GaryDHi everyone. Do you know why I have 7 chromium-browsers running as root?02:13
bonnyhow do i enable compositing in lubuntu?02:21
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JLucIm looking for drivers to get the photos out of a camera13:43
MrChrisDruifHai JLuc13:43
JLuchai MrChrisDruif13:43
MrChrisDruifWhat happens when you attach your camera with USB?13:44
JLucnothing happens...13:44
JLucthe drv page is http://fr.software.canon-europe.com/products/0010439.asp13:44
JLucwell something happens exactly this :13:47
JLucthe window opens with the content of the SDcard13:47
JLucI see the img files13:47
JLucbut cannot opens them13:47
JLucnor copy them in a HD repertory13:48
JLucIf I look at their property, something strange is13:48
JLuc"file size is 3Mo" (for example)13:49
JLucbut "file size on disk is 0 Mo" (allways)13:49
MrChrisDruifHmmm...that's weird...did you install the restricted-extras? Sometimes it's due to not supported formats that you can't do anything with them....not sure thou13:49
JLucI probably dont have installed the restricted extras (i dunno what itis)13:50
JLucin the other "permissions" property pane, owner = group = 013:51
JLucand all accesses are to 'nothing'13:52
JLucmaybe i should change this ?13:52
JLucbut i cant change through this right clic interface13:54
JLucmay be i should go console13:54
JLuc(when i try to change through the property pane, there is an error message like : "operation not available" but in french)13:55
JLuci have launched lxterminal13:57
JLucbut how do i know the adress of the camera ?13:57
JLucits apparent adress in the window is gphoto2://[usb:001,002]/DCIM/113CANON13:57
JLucis is not accepted if i ask cd gphoto2://[usb:001,002]/DCIM/113CANON13:59
JLuchow to get there ?13:59
stlsaintJLuc: what are you trying to do?14:01
JLuci would like to chmod the photos files14:01
JLucand to chown them since they have 0 owner and 0 rights as for now14:02
JLucso as to get access to them14:02
szczurto copy yourphotos i would use F-Spot or shotwell program. it will be able to copy images onto the hard disk14:02
JLucok so f-spot and shotwell are 2 programs dedicated to get photos from cameras ?14:03
szczurthere is more programs like this, but i don't remember the names right now14:03
szczurand your camera don't act as a normal usb drive so it should be the solution14:04
JLuci'll get shotwell from synaptic14:05
JLucstrange : shotwell ask to unmount the camera from the filesystem14:07
JLucsure unmounting is not formating....14:08
JLucok it accesses the photos14:08
JLuc... and scans the all HD...14:09
pip__I need to find error logs for an update manager crash, whereabouts would they be?14:09
JLucand it seems to import well too14:12
szczurJLuc, so it basically works, right?14:14
JLucyes szczur !14:15
JLuceverything is fine through shotwell14:15
szczurgreat :)14:15
JLucthank you very much for your help :-)14:15
JLucshotwell creates one specific repertory for everyday with a photograph14:18
JLucthat's a lot14:19
JLucbut well...14:19
JLucsee you !14:19
jangoany one?15:43
jangodoes any one now how to repalce xarchive to file-roller on right click menu context?15:47
linuxman410lubuntu is the greatest it bought by 650 mhz laptop back to life and it flies on it16:11
linuxman410what are the lowest specs anyone has got this running on16:24
GaryDHi all. Why does the "browse c drive" link in my menu open in chromium instead of pcmanfm? even file links open in chromium. how can i stop this?16:49
szczurGaryD, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/FAQ#When%20clicking%20in%20Chromium%20%22Show%20in%20Folder%22%20it%20spawns%20a%20new%20tab%20that%20shows%20only%20directory%20listing16:55
szczurthis should fix your problem16:55
GaryDszcur: thanks, i did that, but then irc links tried to open in pcmanfm. how would i change that?17:06
GaryDszczur: sorry. spelled your name wrong.17:07
szczurit's problem, since XChat uses xdg-open for handling links17:10
GaryDso does chromium. however, i use pidgin for irc.17:10
szczuraaah, so wait17:11
szczurTools -> Preferences17:12
szczuron Browser tab choose Chromium from Browser selector17:12
GaryDlinks from pidgin work fine. irc links in chromium try to open in pcmanfm.17:14
GaryDi found this out when i clicked on the irc link on the smarty site.17:15
GaryDi changed the xdg file back to normal, and now they open in chromium again. all links do.17:16
GaryDi installed libfile-basedir-perl, and things worked for a while, but then they stopped working right again.17:17
GaryDi uninstalled the package.17:18
GaryDopening in chromium again.17:18
GaryDi updated the mime database....no good.17:18
GaryDszczur: I will be back later. I have to go. thank you for your help.17:21
cladffi'm looking for sharing folder under lubuntu22:14
cladffwithout success22:15
cladffsmbd can help me plz22:15
cladffis ther somebody here?22:20
aetherianhuh buh wha22:24
aetherianwhadda need22:24
dio525ihi i'm looking to recycle an old PC as a desktop/server in my house ....I had ubuntu(gnome) installed but the system was far too slow to be comfortable to use (single core 2.4GHz + 512RAM) My question here is if lubuntu uses the same repos as ubuntu-main?22:52
szczurdio525i, yes, the repository is teh same22:55
dio525ii would have just installed lxde and removed gnome but i tried to go with debian and formatted my system only to find there's some issue with the video card that pwns me as soon as it loads gdm and i'm just too lazy today to bother with that haha thanks szczur ....i'll be back to let you know how it went once i've got everything configured again...cheers22:57

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