11:46
directhexonly ones relevant to my interests11:48
HazRPGah ok, fair enough11:49
brobostigonmorning everyone.12:02
alexcockellBBC News, Sky News - looks like NATO will be taking the gloves off soon...12:05
* MartijnVdS starts "F-19 Stealth Fighter" in dosbox12:08
MartijnVdSIt's how I learned Lybian cities back in the 90s :|12:09
BigRedSI've not yet seen anyone report on any offensive non-US presence of Libya's coast. I know we've got a friage or something hanging around, but is there a carrier or anythign with which to enforce a no-fly zone?12:10
BigRedSI suppose there's always Italy...12:10
danfishour carriers have no planes anymore12:11
MartijnVdSBigRedS: Italy, Greece12:11
MartijnVdSBigRedS: there's a US base on Sicily12:11
BigRedSAh yeah. It just seems (to me) to feel quite an empty threat unless there's a bunch of warships off the coast12:12
MartijnVdSalso, Dutch navy12:13
danfishwe have an agreement to share the French carrier, but it's only maaged to set sail once this year :(12:13
BigRedSAh, are the dutch there?12:13
MartijnVdSBigRedS: 3 people + 1 helicopter were caught a few weeks ago12:13
MartijnVdSpeople have been released, helicopter not12:14
jpdsBigRedS: UK bases on Cyprus.12:14
BigRedSYeah, the lynx. I was just expecting much more of an in-your-face show of force from nato12:15
alexcockellOh.. that is coming..12:15
BigRedSNah, by now it surely makes sense to not bother with any sailing, if none's been done yet, and just use european bases12:16
danfishunfortunately, the RAF is now a mess of aged tornados and typhoon's which noone can fly or maintain.12:16
BigRedSthe point would be to have the demonstration as a "look what we can do" rather than a "we've finally got round to doing what we wanted to do a few weeks back"12:17
BigRedSdanfish: yeah, I was amused at the announcement that it'd be a tornado sqn deployed first12:17
HazRPGbrobostigon: morning :)12:20
brobostigonHazRPG: good morning, :)12:20
danfishalternatively we could send our new type destroyer...but the anti-aircraft missiles havn't been installed yet12:22
danfishso I think it best we send a strongly worded letter and refuse to buy libyan dates :P12:23
danfishand humus12:24
MartijnVdSand oil12:26
BigRedSdanfish: That is the English way :)12:27
MartijnVdSBigRedS: especially if you get the queen to write the letter12:27
BigRedSI've an entirely different view of the Queen since I started following Queen_UK on twitter :)12:28
danfishBigRedS: only in recent times - in the past we'd have gone in with the Imperial Army and just taken over12:28
BigRedSNah, in the past the threat of the RN would've been a reasonable one12:29
BigRedSrather than a punchline12:29
danfishintroduced the notion of tea parties and democracy then left ;)12:29
danfishtbf, 2-3 years ago we could have mounted an air blockade on our own12:30
brobostigonhehe, the new icon for empathy from the gnome3-teams ppa, has a nice smiley on it, :).12:30
brobostigoni figured out my k9 issue from yeysterday, gingerbread sucked too much ram, and didnt leave enough for k9 to run, so i am back on 2.2.1 where it ran fine.12:37
Cepheusnothing like waking up on a saturday afternoon and eating bacon!12:37
* MartijnVdS has some http://blog.garion.org/2011/01/31/recipe-guild-master-spinach-pie/ 12:38
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brobostigonhttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~hydraulic-hybrid/+junk/saab-hybrid/view/head:/BareSaab1/BareSaab1.pde can someone tell me, why iamgetting a  ledpin not declared inthi scope error on line 36, please.13:19
brobostigoni just cant see it.13:20
czajkowskidanfish: enjoying the conference13:22
brobostigondamn, typo, LedPin != Ledpin. :(13:27
Pendulumhiya czajkowski :)13:27
czajkowskiPendulum: hi13:28
Pendulumczajkowski: how's you?13:28
