smwmr_potato, man pages are your friend :-)00:00
usr13mr_potato: Yep00:00
mr_potatosmw thanks! apt-cache depends00:00
mr_potatojust being lazy today00:00
Gatoradewhats dat00:00
triggerhappmr_potato, Possibly use aptitude, I'm sure that shows dep's00:00
mr_potatoneed to finish writing puppet manifests00:00
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triggerhappoh or that :300:00
Viihtdo bem ?00:01
douglis 8 gig enuff room for a 10.10 install?00:01
Gatoradewhats a call buddy00:01
rwwdougl: yes00:01
douglrww, thanks00:01
oCean!br | Viih00:01
ubottuViih: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.00:01
Viihvc's falam de onde?00:01
kdubtriggerhapp: i'm with you on the tochscreens. also, wiimotes00:01
knoppiesdougl, more than enough, you should be able to fit it into 4-5gigs I think (I may be wrong).00:01
usr13mr_potato: apt-cache showpkg <package-name>  also shows dependencies00:02
Viiheu não falo inglês !00:02
Gatoradeplease help, I need this problem fixed00:02
triggerhappI like wiimotes kdub :3 just done use it enoug00:02
triggerhappdont* enough*00:02
triggerhappoh lord00:02
douglknoppies, right on - thanx00:02
ScuniziAlsa mixer always mutes my usb headset settings on shutdown (or possibly reboot). How do I get alsamixer to "fix" the settings and remember them ??00:02
knoppiesHow do I get rid of that annoying sound (drdrdrd, with the drums) that plays to tell you: Im ready for you to login.00:02
knoppiesdougl, remember to leave space for updates/packages you want to install.00:03
mr_potatousr13, wow that also shows reverse dependencies00:03
mr_potatothat's impressive00:03
southpaw75evening Ubuntu channel00:03
Gatoradeplz, whats a call buddy00:04
jamiewanknoppies, sound prefs and select no theme sound00:04
chris_osxhi, how can i see, what ip address the devices in my network have?00:04
ViihI do not speak English00:04
knoppiesjamiewan, already done that, it works for after I have logged in, but not before I have logged in,.00:04
usr13chris_osx: ifconfig00:04
smwViih, what do you speak?00:04
chris_osxusr13: no i mean the devices like printer and other gadgets with ip address00:05
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usr13Viih: What is your native language?00:05
ar0nhey guys what seems to be the best option in getting flash to play as best as possible00:05
triggerhappchris_osx, nmap ?00:05
kdubi'd guess portugese00:05
chris_osxtriggerhapp: thanks00:05
ar0ni have tried the standard plugin, as well as flash square for linux00:05
jamiewanchris_osx, nmap will show all devices00:05
GatoradeI' m sorry 2 be ennoying, but my screen flickering is really annoying00:05
jamiewanip's that is00:05
* kdub was right00:05
triggerhappchris_osx, but that's almost using a chainsaw to trim leaves00:05
usr13chris_osx: Ask your system admin.00:05
todulchaosIve having some video output issues.  Been reading forums all last night and today.00:06
triggerhappusr13, that's the easy way out ;)00:06
kdubViih: #ubuntu-br00:06
chris_osxusr13: i am the admin00:06
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.00:06
ar0ni still seem to get pretty shoddy playback off of certain sites that are embedding youtubge vids00:06
Socky_Hey guys, i know how to do a "sudo add-apt-repository"  but how do you remove?  I tried sudo remove-apt-repos...  but that didnt work00:06
twitchSocky_: edit /etc/apt/sources.list00:06
usr13chris_osx: You could try a broadcast ping but most nics do not respond to broadcast ping00:06
triggerhappOh god. Socky_ twitch  ppa-purge?00:07
Scunizichris_osx: etherape might be another choice.. gui centric and easy.00:07
jamiewanchris_osx, go to terminal type nmap plus your ip with a /24 instead of the last digit in ya ip00:07
twitchtriggerhapp: i like editing files ... *hands on ;)00:07
Code_BleuDoes anyone know of a good solution like "NEAT Reciepts" for linux?  I use MoneyDance and KMyMoney and would like some way of scanning my reciepts and importing them into my accounting software.00:07
jamiewanshopuld show all ip's on your network00:07
usr13chris_osx: i.e.  ping -b
triggerhapptwitch, not so good for removing any installed packages from said repo ;)00:08
Scunizichris_osx: there's also gnmap which is nmap with a limited gui00:08
Socky_triggerhapp: i accidently typed "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:user/ppa-name" and i want to remove that line  i dont see it in sources.list00:08
twitchtriggerhapp: true ... but if i wanted it gone apt-get remove or dpkg :P00:08
sn00pdiggthis windows program needs to interact with the usb and access it and it won't recognize the usb00:08
triggerhappSocky_, It's probably in another file in /etc/apt/sources.d00:08
jamiewanchris_osx, so say your box ip is then type nmap 10.0.0/2400:09
triggerhapptwitch, true. true :300:09
usr13chris_osx: What you should do is set static IPs for the things you need to keep track of.00:09
zvacetSocky_ : look in sources.d folder00:09
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knoppiesSocky_, try man apt-add-repository00:09
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jamiewanchris_osx, install nmap first tho lol00:10
sn00pdiggthis windows program installed correctly but needs to interact with the usb and access it and it won't recognize the usb00:10
OWOla bruderz! ikonia bruder Pici bruder ola!00:10
sn00pdiggwhen i plug in the usb device, it doens't recognize it as the windows machine would00:10
zvacetSocky_ : sources.list.d folder00:10
ar0nsn00pdigg, ?00:11
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twitchSocky_: all else fails try going in gnome System-> admin -.update manager ... settings and then other software tab00:11
triggerhappsn00pdigg, look up AppDB website for info about your windows program00:11
ar0nis anyone using flashplayer square 64bit ?00:11
todulchaosRunning an nvidia ION with an aspire r3610 nettop. Displayed is output to a HDTV via HDMI00:12
todulchaosI was getting choppy playback with the built in driver support. that and I couldn't quite make the screen fill the entire HDTV display area00:12
todulchaosI found the 3rd Party Nvidia drivers, that support hardware acceleration.  Now I Can play 1080P.  Problem now is the Output area is slightly larger than my HDTV00:12
todulchaosso the left/right top/bottom boundries are off the screen00:12
todulchaosNvidia X server settings allows me to adjust rez, but I can't seem to shrink the output dispay area to make it fit00:12
FloodBot2todulchaos: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:12
usr13ar0n: I am00:12
twitch!enter | todulchaos00:12
ubottutodulchaos: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:12
knoppiesWhat software would you suggest if I want to make voip/webcam with others who use windows (skype?googletalk?)?00:12
ar0nusr13,  notice any improvements00:12
M-TI think I may have just hosed my media center PC (Acer Aspire Revo) that runs Ubuntu Karmic.  I let it do a system upgrade and after it rebooted it would only come up in Low-Resolution mode,  I use a program called "Back In Time" which I thought was supposed to be like Time Machine on a Mac.  So I tried restoring from the latest backup.  Not only did that NOT fix the video issue, but now Sudo doesn't work, nor any program that requires a00:12
usr13ar0n: Since when __________?00:12
ar0nsince the upgrade?00:12
ar0nM-T,  thats no good00:13
triggerhappknoppies, for skype, use skype00:13
memorygap0i always get this "N: Ignoring file 'karmic_0.list.1' in directory '/etc/apt/sources.list.d/' as it has an invalid filename extension00:13
memorygap0" is that a problem00:13
usr13Well, I haven't fired up my 64bit machine in about a week now.  So I guess not.  (In other words, I do not know when the last upgrade was.)00:13
twitchknoppies: you can get skype for linux and !empathy for msn/yahoo etc ...00:13
twitch!webcam | knoppies00:13
ubottuknoppies: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras00:13
usr13ar0n: So, again:  Since when __________?00:14
M-TI know.  I can still get into it as a user but wonder if there's any hope of repairing it.00:14
knoppiestriggerhapp, I know, thanks, thats not what I was asking, I was asking for better alternatives.00:14
ar0nhave you noticed any issues with youtube embedded clips00:14
usr13ar0n: Since when __________?00:14
ar0nor this00:14
knoppiesthatnks twitch, do you know of any better alternatives.00:14
ar0nafter the upgrade to 64bit00:14
triggerhappknoppies, I meant that the only way to connect with skype protocol is skype ;) wasnt sure if you thought others would support it00:14
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usr13ar0n: Well, yea it works just fine. But that's all I can say.  It works just fine on my 32bit box as well, so....00:15
knoppiestriggerhapp, thanks, what I meant was, they can install anything on their machine, provided that it will run on windows.00:15
triggerhappknoppies, understood :300:15
twitchknoppies: To the best of my knowledge, there is no alternative Skype client for any platform. The Skype protocol has yet to be fully reverse engineered for compatibility with a replacement application. The protocol itself is proprietary and heavily encrypted and obfuscated.00:15
triggerhapptwitch, haha. Just annoy him more ;)00:16
knoppiestwitch, I was hoping to avoid the skype protocol, and use something much better, maybe open source. But as I said, there must be a windows client too.00:16
LittleRedar0n: I have the flash plug in for Firefox on 64 bit00:16
Guest4965How to install kernel module iwl4965?00:16
kdogwhat is the service that gwibber uses for notification pop-ups?00:16
zvacetM-T:  boot in recovery mode and type adduser <username> admin00:16
ar0noh wait, i beleive ufc.com uses silverlight00:17
ar0nwhat would be the best option for that00:17
M-THow do I boot in recovery mode?00:17
LittleRedar)n: yes it does00:17
sn00pdiggI look at AppDB and my program isn't listed00:17
Guest4965M-T: Hold shift at boot to show grub boot menu, then select recovery mode to boot.00:17
ar0nLittleRed,  really?00:17
arbitraryI think something is wrong with the network setup of my system. route -n prints: Kernel IP routing table /newline/ Destination     Gateway       Genmask       Flags Metric Ref   Use Iface00:18
arbitraryThis is not the system I am connected to the net with :|00:18
twitchknoppies: empathy for ubuntu and msn for windows .. they do video calling00:18
zvacetM-T:  when comp boot you will see grub entries with kernel names pick one witch have recovery mode in name00:18
ar0nhmm do you have moonlight installed littlered?00:18
LittleRedar0n: yes UFC uese silverlight... give me a sec and let me see what I used instead00:18
usr13M-T: boot the alternate install CD and select "Rescue a broken system"00:18
triggerhapparbitrary, I love that you clarified that pre-emptively00:18
M-TOkay, I will try that when I am finished backing up a few things, but I'll bet I'm going to have a problem because my keyboard usually isn't active at boot00:18
knoppiestwitch, thats even worse. I think I will stick with googletalk. Thank you.00:19
M-TI have to unplug/replug it to activate it00:19
garmedoes someone know how to remove gnome in ubuntu 10.04?00:19
zvacetM-T:  then do what usr13 adviced00:19
twitch!moonlight | ar0n00:19
usr13!kde | garme00:19
ubottuar0n: For Microsoft Silverlight support, install Moonlight with the following command: « sudo apt-get install moonlight-plugin-mozilla » in a terminal.00:19
ubottugarme: KDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See http://kubuntu.org for more information.00:19
Guest4965M-T: Then force a recordfail on the hard drive by powering off shortly after boot, then grub will load the menu. Though I'm not sure how you'll select the right option00:19
ar0nLittleRed,  moonlight is what i grabbed00:19
sn00pdigganyone have any idea why my windows program running on ubuntu can't recognize my usb device?00:20
ar0nwhat is the terminal hot key guys?00:20
Guest4965I really need to install iwl496500:20
triggerhappsn00pdigg, looked it up on AppDB yet?00:20
LittleRedar0n: I can't figure out what I used... I have a grip of plugins00:20
sn00pdiggits not listed00:20
usr13ar0n: What ever you want it to be.  (Your choice)00:20
triggerhappsn00pdigg, then the app isnt supported00:20
garmeubottu: well... i dont like intalling kde... i just want remove gnome.00:20
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:20
zvacetgarme : what do you want to install instead00:20
twitchGuest4965: explain?00:20
arbitrary2Great. If anyone replied to me, I missed it completely.00:20
helloQhello! does anyone know how I can clear the history on the Software Center?00:20
sn00pdiggnooooooooooooooooo.... ooooooooooooooooooooooooo....00:20
ar0ni am usng moonlight, however, i still just have issues with flash on this pc seems like i always haved00:21
garmei thinking about to use lxde.00:21
LittleRedar0n: what browser?00:21
p_resar0n: Ctrl+T for quick open of terminal00:21
bazhanggarme, then install lubuntu-desktop00:21
zvacetgarme:  just a sec00:21
sn00pdiggtriggerhapp, its a lesser know program...00:21
twitchar0n: yeah flash isn't the most stable of plugins00:21
Guest4965twitch: On ubuntu 10.04 iwl4965 was the default kernel module for my device. It worked fine. Now in 10.10, it is iwlagn, iwlagn crashes my kernel at boot.00:21
ar0ni see this00:21
SnakkahHi. How do I get a new IP address or renew it?00:21
usr13Snakkah: ifconfig  or  dhclient00:21
zvacetgarme:  http://psychocats.s465.sureserver.com/ubuntu/purelxde00:21
M-TJust copying this stuff to notes...00:22
twitchGuest4965: when it's loading modules before it gets to gdm?00:22
usr13Snakkah: ifconfig  to see what it is,  sudo dhclient  to renew00:22
Guest4965twitch: yes00:22
M-TIf I can get it to pause long enough to let me unplug/repulg USB keyboard I can use it.00:22
memorygap0how do i know if am  i using 32 or 64 bit? on my ubuntu10.1000:22
helloQhello! does anyone know how I can clear the history on the Software Center??00:22
ar0ni havented booted up this ubuntu partition in forever,00:22
bazhangmemorygap0, uname -r00:22
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ar0nthakns for the help, can anyone recommend a good dock?00:22
triggerhappar0n, try #awn00:23
memorygap0unam -r00:23
usr13ar0n:  What body of water are you on?00:23
M-TThanks for the suggestions00:23
twitchGuest4965: nasty .. whats the last line you see before it crashes00:23
ar0nusr13,  amercan00:23
usr13sorry, couldn't resisit.00:23
triggerhappmemorice, "uname -r" in a terminal00:23
jamiewanar0n, cairo dock00:23
Guest4965memorygap0: uname -r | grep 32 | grep 64   (the red number is the answer)00:23
ar0nlol usr13  good one, you got me00:23
Prinler^Linhey everyone i did some updates on my ubuntu and now my firefox is messed up. Says something about it already being open.00:23
garmezvacet: I just tryied it... doesnot work.00:23
usr13ar0n: Sorry was an attempt at humor.00:23
ar0njamie i am using that one, so i guess thats one of the better ones00:23
ar0ni chuckled00:23
Guest4965memorygap0: I'm sorry, uname -a | grep 32 | grep 6400:24
bazhanggarme, what was the exact error00:24
triggerhappPrinler^Lin, pkill -9 firefox ?00:24
jamiewanar0n, yeah or docky00:24
memorygap0bazhang: i got  2.6.35-27-generic.00:24
twitchGuest4965: uname -m00:24
Snakkahusr13, this will fix the problem I have with being IP banned from my own server because it just so happens to be connected to a botnet?00:24
Guest4965I always have bad answers00:24
garmebazhang: some packges didnt installed.00:24
SoulShadowsoo..how do i downgrade my broadcom wireless driver?00:24
Guest4965twitch: I don't know the last line, it says something about adding station ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff00:24
twitchGuest4965: lol as long as they work :P00:24
sn00pdiggcan anyone help me with the usb recognizing my phone...00:24
sn00pdiggi've installed the windows drivers using wine00:25
sn00pdiggit still won't recognize00:25
twitchGuest4965: and this is a stock kernel ?00:25
zvacetzvacet: I just tryied it... doesnot work.00:25
zvacetzvacet: I just tryied it... doesnot work.00:25
zvacetzvacet: I just tryied it... doesnot work.00:25
triggerhappsn00pdigg, windows "drivers" wont work on wine00:25
FloodBot2zvacet: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:25
Guest4965twitch: I blacklisted iwlagn, that gets me to GDM.00:25
Guest4965twitch: Yeah, stock.00:25
zvacetsorry for this my mistake00:25
sn00pdiggtriggerhapp, is there a way to get my phone recognized on my ubuntu machine?00:26
memorygap0bazhang:  uname -a | grep 32 | grep 64. no result00:26
triggerhappsn00pdigg, what phone?00:26
jamiewansn00pdigg, phone type?00:26
sn00pdiggi've checked the manufacturer's website... its an lg optimus00:26
Guest4965memorygap0: change 32 to 386, or just do uname -m00:26
Guest4965like the smart person said00:26
SoulShadownobody knows how to downgrade a kernel driver?00:26
twitchmemorygap0: uname -m00:27
Guest4965Though I'm thinking no result means its 32 lol00:27
Guest4965I've looked everywhere for iwl4965, can't find it00:27
memorygap0twicth: i686 the result00:27
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twitchGuest4965: im not smart lol :P .. i'm of meh head atm :P00:28
memorygap0is that 64 or 32 bit00:28
garmezvacet: I just tried it too...00:28
Guest4965That's 3200:28
Guest4965if not 64, 3200:28
sn00pdiggit's weird to me that a phone running on android (linux-based from my understanding) wouldn't be recognized on a machine running ubuntu (linux-based)00:28
garmeDoesnot work.00:28
jamiewansn00pdigg, phone running andriod?00:28
zvacetgarme : did you type all as one command00:28
garmemy ubuntu is 10.04... this tutorial just works for 10.1000:29
KramBWhat is a good program to convert my desktop recordings to something that can be uploaded onto YouTube?00:29
KramBThey come out as .ogg00:29
Guest4965KramB: not ogv?00:30
KramB.ogv yes sorry.00:30
triggerhappKramB, Last I tried, that uploaded to youtube?00:30
yhagerHow to run system->preferences from the command line? I don't have that menu...00:30
CronkI am having an issue with too many windows open causing the application widgets on the task bar to go kind of crazy.  And the usage on two processes spike:  Xorg and wnck-applet.  (It only happens when you get 8 or more windows open.)00:30
twitchGuest4965: as for your wifi ... im still thinking away :P have u tried downloading and patching with the compat-wireless driver code00:30
KramBTriggerhapp: I tried but all I got was green screen?00:30
sn00pdiggany ideas?00:30
Guest4965twitch: Yeah00:30
triggerhappKramB, odd, worked for me last two tries :S00:30
zvacetgarme:  http://psychocats.s465.sureserver.com/ubuntu/purekdelucid00:31
KramBTriggerhapp: I shall try again then.  We will see. ._.00:31
Guest4965twitch: Somehow compat-wireless doesn't have iwl4965 anymore. How do I try using backports?00:31
morgothhi. i am having trouble with connecting my Fritz!WLAN usb 2.4 n to my router. i get an ip via dhcp, but i cant ping any machines inside or outside my lan.00:31
abstraktmy google fu is failing me: where can I find a list of the valid settings I can use for $TERM00:31
twitchGuest4965: did you use bleeding edge release or a older more stable release of compat00:31
morgoth iwlist wlan0 scan http://paste.ubuntuusers.de/399997/, wpa_supplicant http://paste.ubuntuusers.de/399998/00:31
jamiewansn00pdigg, try here http://cheapcellunlockedphones.com/the-easy-way-to-root-unroot-lg-android-phones/00:31
garmezvacet: I will try it now.00:31
zvacetgarme:  don´t run last command apt-get install kubuntu-desktop00:31
garmezvacet: ok. :D tnx.00:31
gerardjametfrom france00:32
zvacetgarme : just remove ubuntu desktop and after that run sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop00:32
sn00pdiggthank you jamiewan00:32
garmezvacet: Ok.00:32
sn00pdiggis it safe to install Mono?00:32
jamiewansn00pdigg, just a quick look but might have something useful00:32
gerardjameti have troubles with compiz00:32
Guest4965twitch: I don't think they were bleeding edge, either way, there is no iwl4965 module00:32
LittleRedwell I finally foud out that my media bar isn't supported for 64 bit yet... I'm ok with that, just have to wait now00:33
zvacetgarme: or you can install lubuntu desktop from synaptic and after that remove ubuntu desktop from terminal00:33
Guest4965twitch: Here's something strange, ifconfig -a shows wlan000:33
n4chtquestion:  grub2 installed with a timeout of 0, so no grub menu, but system boots in a mode my monitor cannot handle; how do i get to a grub menu to add 'nomodeset' and 'vga=791' ?00:33
bazhangzvacet, ubuntu-desktop is just a metapackage, removing it will do nothing00:33
Guest4965but if I enable it (use the RF switch) it will freeze my system00:34
ar0nlittlered im having shit for luck on that ufc page00:34
zvacetbazhang: I give him a link how to remove all packages form ubuntu desktop and replace gnome with lxde00:34
ar0ni got moonlight installed00:34
ar0nno luck00:34
p_resAs bazhang states, ubuntu-desktop is perfectly safe to remove with no after effects.00:34
bazhangar0n, no cursing00:34
Code_Bleuhow do i convert a .jpg file to a .tiff file?00:34
abstraktwhy is /usr/share/terminfo blank?00:34
sn00pdiggUnable to locate package lib32ncurses5?00:35
abstraktdo I need to manually install the terminfo entries?00:35
p_resCode_Bleu: Open it and resave as TIFF.00:35
Guest4965n4cht: Press e, erase "quiet splash" and replace with nomodeset, then press ctrl-x00:35
sn00pdiggignore that00:35
LittleRedar0n: I'm fiber to the wall and it's the slowest loading page I've run into00:35
Code_Bleup_res: from command line00:35
=== ar0n is now known as ar0nic
ledbettjCode_Bleu: install the 'imagemagick' package and do 'convert input.jpg output.tiff'00:35
p_resCode_Bleu: Probably require feh or imagemagick packages.00:35
garmezvacet: its working. <o/00:35
p_resCode_Bleu: Not too sure.00:35
garmezvacet: tnx, man.00:35
twitchGuest4965: your on a laptop right?00:35
zvacetgarme: of cource it does  ;)00:35
n4chtGuest4965: that only works when your timeout isn't set to zero and you actually *get* a grub menu.  as ubuntu is the only OS installed, the timeout was automatically set to zero during install.00:35
ar0nicwow llittle red i guess two things maybe, perhaps moonlight slow or ufc is lagged to hell00:36
ar0nichowever all else seems to work00:36
LittleRedar0n: you a Faber fan?00:36
Code_Bleuledbettj: i tried that, but the image properties says: Failed to load image information00:36
ar0nicmaybe it buffers more than silver light00:36
ar0nicLittleRed,  for a long time00:36
zvacetgarme.enjoy lubuntu00:36
twitchGuest4965: fn+f5 ?00:36
CronkI am having an issue with too many windows open causing the application widgets on the task bar to go kind of crazy.  And the usage on two processes spike:  Xorg and wnck-applet.  (It only happens when you get 8 or more windows open.)00:36
ar0nictis sad people wrote him off after his few losses00:36
n4chti'm trying to figure out how to *get* a grub menu so i *can* press 'e' and make those changes.00:36
ar0nicafter a career of owning00:36
garmezvacet: tnx, man.00:36
viewerwhen i suspejnd a job in the terminal using ctrl-z how do i kill it?  i type jobs and see its job 1, then i try kill 1 and it says operation not permitted??00:36
ledbettjCode_Bleu: I just tested it with one of my jpegs -- worked ok; is there something special about the jpg you are trying to convert?00:37
Cronkviewer:  Try "kill -9 1"00:37
Guest4965n4cht: Then why not kill the power during boot to record a boot fail, then get your grub menu that way00:37
LittleRedar0n: the weigh in is still loading (ggrrrrr..hate waiting) Let me see if MMAjunkie has it00:37
n4chtviewer: ps aux | grep <job name>   then kill -900:37
ehwviewer, type %1 otherwise you're killing PID 1, which is probably not what you want...00:37
n4chtsorry... kill -9 <pid>00:37
twitchn4cht: grep -i :P makes it easier00:38
rwwn4cht: hold down shift at boot00:38
p_resCode_Bleu: Can you load the image into GIMP or something similar?00:38
n4chtrww: i'll give that a try.00:38
jamiewanviewer, or run top in terminal find the pid number of the app then sudo kill -9 pid00:38
ledbettjviewer: you can also do ' killall `pidof <programname>` '00:38
ehwviewer, so "kill %1"00:38
Code_Bleuledbettj: it converts for me too, but if you right click and go to properties...then the image tab it says: Failed to load image information00:38
LittleRedar0n: there is a silverlight plugin... give me a sec and I'll let you know if  it works00:39
p_resLinux has issues with maintaining exif data with jpeg > tiff conversions. I know that.00:39
Code_Bleuledbettj: ok, Gimp gives the same result...so that must be the norm...i guess.00:39
n4chtrww: you're my hero.00:39
n4chtrww: successful boot.  :D00:40
twitchGuest4965: i have no ideas sry unless you backport a kernel00:40
ledbettjCode_Bleu: I see the same behavior.  doesn't seem to affect the image, just the info in nautilus.00:40
viewerledbettj, jamiewan, n4cht, Cronk, thanks but im trying to do it without top or going throught the PID as an exercise00:40
viewerehw, when i try to designate its a job number with 5 it just lists the stopped job like when typing 'jobs'00:40
viewerehw, designate with & (sorry)00:41
n4chtviewer: nice.  i only ever kill processes by PID myself.  good luck though.  :)00:41
LittleRedar0n: it's loading00:41
p_resviewer: You can still use top to nab the pid though.00:41
ehwviewer, here's an example: "sleep 500 &" returns [1] 1084700:42
=== Aaron5367 is now known as Aaron5367|detach
jamiewanyeah best way or try htop, gives u option to scroll to it and kill00:42
=== zz_PhilMather is now known as PhilMather
LittleRedar0n: it's being an ass monkey00:42
ehwviewer, "jobs" shows "[1]+  Running                 sleep 500 &"00:42
Cronk(OK, last time.  I am guessing folks don't have an answer, but maybe...just maybe...the question is getting missed.  I will stop spamming after this.)00:42
ar0nicdid it make you buffer/load all of it?00:42
CronkI am having an issue with too many windows open causing the application widgets on the task bar to go kind of crazy.  And the usage on two processes spike:  Xorg and wnck-applet.  (It only happens when you get 8 or more windows open.)00:42
p_resjamiewan: Agreed. htop is much better than regular top.00:42
ehwviewer "kill %1" kills #1: "[1]+  Terminated              sleep 500"00:42
jamiewanp_res, yes and its colored in as well lol00:43
viewerehw, i had to do kill -9 %1 thanks that did it00:43
p_resjamiewan: <thumbsup>00:43
ehwviewer, ok; if it's hung the -9 might be necessary too00:43
BentFranklinUsing Kubuntu 10.4.  In Software Management, if I search for "python" I get 1000 results.  But "python-2.7" gets none.  How can I search within results or otherwise find the exact name of the most recent python 2.x version?00:44
viewerehw, i see, thanks00:44
ar0nichey LittleRed  did it make you load all of it00:44
ehwviewer, as an aside, "sudo kill -9 1" would terminate init (which is always PID 1), at which point hilarity ensues :-)00:45
ar0nicthen play or did it buffer at all00:45
BentFranklinI guess I should say I have python 2.6 and am trying to upgrade if that wasn't obvious.00:45
=== Aaron5367|detach is now known as Aaron5367
twitchBentFranklin: 2.6 is the lastest for ubuntu i believe00:45
LittleRedar0nic: looks like thats the only way... buffer is loading now, not streaming00:45
jamiewanehw, :-)00:45
BentFranklintwitch: So if 2.7 were ready it would be available as an upgrade...?00:45
trismBentFranklin: there is no 2.7 package in the lucid repos, it wasn't added until 10.1000:45
twitchBentFranklin: then you will have to download the source and compile it .. it's not hard00:46
viewerehw, haha ok ill take your word for that one00:46
BentFranklintwitch: That would require me to level up in Linux.  Maybe i'll try it.00:47
zvacetCode_Bleu: you can convert it in gimp save as and then choose extension00:47
BentFranklinI think I can type make install00:47
=== chrisn is now known as chrisn2323
twitchBentFranklin: ./configure ; make ; sudo make altinstall00:48
chrisn2323i installed ubuntu server00:48
chrisn2323and want to install samba00:48
chrisn2323but when i do00:48
twitchBentFranklin: that will provide you with 2.6 and 2.700:48
FloodBot2chrisn2323: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:48
chrisn2323sudo apt-get install samba00:48
chrisn2323it tells me that the package is not available but is reffered etc...00:48
chrisn2323i checked my repos and everything seems fine00:48
chrisn2323is there anything i am missing ?00:49
jamiewanyeah the point of writing all in one line so not to flood lol00:49
morgothapt-get install samba-common00:49
zvacetchrisn2323: do you have universe repo00:50
rwwchrisn2323: have you done "sudo apt-get update" recently? if not, do that.00:50
chrisn2323i have universe00:50
chrisn2323and i did update00:51
bazhang!enter | chrisn232300:51
ubottuchrisn2323: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:51
jamiewanchrisn2323, restart???00:51
chrisn2323owait it is updating00:51
rwwchrisn2323: pastebin the output from sudo apt-get update and apt-cache policy samba, please.00:51
douglhow fast is sd memory card compared to a 5400 rpm hd?00:51
connecthey every one00:51
rwwnever mind then.00:51
chrisn2323much faste00:51
bazhangdougl, try ##hardware , thats offtopic here00:52
connecthow do you have a spilt screen?00:52
CronkOK, another unrelated question:  when I shut down my Ubuntu 10.10,  it causes a something to happen with the network router, causing another computer (windows) to have network disruption for 15 seconds or so.00:52
chrisn2323ok its working now00:52
jamiewanCronk, windows problem probably lol00:53
douglbazhang, thanks :)00:53
Cronkhehe  Could be, but it doesn't happen when the laptop (the one w/ Ubuntu) is shutdown from Windows (it's dual boot).00:54
connecthow do you get spilt screen00:54
illmortalAnyone know of an equalizer application? Rythm Box doesn't come with one... need to create presets for sound and movies00:55
jamiewanillmortal, Audacious is best for me, the eq settins stick unlike vlc00:55
illmortalnice.. let me check it out :D00:55
LittleRedGUYS! got it to play... yeah buddy!00:56
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sn00pdiggstill working on getting my phone connected. will update with results once i figure something out00:58
jeeves_mosswhat is the switch command to DD copy from one drive to a new one with a larger parition00:59
jamiewansn00pdigg, so nothing happens at all when you connect it?00:59
sn00pdigganyone know if android sdk is included in ubuntu?00:59
sn00pdiggjust charges my phone...01:00
jamiewandoes it show up in lsusb>01:00
Jordan_Ujeeves_moss: No switch is needed. You just need to resize the partition/filesystem on the larger drive after copying.01:00
sn00pdiggbut i'm working on having the drivers and being able to update it with the software correctly01:00
sn00pdiggit's listed01:00
sn00pdiggbut the program doesn't recognize it01:01
sn00pdiggit's a windows program...01:01
jamiewanok so the box picks it up but no gui interaction correct01:01
sn00pdiggthat's the issue01:01
FloodBot2sn00pdigg: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:01
Code_Bleuso, is there really no good reciept scanning software for linux??01:01
sn00pdiggthat sounds correct01:01
fabio333i'm going to install win 7 beside ubuntu01:01
sn00pdiggfuck win 7... just sayin01:01
fabio333after that ubuntu wont'i nstall again is it right?01:01
IdleOne!language | sn00pdigg01:01
ubottusn00pdigg: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.01:01
bazhangsn00pdigg, no cursing01:01
sn00pdiggit's weird when you have a dual boot windows machine01:01
fabio333can i use easybdc to restore ubuntu in the win 7 boot loader?01:02
Code_BleuIm having a hard time thinking that im the only Linux user out there that would want to scan reciepts01:02
sn00pdiggthe windows tries to take control...01:02
jamiewanfabio333, yep youll overwrite the mbr01:02
sn00pdiggthere is definitely a way to do it but you have to fight it...01:02
fabio333will win 7 boot loader start ubuntu?01:02
bazhang!enter | sn00pdigg01:02
ubottusn00pdigg: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:02
jamiewanfabio333, no01:02
sn00pdiggokay. i'm going back to trying my process jamiewan01:02
morgothhi. i am having trouble with connecting my Fritz!WLAN usb 2.4 n to my router. i get an ip via dhcp, but i cant ping any machines inside or outside my lan.   iwlist wlan0 scan http://paste.ubuntuusers.de/399997/, wpa_supplicant http://paste.ubuntuusers.de/399998/01:02
sn00pdiggomg. the bots in this chan hate me...01:02
Jordan_Ufabio333: No, you'll need to follow this guide to restore grub from a liveCD: http://grub.enbug.org/Grub2LiveCdInstallGuide01:03
bazhangsn00pdigg, no need for the excessive running commentary01:03
rwwsn00pdigg: maybe you should listen to them, then :\01:03
fabio333i dont want grub to show up it's ugly01:03
Fussewhy does not my internet work? cant even connect to any site? its just loading and loading :/01:03
DaPenguinfabio333, grub will boot win, but win won't boot nix afaik01:04
morgothel preciso01:04
Jordan_Ufabio333: grub is themeable, and at least IMHO Window's bootloader is just as ugly as grub is by default.01:04
AmpelbeinCode_Bleu: what do you mean by "receipts"? I fail do understand your problem.01:04
TeggehHello Gents.01:04
fabio333win 7 boot loader: http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4128/4837105077_f09ab4bb22_o.png01:05
TeggehMy boot loader is massive at the moment.01:05
fabio333Due to a bug in Ubuntu 10.04+, the current steps are rather more convoluted than they used to be in previous versions, ...01:05
sn00pdiggcan anyone tell me if android sdk is already on my ubuntu machine? or how would i load it?01:06
Teggeh6 different boot options for Ubuntu, then mem test, then win7.01:06
fabio333ok, if i restore grub... no need to add win 7 manually?01:06
morgothis ndiswrapper included in the default installation01:06
AmpelbeinTeggeh: you can use the computer janitor to remove old kernel versions, that will reduce the ubuntu-* entries.01:07
Jordan_Ufabio333: Just run "sudo update-grub" and an entry for Windows will be added automatically.01:07
DaPenguinfabio333, looks like that method actually slaves grub itself to the win bootloader, so, no, shouldn't have to i wouldn't think01:07
TeggehAmpelbein: Excellent, thanks.01:07
fabio333DaPenguin, i saw something on youtube where the win boot loader started grub...01:08
TeggehNow to make my Ubuntu look pretty again.01:08
Jordan_Ufabio333: Grub with an Ubuntu theme: http://apebox.org/wordpress/wp-content/gallery/grubtheme/grubthemes-00000010.png01:09
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fabio333Jordan_U, not bad01:09
slipkid08How do you theme grub?01:09
DaPenguinfabio333, yeah, it looks possible. thought you were asking about having the win bootloader load the kernel directly01:09
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest26647
XATRIXhi guys, i've got a problem. it looks like i have multiple kernels installed on my system... 5 or 6 .  how can i tell apt-get to uninstall all versions of kernel, except latest one ?01:10
fabio333mbr -> win boot loader -> grub01:10
hellowsmay i ask a question?01:11
Jordan_Uslipkid08: Download http://retro.apebox.org/grubthemes/directhex-grub-themes-00000010.tar.gz and read the README.01:11
DaPenguinfabio333, yeah, that's def possible, a wubi install does that by default01:11
hellowshow can i open an external hard drive from a terminal? i have ubuntu 10.04.01:12
jamiewanXATRIX, not to worry ive got lots as well but there is a way to limit the number of them, just cant remember yet01:12
fabio333ok thank you01:12
fabio333and what about the plymouth splash shoing up too late?01:12
fabio333the windows 7 splash pops up very soon... or it's just an intel card present?01:13
Jordan_Uhellows: First figure out what the drive's device name is by looking at the output of "sudo blkid", then mount it with "sudo mount /dev/sdXY /mnt/" and it will be accessible via /mnt/.01:13
