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iheartubuntuMy brother just got a hold of me is doing pretty good. He moved his wife and elderly mom to his brother in laws house in Osaka.03:07
iheartubuntuHe also sent me some articles about a seismologist who predicted the 1989 Loma Prieta quake. The new prediction is for California from March 19 to March 26. He is basing this on a few factors:03:15
iheartubuntu#1- the moon is at its closest approach in many years to earth, #2- the equinoctial tide bringing together three of the maximum tide raising forcesĀ  and #3- the strange movement of fish, birds and whales around Southern California.03:16
iheartubuntuIf you recall there were billions of dead fish washing ashore in Redondo Beach this past week and also reports of whales close to shore in SD03:17
iheartubuntuwouldnt be a bad idea to have a bottle of water and an energy bar nearby03:19
iheartubuntuakk did i read u are into genealogy03:54
akkiheartubuntu: No, though I have several friends who are.03:54
akkMy family tree resists genealogy; three of my four grandparents are basically untraceable.03:55
iheartubuntui have that problem with my dads side03:55
iheartubuntumom side... ive got like 80 cousins, dads side... i dont know anyone past his dad03:55
jamiedmattinglyfinally back on a computer04:14
iheartubuntudoes anyone use google docs within their company?05:17
iheartubuntuno, im not partying/working all night tonite06:47
* iheartubuntu wheres my espresso mug07:08
iheartubuntunice to meet you07:30
* iheartubuntu hello, my name is dave and im... a workaholic.07:30
iheartubuntuespresso almost done07:31
iheartubuntuthis time im adding in some "luxurious bittersweet chocolate shavings" by williams sonoma07:32
philipballewwhats up!07:50
philipballewwhat makes you up tinight?07:50
philipballewa girl who uses ubuntu told me today she likes your comic08:03
iheartubuntuyah? great!08:06
iheartubuntuim getting ready for tomorrow. installing ubuntu08:07
iheartubuntuor is that today now08:07
iheartubuntuneed to back up outlook email, then test out the mem chips and the wifi before installing ubuntu and putting the email stuff into evolution08:08
philipballewi need to back up my entire laptop. im thinking rsying but ive never used it today. also i need to set up a cronjob for twitter. its gonna be intresting. i have never used a email cliant. i always go online, maybe its weird08:10
iheartubuntuim considering going back to evolution for good08:11
iheartubuntui like gmail since it has imap08:11
iheartubuntubut once i switch emails i may not need gmail08:11
iheartubuntui do like evolution08:12
philipballewwhat do you like about evolution?08:12
iheartubuntuhas my contacts08:12
iheartubuntuhas tasks08:12
iheartubuntumy calendar is synced up in it08:12
philipballewhum. you cant do that in gmail?08:12
iheartubuntui can see all my email accts and pick separeate sigs for each08:12
philipballewor you just have used it so you orefer it?08:12
iheartubuntui can but08:12
iheartubuntui just use gmail for now08:13
iheartubuntuplus i can pgp emails with evolution08:14
philipballewi found a cool app that makes mailto links online open up my gmail account ready to type. its super nice08:14
philipballewi have never really done pgp. what do you do it for?08:14
iheartubuntulike if you dont want the gov to know you are emailing your brother about the weather08:15
iheartubuntui dont know :)08:15
philipballewyeah. if only my freidns even knew what encryption means. they think linux is the green party of computers08:16
philipballewactual qoute to08:16
iheartubuntuive had people tell me linux is for pron08:17
iheartubuntuat first i actually thought so!08:17
iheartubuntuuntil i got a livecd working08:17
iheartubuntuthen it was jsut a kick ass OS08:17
iheartubuntui have one brother in my fam i cannot convert08:17
philipballewmy family conist of my father who says i use my computer for weird things (normal is using internet explorer and outlook) and a mother running xp, i swear i fix that thing everytime i am home. then a brother whos a graphic design photo major with the macbook08:20
philipballewi booted it up and decided this is better then the pirated version of windows i had and wanted a chalenge and found it to work really well08:21
iheartubuntuim guessing they dont teach linux for graphic design majors08:21
philipballewmy schools graphic design classroom is about 30 snow leapord macs08:22
philipballewi must say though. i like the screen size08:22
iheartubuntuwhat size?08:22
philipballew20 something i belive08:22
iheartubuntui just snaked a 22" from the front office at my work and use it at my desk now. love it!!!08:23
