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xiambaxIve been able to boot to usb now01:53
xiambaxwith a key01:53
xiambaxand i can use the whole os as a live image01:53
xiambaxbut installer isn't working01:53
xiambaxafter i press forward during the installer it just sits there02:01
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pietro10Hi. what button do I hit to bypass thhe ubuntu screen on startup and go to the kernel boot log?02:35
bazhanghold shift at boot and set there02:36
pietro10ok thanks02:36
ubottuTo start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode02:36
pietro10judging from recovery comode booing me up, I don't think that's the answer02:37
pietro10(recovery mode02:37
pietro10holding shift doesn't seem to work....02:38
pietro10eh I could try it02:40
pietro10ok adding text to the linux line didn't do anything02:43
pietro10still on the graphical boot02:43
pietro10also did it on the init line by mistake lol02:44
pietro10ok so it's not nosplash...02:44
pietro10ok got it...02:47
pietro10it's just hanging after starting timidity++02:47
pietro10... b43 switched from DMA to PIO — mayb e that's why I had to boot into windows first with 10.10...02:47
pietro10but it's still hanging for no reason02:47
pietro10and I got this error in recovery mode too; and I still was able to get in02:48
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pietro10just a theory02:52
pietro10is there a way to disable nVidia?02:52
kothaguy_ubuntuhi friends,i want to know the default applications in the natty,i am interesed to install the natty03:03
kothaguy_ubuntuis there any list of the default applications in the ubuntu 11.0403:03
xiambaxif I'm having issues with the installer i can run updates via the live install disk and try the installer and the issue may be resolved right?03:11
arandxiambax: I don't know if you can update the installer in the live session I'm afraid.03:12
xiambaxI can't seem to get this thing to install03:12
xiambaxi dunno whats going on03:12
xiambaxtried dvd03:13
xiambaxdidn't work03:13
xiambaxtried usb03:13
arandxiambax: try alternate CD?03:13
xiambaxdidn't work03:13
arandAlso, in what way does it not work03:13
kothaguy_ubuntu hi friends,recently i downloaded an iso image of natty of ubuntu using zsync,download is completed,i want to use the iso image,a lock mark and cross mark is there on the image,i am unable to copy that image to other folder,i want to make a live cd of it and i want to use it,help please03:13
xiambaxthats my next goal after this finishes updating03:13
xiambaxi click next during the installer and it just freezes there03:14
xiambaxbefore that i was getting an errno 5 error03:14
arandkothaguy_ubuntu: What are the permissions on it?03:15
pietro10Is there a boot option for disabling nVidia? I want to see if that's why normal boot hangs, but recovery does't. (after upgrade from 10.10)03:15
kothaguy_ubuntuarand, it is saying i am not a root,what i am intended to do is,i want to make a bootable usb of that image with unetbootin,if i give a root permission also,the lock mark is still there on the image03:16
arandpietro10: There should be some kind of blacklist boot parameter, also, if you get in recovery, you can remove the nvidia drivers there, right?03:18
pietro10IDK how03:18
pietro10I can always reinstall them later03:18
pietro10how would I do that?03:18
pietro10(I only got them because noveau wouldn't work with my external screen)03:18
xiambaxhow can i launch the installer and see whats causing it to lock up03:19
arandpietro10: I think you should be able to run jockey from the terminal,03:21
arandthe driver installer03:21
arandxiambax: I think /var/log/installer/ would leave some hints if it notices any errors03:22
pietro10jockey not installed, not found in apt-get03:24
pietro10what's the package/03:25
arandAh, hmm, there's only jockey-gtk/kde, so that won't be of any use, I could've sworn there was a -cli as well...03:26
pietro10did a google search... got results from 200703:27
pietro10this is why google+ubuntu forums=fail =P03:27
arandHmm, hang on, it does...03:28
arandjockey-text is the command03:28
xiambaxSo heres what i did to resolve the issue03:32
xiambaxI updated ubiquity on alpha 3 and started the installer. it appears to be working now03:32
pietro10disabled; rebooting...03:33
arandOh, excellent... I was under the impression that several parts of the installer was locked to the version of the liveCD03:34
pietro10YES that was it03:34
xiambaxwell its an alpha 3 installer03:34
xiambaxbut a bug was fixed03:34
xiambaxso updating the installer fixed it03:34