DaPenguinhellows, have to mount it, then just browse to the mount point folder like any other one01:13
hellowsit is allready mounted... i was looking something like start d:01:14
hellowsin windows...01:14
hellowsis there something like that?01:14
jamiewanXATRIX,  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=158746201:14
p_reshellows: Your mounted drives are located in /media/x01:14
DaPenguinhellows, nix actually doesn't use drive letters but puts everything under the root file system01:14
fabio333windows 7 has a mount option01:15
p_resfabio333: We're not in here to discuss Windows.01:15
fabio333p_res, u right01:16
fabio333ubuntu is about what u can't do in windows01:16
anthi agree01:16
p_resfabio333: No it is not what it's about.01:17
Ben64linux is about freedom01:17
p_resIt's simply an alternative and free and open source operating system that is based on the Linux kernel.01:17
p_resIt has nothing to do with performing tasks that can't be done in Windows.01:18
ValkyrieI have over a hundred gigs of space free on this partition, i'd like to take 60 gigs of it, and unpartition that space -- Is that possible?01:18
Ben64you could resize the partition01:18
ValkyrieBen64: How would I do that? Sorry, new to partition re-sizing.01:19
Ben64gparted should be able to do it01:19
ValkyrieBen64: Easily? With no hassle type of thing?01:19
Ben64its a nice graphical tool01:19
DaPenguinValkyrie, gparted, same tool the installer uses, should be able to do it nondestructively01:19
Guest4965Is there an archive of older ubuntu images for same versions? I need an older 10.10 copy01:19
ValkyrieDaPenguin: Does ubuntu come with it?01:19
rwwGuest4965: Ubuntu 10.10's ISO files haven't been changed since release.01:20
Ben64dunno if gparted gets installed by default01:20
DaPenguinValkyrie, should, if not apt-get it01:20
ValkyrieI'm apt-getting it01:20
ValkyrieRun it as root, I take it?01:20
Guest4965rww: Thanks for that info01:20
DaPenguinValkyrie, gksudo gparted01:20
p_resYou can also use the already install palimpsest.01:20
mtayloranybody know how to change system timezone (easily) in natty? I used to use the clock applet and the list of locations for that in the past - but it doesn't seem to work in the current alpha01:21
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ValkyrieProblem -- That partition is my main partition01:21
ValkyrieI can't do anything without unmounting it, can I? So, it'd be impossible to unmount while i'm using this computer.01:21
Ben64why would you want to resize it by the way?01:21
pwnsauceValkerie: Try using a live cd01:22
Ben64and you could do that with the bootable cd01:22
ValkyrieBen64: Need a small windows partition for school01:22
ValkyrieUgh, that means I have to burn a CD01:22
Ben64use the ubuntu cd you used to install01:22
pwnsauceValkerie: Or use a usb key01:22
DaPenguinor make a bootable falsh drive :)01:22
TeggehThemes seem quite hard to install. Either that or I'm doing it wrong.01:22
p_resValkyrie: Why is burning a cd so hard?01:22
ValkyrieI've actually had problems with my usb drives as of currently.01:22
hellowsif i want to open my allready mounted hard drive from the terminal whats the command? excuse me for repeating my self....01:23
Ben64Valkyrie: how did you install ubuntu01:23
ValkyrieI get an odd message from dmesg when I plug them in -- And, they don't reckonize.01:23
ValkyrieBen64: Using a bootable flash drive01:23
DaPenguinValkyrie, just be careful, windows installs like to overwrite grub01:23
ValkyrieDaPenguin: Even XP?01:23
garmeGuys... tnx for help.01:23
ValkyrieCAN you fix that?01:23
p_reshellows: Just cd command to /media/x01:23
garmeGoing now.01:23
aeon-ltd!themes | Teggeh01:23
ubottuTeggeh: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy01:23
Ben64Valkyrie: you'd need ubuntu cd to fix it : /01:23
ValkyrieBen64: I have bootable flash drive, so.01:24
garmeC ya. _o/01:24
hellowsi want to open it in nautilus from my command line...01:24
DaPenguinValkyrie, yeah, you'll need a bootable install media of some type01:24
ValkyrieIf that DOES happen, what would I do?01:24
fabio333with intel video card.. do you know how to fix this: [drm] MTRR allocation failed.  Graphics performance may suffer ... from dmesg01:24
hellowsnot in my terminal01:24
p_reshellows: Just open Nautilus and your drives should be in the left hand side pane.01:24
hellowsgod damn it....01:24
aeon-ltd!cn | lml01:24
ubottulml: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk01:24
hellowssee ya,,,01:24
DaPenguinValkyrie, there's a tutorial on the forums to fix grub for exactly that reason01:24
p_reshellows: Just click on your drive and it should mount automatically if it's not mounted already.01:25
XATRIXwhere can i get a list of all installed packages on the system ?01:25
ValkyrieBe right back, i'm going to boot into the install media01:25
PiciXATRIX: dpkg -l | grep "^ii"01:25
TeggehThanks aeon-ltd01:26
leftistis it possible to install lamp 10.10 into 10.10 desktop?01:29
mtayloris this the right place to ask natty-related stuff?01:30
p_resleftist: Of course.01:30
Picimtaylor: No, that would be #ubuntu+101:30
mtaylorPici: gah. yes of course. thanks01:30
Picimtaylor: np01:30
leftistp_res ok thanks. i give up on getting the server install to boot. i give up. so iw wil just use the desktop and install the server on that.01:30
hellowsfound it01:31
ValkyrieI'm getting a weird error when plugging in my usb sticksd.01:31
p_reshellows: Great.01:31
p_resValkyrie: Error?01:31
hellowsyou go to the media file01:31
TeggehToo many pretty themes to choose from.01:32
_antantevening peeeeeps01:32
hellowsand type gnome-open the name of disk01:32
p_reshellows: That's what I told you all along.01:32
Valkyriep_res: Here http://pastebin.com/1UvyjdXr01:32
hellowsyou didnt...01:32
hellowsyou just said me the way to browse my files in the terminal01:32
p_reshellows: Go back and have a look.01:32
hellowsi wanted to open my hard disk in nautilus01:33
hellowsthanks for your replies01:33
p_reshellows: You must have missed my post.01:33
hellowsif i did i am sorry...01:33
abstrakthow do I get gnome-terminal to properly use the gnome-256color terminfo entry for $TERM01:33
hellowsgoodbye to all01:33
_antantthe world is a horrible place01:33
p_res_antant: Why?01:34
_antantit makes you drink and go WAY past your tube stop01:34
p_resValkyrie: Can;t help you with that one mate.01:34
p_resValkyrie: Sorry.01:34
_antantand then spend loads of money getting home01:34
ValkyrieAny ideas, guys?01:34
_antantwhen you didn't even really want to go out01:35
p_resValkyrie: It's as though there a problem detecting the usb speed of 1.1 or 2.0.01:35
_antantI have an idea. VIVA LA REVELUCION!01:35
Ioniz3DBad Idea01:35
_antantOr something like that01:35
_antantmayeb sleep01:35
=== share is now known as Guest46980
p_res_antant: !flood01:36
_antantthat might do as well as rewvolution01:36
leftisti am just upset and frustrated p_res, and my thinking is all screwed up. thanks.01:36
TsubasaHi, I need some help connecting my desktop to a wireless network. There's no wired connection at the moment, so I'm chatting from a laptop01:36
p_resleftist: We all get that sometimes.01:36
_antantMaybe I'll bring pestilence and flood on the world01:36
ValkyrieI really need help with this, guys.01:36
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:37
_antantOr at least my little corner of it01:37
Pici_antant: #ubuntu-offtopic awaits01:37
Tsubasacan anyone help me out?01:38
Valkyriehub 2-0:1.0: unable to enumerate USB device on port 101:39
_antantThat it may do01:39
Valkyriehttp://pastebin.com/1UvyjdXr <-- Need some help01:39
ValkyrieDoes this with ALL usb sticks.01:39
_antantofftopic is all well and good01:40
_antantBut there doesn't seem to be anyone there01:40
DaPenguinValkyrie, hub or directly into the machine?01:40
Valkyrie@  DaPenguin01:41
jamiewanTsubasa, have you gat an icon in panel somewhere for connections01:41
konninethi to all01:42
jamiewanif so right click it and make sure enable enable wireless and network are checked01:42
ValkyrieHmm =/01:42
_antantthis is a lot more active01:42
_antantAnd I'm bored01:43
_antantand drunk01:43
ashishsenapatihi, I'm not able to get sound output from headphone while laptop internal speakers are working fine. Any help??01:43
_antantdelve in to alsa01:43
_antantplay around with it01:43
ValkyrieDaPenguin: It seems to be just that ONE USB stick01:43
ashishsenapatitried and failed and here I'm!01:44
ValkyrieYea, that ONE flash drive seems to not show up at all01:45
ValkyrieWhat would cause that?01:45
jamiewanashishsenapati, sound preferences, output tab headphones???01:45
ashishsenapatijamiewan, not working01:45
DaPenguinValkyrie, it's just the one flash drive, others are working?01:45
_antantDon't worry. I just had to pay £20 to get home. You're not as much of a fail as me01:45
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:45
TsubasaYes I do have an icon, it shows disconnected for two wired and one wireless networks, all in grey, plus options for VPN connections and connecting to hidden wireless networks, or creating new wireless networks01:46
ValkyrieDaPenguin: Yea.01:46
Tsubasathere's no checkbox for enabling or disabling wireless though01:46
ValkyrieJust that ONE flashdrive isn't working.01:46
TsubasaWhen I go to Network Tools though, the wlan0  says multicast is enabled01:46
DaPenguinValkyrie, probably a broken drive then01:46
konninetI have a question for those wo used ubuntu 10.04 and swiched to 10.10: Did you have regressions, new problems, something like that?01:46
ValkyrieDaPenguin: How does THAT happen?01:46
DaPenguinValkyrie, hardware goes bad sometimes.01:46
jamiewanTsubasa, have you tried edit connections, the wireless set up01:47
ValkyrieYea, but goes bad sitting around?01:47
TsubasaOh, I see... right click *thwap head*01:48
Guest4965My wireless card doesn't work because the eeprom is too old, I got it from newegg.com, its an engineering sample (rebadged). Any hope?01:48
DaPenguinValkyrie, only thing i can think of01:48
TsubasaShouldn't the network just show up though?01:48
jamiewanTsubasa, right click on the icon, edit connections then the wireless tab and follow the info, i presume you have a home wireless setup running yes?01:49
ashishsenapatialsa, anyone??01:49
Valkyrie=/ Mm.01:49
TsubasaI set it up today.... only need it temporarily while we're painting the study, then we can go back to wired, but we DO need it01:49
Valkyrieusb is fucked up on my machine or something. usb-creator-gtk sees my usb stick at /dev/scd101:50
jamiewanashishsenapati, install gnome alsa mixer lots more controls to chek box there01:50
ValkyrieBut, trying to mount it, say's special devide /dev/sdc1 does not exist.01:50
sacarlsonValkyrie: I had some counterfit usb flash drives that I tried to recover what they really had and broke them with some windows utility, now it won't register, just to prove you can break them with software01:50
jamiewanTsubasa, your desktop has wirless on it, or a usb antenna or something then01:50
=== achilleas is now known as achillion
TsubasaIt had wireless built into the motherboard01:51
jamiewanTsubasa, ok then you should be able to get it up with the previous step above then01:51
TsubasaBut isn't it supposed to detect the network I set up, as long as it's not hidden (which it's not)01:52
RussellAlanim having a jumpy mouse01:52
ashishsenapati@jamiewan: done it, no option seems to be able to change things01:52
TsubasaAdd new connection for the wireless has a mess of settings that I don01:53
achillionRussellAlan, touchpad or mouse?01:53
Tsubasat know how to configure01:53
_antantwhite on rice01:53
TsubasaRussellAlan if it's an optical mouse, check if there's any dust on the light.... that was always happening to mine01:54
jamiewanashishsenapati, well just persist with it cause sometimes for me sound is an issue but always fiddle about a bit and it seems to come right, just trial and error in some instances01:54
=== Commie_Cary is now known as Lenin_Cat
jamiewanTsubasa, Longer ethernet cable will fix it lol01:56
Doonzwhat the frack my byobu just froze01:57
TsubasaAye, but it would be nice if I could get this working, seeing as I have the hardware01:57
jamiewanTsubasa, just need to set it up mate, connect to new network then enter your details for ya wireless network and security stuff easy01:59
RussellAlanis there a way to recover a deleted partition in ubuntu?02:00
Smullis altanative cd good, then you only gonna do CLI?02:00
abstraktwhy aren't my .Xdefaults for xterm being read/honored?02:01
abstraktthis is really weird02:01
abstrakt.Xdefaults seems to work fine for other stuff, why not xterm?02:01
abstraktall I have is a really really simple entry right now, just two lines02:01
abstraktxterm*foreground: #ffffff02:01
abstraktxterm*background: #00000002:01
jamiewanRussellAlan, not sure but the program foremost is a great data recovery option, have seen it get stuff back thought gone forever02:01
abstraktthat's it, I've tried it as xterm.foreground and I've tried using xrdb -merge .Xdefaults02:01
gamemakingdudeI am trying to get the package ms-sys but its not there anymore02:02
abstraktbut nothing changes, I still get a default white xterm02:02
gamemakingdudeis it another package?02:02
coz_gamemakingdude,  i think it is available here   http://ms-sys.sourceforge.net/#Download02:03
gamemakingdudegot it02:03
gamemakingdudeCos i need to repair my brothers mbr02:04
gamemakingdudeAfter i buggered it02:04
Tsubasajamiewan how do I know if it can even see the wireless router?02:04
coz_gamemakingdude,  here is an explanation as to its removal from repository   https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ms-sys/+question/2834902:04
ubottuUbuntu bug 28349 in sysvinit (Ubuntu) "bootclean.sh permissions are 0644 and should be 0755" [Medium,Invalid]02:04
coz_gamemakingdude,  i would read that before installing just incase it causes issues02:05
gamemakingdudei dont have a windows 64 bit disk02:05
gamemakingdudeAlso what is make: msgfmt: Command not found02:05
coz_gamemakingdude,  got me on that one ,,I would have to compile to find out02:06
sn00pdiggmy terminal is having a hard time finding adb shell02:06
sn00pdiggbash won't recognize the command02:06
sn00pdiggtried adding it to basrc and it doesn't seem to work even after a source...02:07
coz_sn00pdigg,   maybe here   http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=52282702:07
TsubasaOkay, new question.... How can I tell whether my computer's wireless device is working/able to talk to the wireless router?02:07
coz_sn00pdigg,    google with this search string    ubuntu adb shell02:08
gamemakingdudemsgfmt -o mo/sv.mo po/sv.po02:08
gamemakingdudeDoes that mean its compiled?02:08
spartacan i use the ubuntu cd to install ubuntu along with preloaded windows 7 safely or do i need some partition tool to first create the partitions/shrink window size?02:08
coz_gamemakingdude,  not sure hold on02:09
gamemakingdudeyes its made02:09
gamemakingdudeake: Nothing to be done for `all'.02:09
stercorI'm converting a Windows computer to Ubuntu.  I can't seem to get the user's files archived.  Permission problem.  The user that I've logged on under is an administrator.02:09
coz_gamemakingdude,  when you extract that file  open a terminal and cd to its location02:10
coz_gamemakingdude,  then cd  ms-sys02:10
coz_gamemakingdude,  then type   make02:10
=== Guest26647 is now known as DarkDevil
gamemakingdudeIts made02:10
coz_gamemakingdude,  if that goes through without errors then type   sudo make install02:10
gamemakingdudeits made02:10
coz_gamemakingdude,  DO NOT get rid of that extracted intial folder02:10
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest55661
=== gianni is now known as Guest18532
coz_gamemakingdude,  if you have to uninstall it that source folder is going to be necessary02:11
coz_gamemakingdude,  you would cd back into ms-sys and then  sudo make uninstall02:11
TsubasaHow can I tell whether my computer's wireless device is working/able to talk to the wireless router?02:11
gamemakingdudeim gonna reboot02:12
sn00pdiggi have tried that search coz_02:12
coz_tsimpson,  open firefox and  in the address bar
sn00pdiggthank you02:12
sn00pdiggnone of those options seem to work02:12
coz_tsimpson,  see what the settings are in the router02:12
PolahWhat is the speech-dispatcher process?02:12
sn00pdiggafter sudo chmod +x adb  it returns to the previous line with no results02:12
coz_sn00pdigg,   darn ok then you might want to go to the ##linux channel to see if someone there may have more suggestions02:12
TsubasaWhat settings specifically am I looking for?02:12
coz_sn00pdigg,  that was just to change permissions02:12
sn00pdiggi try to run adb and it still says command not recognized02:13
sn00pdiggi understand02:13
coz_sn00pdigg,  there would be no readout after that command02:13
sn00pdiggi understand02:13
coz_sn00pdigg,   ah ok...then again I suggest  ##linux channel02:13
sn00pdiggbut after successful completion of that command i should be able to type adb and run the shell right?02:13
coz_sn00pdigg,   I believe so but not sure  ,, I would still google to find anything that talks about installing or accessing on ubuntu02:14
sn00pdigghere's a question02:15
=== administrator is now known as Guest6296
sn00pdiggafter typing which adb it won't return anything. should i get results?02:15
coz_sn00pdigg,   probably not if it didnt install02:15
coz_dont quote me on that02:15
sn00pdiggit's not installed... it's a package02:15
sn00pdiggtgz that contains an executable02:16
sn00pdiggunpacked and should be able to run from the folder... android sdk works and "installed" adb. can't run adb from terminal...02:16
obscurant1stif i use rootstock on my 64 machine, the outputting image will also be x64 or will it be 32 bit ? can someone please tell me?02:18
coz_sn00pdigg,  do you have an android device connected?02:18
sn00pdiggadb devices returns02:18
obscurant1stby 64 i meant amd6402:18
coz_sn00pdigg,  then I am puzzled ,, honestly I have no experience with this at all02:18
sn00pdigg"no such command"02:18
sn00pdiggthanks for helping though. i appreciate it02:18
coz_sn00pdigg,  did you c heck in ##linux?02:19
sn00pdiggfor some reason i can't type in there02:19
coz_sn00pdigg,  is you nick name registered?02:19
sn00pdiggnope. lol02:19
coz_sn00pdigg,  that's probably why02:20
sn00pdiggah. i see02:20
coz_sn00pdigg,   register you nick and it should work02:20
coz_sn00pdigg,   where you type here type  /msg nicserv register help02:20
sn00pdiggi'll read up online before i register :D02:20
coz_sn00pdigg,  ok  good luck on this02:20
sn00pdiggthank you02:20
coz_guys I have to break here,, hopefully I will be back in a bit02:21
sunnymolinihelp pls, I've installed ubuntu 10.10 netbook in a VM, and lacked the drivers to start up Unity at the first start of the OS. Now I'm using the nromal GNome and I don't know how to make it go back to Unity, I've confirmed that Unity is installed, but I just don't know how to make it the UI.02:24
=== darkwurm is now known as atyoung
ledbettjsunnymolini: pretty sure Unity requires 3d acceleration, which you might not be able to get in a VM.  Otherwise you should be able to choose it from the 'session' selector at the bottom of the GDM login screen.02:26
=== trism_ is now known as trism
sunnymoliniSo, if it's possible, all  I have to do is turn off autologin, and I'll be able to select it?02:27
DOOXi have a question02:28
ledbettjsunnymolini: yup, I think so.02:28
sunnymoliniThat's awesome, thanks ledbettj.02:28
ledbettjsunnymolini: once you select it once, it should ask you if you want to make it your default session02:28
ledbettjsunnymolini: then you could turn autologin back on.02:29
DOOXhow can i know that if my ubuntu 32-bit OS is secure from hacking?02:29
sunnymoliniD00x, If you're looking for metaphysical certitude, then the answer is you can't.02:30
=== atyoung is now known as atyoung_
DOOXsunnymolini , i dont understand you02:31
=== atyoung_ is now known as atyoung
sunnymolinibasically, no system can be made that can be absolutely hack proof.02:31
sunnymolinieverything has a weakness somewhere, and even if you make your data 100% inaccessible from even yourself, that doesn't mean somebody else can't get to it.02:32
robdigDOOX: a lot of it is common sense. don't use the autologin feature. disable any services that you don't need (telnet, ftp, etc)02:32
DOOXsunnymolini , you are right , but what can i do to ensure that my system if 90 percent secure02:32
robdigDOOX: enforce strict passwords with aging02:32
RussellAlanhow do i install the java jdk?02:33
RussellAlanits .bin02:33
RussellAlanwhat do i do.02:33
giikerhi everyone, let's say i create a script to be run @ atartup using the add Startup Apps menu, my file has the 644 binary permissions set, should i set it to executable only for me or hte root too?02:33
robdigRussellAlan: you don't want to use the ones in the repositories?02:35
itaylor57RussellAlan: open and sun jdk's are availabel in the repos02:35
robertzaccouris there a good program for capturing video from a usb device?02:37
=== lonelyibex is now known as fungo
G00053it's Alive! built a new rig today(i7). and everything is working (the wireless card needed some convincing). So are there any important things I should do now before taking it out on the highway ?02:40
G00053 02:40
robertzaccourmine came with an i302:40
robertzaccouris there a good program for capturing video from a usb device?02:42
gamemakingdudeI'm back on windows after fixing the mbr using mic-sys :D02:43
endafyok how come Sun Java JRE is untrusted?02:44
Terminus_i have a quick question: how would i see who's connected to my LAN?02:44
Terminus_i'm hoping i don't have to nmap myself02:44
endafytype in in your address bar and look at the IP list02:45
Terminus_that would give me my router02:45
Terminus_i'm talking about a lan network02:45
endafywhich is your network02:45
Terminus_and i was hoping over bash02:45
Terminus_the lan isn't connected via router02:45
RussellAlandoes ark run in gnome?02:45
Terminus_yes, it is a hub02:45
Ben64nmap could find out who is responding to pings, but people could block it02:46
endafyevery IP through the hub will be given out by the router02:46
endafynow if it were a switch it would be different02:46
endafybut the router simply controls the hub02:46
Terminus_there should be a more efficient way to see who is connected via the hub02:46
jlonganeckeris there a command I can run from the command line that changes my volume?02:46
endafythis is fast and effeciant02:46
Ben64endafy: its a switch on a router btw02:46
endafyhow much simpler do you want it02:46
Ben64Terminus_: just install nmap, you can find everyone that responds to ping02:47
endafyyour router contains all ROUTING information02:47
Terminus_jlonganecker alsa?02:47
Terminus_endafy i'd have to log into it02:47
endafyeverything on your network routed to the internet via the OS on the router whether you have extra ports added by a switch/hub/ring02:47
Ben64Terminus_: try my suggestion :|02:47
endafyyes you do02:48
endafylog in and look not that hard02:48
Terminus_Ben64 will do; hopefully no one has discovered that they can drop pings02:48
endafyits protected information02:48
jlonganeckerTerminus_ ok I will check that out thanks02:48
Terminus_no problem02:48
Ben64Terminus_: if people don't want to be found, they won't be.02:48
endafywould you want your routing table to be public information if you have an open wifi to be nice to people?02:48
endafyit would pose a huge security risk02:49
Terminus_endafy this is a remote network02:49
endafysounds like you are leeching off of someone02:49
Terminus_you are the expert02:49
endafyI just know people02:50
endafyseriously why is Sun Java JRE untrusted?02:50
Ben64it's not open source?02:50
endafyUbuntu refuses to let me install it02:50
endafyflash is css02:50
endafyit installs fine02:50
robdigendafy: you're probably missing a repository key02:50
endafyyeah thats user friendly NOT02:51
soreauendafy: Try installing the package from the cli?02:51
endafywtf is a repository key02:51
minimecendafy: I think there is an ubuntu version in the partner' repository.02:51
endafysounds like something I shove up my bum when I am sick, man what naming02:51
IdleOne!language | endafy02:52
ubottuendafy: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.02:52
IdleOne!java | endafy02:52
ubottuendafy: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://tinyurl.com/2ffg7cc -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.02:52
endafyI am watching my language I am angry because I have had several issues with Ubuntu02:52
endafysimple little things that are things users expect to do are blocked from me02:53
endafythings that used to be easy02:53
edbianendafy, If you don't like ubuntu (or linux) then don't use it)02:53
soreauendafy: Try reading the links ubottu gave02:53
IdleOneendafy: stop your whining and read what ubottu told you02:53
endafyneed java, simply open the software thing look for it and click install02:53
Ben64openjdk works fine btw02:53
A|i3NHey guys - I aquired about a 10 year old PC today. P3, 833mhz, 512meg and ......... 2 SCSI hard drives. Installation locked up at 98%. Booted offa the live cd, went into preview mode, installed again; went fine. System never successfully boots into the desktop - either locks up immediately after o/s selection or gets to where i can see the background and locks up there. Any ideas? Does Ubuntu have issues with SCSI?02:53
endafywhy do I need to open a terminal for something that used to be all gui?02:53
endafy1 step this page is saying like 802:53
=== maelstrom is now known as Guest65881
edbianA|i3N, Can you boot Ubuntu recovery mode?  (is there failing hardware?)02:55
endafyI used to be able to pop a DVD in and click search and it would just play and now its broken, Java used to be available in synaptic but now its gone, really this is what I call backwards02:55
arbitraryI need GParted to ignore a corrupt superblock.02:55
A|i3N(oh and by the way before anyone says it, all fans are running normally lol. I used to fix this stuff. I'm thinking maybe memory issues but the O/S that was *ON* here was SUSE enterprise and it booted fine but came up to the menu that belonged to the restaurant that owned it)02:55
Ben64endafy: read the link ubottu posted about java02:55
A|i3Nactually no I haven't tried that02:55
soreauarbitrary: sounds like what you need is a new hdd02:56
endafyI did and I am not going to open the command prompt02:56
arbitrarysoreau: I am WELL aware of this fact.02:56
Ben64"For Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, the sun-java6 packages have been dropped from the Multiverse section of the Ubuntu archive. It is recommended that you use openjdk-6 instead."02:56
endafyI shouldnt have to for something that USED to be easy02:56
Ben64"It is recommended that you use openjdk-6 instead."02:56
nickmoeckendafy: then add the partner repo in Synaptic02:56
A|i3NSo, edbian, if I can get it to boot in recovery mode.. will there be a log file or something telling me what's wrong?02:56
endafyopenjdk doesnt work with everything02:56
Ben64then read a little bit more and install sun02:56
Ben64it's really not difficult02:56
edbianA|i3N, yes, you can use dmesg for example  It's a good command for general issues.02:56
IdleOneendafy: then open Software sources, enable the partner repository and then search and install java from the package manager of your choice.02:56
endafynickmoeck, yeah not happening idk how02:56
arbitraryThe exact issue is I have a mostly complete copy of a dying hard disk, but I ran out of space in the destination partition, and GParted won't let me add more space because the filesystem is (obviously) corrupt, but fscking the filesystem will force a restart on recovering the data and the hard disk probably won't survive a second run through.02:57
nickmoeckendafy: so, instead of actually trying to figure it out, you're going to come here and complain?02:57
A|i3Nyea I'm really new at this linux thing edbian lol. Using it/installing software and stuff is one thing but troubleshooting this early is challenging lol. If I can get it to boot, I'll hop back on here from the computer after i get xchat on it02:57
nickmoeckYou've obviously done it before, if you installed Sun Java in previous Ubuntu releases02:58
edbianA|i3N, dmesg is just a command.  Run it in the terminal.  Look for errors (espcially near the end).  The last 1/2 is the only 1/2 you need to read probably.02:58
endafywhy does shit have to be difficult <- that right there is cussing and I am getting extremely pissed off at my desktop all of a sudden locking me out of shit I used to be able to accomplish with great ease and yes fix it or lose users, human beings dont give a rat's ass about shit like this, linux for humans indeed PUH, I should have bought a windows instead I bought a system 7 and now I am heavily regretting it02:58
edbianA|i3N, Do you know how to get to recovery mode?02:58
A|i3NOh - one more thing - using a CDMA connection through metroPCS - anyone know how to maybe speed it up a little bit? I want to check to make sure compression is turned on but not sure where to look. Helped in windows.02:59
edbianCan someone please kick him?02:59
A|i3Nedbian - isn't it on the initial boot menu?02:59
thiebaudeis there a CLI command to log out of gnome ?02:59
rwwIdleOne: fail.02:59
IdleOnerww:  indeed03:00
IdleOneone missing space did that03:00
aeon-ltdthiebaude: not sure, but killing X would knock you out of gnome03:00
t4sHi. When trying to install Ubuntu Server 10.04 (and 9.10) on my laptop, all I get is black screen. Ubuntu Desktop 11.04 works fine. The problem might be the graphics card (Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)), but I haven't found any solutions dealing with this problem at install time. If this is the problem, is there a workaround? Thanks03:00
thiebaudetrying to get back to a graphical log in03:00
daweefolki'm having problems with mpc03:01
edbiant4s, Are you getting a black screen when booting the live CD?03:01
t4sUSB, but yeah03:01
nickmoeckt4s: you're trying to install -server from a USB drive?03:01
daweefolk"MPD_HOST and/or MPD_PORT environment variables are not set. error: problems connecting to 'localhost' on port 6600: connection refused"03:02
thiebaudehow can i get my panel back, is there a CLI command i can use?03:02
thiebaudetop panel03:02
edbianthiebaude, gnome-panel&03:02
bazhang!resetpanel | thiebaude03:02
ubottuthiebaude: To reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »03:02
edbianthiebaude, It's probably just easier to restart the machine03:02
thiebaudethanks guys i'll try that :)03:02
edbianthiebaude, or log / log out at least03:02
chasrtry killall gnome-panel03:03
nickmoeckt4s: did you follow the directions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuServerFlashDriveInstaller03:03
A|i3Nedbian - if I get into recovery mode... it's not gonna be graphical is it lol03:03
edbianA|i3N, nope!03:03
A|i3Ndarn. Any way to launch the GUI from there edbian?03:04
A|i3NI just really don't know enough to do any good in there.03:04
thiebaudecool that works now i set my login not to automatic, appreciate it very much community :)03:04
edbianA|i3N, yep, it gives you choices.  One is to drop to a root shell, that's cli.  If you go that route you can start graphics by doing this: sudo gdm.  However you are also given the choice to boot normally.  It's a little menu03:04
tankiwhich one is better ubuntu or fedora?03:04
thiebaudebtw im testing 11.0403:04
edbianA|i3N, It will be hard if you have to go back and forth between the machine and IRC03:05
nickmoecktanki: Well, considering that this is #ubuntu.... you're probably going to get "ubuntu" as a response from most people here03:05
t4snickmoeck: No, I used unetbootin from my win7 laptop. I will try the guide. Thank you.03:05
tankinickmoeck u mean i cant ask comparison questions here?03:05
A|i3Nooh ok cool, thank you. :) Yea I've only got one monitor and I use cell for an internet connection so I gotta d/c this computer and hook the other one back up. I'm pretty much just checking it out to make sure it's functional.03:05
soreau! best | tanki: Also03:05
ubottutanki: Also: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.03:05
nickmoeckt4s: Yeah, use the guide.  unetbootin does not work for server installs03:05
gerdidyIm looking for a battery monitor to replace gnome's, that must have a tray icon.  ive tried batmon, battmon, any others to check out?03:06
mrdebyou can use a combination of usb creator and unetbootin03:06
t4snickmoeck: didn't know, but glad I've learned. Thank you. :)03:06
tankinickmoeck: u mean i cant ask comparision questions?03:06
jared__Has anyone ever had problems with their sound applets disappearing in Ubuntu?03:06
A|i3NWelp I'll be back, hopefully from the other computer.03:06
edbiantanki, You can.  You'll just get biased answered03:06
tankiedbian ok03:07
mcurrananyone wanna help me setup a routing bridge properly between two interfaces and then share the connection?  I'm trying to setup a single master/node cluster with two intrepid machines and mpich, but I need to get this sorted first.  I'm using wlan0 as my master's connection and want to bridge eth0 to that, and then connect the second computer (node) directly into the eth0 <> eth003:07
tankiedbian i am looking for easy one03:07
jitithey - i doubt this is ubuntu related, but my internet is going down while torrenting. anyone have any ideas?03:07
edbiantanki, Ubuntu is easy as far as Linux goes03:07
tankiedbian u know easy to install and easy to use03:07
mcurrandoubt it's related, they'd either be blocked (torrent ports) or not.03:07
tankiespecially install03:07
tankii dont want it to corrupt my windows03:08
trismjitit: try limiting your upload03:08
robertzaccouris there a good program for capturing video from a usb device?03:08
edbiantanki, It will not if you install correctly03:08
tankiedbian: so ubuntu03:08
mcurranyeah install the grub to the linux partition and then set it active instead of overwriting your mb03:08
tankii will try ubuntu03:08
edbianmcurran, That is not right.  Grub must overwrite the MBR in order to use it to choose which OS to boot.03:09
edbiantanki, have fun03:09
jitittrism: ive limited my upload/download speeds, AND kept my # of connected users down and it still drops. also, when i plug in an additional wireless NIC the internet begins to work again.03:09
mcurranyour wrong edbian03:09
tankiedbian: oh then it is not safe03:09
mcurranyou don't have to overwrite mbr at all03:09
edbiantanki, Ubuntu is safe.03:09
minimecrobertzaccour: USB device? Webcam?03:09
robertzaccourminimec, dazzle03:09
tankiedbian, if it overwrites mbr? then that will corrupt my other partitions03:10
edbianmcurran, the MBR currently has the windows bootloader in it.  The windows bootloader only boots windows.  If you install linux you must write in the HDDs mbr to boot it.03:10
edbiantanki, No it will not.03:10
edbianMBR = Master Boot Record03:10
mcurranno your wrong you can chainload03:10
soreautanki: Installing a different boot loader wont corrupt your partitions03:10
trismjitit: that was my only idea, sorry03:10
mcurranyeah, if you set the linux partition active, it'll read the grub as it's own bootloader. go read up on partitioning03:10
tankiedbian i use another loader03:11
=== Guest55661 is now known as DarkDevil
edbianThe bootloader is actually to big to fit int he MBR.  If you chainload then you tell Grub (in the MBR) to run the windows bootloader on the window partition.03:11
tankiacronis boot loader03:11
soreautanki: Which one?03:11
tankisoreau: acronis boot loader03:11
gerdidytanki: dual booting windows with another os can be dangerous.  you first shrink your windiws partition, then install ubuntu, and then either replace grub the bootloader with windiws' one, or keep it03:11
edbianThe windows boot loader cannot be used to dual boot.03:11
