Unit193canthus13: Do you happen to know how to enable the bell in terminal? (Did all this: http://n0nb.us/blog/2011/01/enable-the-pc-speaker-beep-in-xfce-terminal/) and searched all around...02:40
canthus13Not sure in xfce...03:12
Unit193Might be close to gnome :/03:12
canthus13screen can be configured to use the bell, I believe...03:13
canthus13The profile preferences screen in gnome-terminal has a checkbox for enabling the bell.03:13
Unit193Hrm... Works over SSH in PuTTY... We just need it in xfce-terminal...03:15
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=== Vetinari is now known as lukjad
UnguidedHello All! Any of you from the toledo area?23:54

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