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lifelessmwhudson: I wouldn't ping a losa - just ask on the ticket... unless you want to wait till wednesday to remember20:45
mwhudsonoh right20:45
lifelessmwhudson: because it will need tom specifically20:45
mwhudsonhow do i ask on the ticket?  just email [number]@..canonical.com?20:45
lifelessor login to rt.admin.c.c with the shared credentials and click on 'reply' on the ticket20:47
mwhudsonso it wasn't you asking a crap question, it was tom :)20:48
mwhudsoncommented on the rt, it's a mystery though (we don't call logger.critical a whole lot)20:56
lifelessmwhudson: indeed, I thought I said that in my mail :)21:04
lifelessmwhudson: when triaging, please make sure importance is set21:36
mwhudsonlifeless: ah yes, loggerhead follows lp rules now21:37
mwhudsonlifeless: assuming that's the one you meant?  i was just flipping it out of expired21:37
lifelessmwhudson: yeah21:38
lifelesslots of bugs caught by expiry suddenly catching up with ubuntu and moving onto other things21:38
lifelesswgrant: are you guys on chr this week?23:55

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