mcurranyour fuckin' wrong dude I'm doing it right now, always have, I know what i'm talking about03:11
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest83681
bazhangmcurran, no cursing03:11
mcurranand yes you can use the mbr to boot linux03:11
edbianmcurran, You use grub in the MBR to boot linux.  You cannot use the windows bootloader in the MBR to boot linux.03:12
daweefolkwhat are some good command line music players? I have moc and mpd so far. I prefer mpd but it's recently brought up problems "connecting" to localhost.03:12
mcurranyou just copy the grub bootloader to an image and store it on C: and then have mbr load it03:12
minimecrobertzaccour: vlc is probably your friend. --> see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=biQ8FXxoXN803:12
soreautanki: Well ubuntu installs grub and auto-detects other OS's and adds entries for them. Any other boot loader is beyond the scope of this channel, so you'd have to configure that to boot ubuntu if it supports it03:12
gerdidyedbian: the windows bootloader can be used to boot linux.03:12
edbianmcurran, The MBR does not load things.  a boot loader in the MBR loads things.03:12
tankiedbian: or what if i use this install ubuntu then Acronis? do u have any idea on this03:12
edbiangerdidy, what?!03:12
mcurranntldr whatever03:12
=== Amaranth__ is now known as Amaranth
bazhangmcurran, thats enough03:12
mcurranyou still don't know enough, go back to your windows cloud03:12
edbiantanki, Never heard of acronis03:12
tankiedbian: u have to try it is great03:13
robertzaccourminimec, ok thanks03:13
edbiantanki, I'll look it up sometime03:13
tankiedbian: i use it for msdos and windows03:13
edbiangerdidy, Link?03:13
mcurranwell I get a little aggravated when people argue and submit false information03:13
bazhangmcurran, move on please03:13
gerdidyedbian: i wont be googling today im afraid.03:13
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=== a is now known as Guest36537
daweefolkis there any plugin that will run pcsx in ascii art?03:16
Semitonescan anyone with a fresh install of ubuntu go to "appearances" and tell me what the defaults are?03:16
edbianIs it true that you can boot linux using the windows boot loader?03:16
bazhangdaweefolk, no03:16
cryptodirahi folks, i have a minor but annoying problem: the network connection icon in the top panel is all the way on the right side....how can i get back to the default position?  it does NOT have a move option like the other icons.03:16
Semitones(I messed mine up some time ago and I just want to get to the defaults)03:16
bazhangedbian, does not matter we support grub and grub2 here03:16
mcurranyeah, you can have the windows boot loader chainload ubuntu03:17
mcurranI've done it03:17
bazhangmcurran, you've been asked to move on. please do so03:17
mcurrangoogle it, using "dd" and copying the boot loader to C: and then adding an entry to boot.ini03:17
edbianmcurran, I just found a blog describing it.  I'm sorry I argued with you before.  You're right.03:17
gerdidyedbian: grub can be installed to more places than just the mbr03:18
edbiangerdidy, Yes I know that.  (it must be because it does not fit into the mbr)03:18
jamiewancryptodira, to the right of it somewhere is a small bar or strip, thats what u have to move03:18
mcurranno problem03:18
soreaucryptodira: Can you unlock it then move it?03:18
edbianI was just surprised that you could point the windows boot loader at anything but windows.03:18
jamiewancryptodira, to the left sorry03:18
cryptodirajamiewan, got it .... my choice of appearances made that little bar nearly invisible.. Thank YOU.03:20
mcurranif your using vista, there are gui's people created that simplify the process called easybcd03:20
cryptodirasoreau, got it with jamiewan's suggestion.  Thanks.03:20
jamiewancryptodira, no worries03:20
cryptodirahas anyone been able to make the backlit keyboard work beyond POST.... 10.04.2 amd/64 toshiba satellite laptop  ??03:22
edbianequivocate, hello03:25
equivocatei really need some help figuring out how to use netatalk03:25
equivocateim trying to connect to my mac and ive tried forums but nothing seems to work03:25
equivocatewas wondering if anyone here can help me03:25
arbitraryI need some way to create a larger partition for this data. . .03:26
gerdidyarbitrary: why cant you create a larger partition?03:27
Polaharbitary: You can expand partitions (into free space) with GParted03:27
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=== citizen is now known as wbr-citizen
arbitraryI have a partition being filled with data recovered from a dying hard disk, and I need to increase the size of the partition to finish recovering the data, but I can't increase the size as GParted won't assign any more space to it due to the bad superblock (caused by the recovered data). I can't fix the superblock without jeopardizing the integrity of the remaining recovered data.03:28
equivocatecan anyone help me with netatalk?03:28
mcurranhave you tried using fdisk's advanced options for repairing03:29
mcurranis gparted showing it as black03:29
terryarbitrary: How could the recovered data cause a bad superblock?03:29
=== Axlin|AFK is now known as Axlin
arbitraryterry: It was a bad superblock due to read errors on the drive, which since the read errors translate over to the new partition, it reads as a bad suerblock.03:30
mcurrantry force mounting the partition with ntfs3g if it's an ntfs partition, sometimes it stops it from complaining03:30
StrangeCharmwhenever i hit meta+a my windows spread out over my screen like a mac's expose feature. i can't find that shortcut anywhere in the keyboard shortcuts tool. how can i make that stop?03:30
terryarbitrary: I don't think so.03:31
arbitrarymcurran: It's not a matter of mounting it. I just want to increase the size of the (ext4) partition.03:31
mcurranI know, sometimes it helps with gparted though, but only with ntfs03:31
edbianStrangeCharm, sudo apt-get install compiz-config-settings-manager   you can change it in there03:31
terryarbitrary: I think you just need a bigger drive03:31
arbitraryterry: Err. Yeah. That's kind-of the issue. I have another 800gb on the drive that it can't access.03:32
mcurrantry fdisk other than that, i don't know.03:32
naryfagood evening03:32
StrangeCharmedbian, it's installed, where is that setting?03:32
terryarbitrary: Why can't you access the 800G drive?03:32
equivocatecan anyone please help me with netatalk?03:32
arbitraryOkay, bad choice of words.03:32
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edbianStrangeCharm, go to System -> Preferences -> ccsm   the plugin is called scale I believe03:32
Tohuw!anyone | equivocate03:33
ubottuequivocate: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.03:33
ubuntu_hola a todos!! por casualidad alguien sabe espanol?03:33
arbitraryterry: I have two partitions on the recovery drive. One partition (800gb) is devoted to nothing in particular. Just storage. The other partition (200gb) is devoted to storing the filesystem recovered from a dying hard disk.03:33
Tohuw!es | ubuntu_03:33
ubottuubuntu_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.03:33
arbitraryI need to assign some of the data to partition 2 because the actual size of the recovered data is about 252GB03:34
StrangeCharmedbian, thanks so much, that was bugging me a lot03:34
terrySo why not use the 800G partition?  Delete everything on it and use it.03:34
edbianStrangeCharm, no problem03:34
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."03:34
mcurrananyone know how I can bridge wlan0 (connected) to eth0 and then share eth0 by directly connecting it to another workstation's eth003:34
mcurranI'm trying to setup a small beowulf cluster, but need to solve this first03:34
arbitraryterry: I really don't want to do that, because I want the larger partition to be able to extract data from the recovery partition. It might be possible to store an image of the one partition on the other one, clean the small partition, add more data, write the image, then continue?03:34
A|i3Nedbian: Welp no such luck on that endeavor. Still locking up at some point. I know that linux will check my memory - anybody know of a free utility I can make a boot cd with that'll check the hard drives and processor and find out what's ailing the computer in question??03:35
the67pceae galera03:35
the67pcComo vão?03:35
terry!firestarter | mcurran03:35
ubottumcurran: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist.03:35
edbianA|i3N, Were you able to get the grub menu to show up at all?03:35
the67pc!snort | the67pc03:35
equivocateI have a problem with getting netatalk to work with my mac. I have tried to follow certain walkthroughs but they are dated and ive read there are problems with lucid. I don't understand some of the fixes ive read on websites.03:36
A|i3Nedbian - once out of three boots. Each time it would lock up after all the text stuff flew by the screen. I went to fail safe graphical. Locked up when it started to load.03:36
the67pc!snort | the67pc03:36
terrymcurran: Or you can just grab a firewall script and customize it to your needs.03:36
edbianA|i3N, Get a live Cd.  Use the memory checker on that.  Then check the hDDs03:36
edbianA|i3N, Be aware that if you don't get errors within the first minute of ram checking you probably won't get errors at all.03:37
=== vlaad is now known as bill-d
A|i3Nedbian - ok. I've got the memory check in the boot menu. I actually did run it for about 5 minutes earlier and no errors.03:37
A|i3NSo how do I check the hard drives with linux?03:37
dave_cave10-10evening ubuntu03:37
edbianA|i3N, boot a live Cd.  use gparted.  it has a check utility03:37
edbianA|i3N, It's only useful for checking extX partitions though03:38
edbianor fdisk at command line03:38
equivocatewould it be possible to have someone go through something on a forum with me so i can do it myself in console?03:38
dave_cave10-10anyone know of a application similar to synergy that lets u use 1 keyboard and mouse and move to any desktop on any computer just by moving mouse the end of monitor view?03:38
edbiandave_cave10-10, Why not use synergy?03:39
dave_cave10-10edbian: is it linux supported?03:39
A|i3Nedbian - I'm using 10.04, gparted isn't included with this release. I had to add it on my previous wubi install before i installed to hard drive.03:39
edbiandave_cave10-10, yeah03:39
mcurranyou can move to virtual desktops, but you'd have to setup remote solutions for other machines03:39
edbianA|i3N, it's on the live CD03:39
A|i3Nooooh ok but not included in the install... lol03:39
edbianA|i3N, yeah03:39
dave_cave10-10edbian: what about "input director"?03:40
terrymcurran: Something like this:  http://pastebin.com/vqS6qtpY03:40
A|i3Nedbian: yea... hmmm.. the live cd *Does* boot up if that tells us anything.03:40
edbiandave_cave10-10, never heard of it03:40
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niddlexHello I have a problem, I check in the properties of one panel the choise hide panel, and Now cant show it :S:S03:40
edbianA|i3N, It's a good but confusing sign.03:40
mcurranyeah you can use the mouse wheel or any other key you assign for compiz' rotate cube or other workstation/desktop plugins03:40
A|i3Nthat's why I asked originally if ubuntu has an issue with SCSI drives.03:40
naryfauhmmm, the grub's config file isn't located in /boot/grub??? where is it?03:40
* equivocate needs a wizz at ubuntu as im desperate for some walkthrough help!03:40
edbianA|i3N, If it did the live CD AND the full install wouldn't work equally03:41
dave_cave10-10edbian: its same thing as synergy but doesnt messup games, if u play a game with synergy on, and u click the mouse the game screen starts turning super fast and crazy03:41
mcurranthe new grub is /boot/grub/grub/grub.cfg isn't it?  I grub2 doesn't use menu.lst03:41
A|i3Nedbian: yea - the install was successful once i booted live, but failed the first time just trying to install it.03:41
naryfamcurran: yeah, you're correct03:41
edbianA|i3N, strange.  Check the hdds is my only guess03:42
aliciapgcould someone help me? my computer shutdown because it overheated and now it only goes to the ubuntu boot screen and stops there03:42
dave_cave10-10A|i3n: ive found that booting from a USB drive works where booting from a DVD didnt03:42
A|i3Nedbian: wonder if i should move the scsi controller and hard drives to this computer and try to boot it lol that would eliminate any other hardware issues lol03:42
edbianaliciapg, It's probably still overheating.  Are the fans spinning?03:43
edbianA|i3N, sure.  Good idea03:43
aliciapgedbian: no i let it cool down03:43
aliciapgedbian: it usually skips the screen to select what kernal but now it isn't03:44
A|i3Nedbian, if I end up doing that as a last resort, linux doesn't freak out on hardware changes like windows does right?03:44
edbianaliciapg, does it freeze?03:44
edbianA|i3N, correct03:44
aniesshjoin #limesurvey03:44
razz1Ubuntu 10.4 install with home on separate partition, can I just blow away the install partition and reinstall, I dont want to go through backing up all of the home folder, nouveau keeps crashing, cannot install nvidia drivers, I am thinking it's just quicker to reinstall than to trouble shoot. I haven't done this before.03:44
equivocateubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1534378 <--- can someone help me with this please?03:44
A|i3Nok. I'd be going from 10 year old technology to something in the last couple years lol03:44
aliciapgedbian: i select a kernal, it does that boot screen where you just see the ubuntu logo, then goes black with the backlight on03:45
equivocatei have the same problem but I don't undestand how to fix03:45
edbianrazz1, yes.03:45
A|i3Nok well off to drive a live boot and run gparted. Thanks again edbian :)03:45
naryfaedbian: how do you keep up lol03:45
edbianaliciapg, What about other kernels?03:45
A|i3Ner try03:45
edbianA|i3N, good luck03:45
aliciapgedbian: i've tried two so far...should i try others?03:45
edbiannaryfa, I read quickly :)03:45
edbianaliciapg, Recovery mode?03:45
captain-obvioushow do i get ubuntu to not block the download of .msi files?03:45
Medjaiany of you guys experience your wifi adapter being locked to a certain channel in monitor mode on kernel 2.6.35?03:46
aliciapgedbian: okay i'll try that too03:46
Medjaimine will say  mon0 fixed on channel -103:46
bazhangcaptain-obvious, why would you need them03:46
captain-obviousto install steam03:46
captain-obvioussteam uses .msi not .exe03:46
dave_cave10-10u need wine03:46
captain-obviousi have wine03:46
captain-obviousi can't download .msi files at all03:47
A|i3Nhope i can get this working though - this looks like some highly specialized server-type computer. Got a motherboard, a daughterboard with pci risers, a power plug for the hard drives only, a quick disco power supply.. lol it's pretty neat.03:47
captain-obviousit says that they are blocked03:47
ValkyrieAlright. I installed windows -- But, I have a couple issues03:47
equivocatehttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1534378 <--- can someone help me with this please? I don't understant the fix03:47
aliciapgedbian: well now what :/ it worked but i don't know what to do with the shell03:47
Tohuwcaptain-obvious: What says they're blocked?03:47
bazhangValkyrie, related to ubuntu?03:47
edbianaliciapg, sudo gdm03:47
ValkyrieIt can't boot grub -- Figured as much, and I can't re-activate the partitions because obviously Windows can't rechonize the format03:47
Tohuwcaptain-obvious: Ubuntu is an operating system. What program informed you of it being blocked? Firefox? wget? ftp?03:47
ValkyrieWhich, again, I figured.03:47
captain-obviousthe file"steaminstall.msi" is not marked as an executable. if this was downloaded or copied from an untrusted source, it may be dangerous to run"03:48
ValkyrieSo, how would I go about fixing this?03:48
aliciapgedbian: i don't think it's a normal shell...03:48
captain-obviousthat's what it says when i try to run a .msi file03:48
HoboCannibaLcan anyone tell me why the asus g73sw laptop keyboard functions aren't supported or possibly how i can get them to work properly?03:48
redentcaptain-obvious: which browser are you using?03:48
Valkyriecaptain-obvious: right click - properties - execution, mark as executable03:48
captain-obviouswow, tyvm03:48
Tohuwcaptain-obvious: It tells you the problem right in the error. It's not executable. do what Valkyrie said.03:48
mcurranhaven't used netatalk but the solution is changing the configuration and then restarting the daemon03:48
edbiancaptain-obvious, It was downloaded.  it won't let you run it until you change permissions. (this is easy)03:48
captain-obviousi got it, thanks everyone who tried to help :D03:48
equivocatewhy won't anyone help me! im getting desperate :(03:49
ValkyrieOkay, but. How do I get grub back?03:49
razz1edbian: ok so I just install "/" and ignore home? whats the process and what is the best way to get the program settings back to the way they are. Like firefox (I have close to 7 profiles), Zimbra (its installed in the home folder), What issues will I come across? I have a back up of the "/" partition and home as well. Should I first uninstall Zimbra?03:49
aliciapgedbian: it has "(initramfs)" as the prompt03:49
edbianequivocate, We just don't know how.03:49
edbianaliciapg, That's not a full boot.  Did you get any errors?  shift + page up to scroll back and look for some.03:50
equivocateoh even with the link ive offered?03:50
equivocateas im sure thats the fix03:50
naryfaThat's why I always choose to install one system per hard drive.03:50
mcurranequivocate what's your problem in following the solution03:50
equivocatebut no idea how to do it as he hasnt given the code03:50
edbianrazz1, The process is to choose manual partitioning in the installer.  The program settings are all saved in your home folder.03:50
equivocateto change the file03:51
aliciapgedbian: yeah it has quite a few...03:51
equivocateonly how to reset netatalk03:51
edbianaliciapg, Like what?  What's the first one?  The last one?  The one that seems most important to you?03:51
mcurranto restart you would run /etc/init.d/netatalk restart03:51
equivocateyea i can do that but the forum solver says you need to change he netatalk file03:52
equivocatei just dont know how to change it how he says to03:52
aliciapgedbian: if failed to mount things like /sys on /root/sys, /dev on /root/dev, /proc on /root/proc03:53
=== Eddie is now known as Guest42913
edbianaliciapg, That's important errors but not the cause.  That's the effect of something.  Look earlier.  Something is going wrong so that they cannot be mounted.03:54
gzonecannot be mounted?03:54
razz1edbian: Thats what I mean, when I reinstall just /, It will not have any programs, but their settings will remain in my home folder, when I install the programs again what will happen to all those .rc files, will they re-associate with the programs. I also have SSH server config, with pub keys in home folder, I am trying to get the config back to the way it was.03:54
dave_cave10-10anyone help me with the configuration of synergy for ubuntu?03:55
aliciapgedbian: JBD: failed to read block at offset some number?03:55
edbianrazz1, They will re-associate03:55
edbianrazz1, If you do things correctly the ssh keys will remain in your home folder :)03:55
mcurranyes, if you overwrite the new ones after the install03:56
mcurranso if you reinstall the programs, you need to overwrite the new configuration files with the old one03:56
robdigdave_cave10-10: maybe this will help? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynergyHowto03:56
edugonchHello, I'm installing ubuntu server 10.10 and when I get to the disck config and the iscsi I get this error = No iscsi targets where discovered 0n xxxxxx:3260, what can I do?03:56
dave_cave10-10robdig: thanks ill check it out03:56
onelinerin console, how do i view the permissions of a given directory?03:56
edugonchI really need help on this03:56
edbianaliciapg, That's caused my hdd errors.   You can try using a live CD to try to fix the partitions using fdisk or gparted.03:57
Tohuwedugonch: provide drivers for your iscsi controller, probably. Also, #ubuntu-server03:57
robdigoneliner: ls -ld03:57
onelinerrobdig: thanks03:57
HoboCannibaLanyone know where i can find help for getting drivers for an asus g73sw?03:57
owen1how to find total drive size from the terminal?03:58
aliciapgedbian: D: will i lose data?03:58
macabrehey all, when i hooked my laptop to my tv to use it as a monitor for some reason my x org conf file was over written, i am stuck at very low res for both my monitor and tv, and suggestions?03:58
edbianaliciapg, Possibly.  I'm not experienced with this very much.  You should google that error (the JBD one) and learn about it.03:58
macabrei am running 10.04 on a macbook pro 2,203:58
robdigowen1: sudo lshw -C disk03:59
aliciapgedbian: alright thanks, i'll try that03:59
owen1robdig: thanks03:59
razz1mcurran: Ok thats what I was getting at, ok I have all the backups that shouldn't be an issue. Love backintime. I will just replace the  config files in the /etc/ssh folder03:59
mcurranhaven't tried with ssh configuration rsa's, not sure if it'll be simple with that, but typically that's what you would do04:00
Tohuw!hello | djindy04:03
razz1mcurran: not a big deal setting up new keys, but it saves me lot of time if it's just to just replace the new files with old ones.04:03
razz1mcurran: edbian: thanks for the help.04:04
Semitoneshow can I make it so that the buttons are in the upper left corner instead of the upper right04:04
djindyah hi, I'm trying to run a sh file, but I keep getting "permission denied", even with sudo, even as root, even after I've chown the whole partition.04:04
bazhangSemitones, use the default theme?04:04
bazhangdjindy, whats the file04:04
djindyhon.sh, a game file04:04
Semitonesbazhang, i thought I was doing that -- oh wait a sec04:05
bazhangdjindy, heroes of newerth?04:05
Tohuwdjindy: sudo chmod +x hon.sh04:05
Semitonesbazhang, this is bamboo zen i thought i had radiance04:05
edbianrazz1, no problem04:05
jlonganeckerwhen running php does it spawn processes under the same user as nginx?04:06
Tohuwdjindy: Google "linux permissions" and wash that down with a tall glass of the chmod manual.04:06
djindyTohuw, still giving me permission denied04:06
macabrehey all, when i hooked my laptop to my tv to use it as a monitor for some reason my x org conf file was over written, i am stuck at very low res for both my monitor and tv, and suggestions?04:07
Tohuwdjindy: what, specifically, is it trying to do when you receive permission denied? does the script have a switch for verbose reporting? failing that, is there anything in dmesg?04:07
Semitonesbazhang, i changed it back in gconf problem solved04:07
dsnydersI just installed 10.10.  Whenever I boot my wlan is down and I have to issue a rfkill unblock command.  How do I set this automatically?04:08
djindyTuhow, ok, I'll look around some more at permissions, though this is strange as I was able to use this file before. What's changed is a reinstalled Ubuntu on a different partition, but I've done that previously and this was able to still work...04:08
ubottuUbuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) was the tenth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: October 23, 2010. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.04:08
djindyTuhow, hold on let me check...04:09
dave_cave10-10robdig: thanks for that link quicksyn app makes it nice and simple :)04:09
robdigdave_cave10-10: yw. glad it worked out for you. i wasn't famililar with that app04:10
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs04:10
djindyTuhow, dmesg  is only telling me about  some wlan authatnication, but I might not be using it right04:10
Semitoneshow would I go about joining the ubuntu-docs team04:10
Tohuwdjindy: cat /var/log/syslog|grep hon.sh04:11
Paul6253ok I just upgraded from intrepid to jaunty...I guess I'll do another until I'm up to LLynx..anyway still having issues with Java and installation...whenever I  do an apt-get update I get this at some point http://paste.ubuntu.com/582342/04:11
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TohuwAlso, what are the exact permissions of hon.sh, djindy? (ls -l /path/to/hon.sh)04:12
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest83815
researcher1is it possible to provide a distro which will ask for password before installation?04:12
bazhangresearcher1, why would you want that04:13
ar0nichey guys my vlc which is fully updated keeps force closing with no error, when it attempts to load the stream i hear a blip of audio then the progam closes04:13
ar0nicis there somewhere i can check to see why it does that04:13
djindyTuhow, cat returned nothing, permissions say -rw---1 my username my username 444 2011...04:13
Tohuwar0nic: /var/log/syslog04:14
researcher1bazhang: so that those students who are to use a cewrtain version should only install it on their PC. Like CD having civil engg.  packages should not uise CD having Electronics Engg. packages04:14
bazhangar0nic, vlc normally has an error display04:14
Tohuwdjindy: your permissions are wrong and include no executable bit. As I said, sudo chmod +x hon.sh04:14
ar0nicerror display?04:14
djindyi did, but i'll try again04:14
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots04:15
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ubottuThe packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports04:15
djindyTohuw, I did sudo chmod +x hon.sh again and then ls -l on it again, but nothing has changed04:15
bazhangresearcher1, no need, just remaster and hand out the appropriate ones04:15
bazhang!remaster > researcher104:15
ubotturesearcher1, please see my private message04:15
Tohuwdjindy: is your pwd the same directory where hon.sh is located?04:16
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs04:16
bazhangdsnyders, /msg ubottu please04:16
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researcher1bazhang: ok.TQ. But what if students from different department tend to use the inappropriate ones?04:17
ubottuTo install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://tinyurl.com/2ffg7cc -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.04:17
zorklatI actually need hardware help, but don't know where to go04:17
bazhangzorklat, ##hardware04:18
robdigresearcher1: then they fail their first test...following the directions to get the right computer software :)04:18
djindyTohuw, if you mean my passowrd, then no, otherwise I'm not sure what pwd is, sorry.04:18
bazhangresearcher1, just label the disks appropriately then with a sharpie04:18
bazhangdjindy, present working directory04:18
zorklatbazhang, can't.  channel is invite only04:18
djindybazhang, ah, thanks04:19
bazhangzorklat, you need to register04:19
djindyTohuw, yes, same pwd04:19
Tohuwzorklat: /msg nickserv hep register04:19
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bazhang!register > zorklat04:19
bazhangarkanabar, #freenode for help with that04:19
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arkanabarbazhang, done.04:19
l1nuxmanwhat does the 'backup' or 'operator' user have privilege to do?04:20
Tohuwdjindy: Clearly, something is borked. If your permissions are not changing when you tell them to, something is wrong. Are you sure sudo actions are successful at all (try sudo apt-get update)04:20
vlad__can someone help me? none of my usb ports work and lsusb returns nothing04:20
bazhangl1nuxman, ask a clearer question please04:20
slipkid08I love apt-get install. So much better than a GUI interface04:20
djindyTohuw, update worked, and I've used sudo on other commands as well, though something could still be screwed up since I reinstalled.04:20
vlad__my USB ports work in win7 though/04:20
Tohuwdjindy: for giggles, try sudo chmod 777 hon.sh and then ls -l to see if it changed to -rwxrwxrwx04:21
slipkid08Try updating your USB drivers04:21
djindyTohuw, nope, no changes04:22
vlad__where do i get them? I have a dell studio 1536.04:22
Tohuwdjindy: if they don't change, try touch test && sudo chmod +x test and ls -l it.04:22
ar0nichas anyone ever had vlc crash on them when loading streams04:22
slipkid08How do you use ubuntu as a web server?04:22
bazhangslipkid08, install lamp04:22
bazhang!lamp > slipkid0804:22
ubottuslipkid08, please see my private message04:22
slipkid08That's what I figured04:22
psimmenI am having problems getting my wireless internet card to work it uses the rt3090 or rt5090 driver...i got it to atleast recognize the network but it would not accept the password04:23
ruandid i have to update-grub in order for my splash image to detect?04:23
ruanit came to my mind after the kernel update04:23
djindyshowing up the same thing on test, except 444 has changed to 004:23
psimmennow it wont even show up in network manager04:23
Tohuwruan: yes.04:23
ruanah :D04:23
psimmeni think the driver was faulty04:23
slipkid08Any good faqs on theming grub04:23
ruanthere is a guide04:23
psimmeni'm in no rush but took a pill that will make me drowsy and i need wirekless for tommorow04:24
ar0nichas anyone ever had vlc crash on them when loading streams04:24
djindyTohuw, test shows same result as hon.sh, except 444 has changed to 004:24
Tohuwdjindy: something is wrong with your system. Does chmod with no arguments output the basic usage?04:25
robdigl1nuxman: if you're talking about the default groups, backup allows non-root users in the backup group to back up the system and operator allows non-root users to execute commands in the operator group. operator group is tied to op command too.04:25
djindyTohuw, tells me missing operand Try 'chmod --help' for more information04:25
Tohuwdjindy: or rather, does it say, missing operand04:25
l1nuxmanrobdig, how can I find out what specifically the operators group can do?04:26
psimmenI am having problems getting my wireless internet card to work it uses the rt3090 or rt5090 driver...i got it to atleast recognize the network but it would not accept the password04:26
psimmenI am having problems getting my wireless internet card to work it uses the rt3090 or rt5090 driver...i got it to atleast recognize the network but it would not accept the password04:26
FloodBot1psimmen: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:26
robdigl1nuxman: i would think that those groups would only be used in commercial areas..04:26
bazhangpsimmen, once is enough, be patient04:26
robdigl1nuxman: do man op04:26
psimmenit was a mistake!04:27
l1nuxmanrobdig, theres no man page04:27
robdigl1nuxman: ok not installed by default. http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/intrepid/man1/op.1.html04:27
ruansomehow it finds my background image but it doesnt use it04:27
aliciapghttp://tinyurl.com/4w85p2x this exact same thing happens to me, can someone help?04:28
Tohuwdjindy: are you able to chmod files in a different dir?04:28
NocturnalI can't get java 6.24 working on ubuntu 10.10. Am needing it to play games on pogo04:28
ruanNocturnal: have you tried both sun java and openjdk?04:29
djindyTohuw, yes, though it is looking like I cannot chmod anything on that partition.04:29
Tohuwdjindy: ah! now we are getting somewhere. That partition, what filesystem is it?04:29
NocturnalI have tryed sun java, useing there step by step guide. I have not tryed open jdk.04:30
psimmenI am having problems getting my wireless internet card to work it uses the rt3090 or rt5090 driver...i got it to atleast recognize the network but it would not accept the password04:30
djindyTohuw, give me a sec, its an old one, but it should be either ntfs or ext304:30
Polahpsimmen: Are you using the right encryption protocol?04:30
djindyTohuw, its ntfs04:31
psimmeni cant even choose to use wireless because there is no driver installed and i downt know how to do that without instructions like before04:31
Tohuwdjindy: ntfs has no native support for linux file permissions. Hence your problem. See: http://b.andre.pagesperso-orange.fr/permissions.html04:32
Nocturnalruan: I looked in the installed software, it says open jdk is installed, but its not working04:32
djindyTohuw, alright, though I was able to use these files before from this partition...04:32
Tohuwdjindy: I don't recommend using ntfs for anything except keeping a windows operating system on it.04:33
psimmenPolah: I cant choose to use wireless04:33
Tohuwdjindy: your fstab may have changed. You can allow execution or disallow it. man fstab04:33
djindyTohuw, I don't usually put ntfs on anything, but I've had this parititon for a long time, since I started using linux and was dual booting, and it is mostly bulk data which I don't have a backup drive to move stuff on, hence still ntfs.04:33
djindyTohuw, I'll try that then, thank you04:34
Tohuwdjindy: fair enough :) Just remember that permissions get borked on filesystems that don't support them natively.04:34
djindyTohuw, thank you for your help.04:35
l1nuxmanlike I want to give a user privileges such as to view /var/log/messages and the basic necessaties . Isn't there an easier way that to manually configure sudo? Maybe a predefined group for it04:35
psimmenPolah: I cant choose to use wireless04:35
arkanabaranyone know where I can get help with partedmagic?04:36
psimmenI am having problems getting my wireless internet card to work it uses the rt3090 or rt5090 driver...i got it to atleast recognize the network but it would not accept the password04:37
bazhangarkanabar, try asking here, gparted may be what you'd like though04:37
ruanNocturnal: openjdk-jre?04:37
arkanabarbazhang, that's part of partedmagic.  my problem is that it isn't recognizing a pair of EIDE drives04:38
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oven_i was running mplayer from the command line instead of smplayer earlier, and i accidentally hit my keyboard and now mplayer has no sound even with smplayer opened04:39
xiambaxIf i install pretty much any version of ubuntu i can get this thing to update to latest right?04:39
oven_my mplayer config file is normal, I even tried deleting the config and reinstalling, but still no sound with mplayer - all other media players work fine04:40
dsnydersoven_, Have you tried 0 and 9 to adjust the volume?04:40
bazhangxiambax, not really; some are end of life04:40
xiambaxalpha 3 won't install04:40
Nocturnalruam: OpenJDK Java 6 Runyime04:40
xiambaxErrno 5 input/output error04:40
bazhangxiambax, #ubuntu+1 for that04:40
xiambaxi walked into the village to buy it04:40
psimmenI am having problems getting my wireless internet card to work it uses the rt3090 or rt5090 driver...i got it to atleast recognize the network but it would not accept the password04:41
oven_hahaha oh wow, that worked - thanks04:41
Nocturnalruntime- ffs04:41
* Nocturnal kicks his keyboard04:41
ruanNocturnal: have you tried sun-java?04:41
oven_i had tried altering the sound all sorts of ways in smplayer, and muting and unmuting, but after launching in cli again and using 0 the sound came back /facepalm04:41
Nocturnalruam: I have not been able to get the open jdk removed so I can install sun java04:42
ruanNocturnal: have you tried using synaptic?04:42
ruanNocturnal: does it give an error if you try to remove openjdk?04:43
l1nuxmanso how can I find out for example what group "adm" has privileges to? It must be specified in some file. Anyone know?04:43
abstrakthow can I script rhythmbox to show the radio stations on startup rather than my music library?04:43
psimmenI am having problems getting my wireless internet card to work it uses the rt3090 or rt5090 driver...i got it to atleast recognize the network but it would not accept the password04:43
Nocturnalnope, it just shows up on the installed software list after I exit the software center04:44
ruanNocturnal: click apply when you mark it for uninstallation04:44
jsoftwAnyone had any issues with flash crashing if more than one flash is running at a time?04:45
jsoftwOn youtube I should say04:45
