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netritiouscyberanger: you should look at the specs at Sun's (now Oracle's) web site...it's more akin to a blade server with hot swap blades and storage, dynamic hardware allocation, etc01:21
netritiousand Solaris, which has always been extremely pricey01:21
cyberangeryeah, about 31k more than I can look into01:34
cyberangeras far as buy01:34
cyberangerbut would be nice to read up on01:35
robertzaccourhey yall02:58
robertzaccourjust discovered this channel02:58
robertzaccouranyone here chat?02:59
robertzaccouroh ok cool03:00
Juzzylots tonight, actually03:00
robertzaccoursuper :)03:00
Juzzyyou in jackson tn?03:01
robertzaccourhow come tennessee team not approved?03:01
robertzaccourhighlight, says not approved. some states are some aren't03:01
Juzzyhrm dunno03:02
Juzzyyou work w/ ubuntu?03:03
robertzaccourwhere ya from Juzzy ?03:03
Juzzyor home pcs?03:03
robertzaccourgot Ubuntu installed03:03
robertzaccouroh ok03:03
robertzaccourmount juliet?03:03
Juzzylive in lewisburg03:03
Juzzywork in franklin/cool springs03:03
robertzaccourah i see03:04
Juzzyrun 1 ubuntu desktop at home03:04
Juzzyfor xbmc03:04
Juzzyand about 350 at work ;)03:04
robertzaccourwhat about the april 7 meeting? is it here or an actual meeting?03:04
robertzaccourah ok haha03:04
robertzaccourat work seriously?03:04
Juzzywe're a heavy linux shop03:05
robertzaccouryall sell stuff or what?03:05
Juzzyand ubuntu 8.04 and 10.04 almost 100%03:05
Juzzymortgage company03:05
Juzzywe have an office in jackson03:05
robertzaccouroh ok03:06
Juzzy200 Stonebridge Blvd Ste D, Jackson, TN03:06
Juzzyit's a small office03:06
robertzaccouris the april 7 meeting here or somewhere?03:06
Juzzynot sure how many ppl work out of it, prolly under 503:06
JuzzyI think it's in knoxville03:06
Juzzyyou're better off at #nlug03:07
Juzzythats the nashville user linux grp03:07
robertzaccourwhats that?03:07
robertzaccourno cookeville one i assume03:07
robertzaccouris there a good program for capturing video and audio from a usb device?03:08
robertzaccourI have a dazzle03:08
Juzzyhm, adobe makes a few03:08
Juzzyfor what OS?03:08
Juzzyah i dunno03:10
JuzzyI honestly can't stand linux desktops03:10
Juzzyyea, esp ubuntu, oddly enough03:11
Juzzyi have the worse luck03:11
JuzzyI could go on for hours03:11
Juzzyon how bad they fsck things up03:11
robertzaccouri always change the wallpaper03:11
Juzzyi've tried on 2 laptops, and some way they do the DAV and udev03:12
robertzaccouralmost always has ugly default wallpapers03:12
Juzzysometimes plugging in wireless usb adapters will hard lock the whole box03:12
robertzaccourthat sucks03:12
Juzzythen on my xbmc box, I've had nothing but problems with it :/03:12
Juzzyevery upgrade it breaks something different03:13
Juzzykeyboard, wireless, intel nic03:13
Juzzynothing is off limits03:13
Juzzysometimes it thinks my 62" tv is 90" and doesnt let me fit it on the screen03:13
Juzzywell all but 1 version did that03:13
Juzzyanyways </rant>03:13
Juzzybut other ppl have no problems03:14
Juzzyalso the default alfa drives wont let my nice 2w alfa wireless do monitoring ;/03:15
robertzaccourmy laptop works fine03:16
robertzaccourgateway nv55c03:16
robertzaccourwhat OS you use normally?03:18
robertzaccourrockin natty right now here03:21
robertzaccourthats what mine came with03:31
Juzzyat work i have a hackentosh and a win703:31
Juzzycant get osx86 on this lappy03:31
robertzaccourhackintosh doesn't work as well though does it?03:34
robertzaccourare there a lot of computer models with success?03:34
robertzaccouri gotta have a 64 bit OS anyways03:34
JuzzyI have it working flawless on a dell 96003:36
Juzzyaudio, nic, etc03:36
Juzzyexcept the sleep feature03:36
Juzzymy laptop is too new, i dunno what part breaks, but it can't get installed, barely boots up03:36
chibihogoshinothere is enough radiation at the fukushima plant to kill people03:37
robertzaccourfor me Ubuntu works best right now03:38
robertzaccourWindows 7 is good but doesn't really have anything to offer me03:38
robertzaccouryou tried ubuntu natty yet?03:42
chris4585robertzaccour, I have and so far I'm liking it besides dash in unity03:43
robertzaccourwhats dash?03:43
chris4585its the menu that pops up when you click on the ubuntu icon03:44
cyberangerrobertzaccour: there is an approval process, sparing you of the details of that process, we are close to nailing our requirements03:44
