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AndreaAzzaronehi! is there a good tutorial about nux?09:23
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rr0hitcurrently for an application to be able to display systray icon, it has to be added to a whitelist. Is it expected that while installing such applications, the whitelist key be updated? Will all such packages need repackaging? I ask because of bug 73855111:56
ubot5Launchpad bug 738551 in istanbul (Ubuntu) "istanbul doesn't launch under unity" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73855111:56
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stefano-palazzojcastro, you know I can't share statistics14:25
stefano-palazzohakuna matata14:25
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bubblegummybearwhy is the menubar always hidden unless you hover it?20:16
Daekdroombubblegummybear, because it shares space with the titlebar.20:22
Daekdroomor, in other words, design decision20:22
bubblegummybearit should always be visible20:23
bubblegummybearthere's no reason to show the title20:23
DaekdroomMaximized windows only show the title in the titlebar.20:23
bubblegummybearnot good20:23
bubblegummybearwhat's the use of that?20:23
bubblegummybearwhy not have the menus visible at all times?20:24
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