draven_solwhen trying to remove a file with rm i'm getting an i/o error, how can i fix or debug this, it's only one file04:45
psimmenI am having problems getting my wireless internet card to work it uses the rt3090 or rt5090 driver...i got it to atleast recognize the network but it would not accept the password04:46
jsoftwPeow peow peow04:46
Nocturnalruan: Ok I will try removing it again.04:47
Nocturnalok its removed. Now how do I install the sun java?04:49
obscurant1stI trying to create an 32 bit image for my android using rootstock. But my system is 32 bit, i dont know whether rootstock produces a 32 bit version or 64 bit version. can someone help me out in this.04:50
obscurant1stmy system is 64 bit* sorry04:50
ruanNocturnal: install sun-java-jre04:50
ruanNocturnal: search it in synaptic04:51
Nocturnalruan: Ok that worked perfect. Thank you very much.04:53
vlad__who is the most advanced user here?04:53
ruanNocturnal: :)04:54
zabomberwe are collectively advanced04:54
vlad__Who can help with04:54
vlad__vlad@laptop ~ $ sudo lsusb -t04:54
vlad__Segmentation fault04:54
slipkid08I am not as advanced as some04:54
ruandoes it give segmentation fault if you just type 'lsusb'?04:55
vlad__nothing happens then.04:55
slipkid08It gives him nada04:55
ruani get devices if i type lsusb on its own :S04:55
vlad__vlad@laptop ~ $ lsusb04:55
vlad__vlad@laptop ~ $04:55
slipkid08He's running mint if that helps04:55
ruanhmm. mint isn't really supported here04:56
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org04:56
vlad__they cant help.04:56
slipkid08His win 7 installation recognizes his ports tho04:56
vlad__besides mint 10 is based on ubuntu 10.1004:56
slipkid08So they're obviously working04:57
* lathan_devers wants to remind you that ubottu is a bot =)04:57
ar0nicugh wth vlc04:57
ar0nicguys where is the syslog at againhj04:57
rwwvlad__: Regardless, it's not supported here. Your available support options for each distro are something to consider when choosing which to use.04:57
ruanar0nic: /var/log or logfile viewerr04:57
slipkid08I prefer Mac04:57
vlad__well they would not work in ubuntu either.04:58
slipkid08You used Ubuntu too?04:58
rwwvlad__: Please feel free to install Ubuntu, come back, and test that hypothesis.04:58
ar0nicheh which log would it be in, vlc is crashing after i attempt to play something, with no errors or output in its logger04:58
zabomberMac with Virtual box = heat!!04:59
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jsoftwMac with Paralells == Deluxe.04:59
xiambaxmy i7 does just fine with virtualbox04:59
vlad__hypotheses? i just tested it a few days ago and i just tested it with a live CD of 10.10.04:59
xiambaxparallels runs faster though04:59
zabombertry not to pay for my software where i can...04:59
vlad__Do you want me to boot into that and come back here? Because my wifi card wont work without a driver.05:00
ar0nic38610.334733] vlc[17191]: segfault at 0 ip 00007f2ed1173e75 sp 00007f2ed01f29f0 error 4 in libQtCore.so.4.5.2[7f2ed1117000+22d000]05:00
ar0nicthis is the error05:00
chinthakaI need a help to install mysql server on ubuntu 10.1005:01
ar0nicvlc player05:01
wliaochinthaka, what's the problem.05:02
zabomberyou should google before you irc...05:02
zabombertheres 1000's of tut's online with mysql install help on ubuntu05:02
chinthakaI tried both sudo apt-get install mysql-server as well as used the synaptic package manager05:02
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)05:02
chinthakaBut using both I cannot download the package05:02
zabombercan you download other packages?05:02
zabomberor just an issue with mysql?05:02
chinthakaI downloaded apache and php05:03
wliaoI think it's a issue about your source.05:03
chinthakabut cannnot download mysql05:03
dsnyderschinthaka, low disk space, maybe?05:03
ar0nichmm well i got an error i guess il submit it05:03
ar0nicthats wild05:03
chinthakahow do I check for low disk space05:03
wliaochinthaka, df -h05:04
zabomberdf -h05:04
crlcan81Is there any way of having folders automatically made for each file when you move them into a location?05:04
crlcan81using nautilus that is.05:04
crlcan81I have 180 or so files that I'm moving and I already have a folder structure with each of that type of file in their own folder, so other filetypes associated with that specific file can be organized with them.05:05
chinthakathese are the results when trying df -h05:05
chinthaka/dev/sda6              16G  3.7G   12G  25% /05:06
chinthaka/dev/sda5             310M   29M  266M  10% /boot05:06
wliaochinthaka, so that's not the problem.05:06
chinthaka/dev/sda8              45G  2.3G   43G   5% /media/Acadamic05:06
zabomberso than its probably your repo as wliao stated05:06
wliaochinthaka, pls make sure u can connect the repo server.05:07
zabombersudo apt-get update05:07
wliaochinthaka, or, first try apt-get update05:07
chinthakaok sudo apt-get update was finished05:08
abstraktso I can't seem to control netbeans with wmctrl, I'm just trying to do this: `wmctrl -r netbeans -t 5` which I see on numerous forum posts and other similar places on google, but the netbeans window is unmoved... netbeans has no hostname in wmctrl -l, if that makes a difference05:08
chinthakaI mean it successfully completed05:08
zabombertry install mysql now?05:09
wliaochinthaka, u'd better show as the result of your installation05:09
chinthakayou mean which installation05:09
abstraktwhy doesn't wmctrl work?05:10
chinthakamysql or sudo apt-get update installtion05:10
abstraktright clicking in the window list works05:10
abstraktwmctrl works in regards to switching *to* the netbeans window05:10
abstraktbut it seems that wmctrl refuses to actually move the actual netbeans window05:10
wliaochinthaka, sudo apt-get install mysql-server05:11
chinthaka0% [Waiting for headers]05:12
chinthaka in terminal it comes like this and then it stucks05:12
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chinthakaany download doesn't occur05:12
zabomberhows your dns?05:12
zabomberall working?05:12
zabomberive had problems where my dns doesnt resolve the repo's...05:12
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zabomberand thus it just pauses while its trying to resolve the repo dns name to ip05:13
wliaochinthaka, have a look at your /etc/apt/source.list05:13
code_ninjaneed ubuntu help? call the ubuntu experts @ 718-618-4770!05:13
wliaocode_ninja, u again.05:13
wliaoping your server, or open it in your web browser.05:14
chinthakaI opened  /etc/apt/source.list05:14
chinthakawhat should I do now05:15
wliaochinthaka, have u ever edited your source.list?05:15
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wliaoopen one in your browser.05:17
chinthakaafter clicking on source.list it gave me a new window with tabs ubuntu software, other software etc05:17
AntaresAlgun usuario de KDE?05:17
wliaochinthaka, So i will assume you have good access.05:18
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AntaresAlguien de KDE?05:18
wliaochinthaka, sorry i don't why the installation fails.05:20
Wolfwalker_PrimeI have a laptop with an ATI Radeon XPress 200M video card.  Default video driver makes games flicker and Neverball does very interesting things.  With official fglrx driver games don't even try to run.05:20
Wolfwalker_PrimeI've googled extensively... what am I missing here?05:20
wliaozabomber, any idea?05:20
chinthakain software sources the download server is set to "server from sri lanka"05:20
chinthakaCan't it be a error in the server05:21
wliaonot so much possibility.05:22
A|i3Nok well. Thought the computer I aquired wasn't working right - thought it was locking up (it actually did a couple times, but since I erased the other HD it's ok). 2 HD scsi system by the way. I get into ubuntu, and I see only the background. I have to alt F1 to see the menu. Gnome failsafe shows me the menu bar and stuff but no Internet connectivity so I can't get on here to fix it in real time. Help?!?!05:23
chinthakabut when I try  using synaptic package manager it gives an error like that05:23
chinthakathe error is W: Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/m/mysql-5.1/mysql-server-core-5.1_5.1.49-1ubuntu8.1_i386.deb05:23
chinthakaW: Failed to fetch http://lk.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/m/mysql-5.1/mysql-server-5.1_5.1.49-1ubuntu8.1_i386.deb05:24
A|i3Nbazhang yer good at this stuff help me out lol05:24
chinthakawhen I try that link also it stops downloading the file on middle05:25
dsnyderschinthaka, Sri Lanka?  I think you've got something misconfigured.05:25
wliaochinthaka, so it's network maybe.05:25
chinthaka<dsnyders>: why is that?05:26
A|i3Nbut to recap.. 10 y/o server type system. SCSI drives. Dunno what vid card it has. But all I see when i login is background. Lucid version. Clean install. Works in failsafe.05:27
dsnyderschinthaka, The synaptic package manager will try to download from a local mirror.  You shouldn't be hitting the Sri Lanka mirrors unless you are located there.  Because of the different languages, I wouldn't be confident that the mirrors there have the same software that the North American mirrors have.05:30
wliaodsnyders, normally the software is the same.05:31
wliaodsnyders, that's why we call it "mirror", right?05:31
bazhangdsnyders, they are mirrors, thus the same05:32
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chinthakadsnyders:what should I do now?05:34
A|i3Nbazhang: little help? lol05:36
chinthakaisn't there anywary to install mysql on ubuntu05:36
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)05:37
Nexus-Windis there a way I can set up weekly reminders nativly in ubuntu?05:39
iiicygWithout cron, you mean?05:40
iiicygThrought GUI?05:40
iiicygGood night.05:41
Nexus-Windlike a pop up reminder05:41
=== Nexus-Wind is now known as darkenvy
iiicygNexus-Wind, er...05:41
AquaguyI've installed apache2 in Ubuntu using apt-get and I can't find mod_rewrite.so, can I download it from somewhere else?05:42
darkenvyI want a reminder to remind me to do a hard backup every friday05:44
iiicygAquaguy, sudo a2enmod rewrite05:44
darkenvyI know I know... I could cronjob it. but my filenames change to dates and are always different05:45
Aquaguydarkenvy sudo: a2enmod: command not found05:45
darkenvythis is a sample: /minecraft/backups/19-03-2011/beta.19-03-2011_010001.tar.gz05:45
iiicygsudo apt-get install a2enmod05:46
darkenvywhat is a2enmod?05:46
iiicygmodules enabler05:46
iiicygfor Apache205:46
darkenvywhich will help me do?05:46
rwwdarkenvy: It won't. iiicyg's talking to someone else.05:46
iiicygdarkenvy, which will help Aqua05:47
darkenvyoh wow I got mixed up lol05:47
Aquaguyiiicyg E: Could not find a2enmod package05:47
A|i3Nso any idea, anybody? No desktop at login? Just the background?05:47
telcnashello everybody05:47
iiicygdarkenvy, I don't know any GUI-reminders. Try to search it in ubuntu software center.05:47
rwwAquaguy: a2enmod is /usr/sbin/a2enmod, from the package apache-common.05:48
iiicygA|i3N, after install?05:48
iiicygrww, ou05:48
rwwsorry, apache2.2-common05:48
iiicygapache-common, yes05:48
A|i3Nyes, iiicyg. I have to use the keyboard and can't even get on the internet with the thing to try to work it out in real time05:49
taranhow can one download a number of .deb fiels ?05:49
rwwand the apache2 package depends on apache2.2-common...05:49
Aquaguyiiicyg, if I install apache2.2-comon it install another Apache server alongside with the one that I already installed using apt-get install apache205:49
Socky_Hey guys, i have an old machine running without Xwindows, and It obtaining an IP from DHCP.  I want to manually pick one that it will use each time it boots up.  What file do I need to edit?05:49
iiicygA|i3N, you can startup aplications with alt+f2?05:49
A|i3Niiicyg, failsafe mode works but again.. no inet to try and fix it on here so I need to know what to try on a fresh install. I'm new to this.05:49
A|i3Nyes, I can05:50
Socky_i tried /etc/network/interfaces but doesnt look right05:50
obscurant1stcan someone tell me how to list the active block devices on the system?05:51
ubottudeb is the Debian package format, also used by Ubuntu. To install .deb files, simply double-click (in Ubuntu) or click (in Kubuntu) on them to start the GDebi utility.05:51
chinthakathank you very much for helping me05:51
chinthakaI will try it and see05:51
sn00pdiggi neeeeed help!05:51
taran!download deb05:51
sony`hi everyone! I'm trying to install ubuntu 10.10 on my old P4 desktop with 256MB of ram05:51
sn00pdiggstill.... unforetunaltly05:52
ejv!ask | sony`05:52
ubottusony`: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:52
sony`i have the live cd, i have verified the contents, but it always hangs and stops working when i try to install the OS to my machine05:52
sony`ejv i'm getting to it :P05:52
ruansony`: you could try the alternative cd05:53
sony`so i see Try ubuntu / Install Ubuntu, going to click on "Install Ubuntu" for the 2nd time05:53
ubottuThe Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal05:53
A|i3Niiicyg yes, I can and it is an older system, bout 10 years. I would think ubuntu would have no issues but it's a server type machine. I'm lost lol i dunno what to try. I don't know enough to function without the full menu bar up top :)05:53
sony`bah lol need to burn another cd :<05:54
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent05:54
ruansony`: you can use a usb flash drive ^05:54
ejvi wouldn't rule out the possibility of a bad disk, bad controller, bad cable, etc.05:54
ejvit's rather ambiguous05:54
sony`ruan system is really really old, doesn't support boot from USB05:55
Wolfwalker_PrimeI have a laptop with an ATI Radeon XPress 200M video card.  Default video driver makes games flicker and Neverball does very interesting things.  With official fglrx driver games don't even try to run.  Also with the official driver ATI's Catalyst Control Center says something about there is no ATI driver present for it to control.05:55
Wolfwalker_PrimeI've googled extensively... what am I missing here?05:55
JChanHello! I have a strange problem with a freshly installed copy of Ubuntu 10.10 - at times, Ubuntu will not recognize any of my mouse clicks.05:55
JChanI can still select things through keyboard control, but the mouse clicking fails to function at all05:56
sony`ejv i ran the cd verifier05:56
JChanIf it helps, I'm using a Logitech wireless mouse05:56
djancakwhat does "at times" mean JChan05:57
ruanhmm. i wonder if net install fits on a floppy05:57
JChandjancak: Randomly05:57
djancakJChan: so it never boots up and just completely stops working?05:57
A|i3NOK I found a fix for my problem with no desktop - CAn SOMEONE tell me how to connect to my CDMA connection without a menu bar?!?!?05:57
JChandjancak: I've not had that happen yet05:57
rigvedJChan: are you using an optical mouse? if yes, make sure that the surface under the mouse is clean as it can sometimes cause problems05:57
JChanfor the first 30 seconds or so, everything seems to be fine05:57
A|i3NI have NO idea what to type in the terminal05:58
JChanrigved: That's certainly not the case, but thanks :)05:58
djancakJChan: how frequently does it occur?05:58
JChandjancak: Very often. :05:58
djancakJChan: tried a hard-wired mouse yet?05:58
djancakJChan: or try that mouse on another comp?05:58
JChandjancak: Yep. After I plug in a hard-wired mouse, the mouse works for a little bit then starts failing to click just as the previous mouse.05:58
JChanIt doesn't matter if it's wireless or wired, they all seem to stop working shortly :(05:59
djancakJChan: interesting problem. unfortunately i don't know diddley about ubuntu05:59
Wolfwalker_PrimeThank you for the help nobody.05:59
JChandjancak: Thanks for trying to help anyways! :D05:59
* djancak still on XP... sadly...05:59
AquaguyWhich is the command for copying files using terminal?06:01
jrtaylorivAquaguy, cp06:01
Aquaguythank you06:01
jrtaylorivno problem06:01
ruanfile operations in terminal are abbreivated. eg. rm, cp, mv06:02
caffinerunning 10.10, enabled the nvidia drivers, and boom, xorg dies as soon as i log in. did some quick searches and only seeming to find recent problems with multiple monitors. this is just a single laptop monitor. any ideas?06:04
ruancaffine: xorg.log?06:04
caffineruan: remind me where that is? i just looked at dmesg and it looks like a hard crash, but yeah, if we have more info in xorg, let's do it.06:05
AndroUser_jesse_, oi06:08
bazhang!br | AndroUser06:08
ubottuAndroUser: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.06:08
ruancaffine: /var/xorg.0.log or something, let me check06:08
caffineruan: one sec. while i get that guy, here's what i think is the relevant part in dmesg in case it's of any help:   http://pastebin.com/KnXjmKZk06:09
ruanyep, a call trace06:10
ruanall of which leads to nvidia/xorg. its relevant06:10
caffineruan: here's the xorg log, but it doesn't look very helpful (to me, at least)  http://pastebin.com/1d5Svqhi   just one warning about not having a cyrillic font (which i don't use)06:12
=== Guest23275 is now known as DarkDevil
ruanhmm. is there a way you can remove the nvidia drivers?06:13
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest29704
caffineyup. i can reboot into recovery mode.06:14
VorticityI've got a dumb question.  When stdout is redirected to a file, is there any way to do a carriage return (\r) so that you can write over the same line again?  When I try I just get ^M in my output files.06:14
caffinehrm. thought i could... that ubuntu install seems to be ignoring this one. too snobby for my ssh client!06:16
=== doodle is now known as Guest49448
ruanVorticity: is this related to bash?06:19
ruanif so, you could try in #bash06:19
^141211 |» `[[G]|ob|[C`]]^ «|  06:19
Vorticityruan, it does the same thing in tcsh and bash06:20
zabomberanyone know what vpn client i can use on an ubuntu 9.0 box to connect to a sonicwall vpn?06:21
ndxtgdoes anyone know what command to  see if a usb stick is plugged in and is already mounted?06:22
ruanndxtg: fsusb or sudo fdisk -l?06:23
LppI got a question, I'm using a Dell Inspiron 14R(N4010) and Ubuntu 10.10. I can not change the brightness at all. Can anyone help me?06:23
Vorticityndxtg: you might just try df -h.  Should list all of the mounted drives.06:23
bazhangruan, lsusb you mean?06:23
patrickwzabomber:  I user to work for a place with a sonicwall, if I remember correctly they use IPSec with XAuth, like cisco...  have you tried vpnc?06:23
ruanlsusb* yes06:23
zabombermmm... i think thats the problem im having.. not too sure which client to use on ubuntu..06:24
zabombervpnc a client?06:24
ruanLpp: try installing "Monitor Settings" from ubuntu software center06:24
=== Guest24001 is now known as larious
Lppruan, I feel really stupid for not looking anything up like that, thanks! I hope this works, I'll report back in a second06:25
ndxtgruan & Vorticity: is there any command that to list USB devices only, not hdd? because I'm writing a python to copy USB files to a spec location...06:26
bvierra|lanyone know a good rtmp publisher for ubuntu?06:26
ruani see some rtmp tools for commandline06:27
caffineruan: nvidia uninstalled and rebooted and it's working now.06:28
Lppruan it says: No monitor supporting DDC/CI available.  If your graphics card need it, please check all required kernel modules are loaded (i2c-dev, and your framebuffer driver)06:28
zabomberpatrickw: thanks. downloaded vpnc and it looks like its going to do the trick06:28
=== XVampireX_ is now known as XVampireX
ruanLpp: hmm.06:28
ruanLpp: what graphics vendor? intel, nvidia, ati?06:28
patrickwzabomer, cool, I hope it works out off the bat... :)06:29
bvierra|lruan: yea me too, just need to do a test publish for a client06:29
caffineruan: is there anything i should try to get nvidia working, or just give up on it for a bit? was hoping to have my wobbly windows. :p06:29
ruancaffine: lol06:29
Lppruan, Intel if you didn't get that06:29
ruanyeah i did06:29
motaka2how to create a shortcut for terminal06:30
ruanmotaka2: applications > accessories, drag the terminal wherever you want it06:30
i_is_brokecaffine, what nvidia06:30
vickHello. I have ubuntu installed and I'm compiling a C++ program with the new standard C++0x, but it is giving me SEGV on something that should not show SEGV, so i backtraced and it show that there is a missing file elf/dl-runtime.cc, which package is that ? Or how can i figure out which package does it belong to ?06:31
i_is_brokecaffine, first try going to system additional drivers and see if there is a driver in there if so activate it.06:31
caffinei_is_broke: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation GT218 [GeForce 310M] (rev a2)06:31
caffinei_is_broke: doing that is what broke in the first place. :)  it's crashing xorg.06:32
i_is_brokesorry thats under admistrations06:32
=== MasterGH_ is now known as MasterGH_netbook
i_is_brokecaffine, ah i see try going their and deactivate it.06:32
ruanlol. he had to uninstall it for display to work06:32
patrickwvick:  have you tried apt-file?06:33
i_is_brokecaffine, then you can try the open drivers for it.06:33
caffinei_is_broke: yup. just got finished doing that. so now i can at least get X running again.06:33
ruanLpp: sudo gconf-editor06:33
LppOkay ruan, now what?06:34
caffinei_is_broke: open drivers? those are there by default, aren't they? or i needed to do something else to use those?06:34
ruanLpp: wait.. right click a panel, add to panel, brightness applet06:34
Lpptried that06:34
ruanoh ok06:35
LppThe brightness doesn't change06:35
i_is_brokecaffine, go to synaptics, or software center i think and look, but i dont think so. just vesa06:35
caffinei_is_broke: okey dokey. i *think* i'm using the nouveau ones now. I see a bunch of this string in the xorg log now:  "NOUVEAU"06:36
Lppruan, Should I keep Config Editor open?06:36
i_is_brokecaffine, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NvidiaManual06:36
ruanLpp: you can close it06:36
i_is_broke! nvidia > caffine06:37
ubottucaffine, please see my private message06:37
Lppruan, I think I found an answer...06:39
caffinei_is_broke: thanks. checking these out. software center says i have vesa and nouveau drivers, but i don't have nouveau firmware for some reason.06:39
i_is_brokecaffine, your quite welcome, good luck.06:40
Lppruan, Sent you a PM06:41
sn00pdigganyone have experience with ubuntu and android phones?06:41
jsoftwLpp: Can you send me a private message? I feel lonly.06:41
Lppjsoftw, ruan is helping me with my monitor issue...06:42
ajuHai all, How can i create net connection using dialup modem in ubuntu 10.04, my system had builtin dialup modem06:42
MasterGH_netbookAlrighty, hopefully this works now that I've re-reg'd my nick. I've been trying to install 10.10 on my netbook (a HP Mini 110) via a USB flash drive, but each time something using parted is loaded up (gparted, or bits in the installer) it crashes. Running gparted from the command line shows an error which I'll paste in a sec06:44
MasterGH_netbook"Assertion (head_size <= 63) at ../../../libparted/labels/dos.c:662 in function probe_partition_for_geom() failed."06:44
guspurassalamu alaikum06:44
MasterGH_netbookAny ideas? I've tried multiple downloads, the netbook remix version, and multiple flash drives, but it's the same in each case.06:45
ajuanyone can help me06:45
=== Amaranth__ is now known as Amaranth
StepNjumphi guys, my computer goes to sleep too quickly and everytime I need to key in my root password. Is there a way to change the time when it goes back on sleep?06:46
Pranav_rcmas1StepNjump, there should be something called power settings under system Administration06:46
StepNjumpPranav_rcmas1 yes I tried to fool around with most settings but no change06:48
StepNjumplet me try again06:48
StepNjumpPravnav_rcmas1 Power Management preferences?06:50
zabomberanyone know offhand the type of encryption vpnc uses as standard?06:52
sn00pdiggi'm attempting to update my lg android phone on the ubuntu 10.10 os. kp500 won't recognize the phone plugged into the usb port. i need help figuring this out. udev, 51 and 70 are updated. and the phone is in debugging mode. how can i get the newest update on this phone?06:53
MasterGH_netbookalriiiight, so I've made progress. starting up gparted with it -only- accessing the netbook's HDD doesn't give me an error, so it must be having trouble with my flash drive. Anyone know of a way to force Ubuntu's installer to disregard the flash drive I have plugged in?06:56
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=== is is now known as zugthor
SyriaHi, I have installed mysql5, mysql server, apache2 and phpmyadmin but is still not acceptable! no such web page.07:02
ejv!lamp | Syria07:06
ubottuSyria: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)07:06
Syriaejv:  I running under ubuntu 64bit so LAMP can't be installed on it.07:06
ejvthat's ridiculous.07:07
Syriaejv:  Why?07:07
Syriaejv: LAMP works on 32bit architecture only.07:07
rwwSyria: No. No it doesn't.07:08
Syriarww:  I will check again, thnx anyway.07:08
jrtaylorivSyria -- don't worry about checking again. It's not true. You can run LAMP on a 64-bit system. I'm doing so right now.07:09
mike__tak można sobie pisać ??07:09
ubottuNa tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.07:10
Syriajrtayloriv:  But I have downloaded mysql5, mysql-server, apache2 and phpmyadmin why is still not found?07:10
=== Axlin is now known as Axlin|AFK
jrtaylorivSyria, You've configured something incorrectly. It has nothing to do with your system being 64-bit.07:11
ejvSyria: read the documentation. http://wiki.phpmyadmin.net/ is a good start.07:11
Syriajrtayloriv:  ejv thnx.07:11
DScriptThis is the phpMyAdmin wiki. With this wiki the phpMyAdmin team hopes to make it easier to let contributors add their knowledge and help to the phpMyAdmin project. Feel free to edit or add new articles related to phpMyAdmin (we reserve the right to take legal actions against spammers). Or just search for answer to your questions. This wiki is a source for users and developers documentation and07:12
DScripteverybody is welcome to improve it. To ask for help please use the Help Forum, to report a bug use the bug tracker (after looking there for already known or fixed issues).07:12
rwwDScript: Turn that off now.07:12
cjsWhat does it mean when ReiserFS claims that I am using only 25GB of a 33GB disk, and yet I have no free space?07:13
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=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest82397
DScriptHardware we all want: FSF announces criteria for hardware program.07:15
rypervencheIf I am running screen and irssi, if I don't detach the window using ^A d will irssi close? For example if my computer freezes and abruptly shuts down.07:16
rwwrypervenche: If you're running programs on your local computer and your computer shuts down, they'll close no matter what. If you mean screen and irssi on a remote server, then no, they'd stay running.07:17
SwedeMikerypervenche: if your network connection is lost screen will keep running, it'll automatically detach.07:17
jmowondering if anyone can help me with an xrandr issue07:17
jmopulling my hair out here07:17
cjsis there a better place to ask my question?07:17
sn00pdiggi'm attempting to update my lg android phone on the ubuntu 10.10 os. kp500 won't recognize the phone plugged into the usb port. i need help figuring this out. udev, 51 and 70 are updated. and the phone is in debugging mode. how can i get the newest update on this phone?07:17
SyriaI have a 3G connection on my laptop and I want to share that connection via wireless to other computers so is possible to make of my laptop an access point?07:19
SwedeMikeSyria: yes.07:20
DScripthttp://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freenode $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$07:20
SwedeMikeSyria: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing07:20
jmoxrandr keeps returning "BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)" when trying to addmode - has anyone come across this before?07:20
SyriaSwedeMike:  Thank you.07:20
SwedeMikeSyria: sorry, hold on. that article is old and outdated.07:20
SyriaSwedeMike:  Okay.07:21
SwedeMikeSyria: you can do this very easily using network manager, look around in there, you can set your wifi interface as shared.07:21
SwedeMikeSyria: ah, it had it in there, use section 1, not the 2 and onwards.07:22
SyriaSwedeMike: Which sections?07:22
SyriaSwedeMike:  Ubuntu Internet Gateway Method  ?07:22
SwedeMikeSyria: GUI method.07:22
SyriaSwedeMike: Thnx again.07:23
jeet88how to build an iso from source code?07:24
sn00pdiggi'm attempting to update my lg android phone on the ubuntu 10.10 os. kp500 won't recognize the phone plugged into the usb port. i need help figuring this out. udev, 51 and 70 are updated. and the phone is in debugging mode. how can i get the newest update on this phone?07:24
cjsSo, I've got a 33GB reiserfs (installed by someone else--this is a virtual private server). df claims 25 GB used, 0 free. An rsync process is currenly happily adding data at several MB/sec. "echo foo > z" produces an out of disk space message. What's going on?07:24
cjsOops, wrong channel. Sorry guys.07:24
jeet88i downloaded "chrome os" source code from chromium.org.... it's a linux based os.... but, dont know how to install the os?07:26
rww!ot | jeet8807:26
ubottujeet88: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:26
ejvthis channel never ceases to be amusing07:27
SightUpcan ubuntu run well on 2gb of ram?07:27
ruanSightUp: yep07:27
StarminnSightUp: It ran well for me on 512MB.07:27
sn00pdiggruns good on anything that i've seen..07:27
SightUpruan wanna see the comp i chose?07:27
Starminnsn00pdigg: Can it run on no RAM?07:27
cjsSightUp: Depends on what you're running. :-) Typicaly desktop environment will work reasonably well, though, up to a few dozen tabs in Firefox.07:27
rypervencheSwedeMike: Ok, thank you.07:27
sn00pdigggotta have ram....07:28
SightUp^ i am loading ubuntu on that07:28
cjsI"ve had "git gc" drive a 750 MB server deep into swap.07:28
Starminnsn00pdigg: Ah. I honestly was curious, lol.07:28
ThundrMeistr64k, thats all youll ever need07:28
SightUpthats a good laptop for ubuntu right?07:29
sn00pdiggoh.... ubuntu is "smart" about resources tho. it uses ext of the hdd as ram sometimes which makes things run quicker07:29
SightUpsuggestions plox?07:30
ruanyeah its a good laptop07:31
SightUpthink i will have driver issues ruan?07:32
SightUpor will ubuntu run fine?07:32
ejvit'll be fine SightUp07:32
sn00pdigganyone know how to properly dual boot into windows if i've already used all of my hdd as ext?07:33
ejvkeep in mind there will be exceptions for very bleeding-edge, unique hardware, like webcams, bluetooth, etc. check the ubuntu/linux kernels if you're worried about specific hardware to rule out any issues.07:34
SightUpi dont care about any of the hardware you mentioned07:34
SightUpi am worried about stuff like cpu support, video, motherboard like the NB, and internet07:35
ruancpus and motherboards and internet will be compatible07:36
ejvthose are concerns probably best discussed in #ubuntu-offtopic07:36
SightUpum, how is hardware support pertaining to ubuntu not about ubuntu?07:37
sn00pdigganyone know how to properly dual boot into windows if i've already used all of my hdd as ext?07:37
ruansn00pdigg: you could resize the ext partition and make an ntfs one07:37
sn00pdiggruan: using what?07:38
ruangparted of course07:38
motzHi, I just installed me-tv on my laptop lenovo b560 with ubuntu 10. Everything works fine, but when I turn to fullscreen vision, TV signal stops with freeze image and doesn't completely turn to fullscreen. According to a post (https://bugs.launchpad.net/me-tv/+bug/699825) it's a problem of video card driver, which can be solved by using xv  driver instead of vdpau. What do you think about?07:38
ubottuUbuntu bug 699825 in Me TV "When i switch to fullscreen TV signal stops with freeze image after the top statusline disappeared after few moments" [Undecided,Invalid]07:38
sn00pdiggokay... i'm somewhat a newb07:38
ubottugparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php07:38
sn00pdiggbut i know that windows partition tries to takeover the dual boot process07:39
sn00pdiggwhat is it that you have to do special at the boot process?07:39
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.07:39
maxillusionist  07:40
sn00pdiggthank you friends for the info07:40
StepNjumpI found out how to change the sleep settings if anyone is interested http://lifehacker.com/#!5642254/make-ubuntu-hibernate-instead-of-sleep07:47
ravenpossible to convert isos written with dd to 9660-ISO?07:51
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motzc'è qualcuno?08:00
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)08:00
rayenpl tell how i can download any video on ubuntu08:01
ravenpossible to convert isos written with dd to 9660-ISO?08:02
ravenrayen, with firefox?08:02
AquaguyHello again08:02
motzHi, I just installed me-tv on my laptop lenovo b560 with ubuntu 10. Everything works fine, but when I turn to fullscreen vision, TV signal stops with freeze image and doesn't completely turn to fullscreen. According to a post (https://bugs.launchpad.net/me-tv/+bug/699825) it's a problem of video card driver, which can be solved by using xv  driver instead of vdpau. What do you think about?08:03
ubottuUbuntu bug 699825 in Me TV "When i switch to fullscreen TV signal stops with freeze image after the top statusline disappeared after few moments" [Undecided,Invalid]08:03
rayenyes with firefox08:03
AquaguyI'm using Ubuntu Server 10.10 I've installed gnome to perform a couple of task but I would like to disable it so the server starts in command line mode again without unistalling the gnome package in case I need to enable it again08:03
rayenpl tell how i can download any video on ubuntu08:03
ravenrayen, try addon "download helper"08:03
markieany girls in here want to chat hit me up'08:04
rayenpl give me the url of downloadhelper08:04
ravenrayen, look for it in firefox addon manager08:04
rww!pickup | markie08:04
ubottumarkie: Just a tip: talking about finding and/or picking up guys/chicks is rude to the people of whichever gender who are in this channel and dont feel like being 'found' or 'picked up'. This is not a speed dating channel.08:04
mr0wlIt's Elementary OS based on Ubuntu?08:05
rwwmr0wl: yes08:05
rayenpl give me the url of downloadhelper08:05
rwwmr0wl: though it's an unofficial derivative, so it's not supported here08:05
AquaguyI'm using Ubuntu Server 10.10 I've installed gnome to perform a couple of task but I would like to disable it so the server starts in command line mode again without unistalling the gnome package in case I need to enable it again08:06
researcher1how to join vmware channel08:06
Aquaguyhow can i do it?08:06
mr0wlIs Unity going to affect Kubuntu?08:06
rayenpl give me the url of downloadhelper08:06
Jeruvyrayen: for your protection mozilla prefers you download it via addons and plugins.08:06
rwwmr0wl: no08:06
rww!repeat | rayen08:06
ubotturayen: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/08:06
mr0wlWhere it's the best place to get Firefox RC?08:07
Starminnmr0wl: From Firefox site?08:08
Camaratamr0wl, www.firefox.com08:08
Aquaguyanyone knows how to start up in command line mode?08:08
mr0wlNo specific PPAs?08:09
CamarataAquaguy, you should be able to from GRUB08:09
Starminnmr0wl: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/RC/08:09
CamarataAquaguy, have you tried just selecting recovery mode, then terminal?08:09
Camarataerrr command line08:09
AquaguyCamarata, I cant see grub when the computer starts up, should I enable it somewhere?08:09
mr0wlStarminn: those builds are usually missing a lot of libraries.08:10
ravenpossible to convert isos written with dd to 9660-ISO?08:10
Starminnmr0wl: Well if you don't want it from the Firefox site, where do you want it from? That's the source...08:10
