ScottLrlameiro, pong00:38
rlameirohey ScottL finally00:38
rlameiroi was Talking wih Ricardo LaFuente00:39
rlameiroHe said you talked with him00:39
rlameirothat is awesome00:39
rlameiroI frquent the same "hackerspace" 00:40
ScottLhmmm, i's Ricard laFuente "raony" ?00:41
ScottLerrr, is00:41
rlameirohe is from the libre graphics magazine00:42
ScottLrlameiro, yes, yes00:42
rlameirohis IRC nickname is luluganeta00:42
ScottLi started talking with ginger coons and it started to include the libre graphics magazine dev mailing list too (and therefore laFuente by default)00:43
rlameiroI think its an awesome idea00:43
ScottLi hope so :)00:43
rlameiroMaybe we could distribute the libregraphica mag with ubuntu studio or something also00:44
rlameirothey do an awesome job00:44
ScottLi've just been really busy lately with work and personal stuff and haven't dove into it like i would like to/should00:44
ScottLginger offered a full page ad for us as well00:44
rlameiroi get you00:44
ScottLwe would just need to develop an ad00:44
rlameiroi am not beeing very helpfull either lately00:44
rlameiroScottL: how was your RPM chalange?00:45
rlameirodid you finished it?00:45
ScottLrlameiro, ah, i basically got busy and ran out of time...i actually didn't do any work in the last week or more00:46
rlameirowell, family first00:46
ScottLsome of the stuff was new and pretty good, but a good percentage just didn't get the attention it should00:46
ScottLBUT, i wrote another three or four songs that didn't even get onto it because i didn't feel i had00:46
ScottLa decent enough recording or had the song thoroughly fleshed out 00:47
ScottLi'm hoping after march i can get back working on music and ubuntu studio 00:47
rlameirowell, you can work on them when you have more time00:47
ScottLrlameiro, did ricardo seem excited about working with ubuntu studio?  what did he tell you?00:48
rlameiroHe was very excited00:48
ScottLrlameiro, yeah...but i think i'll approach the rpm different next year00:48
rlameiroeven more when he found out that I did try to help US00:48
ScottLi'll use it as a songwriting woodshed and then record the songs properly afterwards00:48
ScottLheh, that's cool :)00:49
rlameiroI asked him what did he tought about redesigning the theme00:49
rlameiroand workflows for design00:49
rlameirothey surelly know more graphics software than me00:49
rlameiroI got the impression that he could help out on the theme00:50
ScottLi originally started the emails by asking ginger if she could give some insight on graphic work flows and tool chains00:50
rlameiroand is very happy for a distribution to talk to designers :D Well nailed ScottL  :D00:50
ScottLhaha, that's good :)00:51
ScottLand it looks like it might expand into a few other things00:51
rlameiroi will speak with him more next week00:51
rlameirothey are moving from the space they have00:52
ScottLi'll defintely spend some time this weekend working on an announcement for dick mcinnis as art lead and also to respond back to the libre graphics people00:52
rlameirothey have a lot of old pc parts and i will try to recycle some stuff00:52
rlameiroWe had an idea to make a meeting of pd there00:52
ScottLeh, gotta go, i'll talk to you later rlameiro , good seeing you again00:52
rlameiroand maybe on the future making one about linux and arts00:52
rlameiroScottL: bye :D cya 00:53
raboofi think it makes sense that this is needed. it sucks that this seems so hard and ill-documented though.18:13
raboofugh, wrong channel18:13

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