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popmanI'm trying to boot into bios in my dell and I'm having trouble03:03
TheSheepboot into bios?03:07
TheSheepwhat do you mean?03:07
popmanI'm trying to press F2 or del to boot into moo bio's I can't seem to do it on this dell03:10
Unit193It can also be F103:12
popmanI'll try that03:13
TheSheepor del03:14
TheSheepand it's not related to linux or xubuntu in any way03:15
popmanjust bought this older computer for $503:17
popmanhas windows on it03:17
popmanif I cram the keys to press f1, f2, and del think that's a affective method in attempting to boot into bios?03:17
TheSheepI had some old compaq that didn't have bios by itself, you had to boot it from a special system disk to access bios settings03:17
Unit193What's the specs on that $5 laptop?03:18
popmanI got the bios somehow03:18
TheSheepby disk I mean disquette03:18
popmanI think it was del03:18
popmanalso i put in a new keyboard03:18
TheSheepdel, dell, makes sense ;)03:19
popmanThe other one worked but kept reading that their was a error on the keyboard i assume a driver error03:19
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ubuntu_hi is there an easy way to tell if my mic will work in xubuntu?06:40
horsegood morning everyone. Ive got a acer travelmate 521tev notebook here with a p3 600 MHz, 256 MB RAM and a ati rage mobility 8 mb. Will xubuntu run on this machine?11:17
Sysihorse: should run, but you could also consider lubuntu11:20
horsewhat would make lubuntu fitting better than xubuntu?. sorry if it sounds stupid, im an absolute linux newbie (i want to change that - starting with this laptop).11:26
horseor do u have an even better distribution, one more appropriate for that ancient hardware xD11:27
Sysilubuntu uses less ram11:28
Sysi256 should be enough for xubuntu though11:28
horseyeah, but the video ram worries me a bit.11:29
Sysiboth should work on pretty bad graphics too11:30
horsebad grafics are enough grafics.11:30
horseand another question. ignorinng the hardware, which distribution would you consider to be the best for beginners? Im guessing this will anyway be ubuntu. are xubuntu and lubuntu any different in that regard?11:34
Sysimaybe a little but not much11:35
Sysithey're also tried to be made easy11:35
horseto be precise it will actualy my second linux system. atm im running a hard drive install of damn small linux, but dsl seems to be to specific for my purpose?11:39
horsealright, im getting lubuntu anyway. thank you very much Sysi, much appreciated.11:45
metroid1hey, so i did an update yesterday and now i get this warning when i attempt to open my home folder: Error stating file '/home/username/.gvfs': Transport endpoint is not connected.22:04
metroid1does anyone know what this means and/or how to fix it?22:04
metroid1ok, i am back22:15
Unit193metroid1: In terminal enter: ls -al /home/username/ | grep gvfs22:15
metroid1ls: cannot access /home/username/.gvfs: Transport endpoint is not connected22:16
metroid1d?????????   ? ?       ?           ?                ? .gvfs22:16
Sysigvfs is kinda special..22:17
Sysiwhat upgrade, 10.04 → 10.10?22:17
metroid1Sysi: 10.10 (sorry for the delay)22:39
Sysiyou just installed normal updates?22:40
metroid1i have a repos for a music player turned on but the updates weren't for it22:41
metroid1i believe it was mostly kernel stuff22:41
Sysiyou could try reinstalling gvfs22:45
Sysisudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get reinstall gvfs22:45
metroid1ok, will do!22:45
Sysiapt-get --purge reinstall could be better22:45
metroid1what is gvfs?22:46
Sysithingy for remote filesystems etc22:47
metroid1i don't think reinstall is valid22:48
knomeyou don't lose anything if you try. :)22:49
metroid1could i just purge it then reinstall it right after?22:49
Sysipropably, if it isn't removing lots of other stuff22:50
metroid1ok, i reinstalled it22:54
metroid1maybe i will have to restart22:54
metroid1reinstalling didn't work... but i didn't purge...22:58
metroid1now i seem to be able to access my home folder!23:43
metroid1does this look like how it should?23:43
metroid1ls -al /home/username/ | grep gvfs23:43
metroid1dr-x------   2 username username     0 2011-03-19 19:38 .gvfs23:43
Sysiwhat did you do?23:44
metroid1i am not sure exactly23:44
Sysiheh, the usual23:44
metroid1it seems i traded my desktop for my home folder because now my desktop is just a big sheet of grey with no icons23:44
metroid1the panel is working though23:45
Sysimaybe desktop just crashed23:45
Sysialt+F2 "xfdesktop"23:45
metroid1yep that was it23:47
metroid1well we'll see how long this lasts for!23:48
metroid1thanks for the help23:48
metroid1maybe i will restart a couple more times to see how resilient it is23:49
Sysiyou you wanna be more sure, rm -rf ~/.cache/sessions23:50
Sysiand save working session on logout23:50
metroid1just once or everytime i log out?23:51
Sysisave session? shouldn't matter very much23:52

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