mr0wlStarminn: Ubuntu usually adds a lot of integration into Firefox that enhances the appearance.08:12
Starminnmr0wl: Umm... So it's not missing anything.08:12
mr0wlI was looking for packages that gives similar experience.08:12
FloodBot1usuario: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:13
Starminnmr0wl: That's not Firefox, that's Ubuntu. And I've been running Beta since Beta 4 and nothing bad has ever happened. You could always download a theme for Ubuntu though I'd way08:13
Potter_leowhat's the best small is for a computer that is five years old top of tgs line?08:13
Potter_leosmall os I mean08:13
naftilos76hi everyone, i have been working with Kubuntu for maybe a year now but have been dissapointed by the uncertainty of KDE trying to decide whether it wants to be stable, buggy or whatever...I have almost decide to go back to ubuntu which have served me well during the time i used it! I can see that ubuntu website suggests that the "recommended" ver is the 32bit. What is the reason of 32bit suggested as the recommende ver? I am on a intel Quad08:14
naftilos76 9550 which is clearly a 64bit CPU. I remember that ther was a difference in speed between 32 and 64bit ver . What would you propose? 32bit or 64 bit?08:14
=== Guest82397 is now known as DarkDevil
Potter_leo64 bit its all moving that way08:14
mr0wlStarminn: it's more than themes, things like building with libcairo flags enhances Firefox a lot.08:15
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest81850
rwwnaftilos76: The "recommended" is just because the 32-bit ISO works on 32-bit and 64-bit systems, whereas 64-bit only works on 64-bit systems.08:15
Potter_leobest not to oversarutate with too many options08:15
rwwFor normal desktop usage, there is no appreciable difference between the two.08:15
=== tedy is now known as mo_bledhoz
Starminnmr0wl: Well I don't know, man. I'd say you'd just have to wait until Ubuntu makes those for Firefox 4 which you'd have to do anyway.08:15
* rww uses 64-bit, has non-normal desktop usage ;)08:15
naftilos76rww: thanks, i am aware of that. Thought that there is something else into it!08:15
Potter_leo64 ak2ats runs much more stably08:15
sn00pdiggi can't believe that nobody else hasn't used ubuntu to develop software, and/or update their phone08:16
* Starminn think rww is non-normal08:16
i_is_broke< seconds what Starminn said.:D08:16
Potter_leomy big thing has always been stability 64 doesn't tax the hardware as much it seems08:16
i_is_brokePotter_leo, i have issues that some of my hardware isnt compatible and im to cheap to buy new.:D08:17
naftilos76Potter_leo: are you suggesting that 32bit is more stable?08:17
Potter_leoand it doesn't seen to run twice as fast in either direction so what the question is is which will people want?08:18
ubuntoosudo apt-get hello everybody08:19
Potter_leois broke. get a small Linux distro08:19
Assassindoes anybody live in Taipei?08:19
ubuntoodon't kill me, please!08:20
Assassinwhat are you doing ?08:20
Potter_leois DSL better than puppy Linux if so in what way08:20
researcher1after I installed an application can I find its  .deb stored somewhere on my machine?08:21
greppy!ot | Potter_leo08:22
ubottuPotter_leo: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:22
robbiethe1stHey guys, how do I set the Metacity window-border colors? What's the name of the application? (Note, not running Gnome)08:23
hilarie_Is there a way to kick myself off of this channel so I can use my normal nick?08:28
bwrightWhat are the potential reasons that usb-creator-gtk would segment fault on writing the bootloader?08:29
bwrightMore exact output DEBUG:root:install_bootloader \n Segmentation fault08:30
madsjhi; I get no error message when I try to use pm-hibernate, but the computer isn't hibernating, but instead just displaying a black screen with a cursor08:35
koolhead17anyone able to get spellcheaker working in OO08:37
jrmcmIs there a remote desktop app for droid phones?08:37
greppyjrmcm: pretty sure there is a vnc app08:38
chinthakato install08:39
Pilopewhello hello epic torl torl epic =]=]08:39
chinthakato install xampp in ubuntu it says "sudo tar -zxvf xampp-linux-1.5.1.tar.gz -C /opt" can be used.but when I try it it gives an error08:40
chinthakabelow is the error08:40
chinthaka"tar: You may not specify more than one `-Acdtrux' or `--test-label' option08:41
chinthakaTry `tar --help' or `tar --usage' for more information."08:41
chinthakaWhat should I do to overcome this problem08:41
Pilopewdid you try tar --help and see if you could find anything?08:41
chinthakacan anyone help me please08:41
chinthakaok thanks got it08:48
overcluckerhmm, i didn't know peopple bothered with xampp on linux08:53
=== test_ is now known as trijntje
guapamontsegood morning. im trying to read the size of my thumb drive in megabytes. it just says '3.7gb', but i want to know if 3.71 or 3.79 or what exactly. i need 4gb according to a guide to be able to install w7 off my thumb.09:00
guapamontsei tried with df but the output in mb option seems to be disabled in ubuntu09:01
tensorpuddingdf -h?09:01
guapamontsethat gets me Gb09:01
guapamontseand df -hM doesnt work either09:01
tensorpuddingthe regular df gives you 1k blocks09:01
motzi don't have /dev/mixer . Is that normal?09:01
tensorpuddingdivide by 1024 to get megabytes09:01
guapamontseyeah just like fdisk, but... how much of a mess would be to translate that into megabytes09:02
guapamontsekk ill try09:02
limitgbi get "Unknown Monitor" in Monitor Preference and Gnome Color Manager but nVidia Settings show the correct model09:02
limitgbso i can't calibrate my monitor09:02
guapamontselike a charm it worked thanks tensorpudding09:03
lotutu Hello , I met an error while compiling glibc, http://paste.ubuntu.com/582393/09:03
limitgbi try with both versions of the nVidia driver, with nvidia-xconfig and try the noveau driver but don't seem to wrk at all09:03
lotutuMy system:10.04.2, glibc version:2.1309:05
sny108QUESTION:while browsing files through bluetooth on my phone i am getting errorr "folder content could not be displayed" method get currentpath with signature o interface org.openobex.session" does'nt exist . last time it was working fine PLZ HELP ITS URGENT09:09
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=== RussellAlanIndee is now known as RussellAlan-bah
sny108QUESTION:while browsing files through bluetooth on my phone i am getting errorr "folder content could not be displayed" method get currentpath with signature o interface org.openobex.session" does'nt exist . last time it was working fine PLZ HELP ITS URGENT09:12
chinthakaI installed xampp in ubuntu09:14
ikoniasny108: sounds like the connection is not stable, or permissions problems09:14
chinthakabut when I go to localhost it shows the xampp homepage and when I click on the language it remains on the same page09:15
ikoniachinthaka: bad idea, xampp is a self contained platform09:15
chinthakawhat may be the reason for that09:15
=== Guest81850 is now known as DarkDevil
chinthakacan anyone help me please09:15
ikoniachinthaka: you should have installed lam09:15
sny108ikonia:what should  i do09:15
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)09:15
=== guapamontse is now known as obiwan_
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest39333
ikoniasny108: check the logs see if it's compaining about the stability of the connection09:15
chinthakaI tried installing lamp09:15
sny108ikonia: how to do that09:16
ikoniachinthaka: xampp has it's own support channel09:16
chinthakaI installed apache and php09:16
chinthakabut when I try to install mysql it stucks09:16
sny108ikonia: how to do that09:17
chinthakaI couldn't do it either using terminal or the synaptic package manager09:17
chinthakathats why I had to install xampp09:17
ikoniasny108: ok, first things first, if your not used to debugging, it's worth rebooting both your phone and machine to see if it's just a flakley connection09:18
ikoniachinthaka: ok, well xammpp has it's own support chanel as it's a self contained product09:18
chinthakaok thank you very much09:18
NotesI'm trying to recover my unbut partion, the parition is ubuntu 10.4 would it work if I used a 10.10 CD to recover it?09:19
AbhijitNotes, yes09:19
ruanNotes: they both use the same filesystem, so yes09:19
ikoniaNuttyBunny: how are you trying to recover it09:19
ikonianotes how are you trying to recover it09:19
ruanlol, notes is gone09:20
ikoniaugh, he is too09:20
ewethi, I'm trying to install the okcupid plugin for empathy - is there a howto? I've copied the lib to /usr/lib/purple-2/ and the icons to /usr/share/empathy/icons/hicolor/... - still no success....09:20
castshe'll be back when he can't09:20
ikoniaewet: is there not document on the web page you got it from ?09:21
bilal03hi guyz09:21
ewetnope - there's only a small info on the facebook plugin which it seems to be a hack from but that's it09:22
Guest53351does anyone know a got alternative to partimage? partimage does not work on ubuntu 64bit and I would rather not compile something, when it comes to mission critical backups/restoration of partitions.09:22
ikoniaGuest53351: gparted09:22
ewetI followed the steps in this how-to however but that didn't get me there...09:22
bilal03i have ubuntu installed in my pc, but my brother wants XP, how can i disable networking in xp using ubuntu09:22
ikoniaewet: doubtful there is any documentation then09:22
castsGuest53351: what do you want to do? i've never used partimage09:22
ikoniabilal03: you can't09:22
ruanlol bila09:23
bilal03is there any file of windows that holds networking?09:23
ikoniabilal03: no09:23
Abhijitbilal03, ##windows09:23
ikoniabilal03: ##windows channel can help you with that09:23
ewetikonia: that's too bad :-/09:23
ruanpossibly the windows drivers for networking09:23
Guest53351i have a windows partition and I need to backup the entire partition. in a second step i want to write the partion to another harddrive. partimage does that. It also does compress the backup and saves only the used data. Example 320gb harddrive/20GB files => resulting backupfile <= 20GB. As far as I know gparted can not do that09:24
ikoniaGuest53351: gparted will allow you to create partitions, tha tyou can then copy across the data and compress it for you09:25
kothaguy_ubuntuhi friends,i have an some key error in the software sources,i got that screen shot,i want to show you,it is a image file,how to show that,if it is  a text ,i can paste it in pastebin,how to show the screenshot here?09:25
kothaguy_ubuntuanybody there09:25
ikoniaGuest53351: you can also use dd to make the partition "image" and as long as you size it right, you'll have no problems putting it to the other disk09:26
Abhijit!imagebin | kothaguy_ubuntu09:26
ubottukothaguy_ubuntu: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.09:26
OMGSHILOHanybody having sound problems with sound in skype in 10.10?09:27
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.09:28
Guest53351ikonia: I can not do that. senario:  work pc with two harddrives.  on fast a fast drive windows, on a slow drive ubuntu. Since I work primaraly with ubuntu now, i wanted to backup windows while working in ubuntu, then later replace windows with ubuntu and replace the old ubuntu install with windows (sadly i can not delete it entirely). I just want to minimize the downtime, since it is my pc at work.... i think i will do it with 09:30
Guest53351perrescuecd... dd is cool.... but a little more complicated for me :)09:30
castscat is simpler09:30
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ikoniaGuest53351: ok, then you'll have to research another solution if you don't want to do it how I'vce suggested09:31
=== song is now known as Guest70235
hwndany forums on problems with rythmbox and reading an ipod touch?09:39
made2shredhwnd: what problem do you have?09:39
hwndit wont pick up my ipod or show it at all09:40
koolhead17hwnd, i would suggest use gtkpod09:41
ankreloadedhey fellas!! just installed a daily build of ubuntu 11.04...and as usual it got messed up...any help??09:44
greppyankreloaded: check #ubuntu+109:45
ankreloadedoh ok09:45
xrhstarasHelp with pinnacle tv tuner09:45
BIIIAlright, that was strange09:45
BIIIEmpathy keeps going unresponsive. But any way, I changed the setting under ipv4 on eth0 to "share connection with other computers" or whatever, but it's not connecting09:47
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:47
xrhstaras!help with pinnacle hybrid tv tuner09:48
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:48
xrhstarashelp with pinnacle hybrid tv tuner09:48
xrhstarashelp with pinnacle hybrid tv tuner09:49
BIIIWhat are you doing bro?09:49
angelslhi. my ubuntu 10.10 installation seems to freeze after bootup. can't change ttys either. nothing peculiar in logs (via recovery mode). failsafeX doesn't work either. Last thing I did was http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1229345, as well as installing a 2GB ram stick.09:49
angelslfreeze after bootup, as in it gets past the plymouth splash, then the screen blanks09:50
ikoniaankreloaded: if it's freezing totally (numlock not responding) it's most liklkey a hardware issue of some sort09:50
ikoniaangelslb if it's freezing totally (numlock not responding)n it's most liklkey a hardware issue of some sort09:50
koolhead17angelsl, can u try running a usb and see if it boots up09:50
BIIIYeah, check that RAM09:50
koolhead17in live env09:51
angelslhm. kay..09:51
ikoniaangelsl: most likley option is the USB drive is disconnecting for a moment due to a buss reset09:51
angelslusb drive??09:51
ikoniaangelsl: sorry I thought you said it was on a usb pen09:52
BIIIYour system is freezing exactly at the point where it would need to start using RAM. Take that stick out and see if it works09:52
angelslBIII: but failsafe works fine, the weird thing is09:53
xrhstarasxeris edw kanis tipote?09:53
xrhstarashelp with pinnacle hybrid tv tuner09:53
angelslBIII: i'll run a memtest then09:54
BIIIxrhstaras: This is a chat. You are talking to humans.09:55
ikoniaangelsl: failsafe works, that's points to a problem with your video card and the xorg and kernel modules for it09:55
=== hilarie_ is now known as hilarie
angelslah, I know..09:56
BIIIangelsl: Nah, no use running a full memtest. I would just try to boot it without the new RAM.09:56
angelslI removed a "Driver "psb"" line09:56
angelslmaybe that's it.09:56
MnCCWhats the ubuntu equivalent of starting taskmanager when everything fails ([CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[ESC] in windows) .. this is the third time it locks up, its getting anoying09:57
angelslMnCC: there is none, drop to console09:57
MnCChow ?09:57
angelslchange ttys09:57
MnCCdidnt work ..09:57
angelsliirc by default ctrl+alt+backspace is disabled in ubuntu09:58
Akshat_Goelhi all09:58
angelslokay... added that line in, now it freezes at plymouth with a full progress indicator.09:59
angelslall 5 'dots' are orange09:59
MnCCi mean all procs were running, only no mouse pointer and noway out .. the SysRq wasnt functioning either (after the reboot tried it, gave me the option for a screenshot .. so go figure)09:59
angelsli have no numlk indicator.. caps lk isn't working09:59
angelslBIII: oh I forgot to mention10:00
angelslpressing te power button initiates a shutdown10:00
MnCCi  have not mute indicator ..10:00
angelslwith plymouth as well10:00
BIIIDoes anyone have any experience with sharing internet from a wireless network? I want to get ethernet on my desktop from my laptop's wireless card. This is super easy in windows, just with a straight cat-5 cable.10:01
greppy!ics | BIII10:01
ubottuBIII: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php10:01
BIIIAh, common question?10:02
greppyit shows up from time to time :)10:02
angelsli'm surprised my kernel boots >_>10:03
pr0tonubuntu isn't there for GSoC ?10:03
BIIIAh right, I never restarted.10:05
angelslBIII: well, unless somehow both my ram sticks are borked, then it's not RAM10:05
icerootafter editing /etc/default/grub, are there any other steps needed to take affect? grub2 doesnt care about my changes10:05
icerootangelsl: thanks10:06
BIIIangelsl: Well, could be something else you changed, or some other spontaneous hardware error. Hate it when coincidences like that happen, makes it way too easy to completely overlook something obvious.10:07
BIIIGood luck10:07
angelslikonia: well, usb boots10:08
angelslbut usb doesn't have my video drivers10:08
MnCCHow can i use the [Fn]+Key in the Keyboard Shortcuts, doesnt seem to work ?10:09
icerootare there any ways to write the output of magic-key-request into a file? (process-list dump e.g.)10:09
icerootangelsl: magic key requests, not ps aux10:09
angelslmagic-key-request 2>file10:09
icerootangelsl: its a keyboard-shortcut directly for the kernel10:10
icerootangelsl: and the kernel is using stdout on tty1 to post the stuff10:11
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MnCCanyone with IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad ? i need to get all my function keys working10:23
marmamalguien habla castellano???????10:23
Fuchs!es | marmam10:24
ubottumarmam: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.10:24
florhello, why is my printer (kyocera mita fs 1020d) so slow, even with small documents < 1MB? maybe that's since i've upgraded last time, but I'm not so sure. How can I fix it?10:24
marmamGracias !!!!!!!!!!!110:24
lxs-makoto'sup? any ideas why epiphany-browser suddenly appeared on my ubuntu install, came along and went "i'm default. screw you!" after my last update?10:27
jayanthello everyone....How do i send audio from line-in or mic port to directly speaker port? I mean, on windows, whenever i connect my mic to those input ports, the audio is played from my speakers, but this doesn't happen on ubuntu. How can i make this happen ?10:27
robbiethe1stjayant: There's an easy way, but are you running ALSA or PulseAudio for your audio?10:29
=== krabbe is now known as Krabbe
jayantrobbiethe1st: i don't know! how can i get to know that ?10:29
robbiethe1stType in "pulseaudio" in the console - if it says "command not found" you don't have it10:30
jayantE: pid.c: Daemon already running. E: main.c: pa_pid_file_create() failed.10:31
robbiethe1stSo, pulseaudio's running. Um, give me a sec10:31
jayantrobbiethe1st: ok10:32
robbiethe1stHm, try this: Type "alsamixer" in the console. You should then be able to use the arrow keys to go over to your line in port, then use the up key to increase it's volume10:34
=== share is now known as Guest34964
D4RkUBIfor same problem with samba how can help me?10:35
jozefkthis is very simple to do in Gnome: http://bit.ly/dEbtel    anybody knows how to do it in KDE?10:35
jayantrobbiethe1st: i did that. Everything is set to full...still no sound :o10:36
robbiethe1stHm, try hitting tab until the view says "playback"10:37
robbiethe1stOh, btw, what's it say under "card"?10:37
sn00pdiggi'm attempting to update my lg android phone on the ubuntu 10.10 os. kp500 won't recognize the phone plugged into the usb port. i need help figuring this out. udev, 51 and 70 are updated. and the phone is in debugging mode. how can i get the newest update on this phone?10:38
jayantrobbiethe1st: the view says playback now...nd under card it's written: Intel 82801DB-ICH410:38
D4RkUBIhey someone can help me :(10:39
robbiethe1stjayant: K, good. Um, what all auxiliary-type sliders do you have in alasmixer?10:40
obscurant1stcan somebody tell if there is a way to mount an img file?10:40
robbiethe1stobscurant1st: "sudo mount -o loop /path/to/file.img /path/to/mount/directory10:41
jayantrobbiethe1st: by auxiliary-type you mean master, master m, line etc ?10:41
obscurant1strobbiethe1st: THANKS!10:41
robbiethe1stjayant: Erm, yea. I mean specifically things like aux, line-in etc.10:41
robbiethe1stjayant: Don't really care about 'master' :P10:41
D4RkUBIthit is my problem, when I try con share my folder yhis is the error «net usershare» ha restituito l'errore 255: net usershare add: cannot convert name "Everyone" to a SID. Invalid parameter., I have try to add a new user but the the problem is same10:42
robbiethe1stjayant: Note that some of the things have "MM" inside - you can hit10:42
robbiethe1stm to enable/disable it10:43
jayantrobbiethe1st: Master, Master M, PCM, Surround, Surround, Line, CD, Mic, Mic Boos, Mic Sele, Video ,  and many more10:43
jayantrobbiethe1st: Only a few of them have that meter to increase or decrease....10:44
robbiethe1stjayant: You can try taking -everything- and putting it at 50% or higher.10:44
robbiethe1stjayant: The others have a box with "mm" or "oo", right?10:44
jayantrobbiethe1st: everything is at 100% and yes, most of them have mm or oo except for 310:45
robbiethe1stif they have MM, select it and hit "m" to re-enable it10:45
jayantrobbiethe1st: done...as soon as i pressed 'm' on line...my speaker started making noise...but isnt playing the proper sound10:46
robbiethe1stOk, now turn other stuff off - But that's the mute control for that channel10:47
robbiethe1stTry messing with the levels, disabling/enabling things until it works10:47
razieliyoclick on the speakers10:48
jayantrobbiethe1st: ok..thanks...giving tries...10:48
razieliyoand on the circles10:48
razieliyoI don't really know what is the issue10:48
razieliyobut I think it's about alsamixer, am I right?10:48
jayantrobbiethe1st: everything is off, except for master and line and still there is noice10:49
robbiethe1stWell, looks like you10:49
robbiethe1stYou're getting noise in on line?10:50
robbiethe1stadjust the line control, see what happens?10:50
FSXHi, I have installed the kernel with the CK patchset, but when X doesn't start when I boot. I only get a black screen. (https://launchpad.net/~chogydan/+archive/ppa)10:50
robbiethe1stFSX, ATI or Nvidia?10:50
FSXrobbiethe1st: ATI, Fglrx.10:50
robbiethe1stThought so. You need to re-install the driver's kernel module. How to do that... Um.,.10:51
skullrobotHello, I wanted to know if I could get some guidance on setting up a VPN10:51
ubottuFor more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN10:52
fulldaykgFSX: should be able to use the package manager for that10:52
dr0idwhats the best way to get the size of a file ? is it possible with ls ?10:52
FSXfulldaykg: Do I need to be booted into the CK kernel or the normal kernel?10:52
jayantrobbiethe1st: tried....still the same...it only increases the volume as i go up from 0, then suddenly no sound at 52 and then as i move even high, it starts increasing again10:52
fulldaykgdr0idL ls works: ls -al10:52
dr0idfulldaykg: that gives me a lot of info, i dunno which one is the file size exactly10:53
jayantrobbiethe1st: it works.....thanks a lot10:53
razieliyodr0id, ls -alh10:53
fulldaykgdr0id: the one right before the date10:53
robbiethe1stjayant: Heh/ Probably your input was odd?10:53
jayantrobbiethe1st:sorry my problem...the cable was a bit loose from my pedal :(10:53
dr0idthat is 76 :D10:53
dr0idmaybe it is kb ? heh10:54
dr0idls -alh will also show 76 but not 76K10:54
robbiethe1stThought so when you mentioned noise10:54
fulldaykgshould be bytes10:54
dr0idaah yes, should be bytes, thanks :)10:54
jayantrobbiethe1st: thanks a lot...can i change the line volume from some other place besides terminal10:54
razieliyodr0id, I use du -sh file/folder10:54
razieliyofile/folder means you can pass a folder or a file as parameter10:55
dr0idrazieliyo: wow, that says 4.0K10:55
fulldaykgdriod: run "echo test > test" the ls -al, the new file test should be 5 bytes10:55
razieliyodr0id, maybe it's a void folder10:55
robbiethe1stjayant: Um, probably - go google for a volume-applet; there's several out there10:55
dr0idnah, its a file10:55
dr0iddu -sh hello_world.sh10:55
robbiethe1stI just use the cmd-line alsamixer cause it's easy to use10:55
razieliyodr0id, listel fulldaykg10:56
fulldaykgdroid, plus a hello_world app sounds like it would be like 76 bytes10:56
dr0idyup, should be 76bytes :)10:56
jayantrobbiethe1st: ok...thanks a lot for all your help10:56
razieliyorazieliyo@blackjack:~$ touch myfile10:57
razieliyorazieliyo@blackjack:~$ du -sh myfile10:57
FSXrobbiethe1st, fulldaykg: When I reinstall Fglrx it only builds for the generic kernel. And got for generic-ck.10:57
robbiethe1stjayant: If you want to, you can create a desktop shortcut to "gnome-terminal -e alasmixer" which should launch it for you10:57
robbiethe1stFSX: Are you reinstalling from the other kernel, or from the "problem" kernel10:58
razieliyojayant, or you could install alsamixergui if you're on X10:58
robbiethe1stFSX: you've got to reinstall it command-line I think, and you -have- to do it from the kernel you want to work10:58
FSXrobbiethe1st: THe default one.10:58
fulldaykgFSX: hmmm, I'm pretty new to Ubuntu... you may have to compile fglrx against the ck source to get it working10:58
jayantrobbiethe1st: this desktop shortcut is cool....btw what's X ??10:59
FSXrobbiethe1st: Ok. I'll try that.10:59
robbiethe1stjayant: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X_Window_System It's what underlies all your graphics stuff10:59
razieliyojayant, I mean graphic engine like icewm, gnome, kde and so on10:59
fulldaykgFSX: I agree with robbie, you need that kernel's source to compile against, probably gonna have to be manual10:59
gz0hi, How would I set permissions for a cifs share? (mount -t cifs...) Ive been trying sudo chmod 777 ./mysharedfolder with no luck11:00
razieliyowindow manager better said11:00
robbiethe1stFSX: Hm, you can try installing the "linux-headers-*kernel-version-here*" package11:00
dr0idls -lh or stat -c '%s' hello_world.sh is perfect :)11:00
jayantrabbiethe1st: ok...thanks...11:00
jayantrazieliyo: sorry didn't noticed the change in name...Thanks for the info :)11:01
robbiethe1stjayant: Lets just say this: If X isn't running, all you get is a (fullscreen) terminal.11:01
gedOGuys. Are someone using xitami as server insted apache??/11:01
jayantrobbiethe1st: then X is running11:01
florsolved it by myself :-) byebye11:01
robbiethe1stjayant: Yes.11:01
AxonetBEI have text stored in my mysql db, and é is stored as ? but render by the app as é, but on my new ubuntu server he render it as ?, what can this be?11:02
jayantrobbiethe1st: one more problem...audio on my system is working fine..i can play mp3 from rythmbox, but there isnt any audio from tuxGuitar....There wasnt any audio in that application even before....11:03
gedOIs someone using xitami???11:03
chinthakaI need a help11:04
cosmogrrr I tried to get my microphone working in a steam game by installing the drivers and now I have no sound at all11:04
gundasHi all. Is there a way to unzip all files in a directory but in a specific order i.e. by name ?11:04
robbiethe1stjayant: Not sure; check the settings. Make sure it's set to alsa or Pulse11:04
robbiethe1stcosmo: Just about the only way to get a working mic in Steam is to have ALSA, Pulse installed, then set Wine to use Pulseaudio.11:05
syskkhow can I compile the latest libevent and install it over my current install (from ubuntu repos)11:05
fulldaykggundas: for f in $(*.zip);do unzip $f;done # assuming they're zip files11:05
gundasfulldaykg: that will do it by name?11:05
syskkI tried to make install but I get  error while loading shared libraries: libevent-2.0.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory11:05
gundasfulldaykg: or is name the default sort?11:05
robbiethe1stcosmo: You'll also have to edit your game launch script and set the latency to 20ms or it lags11:05
jayantrobbiethe1st: under settings there are only two options: MIDI Sequencer and MIDI Port11:06
robbiethe1stjayant: Oh. That's the problem. In that case, install qsynth.11:06
robbiethe1stAnd run it - You don't have a midi synthesizer, so we have to install a software-synth11:06
fulldaykggundas, sorry, drop the $( )11:06
jayantrobbiethe1st: ok...installing....thanks11:06
robbiethe1stYou'll also need a "soundfont" file - Go find one online11:07
fulldaykgand it's sorted alphabetical11:07
pankaj_sharmai cant play youtube videos in chrome .. plz help11:07
robbiethe1stcosmo: Write this down: "export PULSE_LATENCY_MSEC=20" that's what needs to be in your launch file, above the actual launch command."11:07
robbiethe1stMeanwhile, I'm off to play some TF2.11:07
cosmorobbiethe1st, thats the game I was trying to get the mic working on11:08
jayantrobbiethe1st: is there any other alternative...qsynth is 126 MB download :(11:08
robbiethe1stAnd I just told you how to do it.11:08
jayantrobbiethe1st: what's the full form of TF2 ?11:09
robbiethe1stjayant: Not really; it's all the dependancies you need for it and it's bit.11:09
robbiethe1stTeam Fortress 211:09
razieliyotime to wait11:09
jayantrobbiethe1st: ok...11:09
cosmowell pulseaudio is installed but there is no device under the hardware tab in sound preferences11:11
jayantI added the weather report applet on my panel, but it isn't having my city. What can i do to get my city ?11:11
jayantrobbiethe1st: i used "sudo apt-get install qsynth" to download qsynth...will the download resume if electricity goes off and my pc switches off directly?11:14
=== manca_1 is now known as nafisa
cosmoI have no sound at all in ubuntu and I dont know how to reverse what I did11:14
jayantrobbiethe1st: was that yes meant for me ?11:14
phoenixsampraswhich channel is the GTK project?11:15
lvyiwangfind in the internet11:15
robbiethe1stjayant: Yea.11:15
robbiethe1stcosmo: Not sure. Try uninstalling/reinstalling whatever you did.11:15
jayantrobbiethe1st: ok...thanks :)11:15
=== Guest11992 is now known as DarkDevil
cosmorobbiethe1st, not sure how to install it, was folling the instructoin that were in the driver readme11:16
gedOGuys which command in terminal lists all folders and files??????11:16
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest5617
fulldaykgged0 "ls -al" ?11:17
jpablobr_Hi does someone knows what does this "export LESS=-MMei" does?11:17
erUSULjpablobr_: it sets the envoirment variable LESS to be "-MMei"11:17
jayantfulldaykg: is -al different from -l ?11:18
fulldaykgjayant: yes, the a kinda stands for "all"11:18
fulldaykgwill show hidden files (files that start with a .)11:18
jpablobr_erUSUL: but what is -MMei? that's what I don't understand...11:18
fulldaykgjpablobr_: you might find the answer if you "man less"11:19
fulldaykgI believe that ENV variable is used by less11:19
jayantfulldaykg: you mean all hidden files too, or only those starting with 'a' ?11:19
erUSULjpablobr_: options to the less program. see « man less » to know what they do11:19
gedOGuys, how to build program from source???11:19
prokyonhey beteigeuze11:19
=== beteigeuze is now known as asdfasdf
erUSUL!source | gedO11:20
=== asdfasdf is now known as orionnebula
ubottugedO: You can easily fetch a package's source with apt-get. See: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-sourcehandling.en.html11:20
erUSUL!compile | gedO11:20
ubottugedO: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)11:20
=== orionnebula is now known as aldebaran
=== aldebaran is now known as capella
=== capella is now known as mirfak
mirfakhey prokyon11:21
prokyonhei ho11:21
bullgard4 I forgot, what is the repository deb http://archive.canonical.com/ lucid partner for?11:21
gedOMaiby anyone know how to apg-get the Xitami???11:21
FloodBot1mirfak: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:21
prokyoncan i become op11:22
mirfaknnel operator status from prokyon11:23
mirfak* #prokyon :You're no11:23
prokyoncan someone kick mirfak11:24
prokyonhe is annoying11:24
mirfakWOHOO found a way to become OP just type /quit OP11:24
prokyonOMG mirfak this really works!11:25
mirfaki know11:25
jpablobr_erUSUL: ahhh, they are different -options! so, using the M option twice actually don't make sense right?11:25
prokyontry what mirfak said11:25
prokyonit really works11:25
erUSULjpablobr_: probably not11:25
prokyontype /quit OP11:25
jpablobr_erUSUL: k thanks!11:25
bullgard4 I forgot, what is the repository deb http://archive.canonical.com/ lucid partner for?11:26
skullrobotam I heading in the right direction?  I want to set up a VPN server  in ubuntu then connect to it with a windows OS.   So I can funnel my connection through that VPN11:26
razieliyowhen's gonna be 11.04 final released?11:28
drake0128 april, I hop11:28
fulldaykgskullrobot: maybe... are you trying to connect to an existing vpn, or are you making your own for your network?11:29
razieliyodrake01, can we update with update-manager?11:29
skullrobotfulldaykg: i would like to make my own11:30
drake01not now. but later when they put stable version in repositories11:30
drake01Hoping to get it soon11:30
razieliyoI'll wait until I can do it11:30
razieliyoI don't wanna mess anything11:30
fulldaykgskullrobot: then yes, you'r eheading in the right direction... just make sure that the vpn server is routable to from wherever you're client is11:31
skullrobotfulldaykg: would it be best to build it on the Ubuntu server or Ubuntu Desktop version?11:31
=== KolakCC|Zzz is now known as KolakCC
drake01@razieliyo, Yup, neither me. but you may try it by downloading development version using live cd. its good but i hope some magic happen between compiz and gnome3.0 people11:32
zoLevDotComGuys, can somebody help me ? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=107125311:32
fulldaykgskullrobot: um, not sure if it really matters if it's going to be a small, one, only used by you11:32
skullrobotfulldaykg: yeah just for myself.  I guess which would be easier to use the?11:32
ileagiver works only in my network or i can share with orhers from diferent networks? please someone explain to me how it works11:33
fulldaykgskullrobot: I'd personally go with Desktop then11:33
skullrobotfulldaykg: Thank you :)11:33
razieliyodrake01, is any big change coming?11:35
diogo_79i have asus p5b-e motherboard ubuntu 10.04 64 bits system from time to time my pc freezes no mouse no keyboard have to do an hard reset, how can i debug the problem?11:35
diogo_79the graphic card is an sappire radeon 1950 pci express 256 mB11:35
ileacan someone explain to me how giver works? to know if i will be able to send only in my network for example my network is RDS-RCS11:36
Ioniz3Danyone uses finch?11:36
lvyiwanghow to register icr? thank you11:36
motzdoes anybody use vlc to watch tv? I can see just few networks.11:37
aeon-ltd!register | lvyiwang11:38
ubottulvyiwang: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode11:38
RealEnder@motz: what kind - digital or analogue? with DVB-T, channel scanning does not work properly11:39
dr0idhi, i want to know the difference between read+write and execute11:43
dr0idi know execute would be something like executing it like, a bash script or php script or ruby script, but what if its a simple text file ?11:43
fulldaykgdr0id: same thing11:43
fulldaykgdr0id: execute allows the file to be interpreted as something that will DO something11:44
Unknown0BC1Hi. I just installed. Ubuntu 10.10 maverick. But cant get the networkmanager to properly add a mobile dun connection.11:44
fulldaykgdr0id: rather that something you just read or write to11:44
dr0idfulldaykg: so, if i have a simple text file that just stores some basic info, then execute isnt relevant to that file, right ?11:46
Unknown0BC1I can add the connection but it does not appear on the list of available connections. Is it just me ?11:46
ileacan someone respond to a question please i have asked it 2 times11:46
fulldaykgdr0id: typically executable text files have a line at the very top that tells the computer what interpreter to use to execute it, i.e. ruby/bash/python ... ... well if you attemped to execute it (./myFileMarkedAsExecutable) it's would probably give you an error11:47
dr0idok, thanks11:47
fulldaykgilea: I don't know what giver does11:47
dr0idone more thing, to delete the file, you just need write permission ?11:47
StepNjumpHi guys, what is the easiest way to get access to ntfs partitions on my system without having to mount them please11:47
fulldaykgdr0id: nope, you just need to be the owner11:48
dr0idaah, ok11:48