czajkowskisobered up from last night13:28
czajkowskihad bacon13:28
czajkowskino sleep13:28
czajkowskiand now heading out once I've had a shower to go back drinking13:28
brobostigonstupid typo, it compiles now.13:28
Pendulumand rugby :)13:28
Pendulum(at least I assume there will be rugby-watching in with the drinking :P )13:29
Pendulumczajkowski: I went out and bought magners last night specifically because of rugby watching today ;)13:29
czajkowskiheading to the pub for around 4ish13:30
* brobostigon is thinking about pub now aswell.13:32
PendulumI seriously considered trying to head to NYC for the day to watch with the group I watched with last year13:32
czajkowskiSaturday 19th March - Scotland v Italy - 2.30pm13:32
czajkowskiSaturday 19th March - Ireland v England - 5pm13:32
czajkowskiSaturday 19th March - France v Wales - 7.45pm13:32
czajkowskiand vanishing time it seems13:36
Pendulumhave fun!13:36
* MartijnVdS decides it's time for tea13:36
czajkowskipopey: see ya later13:36
* popey has just lined his stomach with a vast amount of chinese food13:37
* AlanBell is back from the party13:41
PendulumAlanBell: how'd it go?13:45
AlanBellthey all had fun13:45
AlanBelllots of screaming13:45
AlanBellthe rugby is later than I thought it was13:47
phonex01hello guys14:00
phonex01i found the problem with mon0: -1 in aircrack14:01
phonex01there a simple patching for that i did it and now im compiling compat-wireless14:01
phonex01but i have question here14:01
phonex01i have keneral 2.6.35-27 and compat-wireless i use is 2.6.38-3 ?14:03
phonex01so is there any problem with this ?14:03
BigRedSphonex01: From a quick look at their site, should be good14:09
phonex01really ?14:10
BigRedSthough I can't work out how you'd get that version string, they seem to use dates14:10
ubuntuuk-planet[Andy Loughran] FPTP versus AV - http://zrmt.com/2011/03/19/fptp-versus-av/14:11
BigRedSit certainly implies that any version will compile against an 2.6 kernel14:11
alexcockellHiya Suprengr14:16
alexcockellpopey - Useful that most Chinese places run right through from 12-late...14:17
gingwhat does ./configure do ?14:35
gingor atleast what is it meant to do?14:35
DJones!compile | ging Have a look at this, about a third of the way down explains it14:36
lubotu3ging Have a look at this, about a third of the way down explains it: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)14:36
gingdo i need to install it first/14:36
dutchiethe configure script sets up the Makefile with all the right paths for libraries and installation14:37
lubotu3checkinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!14:37
DJonesging: If you're compiling something from source, it might be worth looking at the Checkinstall info as it could make it easier to remove something afterwards as it installs from a .deb file14:38
suprengrTrying to view a webcam [Dartmouth live] and Firefox states "QuickTime does not support the current MPEG-4 setting. Go to Setup->Video&Image->Advanced->MPEG-4 and set Video object type to 'Simple' for QuickTime to work"  [Chromium is less than helpful with settings]  no alternatives in Firefox work.  Any ideas?14:43
* AlanBell looks up train times to clapham14:43
gingi dont understand why ./configure doesnt work then, if i type than into a terminal with current directiory if what i want to compile that should work right?14:43
BigRedSconfigure normally tells you what's wrong when it doesn't work14:44
gingno it say no such file or directory14:46
gingdo i need to install configure ?14:46
BigRedSare you trying to run it in the right directory?14:46
BigRedSyou need to be at the root of the source14:47
BigRedSusually, untar the tarball, cd into the new dir and you're there14:47
BigRedSsometimes you need to be in a subdirectory of it14:47
gingthat's what i've done14:47