arandpietro10: Well, now I guess one has to hope that reinstalling new nvidia drivers might work better... or that nouveau has better dual-screen-support this version...03:36
pietro10ok now03:36
pietro10what's the best way to configure compiz this time? it wanted to remove simple-ccsm and I use compiz's screen magnifier...03:36
pietro10reinstall simple-cccm?03:36
hasenjquestion: flash keeps crashing in firefox, anyone else has this problem? And yes, I have adblockplus and I'm not gonna disable it03:37
arandWell, I tend to use the ccsm full, I don't know really pietro1003:38
pietro10ok then...03:38
pietro10...is "GSettings Upgrade" crashing a bad thing03:38
pietro10er "GSettings Data Conversion"03:38
pietro10okay zooming doesn't seem to work anymore03:43
pietro10specifically "Enhanced Zoom Desktop"03:45
pietro10Enhanced Zoom Desktop doesn't work in the GNOME2 mode even with a keyboard setting on. How do I fix this?03:51
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jmarsdenWhy has /usr/lib/libexpat.a in Maverick moved to /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libexpat.a in Natty?  Is that deliberate??04:03
xiambaxhow can i start compiz if it crashed05:12
xiambaxwithout having to log out05:12
ChrisBuchholzxiambax: yeah, i am interested in knowing that too05:32
xiambaxhow to restart compiz?05:32
xiambaxjust do "compiz --replace"05:32
xiambaxps alpha 3 needs to be updates as the installer has bugs05:35
ChrisBuchholzxiambax: but, how would you do that when compiz has crashed? When compiz crashes for me on alpha 3, it seems to also break any keyboard shortcut (for run dialog and so on)05:38
xiambaxjust open a terminal and do that05:38
xiambaxit starts it05:38
xiambaxtrust me05:38
xiambaxjust worked for me05:38
ChrisBuchholzi see05:38
kothaguy_ubuntuhi friends,i just downloaded 11.04,i want to install it with clean,if any new update is there,i can get it from the update manager na?05:39
kothaguy_ubuntusince,upgrading to natty is compulsory for me,as it solve my sd card reader problem,and internal mic roblem05:40
kothaguy_ubuntuanybody there05:41
ChrisBuchholzkothaguy_ubuntu: well, in the installer, there is an option to "download and install updates".05:42
ChrisBuchholzCan anybody tell me how maximization+the Dock works? Sometimes if i maximize a window, it will maximize but keep space for the Dock on the left side, which is keept visible. Other times it maximizes 100% horizontally and the Dock autohides. How does it work? How do I choose one anothe?05:43
xiambaxfor Cairo Dock?05:44
TohuwI believe he means Unity's dock...05:45
kothaguy_ubuntuChrisBuchholz, :i have one doubt,if i make a clean install of the natty,the beta releases and other updates,can be installed frm the update manager?05:45
ChrisBuchholzTohuw, xiambax: yes, the Unity dock05:46
ChrisBuchholzkothaguy_ubuntu: yes they can.05:46
xiambaxI don't use unity05:46
TohuwChrisBuchholz: The maximization is supposed to cover the dock completely. The behavior of a nautilus window is correct.05:46
xiambaxIt is the bane of my existence05:47
kothaguy_ubuntuk,can i use 11.04 kernel to my 10.04?will it works?05:47
ChrisBuchholzTohuw: i see. Sometimes it just doesnt, but leaves space for the Dock which is done shown all the time. I rather like that alternative for some apps, i must say.05:47
Tohuwkothaguy_ubuntu: The current kernel in Natty is not backported to 10.04. If you're seeking to upgrade to Natty, upgrade to 10.10, then update-manager -d to upgrade to natty.05:48
TohuwChrisBuchholz: As do I. I've been meaning to put in a wishlist bug for that to be an option (alt+maximize or so).05:48
ChrisBuchholzTohuw: yes, i see, okay.05:49
Tohuwkothaguy_ubuntu: back up first.05:49
kothaguy_ubuntutohow:what will you suggest me,backup home and do a clean install of 11.04,and update it daily,i have downloaded 11.04's iso with zsync or what is you suggestion for me?05:51
Tohuwif you've downloaded it, kothaguy_ubuntu, it's easier to just backup your current system, then do a clean install of 11.0405:51
kothaguy_ubuntuTohuw, :thank you,whether i have to install all the other applications once agian,i am using a net,where the maxium speed is 25 kbps05:54
Tohuwkothaguy_ubuntu: ouch! well, each package involves signficant updates. Unfortunately, for maximum stability, I'd suggest just a clean install and then installing all the packages fresh. You might consider downloading them ahead of time at another site where the Internet is faster.05:59
Tohuwkothaguy_ubuntu: all packages can be downloaded individually at http://packages.ubuntu.org, or by using the "download package files only" option in the GUI, or apt-get -d name_of_package on any system with the proper repos selected.06:00