ileathe aplication Giver works only in my network to send files and i can send only to people that uses the same network?11:48
robbiethe1stStepNjump: Um, that's sort of the definition of mounting a drive...11:48
Guest50430hi. I have reapeated error 330 with chromium 10 + privoxy in ubuntu 10.10. anyone too ? I am about to fill a bug report on that11:49
StepNjumpIs there a way to do it graphically so I don't hurt anything?11:49
fulldaykgilea: is giver running?11:49
RaminMThi every body11:49
ileai proupose a great aplication for watching tv named tv maxe developed in my country if someone can modify it so the aplication can play other countrys tv chanels that will be good for all11:52
ileanow it is for Romania tv chanels11:52
fulldaykgnight everyone11:53
zeta_changhi to all11:56
bustedup277I have a question, I am running Ubuntu Netbook 10.10 on my laptop, and I am trying to install it.  I selected my language, I got three checks and I'm ready to go, so I clicked forward but now the window is just frozen and I have a small loading circle and I've been waiting but nothing is happening.11:56
bustedup277What is wrong?11:57
bustedup277I downloaded Ubuntu 10.10 from a torrent and used Universal USB Installer to install it to my USB.11:57
bustedup277Anyone know what is wrong11:58
bustedup277hold on I'll try installing it another way brb11:59
coz_buschwusch,  I dont know off hand,,, did you try   restarting the process?12:00
coz_buschwusch,  sorry wrong nick12:00
FrEaKmAn_where should I add custom path? to bashrc?12:00
stefHi i have problems wioth sumba and the 'hide unreadable = yes' command. When i use it, i can still see the folder, but i can't go in the folder. But normal i shouldn't see that folder using the command ?12:06
Gneastef: think about what that command is saying, and be sure to read the help section for it12:07
Gneastef: if something is readable, it won't be hidden, right?12:07
stefGnea: yes, indeed, but i can't read it because i have no access to the folder12:08
myrmidettewho uses faenza icon theme?12:08
stefGnea: Do i have to hide the folder with another command ?12:08
AxonetBEThey say that my content-type headers on the server are set too late, how can I change this? http://pastie.org/168929112:10
resurectionHow can i upgrade one package to beta version?12:10
mrdebwhat are the changes in kernel 2.32.30 in 10.04A?12:11
=== pbear is now known as jazzie
Kre10sI have a question about packaging. If a hardware manufacturer provides an open source driver... who is responsible for packaging it?12:15
Kre10sAm I allowed to package it?12:15
jazziein kernel compiling, is copying the old .config and then using make menuconfig pretty much the same as doing make oldconfig?12:15
r4yI am using GIMP and I am using pencil and I want to do the color red but instead it is doing brown which some of the image has brown in it12:15
r4yI want to make the background transparent so I have been choosing a color not used in the image.12:15
r4yHow do I get GIMP not to do this?12:16
r4yThis is one of the reasons I also have KolourPaint installed12:16
r4yThe other is because KolourPaint has the pencil set to 1 pixel.12:16
Kre10sr4y: most likely you need to change the mode.12:16
=== Guest5617 is now known as DarkDevil
r4yThank you12:17
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest48487
Kre10ssome images are indexed. meaning they only have a certain number of colors. changing to rgb means you get all the rgb colors.12:17
r4yHow do I save GIMP with the pencil set to 1 pixel?12:17
r4yI didn't know that12:18
Kre10sr4y: what do you mean by save?12:18
coz_r4y,  did you try the #gimp channel12:18
oCeanr4y: #gimp would be the place to ask12:18
Kre10sah yes. #gimp is best12:18
r4yI was about to see if gimp was on freenode but you answered my question12:18
r4ythank you again12:19
myrmidettedoes anyone use the faenza icon theme?12:19
StepNjumpQuestion: I have the netbook version of 10.10 and I cannot seem to be able to create desktop icons. I can using nautillus but not directly on the desktop, desktop12:20
Adkq093hi, i have a laptop with an i5 480m processor and intel gma hd video, is ubuntu going to run good on it? (ask if you want further hardware details please)12:20
robbiethe1stAdkq093: Uh, yes. Though you may have trouble with heavy 3D games, just like on Windows12:21
Adkq093robbiethe1st: troubles like?12:22
robbiethe1stAdkq093: Low framerate, (possibly) no AA - It's an Intel card, after all!12:23
Adkq093robbiethe1st: would it work fine just for hd videos and max game being browser ones ? (like runescape, just giving you an idea, i think that one is the "max" for graphic usage lol)12:23
robbiethe1stAdkq093: On the other hand, no driver issues - Intel drivers are good and integrated; it will Just Work.12:23
robbiethe1stHeh, RSHD will work.12:23
Adkq093robbiethe1st: thank you sir, may i ask you about sandy bridge? i read its not that good , is it true? (havent googled that much tho)12:24
robbiethe1stAdkq093: It's better than previous chips. But cost/performance...12:25
Adkq093robbiethe1st: my bad, i meant to ask about support on ubuntu12:25
robbiethe1stOh, it's an x86 chip. It will work. You may not be able to get, say, temperatures from it what with it being new, but it will work.12:26
Adkq093robbiethe1st: stability wise what would you suggest?12:26
robbiethe1stAdkq093: Uh..?12:26
Adkq093robbiethe1st: between clarkdale and sandy bridge, what one would you go for? considering what i said id do before?12:27
mehdi_I have install ubuntu on mac and i dont have sound could u please anyone help me12:27
robbiethe1stAdkq093: I'd check benchmark performance, then check cost. What fits your budget better?12:27
robbiethe1stAdkq093: Note that, for Sandy Bridge, you need to follow these instructions to get 3D accelleration to work: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=166662612:28
Adkq093robbiethe1st: thank you, checking out, and apparently price is the same lol12:28
mehdi_ I have install ubuntu on mac and i dont have sound could u please help me12:28
robbiethe1stAdkq093: Then check performance comparitively. Sandy bridge is probably better12:28
Adkq093robbiethe1st: basically, the whole story is12:28
OerHeksmehdi,  maybe the mactel pages is any help ? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam12:29
Adkq093robbiethe1st: i bought a dell vostro 3700, good machine, i thought "dont wait buy it now surely sandy bridge will have issues at first time", 2 weeks after i bought it dell came out with dell vostro 3750, same price but more ram and sandy bridge -.-12:29
Adkq093robbiethe1st: lol12:29
mehdi_no i didnt go to that page12:29
robbiethe1stAdkq093: Heh. Fair enough. Well, look, it ought to work. RSHD will work fine; you are going to need to install Java though(icedtea6-plugin)12:30
OerHeksmehdi_, what kind of mac do you have ?12:30
robbiethe1stAnd follow those earlier instructions if RSHD won't work OOTB12:30
mehdi_i have imac 20 inches its not new its for 2 years ago12:30
Adkq093robbiethe1st: in your opinion, was mine a big fail? lol12:31
OerHeksah i see, you need > https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Intel_iMac mehdi12:31
OerHekssection sound > https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Intel_iMac#Sound12:31
robbiethe1stAdkq093: Not really; it ought to work. And, you couldn't have known what's going to be coming out. Use it and make it run.12:32
mehdi_i did evrything in this website but it didnt work12:32
robbiethe1stAnyway, I'm off. Bye.12:32
Adkq093robbiethe1st: thanks for it, and, you may want to remember this, if you'll ever think you made some bad deals buying computers remember that someone else spent 900$ on something that got old after 2 weeks lool12:32
OerHeksmehdi,  open terminal :  ' alsamixer "  and see if there are any volume low12:33
OerHeksor muted12:33
robbiethe1stAdkq093: Heh. Mind you, I bought my own laptop for $875, and same "old". But I bought it off Ebay used, so..12:33
robbiethe1stAdkq093: Nothing wrong with using last-gen stuff.12:33
IszakSo I have a computer that's not connected and I need build essentials and all the dependencies, where would I download it and how would I install it?12:35
mehdi_no all the volume are high and unmute12:35
ubottuIf you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://ubottu.com/ljl/apt/ - See also !APTonCD12:35
soreaumehdi: check with alsamixer from your terminal. m to toggle mute, arrow keys to navigate12:37
chinthakaI need a help on installing mysql server in Ubuntu.I  tried both sudo apt-get install mysql-server and using synaptic package manager.But both of them fails giving an error of "cannot fetch the download link of mysql". can any one please help me with that.12:38
mehdi_soreau i just did it and tried but it doesnt work12:38
soreauOerHeks: Would that work even if sources are not updated?12:38
soreau! work | mehdi12:39
ubottumehdi: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.12:39
php5engineerchinthaka, try xampp package12:40
mehdi_oh  sorry what i mean is by saying doesnt work means the sound doesnt come out i dont hear any sound after i did all those in alsamixer12:40
ShinydanAnyone else having problems downloading from ppa.launchpad.net/neil-aldur?12:40
chinthakaI installed it now. But when I try localhost it shows the start page of xampp. After selecting the language it stays in the same page12:40
soreaumehdi: Did you check your speaker physical connections, that its in the correct port and volume is up on the speakers?12:41
yonijHi..am trying to compile a hello world kernel module...but it gives module.h not found error....help please..am in ubuntu..10.1012:41
coz_Shinydan,  isnt that ppa for lucid  not maverick?12:41
chinthaka<php5engineer>that is also a problem for me12:41
mehdi_i dont use external speaker i have built in speaker12:41
qiuI tried apt-get install qt-language-selector but this is the output: root@bt:~# apt-get install qt-language-selector12:42
qiuReading package lists... Done12:42
qiuBuilding dependency tree12:42
qiuReading state information... Done12:42
qiuE: Couldn't find package qt-language-selector12:42
FloodBot1qiu: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:42
soreauyonij: Do you have kernel headers installed?12:42
yonijsoreau, yes..it shows in synaptic...i tried to include the path while compiling.../usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.35-22/include/linux/ ...but then it says it cant find asm/processor.h.12:45
soreauyonij: How are you trying to build the module? You may need a Makefile ..12:46
leagrisHello, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/computer-janitor/+bug/591433 fixed in computer-janitor - 2.0.5-0ubuntu1 but no release done for 10.10, where can I get that corrected version of computer-janitor for Ubuntu 10.10?12:46
ubottuUbuntu bug 591433 in computer-janitor (Ubuntu) "computer-janitor-gtk crashed with TypeError in verify()" [Medium,Fix released]12:46
yonijsoreau,  ya..i made the Makefile....but before using that shldnt i make the obj file with gcc ?12:47
ShinydanCoz - it's got /maverick in the address. It's the Wine repos, isn't it?12:47
soreauyonij: The makefile should dictate what object to build12:47
fffadjust installed my ubuntu and what i get when graphical enviroment starts is "no root fs found"12:48
mehdi_i install ubuntu 10.10 on imac 20 inches and i have no sound can u help?12:48
soreaufffad: What is the root= say for the grub entry?12:48
fffadsoreau sorry ? im new12:48
soreaufffad: What do you mean by graphical environment?12:49
weegahello i tried to install ubuntu-10.10-desktop-i386.iso and i got this message process 431 : glib warning getpwuid_r failed due to unknown user id ... anyone can help me ?12:49
fffadsoreau kde,gnome12:49
soreaufffad: and where do you see this message?12:49
fffadwhen i start it12:50
soreauweega: Did you check the md5sum of the image?12:50
soreaufffad: Does it popup in a dialog box or?12:50
weegasoreau nop how can check it ?12:51
soreaufffad: Well that probably isnt good12:51
fffadok.. what should i do ?12:51
yonijsoreau,  obj-m += hello-1.o12:51
yonijmake -C /lib/modules/$(shell uname -r)/build M=$(PWD) modules ...when i make...this gives 2 error...says No rule to make target in the header path12:51
bubblegummybeardanopia: just wanted to let you know FCM rocks! XD12:51
soreau! md5sum | weega12:52
ubottuweega: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows12:52
weegasoreau thx alot12:52
fffadsoreau what should I do ?12:52
notshycan I ask for someone's advice on partitions - I've done a fair bit of reading and just want someone to check over a scheme and give comments?12:53
leagrisPlease, why no update for Ubuntu 10.10 with the fixed computer-janitor 2.0.5?12:53
yonijsoreau, looks like i was using old method...sorry :)12:54
soreauyonij: Maybe try something like this http://pastebin.com/jg1CsxKa where it will look for hello_world.c12:55
soreaufffad: Was it working before at one point?12:55
soreau! ask | notshy12:56
ubottunotshy: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:56
=== ibanez_ is now known as altin2
leagrishow do I automatically get ride of older unused kernels clogging grub boot and disk space?12:56
soreauleagris: unintall them12:57
Socky_i tried /etc/network/interfaces but doesnt look right12:57
Socky_Hey guys, i have an old machine running without Xwindows, and It obtaining an IP from DHCP.  I want to manually pick one that it will use each time it boots up.  What file do I need to edit?12:57
notshyit's quite long but here goes then - 320GB single HD, single boot for linux, was going to go 1GB boot, 40 gb root, 200 gb home   40gb FAT for sharing files between OS, 20GB swap at the end12:57
soreauSocky_: You need to configure your dhcp server to give an ip to particular mac id12:57
leagriscomputer-janitor find does not list any but update-grub lists 5 obsoletes images from /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.35-22-generic to 2.0.5-0ubuntu112:58
Socky_soreau: i dont control the DHCP.  I want to have that machine auto assign whenever it connects to any network on eth012:58
soreauSocky_: The dhcp controls that, you do not.12:58
leagrissoreau, un-install, are you joking or you did not read the "automatically"?12:59
soreauSocky_: Otherwise, you might be able to set it up as static ip12:59
fffad2soreau i got disconnected sorry12:59
soreauleagris: Yea, let me know when you figure out how to do that12:59
ankreloadedleagris: did you try ubuntu tweak?12:59
Socky_i call shananigans ;)  in my ubuntu 10.10 i can use an app called network connections, and i can right click "auth eth0" and then goto ipv4, and choose a static IP to be auto assigned13:00
soreaufffad2: Was it ever working right or when did it start?13:00
soreaufffad2: Does live session have this same issue?13:00
Socky_i would this it has to be possiable from the command line13:00
ShinydanIs the Package Manager the best place to look at installed repositories?13:00
=== KolakCC is now known as KolakCC|brb
coz_Shinydan,   yes I prefer  synaptic  if you are running Gnome13:01
coz_Shinydan,  at the bottom left  slick "Status"  and there should be a listing in the left column for installed packages ,, however if you want to see specific repositories  click "Settings / repositories"13:02
leagrisankreloaded did not know about ubuntutweak, will look, thanks.13:02
ShinydanGot it, thanks.13:02
coz_Shinydan,  then the first and second tabs should show them13:02
soreauSocky_: Just dont dhclient eth0 but instead setup /etc/network/interfaces eth0 static, or just run a script at boot, ifconfig eth0 <static_ip_here> && route del default && route add default gw <gateway_here> && dont forget to configure /etc/resolv.conf13:02
Onlius_Pozdrav ljudi!13:03
Onlius_Ah sry! :)13:03
Onlius_international chanell13:03
Onlius_I have some ubuntu problem - sound wont work and the Ubuntu 10.10 see my card!13:04
Onlius_Can i fix it somehow?13:04
ShinydanProblem solved, thank you.13:05
soreauSocky_: I have to run, just remember to stay on the same subnet as the router. More help in #networking13:05
mehdi_does anyone knows what is /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base?13:05
Socky_auto eth013:06
Socky_iface eth0 inet static
Socky_like that?13:06
mehdi_so how to change it to model=mpp3?13:06
Socky_my network is on
mehdi_can anyone help me i have no sound13:09
=== koolhead17 is now known as koolhead17|afk
lumakimehdi_ you need to open that file13:10
mehdi_which file?13:10
sinisterstufmehdi_, I'm not sure what you're trying to do. there is no line for model= in /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf13:12
cosmoaccording to http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=3a72df71d66e7bf004c73d68fe98cc4a540ae58d I have no alsa driver but according to synaptic I do how do I get the driver reinstalled?13:12
newbie01hi all, I connected to a network using ssh -X -p 5155 blah@blah.madeup, there is a file I want to get from the network whats the best way using the terminal, p.s I am a newbie13:12
sinisterstufcosmo, sudo dpkg-reconfigure <packagename>13:13
sinisterstufcosmo, replace <packagename> with the name of the package13:13
pocoyoohnnison: 你好~  http://forum.ubuntu.org.cn/viewtopic.php?f=95&t=267605 :)13:13
terry_newbie01: scp13:13
mehdi_what i m trying to do is to hear sound from ubuntu 10.10 which i installed on imac and i m getting regret to do that13:14
thauriswulfaohnnison: use only english13:14
Odaymis MIT Scheme only on the command line?13:14
Odaymno interface?13:14
thauriswulfaanna: hi anna13:14
wizohey hi , i'm trying install eclipse from package manager, however it says certain sources are unretrievable, how do i go around fixing this?13:15
=== KolakCC|brb is now known as KolakCC
terry_newbie01: scp file/name username@
francesco_w balotelli!!!13:15
terry_newbie01: or13:15
newbie01terry_, Thanks13:16
terry_newbie01: scp user-name@ .13:16
thauriswulfawizo:do sudo apt-get update13:16
wizothauriswulfa: i did that already it updated, but it's still unavailable13:16
terry_newbie01: or: scp username@ Documents/file-name.txt13:16
ohnnisonoh god my english is poor,I quit13:17
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=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest51587
jah123siema all13:18
jah123co tam u was13:18
thauriswulfawizo: then you must check wether in software sources the option " download from " is selected "main server"13:19
gtklockerhi, is there any way I can use ubuntu 8.04 and get *mere* updates for it?13:19
newbie01terry_,  what does the @ refer to?13:19
wizothauriswulfa: i'll try from main server then, thanks13:19
terry_newbie01: the IP address13:19
martijn_dekkerHey folks, I was just trying to play Warzone 2100 and wondered.. is it at all possible to have Linux fullscreen games play on a single screen, without having to turn off my second screen?13:20
terry_newbie01: The IP address of the one remote machine you are copying to or from.13:20
Odaymwhere do i place aliases that i want to be permanent?13:20
newbie01terry_,  our number was just an example then?13:21
terry_newbie01: Yes, just an example.  scp username@###.###.#.#  Documents/file.txt Documents/   #Will copy file.txt from the remote's Documents directory to your Documents directory.13:22
mrdebwhat is the change in thew new 10.10 kernel13:22
jaycococi want to know too13:22
newbie01terry_,  Thanks for the help13:22
terry_newbie01: where ###.###.#.#  is the IP address of the remote computer13:22
terry_newbie01: If you are already in the documents directory, just do:  scp username@###.###.#.#  Documents/file.txt  .   #Notice the dot  (.)13:23
ravenhow to do a wlan repeater with an ubuntu system?13:26
terry_newbie01: To copy TO the remote PC:  scp Documents/file.txt username@###.###.#.#:Documents/13:26
ravenubuntu wlan repeater possible?13:27
terry_raven: Use a firewall script something like:  http://pastebin.com/vqS6qtpY13:27
ruanwith ssh, is the output calculated on the host and given to the client?13:28
terry_raven: Or use ufw13:28
raventerry_, how to set up?13:28
terry_!ufw | raven13:28
ubotturaven: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist.13:28
ongolaBoyhello. On wiki.ubuntu.com what is the better syntax to link something from Launchpad ? Ex: [[LP:~myUsername]] ???13:28
terry_raven: Just tell it you want to share  your internet connection with the other NIC.13:29
terry_raven: What you are basically doing is setting your PC up to be a router for another.  So you do IPMASQUERADE via NAT (NAT = Network Address Translation).13:30
martijn_dekkerCould anyone please help me with my dualscreen problem?13:30
raventerry_, connection to main router and clients using one wlan device - ubuntu "router" will not be wired13:31
PudabudigadaHi, I'm trying to create a txt in mousepad that will be viewable on a windows machine, which settings should I choose when saving?13:32
terry_raven: Oh.  You want your wlan device to act as a wireless router for multiple wifi connections to that PC?13:32
terry_raven: Is that what you want to do?13:32
terry_raven: If so, first make sure your wifi wlan device supports AP mode.  (Most don't.)13:33
raventerry_, right13:33
terry_raven: If it doesn't support AP mode, you are out of luck.13:33
terry_raven: And you'll just need to get yourself a wireless router.13:33
Socky_hey guys, im folliwng an artice to add mp3 support for mpd, and i typed this "sudo apt-get build-dep mpd && apt-get source mpd"  Step 2 says to "go into the extracted source dir and go into the debian/rules file and modify the line which says DEB_CONFIGURE_USER_FLAGS"  The problem is I dont know where that file is.  Any ideas?13:35
terry_raven: And if you want to just plug your wireless router into the existing router, you can just turn off the DHCP server in the wireless router and it will act as a wireless bridge. (And still accept connections from multiple clients.)13:35
wizothauriswulfa: it works now, thanks13:35
thauriswulfawizo : your welcome13:35
terry_Socky_: Where are the instructions?13:35
=== Guest30921 is now known as Gwarz
Socky_terry_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=139869313:35
Socky_terry_: 2nd post by user metalmusicaddict13:36
ubottuUbuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) was the eleventh release of Ubuntu. Downloading: http://releases.ubuntu.com/9.10/ - Release Notes: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/91013:36
ruanthey dont state the eol13:37
ruanin the factoid anyway13:37
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox13:38
GneaSocky_: when you 'sudo apt-get source mpd' it downloads the source and creates a directory called mpd-<version> in the CWD that you ran that command in. That's the directory where you'll find the debian/ sub-directory.13:38
MarconMi can to install ubuntu minimal without internet conection13:38
MarconMthe ISO has 12mb13:38
Socky_Gnea: Alright, thanks, ill look13:38
=== Krabbe is now known as krabbe
Paul6253!integrate sin(x^2)13:38
ongolaBoyOn wiki.ubuntu.com what is the better syntax to link something from Launchpad ? Ex: [[LP:~myUsername]] ???13:39
PudabudigadaDoes anyone know what options I should select to make a mousepad txt file viewable in windows (probably notepad)13:39
martijn_dekker... So, is there any chance of playing a game on Linux normally without having to turn off my second monitor?13:39
ubottuText Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) - Terminal-based: nano, vi/vim, emacs, ed - For HTML/CSS editors, see !html - For programming editors and IDE, see !code13:39
ubottuProgramming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, qtcreator13:40
ruanmartijn_dekker: what is a mousepad text file?13:40
terry_Socky_: I guess first you have to find out where debain/rules file is.  Right?13:40
terry_Socky_: find . -name rules -type f |grep debian13:40
martijn_dekkerRuan: I'm not the one who asked about mousepad :P13:40
terry_Socky_: Looks like it's telling you to edit that file....13:40
Gneaterry_: he could always just type ls and see what directories start with mpd13:41
jah123kurde scrackowali strone ubuntu ;/13:42
terry_Gnea: That would work too... I suppose, but I have no idea where it is.  Probably in home tho13:42
Gneaterry_: in my experience, apt-get source package creates a package/ dir in the CWD that it's run in13:43
Socky_thansk guy, i see it now13:43
terry_Socky_: As Gnea says; Since it is more than likely in  your home dir, just do: ls mpd/  #And hit tab key a couple times.13:43
Gneaterry_: it basically just downloads the source code for that package and uncompresses it for you13:43
terry_Socky_: Ok np13:43
terry_Socky_: See what Gnea says....13:44
Gneaokay, time to go13:44
=== Guest34964 is now known as \share
mehdi_i install ubuntu 10.10 but i dont have sound can anyone help?13:45
IdleOne!sound | mehdi13:45
ubottumehdi: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.13:45
mehdi_yes i did all of tthose but still not working13:46
Pudabudigadamehdi_, I had a problem with sound coming out through the onboard sound card as opposed to the discrete one, it may be that.13:46
juniper2i did this command with diff: diff -u web100-2.6.35-2.5.30-201008181640.patch_bak web100-2.6.35-2.5.30-201008181640.patch.bz213:46
juniper2and got: Binary files web100-2.6.35-2.5.30-201008181640.patch_bak and web100-2.6.35-2.5.30-201008181640.patch.bz2 differ13:46
juniper2does that mean they're different?13:46
mehdi_even i dont hear that sound13:46
SnowmanX11mehdi: what type of soundcard do you have. Maybe, it is just a lack of driver13:46
jribjuniper2: yes, especially since one seems to be compressed and the other doesn't13:46
SnowmanX11Also try in alsamixer: volume up.13:47
mehdi_ok i have  HDA intel Realtek ALC889A13:47
SnowmanX11Go to Realtek homepage and download the proper driver13:47
arandjuniper2: yes13:48
mehdi_i tried alsamixer and all the volumes are up and unmuted13:48
juniper2jrib: one is the exact same as the other, i guess the two files have to be either both in decompressed format before comparison?13:49
jribjuniper2: yes.13:49
juniper2jrib, thx13:49
arandjuniper2: I'm not sure if you could use zdiff13:51
Socky_ok so i just finished debuilding the file.  Now do I just do an "apt-get install mpd" ?13:51
goonerhi all...I just installed Ubuntu 10.1013:51
jrib!who | Socky_13:51
ubottuSocky_: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)13:51
goonerbut it always boots in command line13:51
goonersomeone please help13:52
Pudabudigadagooner, Is it bash or the GRUB one?13:52
IdleOnegooner: which version did you install?13:52
goonerUbuntu 10.1013:53
goonerIdleone : Ubuntu 10.1013:53
Pudabudigadagooner, there are several versions of Ubuntu.13:53
IdleOnegooner: From the Live CD or Server disc?13:53
phonex01guys i have compat-wireless drivers and i have patched it but i dont know how to compile it13:53
goonerIdleOne: I ordered a CD..and installed from it13:53
MnCCim hearing some strange noises out of my harddrive, after 30 mins of searching i found out that the 192 Power-Off_Retract_Count increases every time .. is there a fix for this ?13:53
IdleOnegooner: ok when you boot up what do you see exactly?13:54
Socky_I just did a apt-get source mpd.  I modified a rule to allow mp3.  I ended by running "debuild"  My questions is.  How do i install that.  Do I just search for mpd again in synaptic?13:54
compdocMnCC, what drive is it? WD Green?13:54
mehdi_where can i download Realtek audio driver for ubuntu 10.1013:54
goonerIdleone : it boots and then asks for my username/password13:54
goonerand it remains in command line mode after i login13:55
gooneri just now executed "sudo start gdm"13:55
=== dj is now known as Guest46352
goonerand its gone blank13:55
IdleOnegooner: ok, so you log in and then you see something like: gooner@computer-name13:55
Guest46352hey can ny1 help me how to execute java program in ubuntu10.1013:55
=== Guest46352 is now known as dj__
IdleOnegooner: try running: startx13:55
gooneridleone : ok13:55
dj__hey can ny1 help me how to execute java program in ubuntu10.1013:56
ubottuTo install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://tinyurl.com/2ffg7cc -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.13:56
MnCCcompdoc: WD-WDXxxxxxxxxxxxxxx13:56
yonijsoreau, hi...that issue is not solved ..the hello world kernel module...it gives another error..make[2]: *** No rule to make target `kernel/bounds.c', needed by `kernel/bounds.s'.  Stop13:56
MnCCcompdoc: WD-WXG............13:56
dj__need more help13:56
Socky_Hey guys, I followed metalmusicaddicts post from this thread to try to get mp3 support in mpd.  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1398693  I just typed debuild binary, and now Im confused what to do next.  How do I actually install this modified version of mpd?13:57
MnCCAnd it ticks and ticks ... smarts says disk is ok13:57
gooneridleone : the screen is gone blank13:58
compdocMnCC, I hear their green drive goes to sleep often to save power, which might cause a lot of Power-Off_Retract_Count. If your drive is making lots of noise, it could be something else. something very wrong13:58
IdleOnegooner: apt-cache policy ubuntu-desktop13:58
aeon-ltdSocky_: wut? .mp3 support?, i'm using mpd and ncmpcpp right now with mp3s and they work fine13:58
IdleOnegooner: does that say it is installed?13:58
gooneridleone: have to restart again13:58
IdleOnegooner: ctrl-alt-F1 should get you to a tty13:59
Socky_aeon-ltd: under audio_output httpd i can only use oggvorbis.  my app on my phone can only play mp313:59
MnCCcompdoc, its a brand new laptop, the fan spins-off before it .. so id go with powersaving ..13:59
MnCCits anyoing as fuck though13:59
IdleOneMnCC: no swearing please13:59
Socky_aeon-ltd: do you know how to install that custom deb-src i modified?  I dont see a deb file anywehre14:00
MnCCIdleOne, oh im sorry princess14:00
IdleOne!guidelines > MnCC14:00
ubottuMnCC, please see my private message14:00
dj__hey is der ny1 to help me hw to run java program in ubuntu10.1014:00
gooneridleone: It says installed14:01
IdleOnegooner: ok, tha is good.14:01
VMHey, i have one problem with Ubuntu :(14:01
VMHelp me14:01
VMi just installed14:01
IdleOnegooner: let me see what I can google14:01
linxehdj__: install openjdk-6-jre14:01
VMubuntu 10.0414:01
VMon my pc14:01
FloodBot1VM: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:01
gooneridleone : i915: gave up waiting for init of module intel_agp14:01
VMafter i install Ubuntu14:02
aeon-ltdSocky_: no idea, but creation of files anywhere (unless a path is specified) should be in your directory that you are currently in (as in cd)14:02
VMthere are no sound14:02
VMi want to14:02
VMlisten one music14:02
VMon Youtube14:02
FloodBot1VM: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:02
VMbut is no sound14:02
[segfault]VM: Please don't use enter as punctuation...enter it all on one line14:02
gooneridleone: i915: Unknown symbol intel_max_stolen (err -16)14:02
Socky_aeon-ltd: does using the debuild command create a deb file?14:02
aeon-ltdSocky_: never used it :) sorry14:03
dj__aftr instalin what shud i do14:03
IdleOnegooner: you could try http://tutorial.downloadatoz.com/how-to-fix-black-screen-issue-when-installing-ubuntu-10-10.html14:03
kane77hi, I am using btrfs on multidevice and have it in fstab, but before the mount the btrfs device scan should be called. To which script should I put it so that it is run before mount of filesystems?14:04
linxehdj__: dont priv msg people without asking first, it is rude14:04
linxehdj__: after installing, I would assume you will run your java program like you would on any other OS14:04
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats14:04
dj__i m sorry:(14:04
OerHeks!restrictd | VM14:05
OerHeks!restricted | VM14:05
ubottuVM: please see above14:05
IdleOneOerHeks: ubuntu-restricted-extras is the package name14:05
icerootIdleOne: stop it please14:05
dj__can i do it by command prompt14:05
icerootIdleOne: ksorry14:05
icerootOerHeks: stop it please14:05
dj__i mean dont i need to set path or sumthng14:05
VMHello.   I am new to Linux world, before i installed Ubuntu 10.04 i had Windows but i installed Ubuntu with Wubi.   In Windows the sound was ok, after i install Ubuntu there are no sound, i can't hear anything. Ex i go to youtube to listen one song, but no sound.   How to fix this problem?   HELP me   Sorry for my Bad English.14:05
VMi just write it again14:05
icerootVM: no sound in windows?14:06
VMyes in Windows i have sound14:06
VMbut in ubuntu14:06
slipkid08iceroot: No sound in ubuntu14:06
dj__vm install aall plugins14:06
ubuntuchosenoh hello guys14:06
VMi am new to Ubuntu14:06
VMhow to fix this problem14:06
ubuntuchosenis there anyone who could help me?14:06
ubuntuchosenVM: what problem?14:06
slipkid08VM: Update sound drivers14:07
IdleOneVM: open Synaptic Package Manager and install the ubuntu-restricted-extras package14:07
icerootVM: is the sound muted or is the applet not showing a bar for changing the volume?14:07
VMno the sound is't muted14:07
dr0id"Within a directory upon which the sticky bit is applied, users are prevented from deleting or renaming any files that they do not personally own." is that true ? i just deleted a file that i didnt own o.O14:07
icerootVM: is sound working for some apps or for nothing? (like login sound)14:07
PudabudigadaVM: Try checking if you are using pulseaudio or ALSA, I found that ALSA works more often.14:07
VMiceroot: no no i cant hear anything14:07
IdleOneiceroot: he probably needs to install flash or he can try youtube.com/html514:07
dj__hey vm u jst chk whtr its muted14:08
icerootIdleOne: he said no sound at all14:08
dj__even i had d same prblm wen i was new14:08
VMhow to fix ?14:08
mehdi_i downloaded the Realtek sound sofware how can i install14:08
icerootVM: are you using hdmi for sound?14:08
dj__top there u can ny audio symbol14:09
ubuntuchosenhello is there anyone who could help m?14:09
IdleOneiceroot: hmm maybe muted. VM: click on the volume icon and make sure nothing is muted in the preferences14:09
dj__ya tell14:09
VMiceroot: i don't know what ishdmi?14:09
[segfault]VM: if you do happen to be using alsa, you can open a terminal and type 'alsamixer' to see if any of the channels show MM which is muted.  you can unmute them there with the m key and esc to save the settings and exit.14:09
VMIdleOne: i just click on volume icon but isn't muted14:09
icerootIdleOne: yes you are right, maybe its just muted, its hard to find out without usefull infos14:09
ubuntuchosendj__: i cant mount the root.disk14:09
IdleOneVM: did you click on preferences and look at all the options?14:10
=== tom__276 is now known as avrPhreaque
mehdi_can anyone help me to install sound software?14:10
ubuntuchosendj__: previously, i had wubi, now i have an 17GB file root.disk where my data is on, and im trying to mount it in ubuntu 10.1014:10
dr0id"Within a directory upon which the sticky bit is applied, users are prevented from deleting or renaming any files that they do not personally own." is that true ? i just deleted a file that i didnt own o.O14:10
[segfault]VM: I have found that sometimes the channels won't appear to be muted yet they are in alsamixer.  unmuting them there can fix that.14:10
_antantHow can I make SABnzbd give a group write access to downloaded files?14:10
VMi use the alsamixer command14:11
VMbut this doesn't change14:11
VMCan you show me one tutorial for this?14:11
ubuntuchosendj__: ?14:11
VMhow to fix it14:11
IdleOne!sound | VM14:11
ubottuVM: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.14:11
Leo_hey, can someone help me with my dns-setup?14:11
[segfault]VM: you may or may not be using alsa, so it may have no effect do to that.14:11
MagicJI am trying to enable ssl on an internal server. I added a file in the /etc/sites-enabled, I created my .crt files etc. When I restart apache I get the message: could not bind to - I have the virtualhost set to *:443 - what am I missing here14:12
liminal_I am getting the following error when I attempt to shutdown my system : disabling IRQ # 1914:12
