rick_h_jrwren: :P re: twitter02:21
jrwrenrick_h_: saved my ass :)13:17
brouschyou mean he finally rescued you from your .net and windows addictions?13:18
jrwrenaddictions? purhaps.13:19
jrwrenbut i was replying re: twitter13:19
rick_h_ah, gotcha13:19
rick_h_the recently closed stuff13:19
brouschi do not see these things13:27
brouschoh, the tab thing13:27
snap-lOh, n/m13:49
brouschi got flask running on dreamhost and google app engine. i am 133713:52
snap-lUgh, just managed to trash my Google Chrome profile14:02
jrwrenwhat is flask?14:03
snap-lSqueezebox duet and squeezebox boom are both on sale on Amazon's deal of the day for $16914:08
jrwrenpython is cool.14:09
jrwreni just love that someone named it Fancy14:09
jrwrenwhat is squeezebox? :)14:09
snap-lIt's an internet radio / music device14:10
snap-lquite cool. I have the "clock radio" and it's pretty awesome.14:10
snap-lHas nice server software14:10
jrwreni just patched play2wifi to not require any xbmc packages \m/14:25
jrwrentrivial too.14:25
rick_h__stink_: http://pychess.org/14:30
rick_h_you ever see that?14:30
snap-lJust tried it. It crashed on me.14:32
snap-l"illegal instruction"14:33
_stink_rick_h_: naw, hadn't14:33
snap-lthe one that's in the repo for Lucid is not working14:34
snap-lI might have botched something14:34
snap-lnope. Still crashing14:35
snap-lFor whatever reason I can't even get the version that I downloaded to run without crashing14:45
rick_h_interesting, they just hit the python announce list with an update14:49
rick_h_where I ran into it14:49
snap-ltrying again14:49
snap-land crashed14:52
snap-lSubmitted them a bug report14:52
snap-lHave any of you had any luck with it?14:53
snap-ltoo bad there's no pip install. ;)14:53
rick_h_no, mainly figured _stink_ could steal some AI or something for pyramid chess14:55
snap-lNice, my mouse just fucked up, so I couldn't click on anything. ;)14:59
_stink_yeah, i might be stealing some code from it.  even if it doesn't work. :P15:03
snap-l_stink_: Oh definitely15:05
snap-lAnd I think it's something that's specific to my setup15:05
snap-lIt does look like a neat program, though15:05
brouschjrwren: Flask is a python microframework. So far i find it easy to use and learn.16:56
rick_h_http://pycon.blip.tv/file/4880330/ great talk17:16
rick_h_some pep8/pyflakes love17:17
rick_h_even though they're django users17:17
brouschi watched the mark ramm vs django talk. it was disappointing17:17
brousch"django, i don't like you, but please share your toys"17:18
rick_h_yea, well he was invited and was very hate with love kind of thing to it17:19
brouschhe wanted to go off but never did, except on poor little web2py17:19
rick_h_well that's the one thing 95% of python agree on17:20
brouschto me, it came off as him not liking django, but being too restrained to actually say anything bad17:20
rick_h_there's a huge convore thread on web2py vs everyone else from pycon17:20
brouschi didn't realize it was so controversial17:20
rick_h_heh, we had this discussion at dinner the first night of pycon17:20
rick_h_we had some django users in our group17:20
rick_h_and mark and I went off :)17:21
rick_h_was fun17:21
snap-lYeah, Mark is pretty consistent about his dislike, but respect of Django17:21
snap-lMaybe even dislike is too strong of a word17:21
rick_h_yea, I mean you can't argue that it's a huge win for python as a language/etc17:21
rick_h_it's like saying Ruby would be better off without rails17:21
rick_h_doesn't mean rails doesnt suck17:22
snap-lJust told JoDee that I wrote some nose tests17:23
brouschso far the best talk i've watched is Teaching Python with Robots17:23
snap-lshe says "nose"?17:23
snap-l"Yeah, I mean, you have carrot and celery, you need a nose to test them"17:23
jjessehappy saturday :P19:26
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brousch_tabletrick_h_: what did you use to stream lococast live?21:15
rick_h_brousch_tablet: ^^21:37
rick_h_heh, tablet eh? Did brousch_tablet get a new toy I missed?21:37
brousch_tabletno, my 6 year old hp tc110021:40
rick_h_ah, gotcha21:42
jrwrenthose are 6yo now? wow.21:51
jrwrenwould be interesting to drop a SSD in one.21:51
jrwrenlet it swap to SSD and see how it performs.21:52
DBOuhg I am so bored23:17
rick_h_DBO: boooo23:19
rick_h_hey, you up for an interview chat about unity sometime?23:19
rick_h_jcastro: thought you might be a good person to chat with23:19
DBOI love that kind of stuff23:19
DBOits a lot more fun than writing autohide state machine code23:19
DBO(guess what I am doing right now)23:19
rick_h_cool, PM me an email and I'll ping you on it23:20
rick_h_heh, wheeee23:20
DBOno need for PM23:20
DBOthat things everywhere...23:20
rick_h_snap-l: let's schedule some time to dit down and grill DBO on unity :P23:20
snap-lI'll bring the skewers23:21
greg-gw00t, follow up skype interview with wikimedia!23:21
snap-lgreg-g: Awesomesauce23:21
DBOskewers eh?23:22
snap-lPrefer pitchforks? OK.23:22
