micahgare staging timeouts as valid as production ones?02:58
lifelessstaging is running on 32GB of memory03:00
micahglifeless: is that more or less?03:00
lifelessthe prod servers have 128GB03:00
lifelessthe DB is 300GB03:00
lifelessso its common for staging to have to do lots of UI03:00
micahglifeless: what about the way error messages are displayed?03:01
lifelessand we're not tuned to run well at 10% in-core03:01
lifelessmicahg: oopses are valid on staging, just not timeouts03:01
micahglifeless: well, I was trying bug 738502 on staging and trying to undup gave me a timeout, but the error message HTML page was displayed inline in the duplicate box overlay (I have a screenshot and wanted to know if I should file a bug since it was on staging)03:03
ubot5Launchpad bug 738502 in Launchpad itself "Trying to mark Bug 685552 as a duplicate of Bug 682499 (*not* the other way around) returns a timeout error" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73850203:03
lifelessmicahg: ah, thats already filed03:03
micahgok, I won't bother then :)03:03
lifelessmicahg: bug 52144703:04
ubot5Launchpad bug 521447 in LAZR Javascript Library "Bad AJAX error messages: provide OOPS and "next step" pointer" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52144703:04
micahglifeless: thanks03:06
lifelessI've just retitled it03:06
lifelessbut its a general core issue03:06
micahglifeless: do you know if we have a mail header for "Affects me" bugs?03:07
* micahg didn't see one03:07
micahgin the e-mails03:08
micahglike X-Launchpad-Message-Rationale, but for affects me03:08
lifelessI don't believe so03:09
lifelessbecause affects me doesn't trigger emails03:09
micahgright, but it might be a nice thing to sort on in mail folders03:09
* micahg checks for an existing feature request03:10
micahgI don't see one, so filing a request :)03:11
micahgbug 73854103:13
ubot5Launchpad bug 738541 in Launchpad itself "Please add a mail header for "affects me"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73854103:13
lifelessgeoffryfishing spam frrr03:28
lifelessI really want a 'dislike' vote down etc etc approach in LP ;)03:28
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hyperairhrmm. i wonder why stuff is so huge in the PPA pages these days.17:22
lifelesshyperair: file a bug, include a screenshot19:25
lifelesshyperair: please19:26
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SudoKingi received the email to confirm openpgp key but i can't get gpg to decrypt it (gpg --decrypt). any idea?20:43
SudoKing[and I use gmail so it doesn't support decryption]20:44
SudoKingi'll try installing firegpg20:51
SudoKingno luck.. it's too old for FF20:53
mwhudsonhm, not really20:53
mwhudsonSudoKing: maybe you can save the "show original" version?20:54
mwhudsonor is that what you're trying already?20:54
SudoKingthis is from the launchpad email... I run it through GPG, and it says it's not valid20:57
SudoKinglojjik@enterprise:~$ gpg -d message.gpg20:58
SudoKinggpg: no valid OpenPGP data found.20:58
SudoKinggpg: decrypt_message failed: eof20:58
SudoKingpossible i didn't copy certain necessary headers.. i'll retry21:06
SudoKinggot it :)21:08
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_ericis there a way to download the latest (raw) version of a file via wget from launchpad?22:56
lifeless_eric: what sort of file?22:57
_ericI want to download this: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~graphite-dev/graphite/main/view/head:/whisper/whisper.py22:57
lifeless_eric: (and yes, wget should work fine for any public content on launchpad)22:57
_ericthe download file link looks to me like it has revision-specific info in it22:58
lifelessthats the file id22:58
lifelessit identifies the file if it gets renamed22:58
_ericso if there are new versions of the file, that will automatically get it?22:58
beuno_eric, if you replace the revision id witrh "head:", it will always get the latest22:59
lifeless_eric: the head: bit is the revision id, and its a floating reference - as beuno says22:59
lifelesswe should change the link though to discard thefile id, its not very useful there22:59
lifelessI'll file a bug about it22:59
_ericcan you give me an example of what the URL would look like for this file?23:00
lifelessthe existing url is fine - it will get the latest version23:01
lifelesswe will probably get rid of the confusing bit from it23:01
lifelessbut that will be a while away23:02
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