cyberangertechnically we may already have, just being a little through before we apply03:45
cyberangerand also, there is a cookeville linux users group03:45
robertzaccouroh i see03:46
robertzaccourreally? where?03:46
robertzaccouroh ok cool03:46
chris4585robertzaccour, http://www.techdrivein.com/2011/03/ubuntu-1104-natty-narwhal-alpha-3.html03:46
cyberangerrobertzaccour: also in person, hang on03:46
cyberangerwell, the link in topic has all the info, why repeat it ;-)03:47
cyberangerand on Behalf of the LoCo, welcome03:47
robertzaccourI'm using natty atm03:47
robertzaccourso far pretty good03:47
chris4585robertzaccour, ah, yeah I like it for the most part, I'm just waiting for unity to get better03:48
chris4585if its not, then I'll continue to use my altered classic gnome setup03:48
robertzaccouryou can always install gnome 3, right?03:49
cyberangerrobertzaccour: the april 7th loco meeting is in this channel, as it always is first thursday of the month03:49
robertzaccouroh ok thanks03:49
chris4585robertzaccour, you can switch between classic gnome and unity at anytime from the login screen03:50
cyberangerJuzzy: our meetings are always in irc, this channel, first thursday of the month03:50
chris4585you can alternative probably install gnome 3 classic desktop, or gnome-shell03:50
cyberangerand we're preparing release parties in a few cities03:51
cyberanger(and I intend to insure cookeville is on that list this time, if I can)03:51
robertzaccourthat is cool03:51
robertzaccourcyberanger, you head of the tn group?03:52
cyberanger(and unlike last time, should be a safe bet, presuming gas doesn't go much higher than now, I think I've planned everything shy of memphis to the tune of 4.50 a gal (memphis better be 4.00 a gal)03:52
cyberangerYes, I'm the trustee03:52
robertzaccourah ok03:52
cyberangerwe have regional leaders too, your cookeville, right? that'd put you under middle tn with pace_t_zulu then03:53
robertzaccouryeah cookeville03:54
robertzaccouroh ok03:54
cyberangerhe's nashville based, we have wrst and electricus from cookeville, if I recall03:54
cyberanger3 regions, west, middle and east03:55
cyberangerwest seems to be nearly all in memphis, middle is split, nashville area and cookeville (and cookeville is equally close to knoxville)03:56
cyberangereast tn is odd, I'm near chattanooga, the region leader is in morristown, another member on the KY state line, and two members knoxville area03:56
cyberangerwe try to cover everywhere, big state ;-)03:57
robertzaccourwell long state03:57
robertzaccouractually cookeville is a little closer to nashville03:58
cyberangerdepends on where to where03:58
robertzaccouroh true03:58
cyberangereast side of cookeville can hit west knoxville quicker than downtown nashville, perhaps even the airport if not city limits03:58
cyberangerand vise versa, minus the time zone messup, both are roughly an hour03:59
cyberangerhit traffic in either of them, skews it, the difference is smaller than the traffic it seems, at least based on every time I drive it04:00
cyberangeranyhow, if you have any questions, about the loco or ubuntu in general, odds are somebody here has the answer04:00
robertzaccourcookeville party, I can help plan04:01
robertzaccourwould meetings have to be indoors?04:01
cyberangerthat one might already planned, actually, gotta talk to some folks in the lug there and see04:02
cyberangerI welcome the input, don't get me wrong, just that one for some reason seems simplier than most04:02
robertzaccouroh ok thanks04:05
robertzaccourso you drive around all over the state for the meetings?04:06
cyberangernot before at least04:13
cyberangerI've driven to nashville and knoxville04:13
cyberangermostly walk nowadays (just too cheap for a car really)04:13
robertzaccourah ok04:13
cyberangerbut special occasions, gonna do something different this time04:14
robertzaccouri'm heading to work i'll be back on when i get there04:18
cyberangerI don't think I will be till morning04:18
cyberangercan only defy sleep for so long04:18
robertzaccourI'm back05:11
robertzaccourhey Juzzy fruit05:12
robertzaccourhey cyberanger05:12
robertzaccourhey yall16:01
robertzaccourwish i could sleep18:00
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XpistosHey guys I could use a little help with a raid card19:38
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