rick_h_heh, well we've been a bit negative, but I had a good talk at pycon with evan23:22
DBOmuch better thank you23:22
rick_h_so I guess we have some questions to ask we don't hear a lot about23:23
rick_h_our experiences trying unity hasn't convinced us it's the one true way?23:23
snap-lWe think that Mark should write more checks and do less UI design23:23
DBOlogged channel right?23:24
rick_h_http://lococast.net/archives/381 & maybe http://lococast.net/tag/unity23:24
rick_h_yea, channel is logged23:24
DBOokay well I understand the feeling23:25
DBOI even empathize with it23:25
rick_h_well, talking with evan I think there's some points that don't get discussed a lot23:25
rick_h_it was educational for me23:25
snap-lI know it's a work in progress23:25
rick_h_so I'ld like to bring some of that out23:25
DBOyeah I'd love to help out23:25
rick_h_that's my goal anyway23:25
snap-lI'm sympathetic to Ubuntu making changes23:25
DBOUnity is largely misunderstood I think23:25
snap-lTrust us, we're not Boycott Novell23:26
rick_h_I'll work on some questions/topic stuff in a google doc and share with you23:26
rick_h_and we'll plan out an interview/etc23:26
DBOsnap-l, I like boycott novell, they are like The Onion of FOSS23:26
rick_h_except they're actually a bit serious23:26
rick_h_yet just as ridiculus23:26
snap-lDBO: Unintentionally, I'm sure.23:26
DBOyes but they can be quite hard to tell from satire23:26
DBOi must admit, Im not super big on FLOSS politics23:27
snap-lhear hear23:27
DBOso what are your opinions on Unity23:34
DBOI would love to hear it23:34
DBOgood or bad, you dont need to sugar coat it23:34
DBO(I hate how people are afraid of offending me like I designed it or something)23:35
rick_h_my overall thing is that it seems like all the design/etc going into it is for non-linux uses23:36
rick_h_and I can see those people liking it, that's a win for sure23:36
rick_h_but I fear that it leaves out advanced users23:36
rick_h_and I wonder if long term advanced/power users/developers will abadon for another platform23:37
rick_h_and Ubuntu will suffer23:37
brouschbah, screw advanced users. they have tiling23:37
rick_h_you never hear about unityu\ great for dev work unless it's about how much space you save going fullscreen23:37
rick_h_but what devs runs fullscreen all the time23:38
rick_h_anyway, this is the type of convo I want to have in the interview, but hope that gets it started23:38
DBOokay, thanks for that, I disagree but thats because I dev in Unity :P23:39
rick_h_right, and I'm kind of a nut since I coming from AwesomeWM anyway23:39
brouschwhat ide/editor?23:39
rick_h_but I think we can agree that most of the design blog posts/usability studies are non-linux 'let's make things easy' users?23:40
rick_h_so that's what I want to get at, is there just a publicity issue? who's representing the poewr users during design (evan says Mark is a big speaker of that group, which I'd never heard) etc23:40
DBOI would say the major camps are23:42
DBONewbies have the design team, non-developer power users have mark, and developer level power users have DX23:42
brousch"Rick Harding: a gracious podcaster and hacker who has a very easygoing manner."23:43
rick_h_hey, nothing to rant about. I was surrounded by python and awesomeness23:44
DBOIm going to just go ahead and say it23:45
DBOpython is evil23:45
brouschnow rick_h_ is going to rip you a new one23:46
DBOyeah you heard me23:46
DBOpfft I've been to his house23:46
DBOI know where he lives23:46
DBOI met his wife and ate his cereal23:47
brouschwas he aware you did these things?23:47
rick_h_oh man, he ran away23:47
brouschof course he did23:48
brouschhe just revealed that he met your cereal and ate your wife while you weren't home23:49
brouschDBO: klmz? are you on the west side?23:50
DBOsorry about that23:50
rick_h_you haven't left that hole yet?23:51
rick_h_did you finish school?23:51
brouschhm, well i gues i won't invite you to grpug, but wmlug meets the last thursday of the month in GR23:51
DBOrick_h_, kinda23:51
DBObut I live here now23:51
rick_h_just curious23:52
DBOwell the thing I like about Kalamazoo is that everyone thinks I come from an imaginary place23:52
DBOalso, my girlfriend is still going to school here23:55
DBOrick_h_, how are things going for you23:56
rick_h_good stuff, just got back from pycon, having a lot of fun with bookie, and my 1yr old is crazy23:56
UnguidedHello All! ny of you from the souteast Michigan area?23:56
rick_h_most of us are23:56
UnguidedHot dog! Im from toledo and can not find anyone who uses ubuntu. Isnt that sad?23:57
DBOUnguided, go to your local computer science campus23:57
DBOI wish there were more folks here from Kalamazoo area23:58
UnguidedYeah. Im a newb to ubuntu myself and was looking for a local group to help me along. Im dyslexic and reading the books is both slow and painful. Im a strong auditory/visual learner.23:59
DBOhow does that affect your IRC usage?23:59

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