IdleOneLeo_: #networking probably better place14:12
liminal_nobody cared (try booting with the 'irq poll option'14:12
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
Leo_IdleOne: ty, ill try there14:12
BluesKajVM,in alsamixer if there's an M in the ctrl box then that ctrl is muted14:13
liminal_how can i find out what peice of hardware is connected to IRQ #19?14:13
=== anant is now known as Guest64324
mehdi_can anyone help me to install a software?14:16
=== claviceps_ is now known as charolastra
jaycococwhich one?14:16
austiniumhow do i customize the GNOME main menu, so that it doesn't have system & places in it?14:17
VMthere are no sound again14:17
VMcan anyone14:17
VMfix this problem14:17
VMfor me14:17
robdigMagicJ: on mine, instead of *:433 i used _default_:43314:18
austiniumVM:type gnome-volume-control in a terminal14:18
=== Guest51587 is now known as DarkDevil
VMaustinium : ok14:18
VMaustinium: after that ?14:18
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austiniumwhats the volume set at?14:19
austiniumyou'll see a slider14:19
austiniumis this a desktop?14:20
mehdi_i have no sound can anyone help me to fix14:20
VMmehdi : i have the same problem14:21
MarconMmehdi, enter on terminal em type lspci14:21
mehdi_oh really?14:21
austiniumwhich version of Ubuntu are you guys on?14:21
MnCC compdoc: disabled head parking of my drive and problem is fixed until reboot that is .. so i have to put it there somewhere ..14:21
kolmadhey guys14:21
MarconMmehdi, wich version on14:21
mehdi_yes 10.1014:21
kolmadi need help getting minecraft beta to work14:22
austiniumlspci|grep Audio14:22
dr0id"Within a directory upon which the sticky bit is applied, users are prevented from deleting or renaming any files that they do not personally own." is that true ? i just deleted a file that i didnt own o.O14:22
mehdi_i enter lspci14:22
VMi am using 10.04 version14:22
VMand no sound14:22
jribdr0id: well does the directory have the sticky bit?14:22
VMwhat to do ?14:22
dr0idyes, ofc14:22
dr0id/var/www/dev has sticky bit. i just deleted /var/www/dev/phpfile which i didnt own14:23
jribdr0id: pastebin a terminal session showing the ownership of the directory and files and then successfully deleting14:23
dr0idok, one sec14:23
VMShould i back to WIndows XP14:23
dr0idjrib: may i PM you ?14:23
jribdr0id: please use the channel14:23
VMin Ubuntu14:23
kolmadum i keep getting a error code thats says i cant have pixel buffer object enabled14:23
VMthere are no sound14:23
FloodBot1VM: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:23
austiniumVM, mehdi: paste the output of lspci on pastebin.com and paste linke here14:23
mehdi_where is pastebin.com14:24
jribmehdi_: it's a website14:24
VMi write in terminal lspci14:24
VMand nothing14:24
austiniumthat strange14:24
MarconMnothing happen14:24
mehdi_and the output after lspci is alot how to copy all14:24
VMjust only window and fasly exit14:24
MarconMthis command show your hardware14:25
austiniumok wait14:25
austiniumcopy it like you copy regular text14:25
VMbut doesnt show me anything14:25
austiniumthe you type lspci14:25
[segfault]mehdi_: use "lspci | grep -i audio" instead to get just your audio info14:25
austiniumand it shows now output?14:25
VMhow to find and copy it14:25
mehdi_oh ok i did copy and where should i paste it?14:25
MarconMVM, which version ubuntu14:25
MarconMyou type the command lspci and nothing happen14:26
VMi just copy the code of lspci14:26
VMwhen to paste it14:26
=== mehdi is now known as Dattebayo
MarconMyes ... but i want just audio output14:27
dr0idjrib: http://pastie.org/private/unw63irmvydedc42vplg14:27
mehdi_after i typed lspci | grep this is the output:mehdi@mehdi-iMac:~$ alsamixer14:27
mehdi_mehdi@mehdi-iMac:~$ lspci14:27
mehdi_00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation Mobile PM965/GM965/GL960 Memory Controller Hub (rev 03)14:27
mehdi_00:01.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation Mobile PM965/GM965/GL960 PCI Express Root Port (rev 03)14:27
mehdi_00:1a.0 USB Controller: Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) USB UHCI Controller #4 (rev 04)14:27
FloodBot1mehdi_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:27
mehdi_00:1a.1 USB Controller: Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) USB UHCI Controller #5 (rev 04)14:27
dougltrying to install 10.10 on and asus u50vg notebook and it says cannot config my network = any suggestions?14:27
IdleOneVM: now go to pastebin.com and paste there, after you click paste give us the address14:27
dr0idaah, its lost14:27
dr0idjrib: http://pastie.org/private/unw63irmvydedc42vplg14:27
robotti^how to get sound volume applet to toolbar?14:27
robotti^if it is gone?14:27
MarconMVM, your audio card is offboard or onboard14:27
jribdr0id: you own the directory14:28
dr0idbut i thought i would have to own phpfile to delete it, if dev has sticky bit ?14:28
dr0idjrib: ^^14:28
VMi just paste it on paste14:28
mehdi_ Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller14:28
austiniumppl how do i get rid of places from the main menu, i am trying to customize it14:28
VMwhat to do now14:28
robotti^where to find sound card settings to toolbar?14:28
mehdi_ Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller14:29
dr0idjrib: thats what this meas -> "Within a directory upon which the sticky bit is applied, users are prevented from deleting or renaming any files that they do not personally own."14:29
jribdr0id: no, see « man chmod » RESTRICTED DELETION FLAG OR STICKY BIT: "For directories, it prevents unprivileged users from removing or renaming a file in  the  directory unless  they  own  the  file  or  the  directory"14:29
trismrobotti^: add the indicator applet back to your panel14:29
MarconMok ... this is good .. your OS know that you have audio card14:29
mehdi_now what can i do?14:29
robotti^trism: how to?14:29
dr0idaah i see. thanks :)14:29
trismrobotti^: right click the panel> add to panel > Indicator Applet14:29
dr0idbonjour jordy14:29
[segfault]VM: that can help us all figure out which audio device you have and see if there is a way to get it working14:29
mehdi_Marcon r u with me?14:29
VMwhat to do now14:29
=== hugo is now known as Hugo
VMi type lspci14:29
VMand i copy it14:30
MarconMok ...14:30
VMi paste the code on pastebin14:30
jordan_Hem.. No french? xD14:30
VMwhat to do now?14:30
MarconMVM, do you use 10.0414:30
[segfault]VM: just wait, and hopefully someone knows a way to get that intel audio working14:30
VMi use 10.0414:30
MarconMwhy u dont make upgrade14:30
MarconMand see if resolve your problem14:30
mehdi_why he should upgrade 10.10 also not working14:30
DoonzHow do I make it so that a new users can access php and curl?14:31
=== Hugo is now known as Neddio
VMif i make upgrade to 10.10 should sound fixed?14:31
MarconMyes maybe14:31
VMbut i am new to ubuntu14:31
VMcan you show me the way14:31
MarconMyou dont how to upgrade14:31
VMto upgrade14:31
VMthe ubuntu14:31
MarconMenter on terminal14:31
Socky_i did a debuiold binary and it created 2 deb files.  Do I want the one that has package, or package-dbg14:32
AbhijitLast seen  : (about 0 weeks ago) means 7 days?14:32
VMwhat to enter14:32
MarconMtype " sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade "14:32
NfNitLoopMarconM: if he's a newbie, maybe synaptic would be a better route?14:32
MarconMNfNitLoop, but this very easy14:32
VMafter that?14:33
VMwhat to do14:33
austiniumVM: you could try downloading the latest version of ALSA14:33
MarconMare u on terminal open14:33
VMhow to download the latest version of ALSA14:33
MarconMVM, now type " sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade14:33
Akilo_je suis en train de passer d'une machine à une autre je récupère pas mal de fichier .xxx dans mon home pour les config mais je ne trouve pas les config de nautilus14:33
Akilo_le dossier est vide14:34
TalukSo I installed the NAtty Alpha 3 and I expected unity to start automatically, it doesn't. When I type unity in tty1 I get an error that says the DISPLAY variable is not set and it's using :0 then it says :0 could not be found. What do I set the DISPLAY variable to?14:34
MarconMVM, done14:34
MarconMnow wait14:34
VMnice :d14:34
[segfault]!fr | Akilo_14:34
ubottuAkilo_: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.14:34
NeddioWhat's up?14:35
Akilo_sorry all for the nose14:35
NeddioCan someone private message me on here? I want to test something on irssi.14:35
VMhow much time should i what to upgrade on Ubuntu 10.1014:35
austiniumthat depends on you internet connection's speed VM14:36
VMi hope this upgrade can fix my sound problem14:36
exutuxthat commands doesn't get Ubuntu to 10.10 it's only an update, one for repo's list and other for some packages14:37
exutuxVM: MarconM ^14:38
mehdi_can anyone help sound is not working at all14:39
jrib!natty | Taluk14:39
ubottuTaluk: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.14:39
jrib!sound | mehdi_14:39
ubottumehdi_: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.14:39
yonijhi...my uname shows 2.6.35-22 ..so can I build using ?..I need to build my current kernel again...sois this the one I should use or is there something like 2.6.35-22 ... where can I fid it ?...help please14:39
jrib!kernel | yonij14:40
ubottuyonij: The core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages14:40
compdoceveryone is hot to have 2.6.3814:40
compdocnot worth it14:40
dougljust installing 10.10 on asus u50vg notebook = what are the chances I will get wifi working... if the machine does not perform I only get store credit for taking it back - need some help only have a 2 week window to return14:40
argonautaciao a tutti14:42
robdig!it | argonauta14:42
ubottuargonauta: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)14:42
exutuxMarconM: I said that apt-get update and apt-get upgrade doesn't get upgrade about Ubuntu version...14:42
rcmaehlWhen can I expect Ubuntu to be able to play as many games as Windows?14:43
mehdi_can i boot my computer from termintal?14:43
mehdi_i mean reboot14:44
hihihi100i cannot access to any of my external hard drives, it ois odd, because gparted recognizes both, so does sudo fdisk -l14:44
rcmaehlmehdi_: sudo reboot14:44
FloodBot1MarconM: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:44
exutuxrcmaehl: I hope, never :D14:44
rcmaehlexutux: WHY!?14:44
MarconMFloodBot1, what the mean flood14:44
rcmaehllinux + gaming = more popular than windows14:44
NeddioMaconM: It means don't put in any terminal code here, post it on paste.ubuntu.com and link the person to it.14:45
austiniumrcmaehl: ever played UrT?14:45
rcmaehlaustinium: yeah14:45
Neddiorcmaehl: True that, I love Linux Gaming :D14:45
MarconMthanks Neddio14:45
austiniumits tonnes of fun14:45
NeddioMarconM: no problem :)14:45
austiniumdon't get to play much anymore though :(14:45
exutuxrcmaehl: I don't like to play..14:45
NeddioHave you guys heard about project bossanova?14:45
MarconMNeddio, but why i cant to put command here14:45
MarconMdo you know14:45
rcmaehlLinux not having a windows equilavant of gaming is the ONLY complaint I've gotten from the people I've switched to linux14:45
austiniumneddio:whats that?14:45
NeddioMarconM: You can, but it's considered flooding, sudo reboot isn't so bad because it's short, but anything longer should be posted on paste.ubuntu.com14:46
austiniumMarconM: it will fill the screen up so much that other ppls messages wouldn't make sense14:46
suprengrTrying to view a webcam [Dartmouth live] and Firefox states "QuickTime does not support the current MPEG-4 setting. Go to Setup->Video&Image->Advanced->MPEG-4 and set Video object type to 'Simple' for QuickTime to work"  [Chromium is less than helpful with settings]  no alternatives in Firefox work.  Any ideas?14:46
Neddioaustinium: It's a group of people, two companies coming together, to create a 3D, linux only, game. It's going to be so good when it comes out!14:47
exutuxrcmaehl: I think that their switch to linux only for playing...they aren't sane :D14:47
robdigMarconM: you triggered the floodbot's response by entering 3 lines in a row, containing one word each14:47
MarconMNeddio, 3D linux14:47
NeddioMarconM: Yeah :D14:47
MarconMwich, program blender =]14:47
aktordoes anyone know how do i switch off the automatic thermal shutdown ? Trying to convert a video file with Handbrake and system keeps shutting down. Very annoying14:47
rcmaehlsuprengr: where is it giving you this error? youtube?14:47
rcmaehlaktor: get better cooling14:48
exutuxok we are going more OT ...14:48
aktorrcmaehl: its a laptop14:48
NeddioMarconM: I'm not sure, probably Blender and a bunch of other programs put together, or maybe they'll make a mod of UrT?14:48
GeForce88i need adobe air for ubuntu 10.10 64 bit. is there a package i can dl ?14:48
compdocaktor, its where all that stuff is - in the bios settings14:48
rcmaehlaktor: there's still better cooling you can get for a laptop14:48
suprengrrcmaehl: it's the Dartmouth Live webcam14:48
MarconMNeddio, i like blender but i dont have time =/14:49
_antantCan anyone tell me why my music skips when I transfer something to the external hdd it's on?14:49
GeForce88!adobe air14:49
lukus-mobileHi .. how do I log into my Linux system from a live cd (from command line) ?14:49
aktorcompdoc: i had a look in the bios and could not see any acpi settings. maybe I should look again14:49
rcmaehlsuprengr: have you tried ubuntu-restricted-extras?14:49
NeddioMarconM: I've never really used Blender, I'm more of a Sony Vegas or Adobe After Effects person. Although I'm sure I'd learn how to use Blender if I had the time.14:49
Neddiolukus-mobile: I'm not sure that you can, what are you trying to do through the live cd?14:50
aktorrcmaehl: i will have a look but i want it disabled.14:50
MarconMNeddio, blender its easy " the basic blender " euaheuehae .... i used after effect too ..14:50
NeddioMarconM: So it's basically drag and drop with easy configurations?14:51
suprengrrcmaehl: thought I already installed restricted extras a long time ago... just checking14:51
MarconMNeddio, more or less =]14:51
NeddioMarconM: I might try it out :D14:51
_antantAnyone tell me why my music skips when I transfer something to the external hdd it's on?14:52
Neddio_antant: You're HDD might not have enough power to read and write at the same time, i.e. Transfer files and play music.14:53
GeForce88i need adobe air for ubuntu 10.10 64 bit. is there a package i can dl ?14:53
Neddio_antant: Does your HDD use 2 USB ports?14:53
NeddioGeForce88: I think there is, have you tried Googling?14:53
_antantnope, just the one14:53
_antantdidn't do it under windows though14:54
GeForce88neddio, if i had, would i be here?14:54
suprengrrcmaehl:   thanks for the tip - I had not  installed on 10.04 - only on previous release [DOH!]... installing now - cheers & thanks14:54
t36i have a question about grub, anyone here who can help me?14:54
Neddio_antant: That's unusual.. It should work, I'm not much of a hardware person so I wouldn't know.14:54
Neddiot36: What's your question about GRUB?14:54
dr0idhi, difference between +x and +X ?14:54
t36Neddio: it's about how it works, i takes a bit of explaining14:55
Goliathare launchpad versions of games uploaded there patched?14:55
NeddioGeforce88: Well, last time I checked Adobe Air was available for Ubuntu 32 Bit, not sure baout 64..14:55
Goliathor same as source14:55
[segfault]GeForce88: sudo apt-get install adobeair14:55
Neddiot36: I only know the basics of Grub, so don't ask me, although I'm sure that there's documentation on it, hang on I'll just have a look for it.14:55
aktornoone knows how to disable automatic thermal shutdown in ubuntu ?14:56
sudiptahey...I have a problem ....i used my 4gb pen drive to  install ubuntu10.10...but now my pendrive doesn't show up upon plugging into the usb port....what to do?14:56
[segfault]GeForce88: yeah, not sure if that is available for 64-bit, since I run 32.14:56
dr0idthermal shutdown ? sounds kewl , gaming!14:56
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dr0idhi, wuts the difference between +x and +X ?14:56
=== Zillaaah_ is now known as Zillaaah
GeForce88uilding dependency tree14:56
GeForce88Reading state information... Done14:56
GeForce88E: Unable to locate package adobeair14:56
GeForce88thansk anyways. back to the forums....14:56
Stef_Hello, i have lm-sensors, hddtemp and sensors-applet installed. cpu temps are showed fine, but i can't see hdd temps (they are added in the panel). When i remove the aopplet and then add it back i can see the hdd temps. but after a reboot they are removed again :/ can someone help me please ?14:56
Neddiodr0id: If you're talking about chmoding files and folders then it has something to do with that.. Otherwise I don't know, have you tried looking it up?14:57
dr0idyup, talking about chmod Neddio14:57
aktordr0id: not so cool when it makes your system unstable and causes more reboots in an hour than what Windows caused in a lifetime14:57
Neddiot32: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=119527514:57
thomasgjanyone in here a network administrator as a job?14:57
dr0idNeddio: looking "man chmod" now14:57
[segfault]GeForce88: See if these instructions will help you - http://blogs.adobe.com/flashplatform/2010/10/install-adobe-air-on-64-bit-ubuntu-10-10.html14:57
dr0idtho i read the ubuntu tutorial and found nothing usefl :/14:57
dr0idneither s14:58
Neddiodr0id: Why do you need to know the difference?14:58
dr0idt is sticky bit tho14:58
thomasgjanyone in here a network administrator?14:58
dr0idjust saw it14:58
dr0idso trying to understand14:58
t36Neddio: I have checked this thread and it does not answer my question14:59
Neddiodr0id: Oh okay, well I'm looking for some documentation now, when I find some I'll link you.14:59
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* suprengr says bbl... time to shut down & spring clean beloved PC with an air duster... just seen the vents.14:59
=== Abhijit_ is now known as Abhijit
=== KolakCC is now known as KolakCC|brb
[segfault]thomasgj: lots of us are.. just go ahead and ask your question14:59
Neddiot36: I'd just suggest searching for information about Grub, other than that I'm not sure that many people on here know how it works, only how to fix problems with it.14:59
sudiptahey...I have a problem ....i used my 4gb pen drive to  install ubuntu10.10...but now my pendrive doesn't show up upon plugging into the usb port....what to do?14:59
MarconMNeddio, wich company is this for game linux =D15:00
dr0idi found it Neddio :)15:00
Neddiodr0id: Oh good :)15:00
dr0id"execute/search only if the file is a directory or already  has  exe‐15:00
dr0id       cute  permission  for  some  user"15:00
t36Well the thing is. When I first got my computer I installed Win7 on it. Then I dual booted Ubuntu on it :) and INSTEAD of installing Grub to the MBR, I installed it on a separate partition. Now for various reason, I need to remove the disk GRUB is on, will this cause a problem?15:01
NeddioMarconM: It's the owner of OMG!Ubuntu and Desura.15:01
MarconMOwner of OMG15:01
Neddiot36: I don't know how you could remove it from the partition.. Have you tried resetting the Master Boot Record (MBR)15:01
NeddioMarconM: Hehe.15:01
NeddioMarconM: http://www.projectbossanova.com/partners15:02
bandtlaughter is off topic on freenode15:02
dr0idon you bandt15:02
[segfault]t36: you can re-install grub whereever you want it15:02
MarconMNeddio, do u use gnome, kde, lxde or fluxbox15:02
t36I don't want to remove, I have two HDD and I just need to unpower the one with Ubuntu and I'm wondering whether my computer will still start15:02
dr0idno offence but laughter is necessary for life :P15:02
bandt!offtopic | dr0id15:02
ubottudr0id: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:02
thomasgjsegfault check query15:02
Stef_Hello, i have lm-sensors, hddtemp and sensors-applet installed. cpu temps are showed fine, but i can't see hdd temps (they are added in the panel). When i remove the aopplet and then add it back i can see the hdd temps. but after a reboot they are removed again :/ can someone help me please ?15:02
douglhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/Intel%20WiFi%20Link%205100?highlight=%28AND%29|%28ManufacturerModel%29 says my wifi device is compatible but I cannot find how to config it = any help?15:02
NeddioMarconM: I use Gnome at the moment, I have used KDE and XFCE but I've always gone back to Gnome :)15:03
NeddioMarconM: What about you?15:03
bandtif you're not a lifevirgin discussing ubuntu exclusively in here, you need to stfu and become one15:03
Neddiobandt: Don't be rude. If you're going to troll, go somewhere else.15:03
bandt!offtopic | Neddio15:03
ubottuNeddio: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:03
compdocwhats a lifevirgin, and where can I get one?15:04
bandtfreenode is the home of lifevirgins, and the female repulsives15:04
Neddiocompdoc: A lifevirgin is someone who has never had sex.15:04
MarconMNeddio, i use gnome too ... but i am testing lxde and fluxbos for me install on my netbook15:04
compdocI want one of those15:04
MarconMwith conky =D15:04
[segfault]ty, bazhang15:05
NeddioMarconM: Yeah, I'm sure that LXDE would be good for netbooks, but I've never heard of fluxbos before.. I'm going to go do a bit of scripting, I'll be back later. Bye!15:05
NeddioQuit [Going to go code.]15:05
fahmadhello every one15:09
thomasgjsegfault well i need person name, company they work for,  responsiblites, skills needed,  job setting, work hours,  education and school,  salary,  avantages, disadvantages15:10
=== kokos is now known as Guest54572
MarconMomg trine 2 for linux lol15:10
[segfault]thomasgj: sorry, can't help you there.. perhaps in #networking?15:11
Guest54572i have problem, i want to recove my files from usb hdd, can anybody help me?15:11
thomasgji will check15:11
fahmadi am using vmware workstation on windows 2008 r2 and using ubuntu 10 desktop as guest os with bridge mode enable but i could not able to access services from guest os using public ip ...15:11
mostholy_hi, can anyone help me with question about Tomboy notes?15:12
compdocfahmad, does the guest obtain an ip address from the lan's dhcp server?15:12
Stef_Hello, i have lm-sensors, hddtemp and sensors-applet installed. cpu temps are showed fine, but i can't see hdd temps (they are added in the panel). When i remove the aopplet and then add it back i can see the hdd temps. but after a reboot they are removed again :/ can someone help me please ?15:13
mostholy_anyone? i'm about to reinstall my OS and i can't figure out how to back up and restore my Tomboy note files15:14
wspinaczhi, can anybody help me with recove my dates?15:16
wspinaczfrom usb hdd15:16
physically_fithi, what's the best speed to burn data (avi files) into a CD? currently i'm using 16x because i read somewhere that you can have compatibility issues at higher speeds. at what speed you burn? thanks15:16
physically_fiti'm using k3b by the way15:16
physically_fitgood morning?15:17
anDreaqe taaak?15:17
physically_fithi, what's the best speed to burn data (avi files) into a CD using K3B? currently i'm using 16x because i read somewhere that you can have compatibility issues at higher speeds. at what speed you burn? thanks15:18
=== anDrea is now known as Guest76595
physically_fitsup andrea15:18
mynameistuxhow do I use the openJDK java 6 runtime from the terminal?15:18
KramBFor some reason my Desktop will not retain my preferred Wallpaper, and the icons get bigger than what I told them to be.  Turning my Compositor off+on fixes this but it keeps switching back.  How can I fix this?15:18
=== Guest84262 is now known as DarkDevil
physically_fitwho uses K3B here?15:19
mynameistuxI'm trying to put minecraft in my applications > games menu, and I need to know the terminal command to launch it15:19
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest13395
=== KolakCC|brb is now known as KolakCC
aeon-ltdmynameistux: minecraft ?15:20
mynameistuxyeah, it runs nativly on linux15:20
physically_fithi aeon-ltd15:20
physically_fitaeon-ltd, at what speed you burn your CDs?15:20
mynameistuxI can run it by double clicking on it, but I really want to put it in my menu WITH ALL MY OTHER LINUX GAMES :D15:20
mynameistuxcan't believe they exist now15:21
KramBMy background keeps changing to a sold brown color, and some Icons dissapear and they get larger.  How can I stop this.15:21
physically_fithi, what's the best speed to burn data (avi files) into a CD using K3B? currently i'm using 16x because i read somewhere that you can have compatibility issues at higher speeds. at what speed you burn? thanks15:21
landingonwatertrying to install Tasque for TRM. but no glib-sharp-2.0. and I dont see It in the softwarecenter, and apt-get says It isnt available ?15:21
th0rphysically_fit: there is no answer to that question. It depends on your hardware, software, and the CDs you use15:21
ravenpossible to controll rhythmbox via ssh?15:22
physically_fithi th0r, thanks, but at what speed you burn CDs?15:22
anant_@raven that's why i prefer mpg123 or mpg321 or mplayer15:22
aeon-ltdphysically_fit: uhh 4x, btw for future reference don't message people who don't formally start a conversation15:23
ravenanant_, i want graphical AND cmd usage15:23
anant_that should help15:23
physically_fitaeon-ltd, thanks, but don't be so square next time.15:24
[segfault]landingonwater: you can try installing libglib2.0-dev15:24
aeon-ltdphysically_fit: square? pfft rectangle :)15:25
mynameistuxhow do you launch a java application from a terminal15:25
landingonwater[segfault]: thanks :)15:25
mynameistuxI assume it's java filename.jar15:25
mynameistuxbut that's not working15:25
physically_fitaeon-ltd, your speed is too low. i repeat, 4x is too low15:26
Taoswhats the safest way to uninstall ubuntu without shagging grub?15:26
[segfault]landingonwater: if that's not it, you can try libglib2.0-0 or maybe even one of the other many libglib2.0-... packages. :)15:26
th0raeon-ltd: yeah...that's the wrong answer <smile>15:27
aeon-ltdphysically_fit: meh, relative.15:28
landingonwater[segfault]: now im missing gnome_sharp :D ooooh noooo !15:31
sacarlsonTaos: grub is easy to fix in a single line even if it breaks15:31
landingonwater[segfault]: does It have something to do with that Mono discussion ?15:31
[segfault]landingonwater: quite possibly.. that's what I'm googling atm15:32
th0rTaos:  if you delete ubuntu, you probably will delete grub as well and leave the system unbootable15:32
[segfault]landingonwater: does gtk-sharp2 have what you need?15:32
randomnikhi. i reinstalled windows. instead of restoring grub with live cd, i loaded ubuntu using supergrub2 cd. i am now in ubuntu and everything works fine15:34
Taosth0r: im gonna delete linux and ubuntu then just purge the MBR15:34
randomnikbut when i type sudo grub-update it shows that he does update, but when i restart computer, grub is not there, and winxp loads15:34
randomnikhow to properly reinstall grub15:35
Paddy_NIrandomnik: Where did you install grub... how are your partitions laid out?15:35
randomnikwinxp is sda1 and ubuntu sda415:36
Paddy_NIrandomnik: Install grub to sda15:37
Paddy_NIwith no number15:37
sacarlsonrandomnik: did you install with wubi from within windows or from a livecd install?15:37
physically_fitbye people15:38
randomniki have dual boot for years now, i usually do restore grub with live cd, but i thought booting into actual ubuntu would be easier15:38
randomnikPaddy_NI, gonna try, tnx. sacarlson, there is your answer15:38
Paddy_NIrandomnik: it is... just install the bootloader in the correct place15:38
randomnikPaddy_NI, /usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot stat `sda'.15:40
sacarlsonrandomnik: my one liner method if booted from livecd: sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt; sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt /dev/sda # change sda1 and sda to your choice15:40
randomnikafter sudo grub-install sda15:40
Paddy_NIrandomnik: what sacarlson says should sort you out with little pain15:41
randomniksacarlson, i did that procedure like 20 times so far, but, tbh, i didnt learn ubuntu for some time now, and i actually found a way to boot into real ubuntu15:41
oCeanredboat: we see you15:41
randomnikfaster then live cd15:41
sacarlsonrandomnik: ya that's it from within ubuntu already your grub-install sda will work also15:42
redboattesting ok thanks15:42
landingonwater[segfault]: no luck with that. still wants that gnome-sharp: checking for GNOME_SHARP_20... configure: error: Package requirements (gnome-sharp-2.0) were not met15:42
randomniksacarlson, , /usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot stat `sda'.15:42
[segfault]landingonwater: did you try installing gfk-sharp2-cil?15:42
sacarlsonrandomnik: how would that be?  how did you boot then?15:43
redboatwhat is the best irc linux?15:43
[segfault]redboat: there are many, and many opinions.  x-chat is popular. though.15:43
PolahIs there a way to read Windows .DMP files in Ubuntu?15:43
oCeanredboat: that depends on what your needs/wishes are15:43
oCean!best | redboat15:43
ubotturedboat: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.15:43
landingonwater[segfault]: only gtk-sharp2. didnt see any gtk-sharp2-cil. im on ubuntu 10.1015:43
redboatok ok i am using x-chat15:43
randomniksacarlson, with supergrub2 cd. small live cd for loading different OS installed when you have problem with grub15:43
hihihi100i cannot access to any of my external hard drives, it ois odd, because gparted recognizes both, so does sudo fdisk -l15:44
randomniksudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt /dev/sda seems to work, then i did update-grub15:44
hihihi100help please15:44
randomniknow gonna try reboot, wish me luck15:44
douglholy cow sure takes along time to install on usb stick... does that mean system is gonna perform poorly?15:44
[segfault]landingonwater: sorry, I was looking at the wrong package.  gtk-sharp2-gapi?15:44
sacarlsonrandomnik: ok I've used that before but don't recall the method to fix that way15:44
Paddy_NIrandomnik: you need to install grub2 to sda before you run update15:44
redboatis it worth upgrading a wolfdale e8500 to an AMD thurban15:44
landingonwater[segfault]: gtk-sharp2-gapi is installed. no luck.15:45
oCeanredboat: this is only ubuntu support.15:45
redboatok ok thanks15:45
HelloWorld123Hi guys.  I'm a new linux user.15:45
HelloWorld123I've been using the stuff from the Evil Empire for my job, but now that they've booted me I'm messing around with linux.15:45
sacarlsonPaddy_NI: I think he did15:45
[segfault]landingonwater: and gnome-sharp2 is already installed also?  just checking all the ones I've found15:46
oCeanHelloWorld123: do you have a support question? Chat is in #ubuntu-offtopic15:46
redboathow do you make this thing pull up leo laporte?15:46
HelloWorld123Why yes, I do.  Glad you asked.  I've got kinda two right now:15:46
Paddy_NI!ask | HelloWorld12315:47
ubottuHelloWorld123: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)15:47
HelloWorld123First is I'm using TightVNC to share the keyboard between a windows computer and a linux computer.  The problem is that on linux15:47
HelloWorld123the TightVNC doesn't initialize until after I login ... with the keyboard ... so I can't type my password to login.15:47
=== deegee_ is now known as plustwo
redboatI mean is it capable of seeing Leo Laportes IRC or do you have to have an apple computer hahaha15:48
bazhang!ot | redboat15:48
ubotturedboat: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:48
redboatI am talking about ubuntu15:48
HelloWorld123Is there a way to set up TightVNC as a service (or something like that) so that it is active during login?15:48
redboatcan I get IRC for leo laorte?15:49
redboatif not here please can you redirect me?15:49
bazhangredboat, chit chat in #ubuntu-offtopic15:49
homeso me yo dick15:49
raidoHelloWorld123: Are both computers in front of you?15:50
sacarlsonHelloWorld123: I think x11vnc might be what you want15:50
raidoHelloWorld123: look at Synergy, it will be  abetter option than VNC15:50
sacarlsonHelloWorld123: oh then raido is better15:50
sacarlsonHelloWorld123: quicksynergy with the gui15:51
HelloWorld123I'll grab Quick Syngergy from the Synaptic Package Manager then.  Thanks15:51
sacarlsonHelloWorld123: much faster won't need the graphic trafic15:51
[segfault]landingonwater: any luck with gnome-sharp2?15:51
HelloWorld123I really just need the keyboard.  There's space for two computers, two monitors and two mice, but not two keyboards.15:52
landingonwater[segfault]: gnome-sharp give no results. gnome-sharp2 did. however.. now i cant find evolution-sharp15:52
raidoHelloWorld123: Then Synergy is exactly what you want15:52
sacarlsonHelloWorld123: yes I use synergy and even works between windows too15:52
[segfault]landingonwater: dependencies are so much fun...15:52
PolahIs there a way to read Windows .DMP files in Ubuntu?15:53
landingonwater[segfault]: Its great fun. I can think of anything else to do on a saturday :D15:53
HelloWorld123Is installing Apache2, MySql, PHP, Perl & Python on top of Ubuntu, is that the same as LAMPP?  Or is configuration more integrated if I remove them and install  XAMPP for Linux?15:53
sacarlsonPolah: I'm sure you can read them but what is in a dmp file?15:53
PolahSacarlson, it's a dump file from a process, so I'd assume it's a log of that processes' actions15:54
sacarlsonHelloWorld123: add phpmyadmin and it will be about the same,  not sure you need perl or python15:54
HelloWorld123K.  Thanks again.15:55
sacarlsonPolah: is it in text format that readable or ?15:55
HelloWorld123Grabbing phpmyadmin and Quick-Synergy.15:56
ai9371the icons at the top of the page that had a speaker15:56
HelloWorld123hey, when I put in Quick-Synergy, should I uninstall  or disable or reconfigure TightVNC?15:56
ai9371and the power button disapeared and I cant find them anywhere15:56
PolahI can't open it in gedit at all, I fear it may require a specialised Windows program15:56
sacarlsonHelloWorld123: vnc is unrelated just don't run it or leave it15:57
landingonwater[segfault]: dammit: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-mono/2010-March/021996.html15:57
mynameistuxhow do I run a java application from a terminal?15:58
landingonwater[segfault]: so there is some sort of fight going on ? and thats why i run into trouble installing Tasque on Ubuntu ?15:58
[segfault]landingonwater: yes, it was deleted from maverick. You coule probably still find it and install it, though.15:58
Polahmynameistux: java <name>.jar15:58
[segfault]landingonwater: I don't see why you couldn't just download the tarball from the lucid package archive and install it manually15:59
lite__mynameistux, java -jar smth.jar15:59
landingonwater[segfault]: aah.. clever :) will try.15:59
mynameistuxPolah, I get this http://pastebin.com/GqZbhqLH16:00
PolahWhat is it, mynameistux?16:01
lite__i used script http://pastebin.com/5nrzv1GK (internal eth0, external eth1, dsl ppp0) to give internet to a notebook through wi-fi hotspot, but after update to natty there's no effect :-\ ifconfig show me only very big count of rx dropped packets =(16:01
mynameistuxit's a game16:01
mynameistuxa native linux game16:01
erUSUL!ics | lite__16:01
mynameistuxbut I can install that from deb, better example would be with minecraft16:01
ubottulite__: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php16:01
[segfault]lite__: you can ask in #ubuntu+1 for natty support16:01
bazhanglite__, #ubuntu+1 for natty16:01
lite__mynameistux, try java -jar RevengeOfTheTitans.jar16:01
lite__ubottu, [segfault], bazhang, thx16:02
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:02
Polahoh yes, that may work better16:02
mynameistuxFailed to load Main-Class manifest attribute from16:02
mynameistuxit was 2 lines, didn't seem worth pastebinning16:02
blockshi I am installing Ubuntu server when creating /home partition it ask for a 5% reserved space for super-user. Should I use it?16:02