BigRedSbut you need to be in the directory containing the 'configure' script14:47
gingoh so configure isnt a program ?14:48
BigRedSit's a script14:48
BigRedSthe distinction is fuzzy14:48
BigRedSbut it's in the source you downloaded, not something installed on your PC14:48
BigRedSthe './' tells bash that it's looking for something in the current directory ('.')14:48
BigRedSso './configure' tells bash to execute the file named 'configure' in the current directory14:49
gingwell there is no script called configure in this dir, there is 1 called config.h14:49
BigRedSis there a readme?14:49
gingyeah there is a readme but there is nothing in there about it14:52
gingi think it must be missing the config script14:53
dutchieging: it might not have one. is there a Makefile already?14:58
gingdutchie: there is a make file but it fails15:06
dutchiefails how?15:08
dutchieging: looks like you are missing pcap.h15:21
dutchietry installing the libpcap0.8-dev package15:21
gingah it work thanks15:26
MichealHHi all15:56
* brobostigon shakes fist at Xorg, gpu hang, :(16:03
bigcalmI would say hi, but I guess everybody is at the rugby16:21
brobostigonafternooings bigcalm :)16:22
bigcalmHi :)16:22
* dutchie is watching rugby at home16:22
* brobostigon is trying to avoid rugby, but cant.16:23
* DJones is at home catching up on tv16:23
MartijnVdSDJones: Doctor Who special :)16:25
DJonesMartijnVdS: No, Blue Bloods16:25
* brobostigon uses get_iplayer toget click, which got killed off again, due too ther news.16:27
brobostigonto other*16:27
MartijnVdSyeah they should stop having news!16:36
MartijnVdSPeople of the world! Today shall be a news-free day! :P16:37
bigcalmAnybody into their JS (jQuery in particular)?16:37
MartijnVdS!ask | bigcalm16:38
lubotu3bigcalm: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)16:38
MartijnVdSbigcalm: you know that ;)16:38
bigcalmWell, it's not very ubuntu related :P16:38
bigcalmFair enough :)16:38
MartijnVdSit's quiet16:39
bigcalmI'm appending some HTML into an element from inside a function. Once the logic flow has left the function, the created HTML isn't available to other functions16:39
bigcalmWondering how to make it persistant16:39
MartijnVdSdon't "add HTML", but add DOM nodes16:40
MartijnVdSthey should show up16:40
bigcalmOk, I'll give it a go16:41
MartijnVdSjquery makes that easy16:41
brobostigonweird, i canonly find the short versionof click on iplayer.:(16:46
brobostigonithink i will listen to bbc digital planet insted.16:49
bigcalmMartijnVdS: http://paste.ubuntu.com/582539/ # made it verbose yet it's still not available outside of the function.16:59
bigcalmMartijnVdS: the div and the ul both exist outside of the function, but LIs do not17:02
MartijnVdSbigcalm: read the "will not change" bits on http://api.jquery.com/add/17:02
MartijnVdSHazRPG: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASXnFRYf6LI17:09
shaunoheh, that was pretty nifty17:13
suprengrwas thinking of putting 'home' directory on separate partition to use on other versions.  do I copy current home/... or myusername/ [under home] to that partition I wonder?17:25
shaunoI'd tend to move /home itself17:36
duvelhedzMove /home and be sure to modify your fstab to mount by uuid17:36
shauno(also, the word 'copy' makes me tweak; if you copy /home to a new filesystem, mount it over your old /home, the old contents of /home will still use up disk space but won't be accessible at all)17:37
ali1234if you move /home itself to a new partition then mount that partition on /home you will have /home/home17:40
ali1234which is pobably not what you want17:40
MartijnVdSunexpected backup ;)17:47
DJonesI wonder whether czajkowski is cheering at the minute18:04
brobostigonDJones: ithinkthat might be a fair bet.18:05
DJonesEither that or the England camp have gagged her18:07
