triggerhappThat's always the only number of the formatting % that I see00:00
aztekhello 07:50
aztekquite silence08:03
azteksilence forum11:54
mcurranAnyone know how I can bridge one computer (master) to another [wlan0=connected to internet], and I want to bridge eth0 (master) to eth0 (node)21:51
CharlesAAnyone have experience with DKMS and having the resulting modules not being inserted into the kernel?23:37
BachstelzeCharlesA: what do you mean by "not inserted"?23:47
CharlesABachstelze: It's not loading the module.23:48
CharlesAbad wording =/23:48
Bachstelzewhat does it do instead of loading the module ?23:48
CharlesAwhen I ran modprobe, it spit back "invalid module format"23:48
CharlesAI'm looking into that now, but Not 100% sure where to start23:49
CharlesAI've got a thread started over here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10578506#post1057850623:49
CharlesAFirst time I've tried to use dkms heh23:49
Bachstelzethat's very weird, especially if it works on other kernels23:57
CharlesAI guess so. I don't understand it at all23:57

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