landingonwater[segfault]: no luck locating the package on packages.ubuntu.com16:02
raidoblocks: yes16:03
ChrisBuchholzCan somebody tell why sometimes if I maximize a window in unity, it will maximize all the way (horizontally) and other times, it maximizes but keeps place for the Dock on the left?16:03
blocksraido: in Ubuntu desktop I deleted that space for /home16:03
mynameistuxbut the command you gave me works for minecraft WHICH MAKES ME VERY HAPPY :D :D :D16:03
blocksWhy do I need space for root user in /home?16:03
blocks5% is a lot of space16:04
Polahmynameistux, http://pastebin.com/DMvWaYQb, put that in a file, give it executable privileges and run it16:04
lite__maybe not for superuser, but for superblocks?16:04
raidoYou want some extra space incase your users fill the partition completely, you will have space for maintinence and repair16:04
erUSULblocks: you can disable it if you want. see « man tune2fs »16:04
blocksI dont know. if some expert can explainit  to me16:04
exutuxIt's for journaling16:05
[segfault]landingonwater: try getting it from debian - http://packages.debian.org/source/lenny/evolution-sharp16:05
oCean!info tasque | landingonwater16:05
ubottulandingonwater: tasque (source: tasque): simple task management application. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.1.9-1 (maverick), package size 213 kB, installed size 948 kB16:05
blockserUSUL: yeah I know it. i used in ubuntu desktop /home16:05
exutuxisn't a good idea disable it16:05
oCeanlandingonwater: I thought you were in search of 'tasque' ?16:05
blocksexutux: not for /home16:05
blocksi guess16:05
dimonвсем привет!16:05
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke16:05
exutuxblocks: why not? journaling still used for your home too16:06
HelloWorld123Synergy looks great, but it doesn't seem like it will work with the other computer using Windows 716:06
[segfault]oCean: landingonwater is, but trying to build from source and needing dependencies satisfied. :(16:06
oCeanlandingonwater: why build from source? It is in the repositories (universe)16:06
blocksexutux: I do not use it for /home and notice no difference16:06
exutuxexpecially if you have a separated partitions16:06
exutuxblocks: well beacuse you has had lukied untill noe16:07
Psydollanyone here used a wifi decoder in ubuntu?16:07
landingonwateroCean: was on the tasque website, and It says there is no stable version, and that it should be compiled. thats why. didnt know it is available from Ubuntu ?16:07
raidoHelloWorld123: http://synergy-foss.org/download16:07
blocksexutux: lol?16:07
mynameistuxPolah, I made it executable with chmod -x16:07
mynameistuxbut how do I run a script?16:07
exutuxblocks: :)16:07
blockslol exutux that is not english16:08
ai9371cheese sucks16:08
[segfault]landingonwater: lol, all this time, i thought you had good reason for compiling it, too. :)16:08
oCeanlandingonwater: couple of lines back, ubottu showed the available version in universe repo16:08
exutuxbecause you has had lukyied untill now16:08
EClaessonCan i somehow create a single file representing a harddrive? Like genisoimage does for CDROM?16:08
PolahJust try to open the file and click run mynameistux16:08
landingonwateroCean: http://live.gnome.org/Tasque/Download16:08
blocksexutux: in which cases I need the 5%?16:08
mynameistuxall I get is my text editors16:08
mynameistuxno run option16:08
mynameistuxhow do I do it from a terminal16:09
exutuxblocks: FS used it for journaling16:09
mynameistuxI thought it was ./launch.sh16:09
oCeanlandingonwater: support does not stretch 3rd party installations. It is in the repo's, use that16:09
blocksexutux: that is that?16:09
blocksexutux: *what is that?16:09
landingonwateroCean: i just found out. but when looking at the website, there is no clue, and thats why i tried to compile :(16:09
oCeanlandingonwater: always have a look in the repositories first :)16:09
PolahMynameisstux: Oh, from terminal, you should be able to just do <name>.sh if you're in the right directory. The script has to be in the same directory as the .jar, that way I did it16:09
landingonwateroCean: dammit :D im so sorry16:09
landingonwater[segfault]: no luck locating the package on packages.ubuntu.com16:09
[segfault]landingonwater: just sudo apt-get install tasque :)16:10
exutuxblocks: you don't know that filesystem ext3, ext4 are journal?16:10
mynameistuxlaunch.sh: command not found16:10
blockshello Obito16:10
blocksexutux: I know it16:10
landingonwater[segfault]: ups-. sorry man. I cam to their website from RTM, so I figured compiling was the only way :(16:10
mynameistuxmaking it executable is just chmod -x launch.sh16:11
blocksI found this exutux http://serverfault.com/questions/162222/always-reserve-blocks-for-super-user-when-formatting-a-file-system-in-linux-even16:11
exutuxblocks: so that 5% is used for store it, and in case of some problem...FS can restore it16:11
MagicJI have a running apache and set up the default ssl and it works too.  I created a self signed cert and then set the .crt and .key files into the defaults-ssl file and restarted apache . for some reason the cert that the system is reporting is called ubuntu - not mine - where is it getting this from16:11
Polahmynameistux, I think so, yes16:11
raidomynameistux: "+" not -16:11
blocksexutux: "it's like" windowz' system restore16:11
landingonwater[segfault]: I still think It should be compiled. way too easy and painless to install It from Ubuntu :D sorry sorry sorry16:11
[segfault]landingonwater: true, and we don't learn anything doing it that way, do we? :)16:12
mynameistuxuhm, I'm not sure why it's not working16:12
Polahraido: mynameistux: That's right, -x would remove executable privileges,16:12
raidomynameistux: "+" not -16:12
mynameistuxI did it with +16:12
exutuxblocks: NTFS are journal FS too16:12
Polahmynameistux, do you have .sh appended to the file name?16:13
* landingonwater is busy digging his hole ...16:13
blocksexutux: k :)16:13
mynameistuxit lets me run it when I click on it now16:13
mynameistuxbut nothing appears to be happening16:13
raidomynameistux: thats command just changes the bit, now do $./launch.sh16:13
mynameistuxFailed to load Main-Class manifest attribute from16:14
mynameistuxidk, it might be a problem with the jar16:14
allividdiheyy can anybody help mee16:14
raidomynameistux: could be16:14
mynameistuxbut I have a .deb file that I can install it from, so it's not a big deal anymore :P16:14
lite__mynameistux, maybe try to remove METAINF dir from jar file?16:14
mynameistuxI reckon I can just use the .deb to install it16:14
oCeanallividdi: first state your problem, that might help16:14
mynameistuxwhich is fine16:14
allividdiwhat is the best free virus protection for ubuntu16:15
oCean!virus | allividdi16:15
ubottuallividdi: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus16:15
benhuanwe need't it16:15
allividdiyes i know you dont need it but i thing it is i virus in my pc16:16
brusehow do services like redis-server get started on boot?16:16
brusei'd like to disable that and only start it when i want it16:16
raidoallividdi: ClamAV16:17
lite__allan8904, clamav?16:17
allividdiokei thanks16:17
Guest6639hi, trying to install lubuntu kinda stuck on the Who are you? page16:18
Guest6639it won't let me click forward16:18
blocksGuest6639: memory problem?16:18
oCean!lubuntu | Guest663916:18
ubottuGuest6639: lubuntu is a project to create a derivative of Ubuntu using the LXDE desktop environment. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu . /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.16:18
=== Guest13395 is now known as DarkDevil
cosmowhen installing linux sound drivers from the company's  website I messed something up and now I have no sound, it shows no sound device or driver but synaptic says I have the alsa drivers installed can anyone help?16:19
bazhangGuest6639, use all lower case16:19
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest53522
blockscosmo: remove all drivers related with sound?16:20
cosmoif I try to remove the alsa-base drivers it trys to remove the GDM as well16:21
blockscosmo: it doesnt.16:21
blockscosmo: it won't remove GDM..16:21
blockscosmo: sometimes when removing certain apps it says that will remove ubuntu-desktop but it doesnt16:22
blocksdm54: hi16:22
=== sun_ is now known as Guest65287
cosmowhat genius thought it would be a good idea to show that?16:23
coz_ hey all16:23
blockscosmo: because it's not really a package16:24
blocksei coz_16:24
coz_bl hey guy16:24
coz_blocks,  hey guy16:24
blockstab fail :p16:24
coz_blocks,   not unusual for me :)16:24
Psydollhello, how can i check my network card chipset in ubuntu?16:26
alexbuntuhi all16:27
morgenlandwie gohtz euch16:27
cosmodo I need to reboot before reinstalling the alsa drivers?16:27
oCean!at | morgenland16:27
ubottumorgenland: Das österreichische Team finden sie unter #ubuntu-at, deutschsprachigen Support bekommen sie auch in #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de oder #edubuntu-de. Geben sie einfach /join #ubuntu-at ein! Danke für ihr Verständnis.16:27
alexbuntuim running ubuntu 10.10 as live-system on a pretty new sony vaio16:27
sudiptahey ...i want to install kubuntu-desktop in my ubuntu10.10....how to do taht?16:28
AmpelbeinPsydoll: you can use 'lspci' to find out what chipset you have16:28
benhuansudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop16:28
Psydollampel im on a laptop that has built in wifi?16:29
hihihi100i cannot access to any of my external hard drives, it ois odd, because gparted recognizes both, so does sudo fdisk -l16:29
sudiptahey ...i want to install kubuntu-desktop in my ubuntu10.10....how to do that???16:29
Psydollwait i think i found it! :)16:29
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=== icebot is now known as Jasonn
Psydollampel, the ones listent are for ethernet controller, im trying to find out for wifi, perhaps the wifi is on the same network card as the ethernet?16:30
brusehow do i prevent services like redis-server to start on boot?16:30
AmpelbeinPsydoll: propably, yes. Can you pastebin the result of 'lspci -vvnn'?16:30
Ampelbein!pastebin | psydoll16:31
ubottupsydoll: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:31
PsydollAmeplbein, there is one for ethernet and ive found one for wirenless network16:31
Psydollone sec plz16:31
surbsI want to install ubuntu alongside win7 as a dual-boot. I currently have win7 installed using raid5 (total of 5 harddrives (4+1)). How should I partition ubuntu between the drives / is there a reference to this online? That way I don't waste anyones time with installation problems, given that noone answered my questions in #ubuntu-beginners.16:31
=== marvindoppelt is now known as Marvindoppelt
bernard__Hello .I'm hanging around !we try like and share16:32
oCeanbernard__: do you have a support question?16:33
douglseriously - has anyone ever installed 10.10 to a usb stick... it is agonizingly slow = how long does it take?16:33
redboatI want to share the ubuntu computer with my windows 7 machines16:33
bernard__yeah!I'm still  a beginner16:33
redboatI ahve two ubuntu computers one upstairs and one in myshop16:33
redboathow to share hardrive?16:33
oCean!samba | redboat16:33
ubotturedboat: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.16:33
IdleOne!samba | redboat16:33
IdleOneoCean: to fast :)16:34
sudiptahey...anyone there?16:34
redboatsamba like the dance?16:34
IdleOneredboat: exactly16:34
[segfault]sudipta: over 1500 of us...if you have a question, go ahead and ask :)16:34
blocksok ubuntu-server just froze after I q(uit) aptitude menu16:34
sudiptaI have assked one already....how to install kubuntu in ubuntu?16:35
IdleOnesudipta: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop16:35
redboathow do I keep my ubuntu machines safe from bad varmits16:35
IdleOnesudipta: after it is done installing you log out and at the login menu you click on session and select Kubuntu.16:35
blocksredboat: what do you mean?16:35
ankreloadedI hate this unity desktop in natty...tht dock is really a  distraction when it autohides...is there any way we can lock it permanently?16:35
Aquaguydoes anyone know how to start up always on console mode instead of gmd? I dont want to unistall the gmd package just dissable it from loading at startup16:36
oCeanankreloaded: #ubuntu+1 for natty16:36
redboatI mean like malware, trojans16:36
wildc4rdafternoon all16:36
IdleOne!natty | ankreloaded16:36
ubottuankreloaded: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.16:36
FloodBot1redboat: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:36
sudipta<IdleOne>yeah...but that installs some redundant packages...like ktorrent..although I have tranmission16:36
IdleOnesudipta: indeed it does.16:36
redboatok sorry16:36
blocksredboat: lol just proctect super user account with a strong password16:36
blocksredboat: install only from trusted repositories16:36
surbs..., I would like help trying to install ubuntu along side win7, I have raid5 and do not know how to much space / what options to select when installing. Any recommendations and/or references that you might be able to point me in the direction of?16:36
blocks!anyone | Aquaguy16:37
ubottuAquaguy: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.16:37
ankreloadedubottu: i know :) thanks anyways16:37
redboatis the ubuntu connical ok16:37
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:37
bernard__I have a question :My computer had installed Mint,and I got one livecd from Ubuntu,but when I insert the cd,the content is about mint ?16:37
sudipta<IdleOne>if i deselect this redundnat packages...the kubuntu-desktop package automatically gets deselected16:37
Aquaguyblocks I asked....16:37
Aquaguydoes anyone know how to start up always on console mode instead of gmd? I dont want to unistall the gmd package just dissable it from loading at startup16:37
Psydollabel how can i check if build essential is already installed?16:38
IdleOnesudipta: they are depends of each other. you can uninstall any packages you don't want afterwards. I suggest if you have enough space to install kubuntu from CD to a different partition16:38
oCeanPsydoll: dpkg -l |grep essentia is one way16:38
scarleoNormally Flash works great for me but on BBC it doesn't work at all, like here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-12776418 Anyone knows why that is?16:39
Psydollubuntu@ubuntu:~$ dpkg -l |grep16:39
PsydollUsage: grep [OPTION]... PATTERN [FILE]...16:39
PsydollTry `grep --help' for more information.16:39
sudiptaIdleOne: :))16:39
Psydollthats what i just got16:39
redboatis there any benifit to 4gb memory on a ubuntu machine?16:39
oCeanPsydoll: after 'grep' type 'essent'16:39
bernard__and why the CPU is so high?16:39
sudiptaIdleOne:I have another issue...16:39
Psydollubuntu@ubuntu:~$ dpkg -l |grep16:39
PsydollUsage: grep [OPTION]... PATTERN [FILE]...16:39
PsydollTry `grep --help' for more information.16:39
FloodBot1Psydoll: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:39
IdleOnePsydoll: you need to tell grep what to grep for16:40
blockslol I didn't install boot loader in ubuntu server.16:40
IdleOneso grep "word"16:40
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub216:40
HelloWorld123I configured my Windows 7 as a Synergy server at,  and I set my Ubuntu as a QuickSynergy client at says that the "Synergy server is running".  On, I went to QuickSynergy and hit "Execute" on the "Use" tab but the mouse doesn't seem to be responding from the other machine.16:40
sudiptaIdleOne:I used my 4gb pen drive to install ubuntu...now it doesnot show up when plugged in the usb port...any idea?16:40
blocksIdleOne: how can I generate a grub file for my new ubuntu server installation?16:40
Abhijit_i downloaded gearth from thier website the latest one. .deb. installed it and it is giving error /usr/bin/google-earth: 43: ./googleearth-bin: not found16:40
IdleOneblocks: the links ubottu just gave you can tell you16:41
blockssudipta: check boot options in bios16:41
redboatsomebody should get money for ubuntu its to good!16:41
oCeanAbhijit_: make sure package 'lsb-core' is installed16:41
blockssudipta: u need to put usb first than hdd16:41
ubottuTo donate to Ubuntu, you can !participate or go to http://www.ubuntu.com/community/get-involved/donate16:41
sudipta<blocks>no....i have installed ubuntu16:41
IdleOneerUSUL: :)16:41
redboatubuntu comes with ubuntuone at least mine did is there a connection?16:42
cosmoblocks,  I uninstalled alsa-base and alsa util rebooted, installed those to again and ran sudo alsa force-reload and I still have no sound and nothing shows in the hardware tab of sound preferences16:42
IdleOneredboat: ubuntuone gives you 2 free gigs of storage16:42
blockscosmo: reinstall alsa, pulseaudio etc16:43
sudipta<blocks>afterwards when i insert it into the port...it does not show up16:43
IdleOneredboat: it is just another freebie the Ubuntu/Canonical provide16:43
blockscosmo: and check audio settings in bios16:43
redboatI found ubuntuone slower than dropbox wich also supposedly works well with ubuntu16:43
IdleOneredboat: dropbox works well.16:43
sudipta<blocks>any idea?16:44
redboatthere was a magazine about ubuntu on the shelf and it highlighted both ubuntuone and dropbox16:44
cosmoblocks, I just did that and I never changed my audio settings in the bios, I tried to install the linux drivers that my sound card maker had and that is when I lost sound16:44
Abhijit_oCean, yes it worked now. thank you.16:44
oCeanAbhijit_: yay :)16:45
redboatis my chat log storing up on my ssd?16:45
IdleOneredboat: depending what client you are using, probably is.16:45
redboatwhat u mean client?16:46
IdleOneredboat: client = application you are using to chat16:46
=== skfin|HasNoConne is now known as skfin|Disconnect
Mhaddoggot a question, how does wubi works?16:46
IdleOneredboat: check in the settings to see if it is logging16:46
redboati dont want it eating up my ssd16:46
redboatdo you know where thy are16:47
Mhaddogdoes it creates like a "virtual environment" inside windows?16:47
IdleOneredboat: click on Settings > Prefs.16:47
Mhaddogor just moves the system partitions, and installs itself in free or whatever space?16:47
IdleOneredboat: Then click on Logging and disable if enabled.16:47
redboatit show 500 scroll back lines but what happens after that16:47
MhaddogI have a notebook with a optimus nvidia card, and trying to find a way to be able to use the benefits of its, since it is not supported by linux...16:48
IdleOneredboat: you need to click on Logging in the left pane16:48
redboatok enable logging is not checked16:48
zeroburnHay can anybody help me with a scripting question?16:48
IdleOneredboat: it isn't logging.16:48
greppy!ask | zeroburn16:50
ubottuzeroburn: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)16:50
zeroburnI want to use a script to setup the networking interface on my laptop. The entire script is written and works, but only when run from the terminal can I input the neccecary info, how can I edit the script to open a terminal to accept the neccesary information?16:51
gerrinanyone know anything about the evolution email client, i keep getting an Error Generating list message when i try to check my inbox, how can i fix that?16:51
bluefrogzeroburn, gnome-terminal -e16:53
blockshow can I restore ubuntu server grub?16:53
blocksthat thing didnt install bootloader16:53
zeroburnbluefrog: do I add that after the "#!/bin/bash" line?16:53
hihihi100i cannot access trash, why?16:53
hylianhow do i change grub2 device to be hd0,0 instead of 2,0.16:53
Mhaddogtry a live cd and then hand install grub @ blocks16:53
douglI have been installing 10.10 on my new laptop and is taking over 3 hours to install to usb 2.0 stick => is the computer broken or something?16:54
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blocksMhaddog: the machine is slow, i cannot use gui. how can i use terminal in livecd16:54
Mhaddogdougl:  from a stick to the computer? or using the stick as teh disk for that computer?16:54
hihihi100how do i exit  autilus?16:54
hihihi100how do i exit  nautilus?16:54
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Mhaddogblocks:  just pop in a live cd, run terminal in that "live cd" envirmonet, mount the hd of the server, and after that install grub to it16:55
hylianblocks, you can hit escape before it boots, and then a choice will be for system rescue, which should give you the option of a console, if my memory is correct.16:55
blocksMhaddog: Mhaddog my machine cannot support graphic enviromnent16:55
zeroburnbluefrog: is says command not found16:56
Mhaddogyou can boot a live cd in terminal mode16:56
douglMhaddog,  installing to the usb stick from dvd.16:56
blocksMhaddog: how?16:56
SnowmanX11Could somebody tell me similar surface solution for Gnome as Kubuntu Remix 10.10 has? It is important to be simple and Gnome. It will be for reinstall of computer for pensioners.16:56
lusmuswhat is the altanative cd? :S16:57
Mhaddogwell.... is usb speed... and reading from and optical drive... and maybe u have a lower class usb stick or slow usb hdd, so be patient.... you can see during install the console commands as they go..16:57
hylianSnowmanX11, are you looking for a quick boot or low resource version of ubuntu?16:57
blocksMhaddog: ok i press F4.. can i use ubuntu desktop to fix ubuntu server grub right??16:58
Mhaddogblocks:  yea16:58
hylianhow do you change the boot device in grub2 from hd2,0 to 0,0?16:58
SnowmanX11hylian: Very simple start menu for pensioners, who has a quite chip and low hardware PC.16:59
Mhaddogblocks:  you can even get more complicated, ssh into the server if its running ubuntu and then mnt and install from remote....16:59
Mhaddoghylian:  google out grub2 google @ hylian16:59
douglMhaddog, ie using the sti... thanks for the info - just seems so long and slow = hope it runs ok... maybe I should have installed it on the disk16:59
SnowmanX11hylian: Father in lows computer was equiped with XP that continuously fucked up by their grandchildren.17:00
Mhaddogdougl:  it's gonna take a long time, when I install from cd/dvd ussually runn about 30 to 40 mins in an average fair computer17:00
hylianMhaddog, i did that, i came up with 0. please do not post a non-answer.17:00
Mhaddognow you doing that to a usb drive....17:00
IdleOneSnowmanX11: please watch the language17:00
blocksMhaddog: I just want to generate grub because Ubuntu Server installation didn't create one :s17:01
hylianSnowmanX11, hmm, i guess i don't understand what you are looking for.17:01
SnowmanX11hylian: I am going to reinstall it and secure it by being their root. In a mean time, I am going to simplify their life with a nice menu and stable computer experience.17:01
zeroburnis there a dedicated chanel for scripting issues?17:01
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SnowmanX11IdleOne: sorry. Mess up.17:01
IdleOnezeroburn: #programming17:01
Mhaddogblocks:  i would say it could probably be better to reinstall, if the installation did not do it, probably you got a bad media, other case you might have not choose to do so...17:01
zeroburnIdleOne: tnx17:02
hylianSnowmanX11, if simple and ready out of the box is what you are lloking for, you might want to give simply mepis a try. things like flash plugin and java ready out of the box.17:02
SnowmanX11hylian: just a menu, which has some big icons to choose instead of the whole gnome menu.17:02
blocksMhaddog: I just find out why... the system froze before I get to boot loader menu. :P17:02
blocksim gonna reinstall!17:02
silvasalguém pode me ajudar, como instalar o receitanet?17:02
SnowmanX11Kubuntu Remix 10.10 has brilliant simple surface, but I have a problem with it, actually I am not in a big love with KDE.17:03
hylianSnowmanX11, i see. hmm... well there is an alternative menu for gnome available via ubuntu. you'd have to hunt it down in synaptic, it has more features. i don't know if it what you are looking for.17:03
hyliandoes anyone know how to change grub2's hd2,0 to hd0,0?17:03
Mhaddogblocks:  so I will suggest redo the install, there could be some other issues17:03
coz_SnowmanX11,  did you install kubuntu-desktop...if so you can go into kde system settings and under one of the menus there you can switch from netbook to desktop17:04
douglhylian, what do you mean?17:04
coz_SnowmanX11,  rather swtich from plasma netbook to regular KDE17:05
Mhaddoghylian:  you have to hand edit grub2, http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/grub-2.html @ hylian17:05
SnowmanX11coz_: the only problem that I do not want to have KDE at all.17:05
hyliandougl, for some reason grub was set up as if the hd i wanted was at hd2,0, but it is hd0,0.17:05
hylianMhaddog, please, once again not an answer. i know this. i need to know specifically what to do, thank you.17:05
SnowmanX11coz_: I just would like to have a Kubuntu Remix like surface for Gnome if it exists17:05
Mhaddoghylian:  ddi you check the box to install it on boot partition?17:05
coz_SnowmanX11,  ah ok... sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop  && sudo apt-get autoremove  kubuntu-desktop plasma-netbook17:05
edbianhylian, Have you tried running this:  sudo update-grub   ?  It reprobes and re-writes everything automatically17:05
dinzyHello all17:05
coz_SnowmanX11,  ah ok17:06
dinzyHey guys, New here!17:06
douglhylian, so not just a grub-install /dev/sda17:06
dinzyusing Xubuntu!17:06
coz_SnowmanX11,  well plasma netbook is part of kde desktop package I believe  but if not check in synaptic as was suggested ,,hit  Search type in kubuntu17:06
* dinzy is new to Linux17:06
Mhaddoghylian:  how you expect someone to tell you step by steps if you not provide a paste of your current file?17:06
hylianMhaddog, yes, i did. what i did is install it to an external hd. then booted to that external hd, but now the device listed is hd0,0 instead of hd2,0. i guess the answer is idk what happened.17:06
douglhylian, and do you have a mix of ide and sata drives?17:06
edbiandinzy, hello.  Do you have a question?17:06
edbianhylian, Have you tried running this:  sudo update-grub   ?  It reprobes and re-writes everything automatically17:07
hyliandougl, all i know is the proper drive setting is hd0,0, but in the config file, which is now ridiculously complicated, it's set as hd2,0.17:07
SnowmanX11coz_: I know, that is why I asked for similar look for Gnome.17:07
hylianedbian, actually yes. that did not solve the problem, but thanks for the heads up.17:07
coz_SnowmanX11,  well gnome's  netbook does not look as clever or pretty as the plasma netbook17:08
SnowmanX11If nothing else, I will install Kubuntu Remix for them...17:08
SnowmanX11coz_: agree17:08
hihihi100i have this problem https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus/+bug/702093, what can I do as a temporary solution?17:08
edbianhylian, You're probably better off writing a custom file: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub217:08
ubottuUbuntu bug 702093 in nautilus (Ubuntu) "Root Nautilus does not access Trash" [Wishlist,Confirmed]17:08
coz_SnowmanX11,  the problem with kde is it is far more resource intensive recently17:08
SnowmanX11coz_: but I dislike KDE. I also do not know that much as Gnome17:08
coz_SnowmanX11,   I see,,, is this on a desktop or a laptop?17:08
SnowmanX11coz_: 4 years old cheap desktop17:09
hylianedbian, no. this should all be super easy, and gui. but i know that's not your fault. it would be faster to just reinstall it than to write a custom file.17:09
coz_SnowmanX11,  that should be no problem... I would simply remove kubuntu-desktop and plasma-netbook and install ubuntu-desktop17:09
coz_SnowmanX11,  then log off or restart then log into the gnome desktop17:10
edbianhylian, perhaps it would be faster for you ;)17:10
dinzyyeah edbian, I have some graphical issues in Xubuntu.17:10
sudiptamy 4gb pendrive does not show on inserting into the usb port...can anyone help?17:10
coz_SnowmanX11,  understand that the next version of ubuntu 11.04  will have the netbook edition by default on start up if you have ati or intel video17:10
dinzyI see that some fonts are little blurred17:10
dinzyany help?17:10
hyliandoes anyone know of a grub gui program i can install that will just let me change the values at will, and who created grub2 so i can send a rather disgruntled email? just kidding. :)17:10
dinzyin graphical configuration..17:10
coz_SnowmanX11,  you would have to log off and choose classic gnome or classic gnome ( no effect) for regular gnome17:11
* hylian bashes his skull into a wall17:11
sudiptacan anybody help17:11
ruansudipta: does it show up if you type "lsusb"17:11
ruansudipta: in a terminal17:11
ruansudipta: then you might have to mount it manually17:11
edbianhihihi100, Is there a .Trash in your /root folder?17:11
ruansudipta: sudo fdisk -l17:12
sudipta<ruan>and why?17:12
SnowmanX11coz_: I just would like to provide a simple surface with a few big icons to choose the core things that they would use on daily bases and not the whole entire menu (independently from Gnome or KDE)17:12
ruansudipta: find the device name, eg. /dev/sdc17:12
ruansudipta: i dont know why, but i guess it happens17:12
coz_SnowmanX11,  then go with the gnome netbook edition ...let me see what that is called17:12
lusmuswhat is the diff from altanative cd?17:12
ubottuThe Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal17:12
hihihi100edbian, everytime I try to access that dir, the small clock icon will appear and do nothing else, it just waits for an eternity17:13
sudipta<ruan>that means i have to mount it every time17:13
sudipta<ruan> manually17:13
ruansudipta: you could make a bash script for that17:13
edbianhihihi100, Can you access it via the terminal?17:13
coz_SnowmanX11,  it is called  ubuntu-netbook17:13
dinzyAny one free to help me?17:13
dinzyi have a question.17:13
sudipta<ruan>can it be done automatically upon inserting17:13
hihihi100edbian, cd /root17:14
dinzyWhy doesnt my other drives show in Linux?17:14
hihihi100bash: cd: /root: Permission denied17:14
hihihi100hihihi100@hihihi100-laptop:~$ sudo cd /root17:14
hihihi100[sudo] password for hihihi100:17:14
hihihi100sudo: cd: command not found17:14
FloodBot1hihihi100: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:14
dinzyi mean other partitions17:14
edbianhihihi100, sudo cd /root ?17:14
sudipta<ruan>there is a /dev/sdb17:14
ruanhihihi100: sudo can't cd17:14
coz_hihihi100,  no  :  after cd17:14
edbianhihihi100, oh I see that17:14
dinzyaargh.. i have to try it again here.17:14
ruansudipta: it is possible but it would take a bit of coding :/17:14
SnowmanX11coz_: I know, this is what I use on my netbook. But if you compare to Kubuntu Remix, it has more simple surface than the Gnome Remix version. (or netbook as you call it)17:14
edbiancoz_, He didn't type the :'s those are the response to sudo cd <something>17:14
lusmusruan: why did my installation get me a into like terminal like enviroment?17:15
coz_edbian,  ah  then maybe  sudo -i   then   cd /17:15
edbianhihihi100, Try sudo -i   then cd /root17:15
doc1623Hi, I have a question, I am using Ubuntu as my media center with xbmc hooked to a 50" plasma... but it doesn't utilize the full screen (bout an inch on all sides missing).17:15
coz_SnowmanX11,  yes , then I am not sure what it is exactly you want17:15
sudipta<ruan>i am using ubuntu for 3 yrs...i have not faced smthng like it17:15
ruanlusmus: is it finished installing?17:15
edbiandoc1623, Change your resolution17:15
lusmusruan: yea i think so17:15
sudipta<ruan>it used to mount automaticaaly....17:15
ruansudipta: have you tried re-inserting it?17:15
nickwhich is the size sizeof(width) in C???? :/17:15
coz_darn   grocery store... be back in a bit17:16
nicka sorry17:16
ruannick: sudo fdisk -l in a terminal17:16
lusmusruan: and i choosed CLI.. i dont know which are better :/17:16
nicktypedef unsigned short width17:16
sudipta<ruan>yesterday i reinstalled ubuntu....only after that this happens17:16
dinzyWhy doesnt my other drives show in Xubuntu?17:16
sudipta<ruan>yeah I have tried that17:16
dinzyI have only the Root.17:16
j0nnyf1vejoin #exaile17:16
hihihi100edbian http://paste.ubuntu.com/582548/17:16
nicktypedef unsigned short width;  #define WIDTH (8*sizeof(width)) ... i canth find the size of width and i dont understand the code :/17:17
edbianhihihi100, run ls -la   what's in there?  (you seem to have made it in)17:17
nicki read a CRC code17:17
ruan...i dont understand what hard drive 'width' is.17:17
nickunsigned short width17:18
nickis the definition of variable17:18
dinzyMan.. Where is the Help channel or am in wrong channel?17:18
hihihi100edbian, I think not: http://paste.ubuntu.com/582549/ thats not my trash folder17:18
nicki know the char size17:18
edbiandinzy, you're in the right place.  It's just that nobody knows how to help you.17:18
nickis 1 byte :P17:18
dinzy< is clueless17:18
dinzyand lost :)17:18
dinzyall i ahve is this chat..lol17:18
nickbut i dont know the size of unsigned short17:19
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ruandinzy: have you tried earlier?17:19
dinzywith ubuntu.. slight touch17:19
dinzynot too depth17:19
edbianhihihi100, You're in your home...17:19
lusmusruan: is it cus of cli i get this?17:19
dinzywith Xubuntu this is first time.17:19
ruanlusmus: im not sure. what happens if you type "startx"?17:19
dinzyi like to test and learn things17:19
lusmusruan: terminal envirement17:19
edbianhihihi100, Oh wait, no, all of that is owned by root.  You are in the root dir17:19
dinzyWhich Linux do you guys use?17:20
ruandinzy: ubuntu 10.10 here17:20
edbianhihihi100, There is no .Trash   you should make one.  mkdir .Trash/17:20
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oCeandinzy: this is support channel, for social chat join #ubuntu-offtopic17:20
dinzyThanks ocean.. I will17:20
lusmusruan: tells me that i need to install that thing to use that command i think..17:20
dinzyhow to join?17:20
=== DarkDevil is now known as Guest56425
ruanlusmus: then install it, if you wish to access the gui.17:21
oCeandinzy: type /join #ubuntu-offtopic17:21
dinzyhang on with me guys17:21
greyhatsalafitype /join #ubuntu-offtopic17:21
ruanor /j17:21
ruan /j #channel17:21
oCeanruan: that is an alias, does not work in all clients17:21
ruanworked in xchat and irssi and chatzilla17:21
lusmusruan: i dont know if i choosed right method.. to installing.. i choosed CLI :/17:22
ruanlusmus: that's not stopping you from installing a GUI17:23
dinzy Thanks ocean.. joined it.17:23
hihihi100edbian, I created Trash, i cannot cd to it17:23
edbianhihihi100, Did you create .Trash?   or Trash  ??17:23
edbianhihihi100, Who owns it?  What are the permissions on it?17:24
hihihi100drwxr-xr-x  2 root root 4096 2011-03-19 18:21 .Trash17:24
lusmusruan: i thought i17:24
ruanlusmus: i think sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop   should do it?17:25
edbianhihihi100, That is bizarre.  Anybody should be able to cd into it.  What does 'whoami' output?  Are you root right now?17:25
lusmusruan: how much diff is it from installing from a livecd.. the main thing is that i wanted to install like live cd but with a command line interface with the installer17:25
hihihi100root@hihihi100-laptop:~# , not hihihi100@hihihi100-laptop:~$, so Im root17:26
hihihi100rap, whoami shows hihihi10017:26
ruanlusmus: well its a cli install17:26
hihihi100edbian, ignore that17:26
edbianhihihi100, ok, but you're root in the bash shell so...  Can you ls -la .Trash   (just look into it without going into it?)17:26
hihihi100edbian, that was a different terminal17:26
edbianhihihi100, What was a different terminal?  I can see your screenshot here...17:27
hihihi100edbian, in another terminal, I was trying to access trash17:27
hihihi100like hihihi10017:27
lusmusruan: its why i got like this.. or is it the same on whole cd on altanative cd=17:27
edbianhihihi100, So you are inside it?  Is it empty?  Can you access Trash using gksudo nautilus?17:27
ruanlusmus: well im not sure17:28
hihihi100edbian http://paste.ubuntu.com/582553/17:28