duvelhedzI'm down at the northcote now and I don't see anyone here18:09
brobostigonduvelhedz: please elaborate, i amnot familier with the name.18:10
DJonesduvelhedz: Are you looking for the ubuntu-uk rugby meetup18:10
duvelhedzIt's where the ubuntu rugby meetup us meant to be18:10
duvelhedzDid they go elsewhere18:11
DJonesI can see czajkowski on twitter, give me  a minute, I'll send a message & ask18:11
DJonesduvelhedz: No reply yet, I'd say just look for one Irish person cheering, surrounded by a bunch of people pretending to have no interest in the rugby18:17
duvelhedzHave had a look around the whole place, no sign of them but the place is rammed, thanx DJones18:18
DJonesduvelhedz: czajkowski Just said they were in front of the bar18:19
duvelhedzGreat, thanx for that18:19
DJonesHope you find them18:20
brobostigonDJones: did you see that picture of czajkowski popey,posted on twitter.18:20
DJonesbrobostigon: no, I've not seen it18:21
brobostigonDJones: http://twitpic.com/4b3txj she got her wish. :)18:22
duvelhedz Found them, thanx18:25
DJonesduvelhedz: You're welcome18:25
brobostigonDJones: i was playing on popey's joke.18:25
Azelphurhaha, I have an excellent way of dealing with troublemakers on minecraft18:39
Azelphur"Repair the damage you did or ban"18:40
AzelphurI feel like the police officer who makes the kids clear the graffiti off the walls.18:40
* DJones notes that Azelphur admits to looking like dixon of doc green :)18:46
Azelphurdoc green? :P18:46
duvelhedzVictory to Ireland. Hurray18:47
DJonesheh, there will be a lot unhappy england fans tonight18:50
* brobostigon shakes fist at xorg, gpu lockup.18:51
MartijnVdSwhat kind of gpu?18:51
MartijnVdSnatty has special debugging enabled in the intel drivers18:51
brobostigonMartijnVdS: i didnt know, interesting, intel on my eeepc.18:55
MartijnVdSxserver-xorg-video-intel (2:2.14.0-4ubuntu2) natty; urgency=low18:56
MartijnVdS* apport-gpu-error-intel.py:18:56
MartijnVdSpart of apport18:56
MartijnVdSooh.. "top 100 one-hit-wonders of the 80s"19:01
MartijnVdSgo VH1 :)19:01
DJonesMartijnVdS: No doubt "I am the one & only" will be No 119:01
MartijnVdSDJones: nah. Dexys Midnight Runners, apparently19:03
DJonesMartijnVdS: Come Eileen by any chance?19:03
MartijnVdSDJones: exactly19:03
DJonesOr for czajkowski, should that be "Come on Ireland" :)19:03
MartijnVdSDJones: http://blog.vh1.com/2009-04-01/100-greatest-one-hit-wonders-of-the-80s-read-the-list-2/19:04
MartijnVdShaha - Shannon - Let the Music Play... heard a new remix of that a few months ago19:04
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penguin42really helps when I remember to plug my laptop in20:06
brunogirinhi all, trying to configure a synaptics touchpad properly but now that ubuntu doesn't have an xorg.conf anymore, I'm struggling to do that via udev rules, in particular I can't seem to get the SHMConfig option to work, can anybody help?20:30
dutchiei probably could if it was actual simple harmonic motion20:35
dutchienot so good at udev rules as at differential equations though20:35
directhexyou can still use an xorg.conf for some things20:36
penguin42brunogirin: You can create an xorg.conf or fraction there of20:37
brunogirinpenguin42: so for instance, I could create an xorg.conf with just the input device configuration? where does it go? /etc?20:38
penguin42brunogirin: Yes you could - just create an /etc/X11/xorg.conf I think20:38
penguin42brunogirin: Ah sorry, it checks /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d20:38
brunogirinpenguin42: and there is a file called 50-synaptics.conf in there, which is probably the one I want to modify, thanks :-)20:40
penguin42no prob20:40
MartijnVdSyou don't want to modify files in /usr/20:41
MartijnVdSthey get overwritten on upgrade20:41