Tohuwkothaguy_ubuntu: maybe you can go someplace where the connection speed is better, throw in an Ubuntu LiveCD, and download the packages with a flash drive? Then you can just install them all on your system.06:01
kothaguy_ubuntuTohuw, :once again thankyou,what is the difference when i am downloading a total file and downloading a package,for ex what is the difference bwteen sudo apt-get install vlc and sudo apt-get -d vlc ??06:03
Tohuwkothaguy_ubuntu: the latter command will just download the .deb for you, not unpack and install it.06:04
kothaguy_ubuntuTohuw, :usage of the inernet in the data will be differ in the later command?06:04
Tohuwkothaguy_ubuntu: no.06:05
kothaguy_ubuntui want to now other,now i am using 10.04,can i get all the .deb's of applications what i am using,from my system?06:06
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Tohuwkothaguy_ubuntu: Sort of, yes. But it's a bad idea. The packages you have installed are for 10.04, not 11.04. There's a difference. many have been updated, some simply won't work, etc.06:12
kothaguy_ubuntuTohuw:regarding backup of evoluion,empathy,gwibber these are the same in the 110.04 also,whether i have to install my mail accounts in 11.04 alos,or can i take this backup in 10.04 and use in 11.0406:16
kothaguy_ubuntuunable to open packages.ubuntu.org nothing is there,except a banner06:20
kuttansanyone made compiz working in natty07:51
kuttans0.9.4 is broken and unable to fix it07:51
kuttansnoone using compiz07:56
ChrisBuchholzHello guys. I am trying to check out the ayatana overlay scrollbar, but nothing happens when i open an application. I have done the commands on the bottom of marks post[1], but when i get to the last line and opens gnome-appearance-properties, the scrollbars are just normal. [1]: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/61508:45
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zniavregood morning09:40
zniavreanyone experiencing huge memory leaks with vlc and/or pulseaudio ?09:41
rr0hitDoes'nt Unity support systray icons for applications like vlc?10:59
cdbsrr0hit: Ther's a way to work around that, just a sec11:03
cdbsrr0hit: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/03/how-to-hide-or-show-app-tray-applets-in-ubuntu-11-04/11:03
Guest60073They are on some blacklist. Omg ubuntu had article about it.11:03
Guest60073/me doesn't remember how to enable tray icons.11:03
Guest60073Yes, that article :)11:04
Guest60073Cdbs send that link again11:05
cdbsGuest60073: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/03/how-to-hide-or-show-app-tray-applets-in-ubuntu-11-04/11:05
Guest60073Rr0hit ^^11:06
Guest60073This client (jmirc) doesn't have copy and paste :(11:06
rr0hitGuest60073: ok thanks :)11:06
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trijntjeHi all, I cannot install updates because I get the following error, what can I do to fix this?12:00
trijntjeFailed to fetch http://nl.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/x/xserver-xorg-video-nv/xserver-xorg-video-nv_2.1.17-3ubuntu7_i386.deb 403  Forbidden12:00
bullgard4Synaptic 0.70 offers to install the DEB program package gnome3-session. I'd like testing GNOME 3. Is installing the package gnome3-session the proper way to test GNOME 3? Where can I read a background article before I endeavour that?12:06
nerdshell_When is the release officially programmed ?12:06
ubottuNatty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is unstable and is not intended for production systems.12:08
nerdshell_Thanks ubottu12:08
nerdshell_I just can't help waiting to see what's new12:09
Guest60073!thanks | nerdshell_12:09
Guest60073!thanks | nerdshell_12:09
ubottunerdshell_: You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)12:09
yofeltrijntje: 403 errors usually mean the archive admins blocked it since the package is broken (denying access is a kind of last resort when something goes horribly wrong)12:11
yofelor maybe your mirror is just broken12:11
nerdshell_Is there any unstable release of natty for developers ?12:12
bazhangnerdshell_, its an alpha now12:12
yofelsure, see the link in the topic12:12
nerdshell_When would the beta be released ?12:13
trijntjeyofel, it has been this way for a few day's, is there a way to set another mirror?12:14
yofeltrijntje: you can select a different mirror in your software sources settings12:16
trijntjeyofel, found it, thanks, hope it works12:17
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trijntjeits downloading now, lets see if it breaks horribly12:20