philipballewNICE. i need to buy a new monitor. my boat anchor of a monitor broke last week :(08:23
philipballewcreigs list is gonna be my friend08:24
iheartubuntuthey have some dirt cheap stuff there08:24
iheartubuntui think this 22" was like $13008:24
iheartubuntuno name08:24
iheartubuntuwho cares08:24
iheartubuntuits huge compared to what i was using08:24
iheartubuntuim trying to hook my dad up with a new HP slimsize desktop.. $550 comes with 21" monitor08:25
philipballewfor sure. i might be looking at the 50 and under range. college has made me cashed strapped. where would you get that?08:25
iheartubuntusys76 is out of the question now. they want $1000 for less than the HP, plus the Sys76 doesnt even come with a monitor08:25
iheartubuntui as just at costco... $55008:26
iheartubuntuwith monitor08:26
iheartubuntuwas an AMD chip08:26
philipballewi like that store. how do you feel about amd?08:26
iheartubuntuintel chip, same computer on HP website was $60008:26
philipballewbought a flash drive there08:26
iheartubuntupersonally ive never owned amd08:26
philipballew16 gigs08:26
philipballewi have a desktop running a old 64 proccessor08:27
iheartubuntubut i resurrected an AMD at work recently.... only 500mb RAM but the thing flies with ubuntu 10/10 on it08:27
iheartubuntuim impressed08:27
iheartubuntucan even do supertuxkart08:27
philipballewi have that on my desktop thats unreachable now. it flys really fast and only has a gig08:28
philipballewsupertux cart has a new version08:30
iheartubuntui love it08:30
iheartubuntutoo bad it isnt multiplayer yet08:30
philipballewi like mario cart with my n64 emmulator personally thing08:32
philipballewit runs well08:32
philipballewyes sir08:32
iheartubuntuwhich emulator08:32
iheartubuntui need to find the rom file or whatever its called for mario cart08:32
iheartubuntunever played it08:32
philipballewi think its called mupen64plus.08:33
philipballewit works really well]08:33
philipballewit might be in the software center. i compiled it before it was08:33
iheartubuntufor ubuntu08:34
iheartubuntui see it08:35
philipballewyes, i compiled it for ubuntu. yes i see it to08:35
iheartubuntuhave the rom by any chance? or a good site with n64 roms?08:35
philipballewwell i cant really say that over irc08:37
iheartubuntui'll look08:37
philipballewim free to email and facebook im if you need08:37
philipballewbut if we hook up ever ill give you all minbe08:38
philipballew9gigs aprox08:38
iheartubuntuare there diff versions of mario cart?08:39
philipballewim not sure. a wikipedia acticle probably would say08:40
iheartubuntuohhh big diff08:41
iheartubuntutheres mario cart and mario cart 6408:42
philipballewhum. future web article?08:43
iheartubuntuok nice game08:47
iheartubuntucould be08:47
iheartubuntubut i noticed it said 199608:47
philipballewits when it was made. i think thats the point though?08:49
philipballewtheres thing called dolphin. its a cube and wii emmulator08:51
MarkDudegeeknic may be a nogo16:55
MarkDudetrashed my shoulder16:55
MarkDudepainkillered up16:55
MarkDudeWe can meetup around 4 to play some games atSaxbys16:56
pleia2hope you feel better18:08
Guest28722i programmed an ubuntu vs. windows game:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/582648/21:07
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Guest28722version 0.000001 >_<21:21
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jhana-froghmmm, i don't get empathy :(21:22
grantbowxchat (non gnome) is better :-)21:24
jhana-frogno way, xchat doesn't support facebook chat ;)21:24
grantbowheaven forbid! lol21:24
jhana-froggoogle talk?21:25
grantbowif you are doing all that you might want to run a proxy anyway21:26
jhana-frogi want to try the voice and video stuff that allegedly is supported21:26
jhana-frogmaybe i can join an in person meeting that way :)21:28
grantbowxchat really is focused on IRC. I haven't tried it with other systems.21:28
grantbowpidgeon is good21:29
jhana-frogwhy is empathy bundled with ubuntu?21:29
grantbowgood question. the IRC support hasn't been great. I hope it's improved.21:29
grantbowthe reason had something to do with the back end as I recall21:30
jhana-frogi wonder if i should ask in #ubuntu-motu21:31
grantbowI see a brainstorm.ubuntu.com item on it for Ubuntu 9.1021:32
jhana-frog42 thanks21:34
jhana-frogtelepathy.  interesting.21:37
jhana-frogoh man, if empathy supports twitter that would be...blissful21:38
pleia2if you use bitlbee than any irc client supports facebook ;)22:09
pleia2(it's what I do)22:09

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