brunogirinMartijnVdS: thanks for the advice, where should I create the correct config files so that they don't get overwritten on upgrade?20:42
directhexxorg.conf is fine.20:42
directhexconsider that every nvidia-glx or fglrx user has one20:43
brunogirindirecthex: ok, so if I create one using the method detailed here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config and then remove everything I don't want to override, I should be ok?20:44
directhexmore or less.20:45
brunogirinwill try right now, thanks20:46
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duvelhedzI never thought the English would be singing Allez Les Bleus!!20:55
brunogirindirecthex: if I create a partial xorg.conf in /etc/X11 XOrg fails to start... should I create a xorg.conf.d directory and put my partial bits in there?20:55
directhexbrunogirin, too partial, perhaps? what does xorg.0.log say?20:55
brunogirindirecthex: ah ok, it tells me that the option I added (SHMConfig) is not valid in that section, I'll investigate further so see where it should go20:57
MartijnVdSshmconfig has been obsolete for a while now20:58
MartijnVdSYou can set settings using xinput20:58
MartijnVdSxinput list20:59
MartijnVdSthen xinput list-props id_of_device_here20:59
MartijnVdSand to set:20:59
MartijnVdSxinput set-prop id_here property_id new_value21:00
brunogirinMartijnVdS: ok, I was hoping to use SHMConfig to be able to run synclient -m in order to see what the different areas of the touchpad were so that I can set BottomEdge properly as I have a touchpad with integrated buttons21:07
brunogirinbesides, how can I then set the preferences in a way that will work when rebooted? can I do that in udev rules?21:08
MartijnVdSyou can see/set all that using xinput21:10
MartijnVdSdon't know about the persistence bit21:10
knightwisemorning !21:30
knightwisewell... evening21:30
jacobwevening knightwise :)21:35
knightwisehey jacobw a21:36
* jacobw is flicking through jono's book21:36
phonex01hello guys21:46
phonex01good night21:46
phonex01Hz you there ?21:46
DaveMorrisok, I'm not sure if this device exists but I was looking for a device which appears as a FAt32 drive to the machine/device it's plugged into, but it infact pulls the data down via nfs/dlna22:09
gordDaveMorris, because fat32 is a map of blocks i don't think such a thing could reasonably exist22:13
DaveMorrisin theory it could if the nfs share is FAT3222:13
DaveMorrisdoes it make sense what I'm asking for?22:13
DavieyDaveMorris, You are looking for a virtual device which presents itself as a FAT32 disk, but is really an NFS share?22:15
gordDaveMorris, and what happens when windows 98 attempts to defrag the drive?22:15
DaveMorrisit's to enable my non DLNA blu-ray/tv/dvd players to become DLNA22:16
DaveMorristhey are able to play files found on a USB stick fine22:16
DavieyDaveMorris, Never done it, but look at dummy_hcd22:17
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DavieyDave2, hmm - seems ideal, http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/samygo/index.php?title=Mounting_an_CIFS/SAMBA_share_on_a_USB_device_to_bypass_DLNA22:19
Davieyi imagine you could swap smb -> NFS.22:20
DaveMorrisjust found that22:20
DaveMorrislooks like they are telnet'ing to the TV22:20
DaveMorrisand mounting it like a standard nfs mount22:20
DaveMorrisinitial research seems it's not easily done, or where it cna be done it's expensive22:24
DavieyDaveMorris, Hang on, so you want a physical usb device that is really network mounted storage, but presented as vfat?22:24
DavieyDaveMorris, I would say you need a linux device which allows you to convert a usb socket from host to device... they are pretty common.. I seem to remember my N810 could do it.22:26
DaveMorrisyeah, thats what I was thinking but it's prob not worth the money to do it.22:27
DavieyDaveMorris, I wonder if it would be easier to do from a network block device, perhaps iscsi22:30
DavieyDaveMorris, I would like to know if you do bother, not that i need it, just interesting.22:31
zleaperm is it meercat or meerkat22:35
zleaptrying to spell check my website22:35
zleapi thought i had corrected it, but aparently not, have done so now22:37
zleapso next time i upload it will be correct22:37
Azelphursomeone on my minecraft server built a binary counter :o22:37
Azelphurit counts up to 7 in binary when you press button haha22:38
phonex01guys damn i found how to fix error with aircrack !22:39
phonex01it was not that easy but it is ok now22:40
phonex01my wifi fully support injection and monitor mode but the problem was with negative channel representation22:40
dutchieczajkowski: not a word22:41
czajkowskiakoha :)22:41
dutchiewe still finished above you in the league22:41
czajkowskiyes true. but the important game. we beat you22:42
zleapDaviey, you able to come to the next devon adn cornwall lug meet on the 2nd April ?22:42
dutchiewe still won i am putting my fingers in my ears we won we won we won22:42
zleapwho won22:42
dutchie(although ireland won today)22:43
zleapah rugby22:43
jacobwlol @ urelqnd22:43
zleapyeah we won the six nations but not the grand slam22:43
Davieyzleap, I really wanted to come to the one today, but daughter had an event i needed to take her to :(22:48
zleapok np22:48
zleapwell right now we have 3 venues and 3 meets amonth22:52
marxjohnsonCan someone not currently in GMT do me a favour? Go to http://podcast.ubuntu-uk.org and tell me what the countdown says?22:56
marxjohnsonto the nearest hour is fine22:56
Davieymarxjohnson, Asking a channel full of people predominately in the UK, if they are on anything other than GMT? :)22:58
AlanBellmarxjohnson: did you break it *again*22:59
mumbles_damm onley got one beer left22:59
marxjohnsonDaviey: Silly idea I know, but this channel seems the most likely to be helpful in this case ;-)23:01
marxjohnsonAlanBell this is what I'm trying to establish23:01
marxjohnsonAha, browsershots.org doesn't appear to be on GMT, so that's answered it for me, and it's working (aside from a small DST issue)23:03
AlanBellhttp://podcast.ubuntu-uk.org/wp-content/themes/uupc4/countdown.php looks good to me :)23:09
AlanBellI have to say, nobody does smugness quite the same way that czajkowski does smugness23:10
PendulumAlanBell: good time out?23:20
AlanBelldid you watch online?23:21
PendulumI watched all of England v. Ireland :)23:21
Pendulumand all of Scotland v. Italy23:21
Pendulumand other than the 30 minute period where the PPV stream didn't work (I can't say what I think of it in this channel ;) ), Wales v. France23:22
Pendulumalmost wish I'd not been able to see the entirety of that last one though :-/23:22
Pendulumbecause then I wouldn't have tortured myself and would have felt justified claiming money back23:23
AlanBellI didn't pay much attention to it23:23
AlanBellwe were mostly drowning our sorrows23:23
Pendulumother than czajkowski23:23
AlanBellother than czajkowski, yes23:23
Pendulumwho I assume was drinking as celebration?23:23
AlanBelland some other Irish folk who were in the pub23:24
PendulumWales just kept making really stupid mistakes :(23:24
Pendulumand there was a bad call against them which ended up with Hooker being given a yellow card :(23:24
bigcalmHey kids, what's shaking?23:28
dutchieperhaps not the best turn of phrase given recent events23:28
Pendulumhiya bigcalm23:29
bigcalmThat's my parents' server updated to 9.10.  I think that updating to 10.04 can wait until the morning23:33
AlanBellnight all o/23:34
bigcalmShame I couldn't jump from 9.04 to 10.0423:34
bigcalmNight AlanBell23:34
* bigcalm sleeps as well23:34
bigcalmNight Pendulum :)23:34
Pendulumg'night bigcalm AlanBell23:35

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