afvhi, how can i save the dmesg output before a crash?12:27
bullgard4afv: Do you mean just a few seconds before? Or in general?12:31
afvhmm, both maybe12:31
bullgard4afv: In general you can save the file /var/log/dmesg.log.0.12:32
bullgard4Just as you would save any other file.12:32
afvbut that's the last one when the system started ok12:32
afvi rebooted a couple of times and it crashed, and that's not logged :\12:32
afvthat's my question :)12:33
afvwhen the system crashes and there's no /var/log/dmesg, is there a way to force it to keep writing, so we can get it after the crash?12:34
bullgard4afv: Your analysis depends on the instant when the crash happened. Can you try to boot into recovery mode?12:34
afvwell, i have a laptop with the nvidia optimus technology and i'm trying to get the dmesg of a boot after the nvidia has been activated on windows12:35
afv(i have exposed this at #nouveau)12:35
afvat around 7 seconds the laptop screen is turned off, there's some disk activity, but then it stops12:36
afvi tried to ssh but it seems it crashed or something: no network, no screen, no tty (tried to switch to a tty and write, even with the screen off, but it didn't work)12:37
afvctrl+alt+del reboots, so it's not a "hard crash", i guess, but there's no logs :\12:38
bullgard4afv: First off - if you "the nvidia has been activated on windows" is not relevant.12:39
afv(and on a cold boot the screen goes off at the same point too, but then it goes on when X starts)12:39
afvi think it is, because that's when it hangs..12:40
bullgard4afv: I doubt that /var/log/dmesg.0  does not contain valuable information for you.12:41
afvit doesn't hang in a cold boot (the nvidia is detected) nor in a reboot (and here the nvidia is not detected), but hangs on rebooting after windows (the nvidia is detected)12:42
bullgard4afv: For the last time: "Windows is not relevant in your case."12:43
afvwhy not?12:43
bullgard4afv: Because it is another operating system.12:43
afvsure it is, but is the operating system that can activate the nvidia card, and that's why i want to get the dmesg after it being activated12:44
bullgard4afv: Good luck.12:45
afvand i told you the /var/log/dmesg.log.0 is the dmesg from when it started okay, not from when it hangs..12:46
afvi just referred windows because i was trying to explain what i am doing. the question is: how to get the dmesg before the system hangs, proven that it is not saved to dmesg.012:48
afvtried again, this time booting a live cd after the hang, and there's no logs..13:59
SudoKingthere are no logs after hangs14:01
penguin42afv: It depends how/why it hangs - if it's really broken then there is no chance to write anything to disk14:01
penguin42Hey BK14:07
BluesKajhi penguin42 any reports of flash crashes in FF4 ?14:08
penguin42BluesKaj: I've not noticed any reports but hey I mean flash crashing that wouldn't be exactly unusual14:08
BluesKajpenguin42, , yeah ,it was stable for the longest time til just now14:10
arandBluesKaj: I know someone else was in here asking about the sme thing, so at least 2 afffected then I guess14:11
PaulW2U I too have experienced a flash crash but using Opera. Making the display full screen all is well until you press escape to revert to normal. Then your display goes crazy.14:13
* penguin42 gets them all the time - have done for years14:14
alex88the patch in the new kernel that improves performance is the "old" 200rows patch?14:18
BluesKajPaulW2U, Opera isn't ready for primetime on natty , alot of pages don't render properly from my experience.14:18
BUGabundoI have no idea who finally coded Alt+Tab in GNOME, but I want to kiss him/her!!!!14:19
PaulW2UBluesKaj, not in my experience. I have four Ubuntu setups and three Windows setups - no problems here14:22
* BluesKaj admires those who can run gnome enjoyably . you must have the gift of fortitude and patience :)14:22
BUGabundoI meant Alt+Tab while dragging :P14:24
BluesKajPaulW2U, maybe it's kde 4.6 acrting up then14:24
BluesKajerr acting up14:24
* BUGabundo slaps BluesKaj14:25
wierd0{} please archive /etc/fonts directory for me, and link a url i could fetch it from ?  i replaced mine from that of hardys and the results was less than hopeful.14:26
PaulW2UBluesKaj, I also have a KDE 4.6 setup - all seems ok. I always run the latest daily build too. Rendering pages has not been one of Opera's problems in my experience.14:26
wierd0{}ooops could someone14:26
afvpenguin42, what can i do to force the writing of dmesg right before the hang? is it possible?14:29
DaskreechHello How do I change icon size in Unity?14:31
BluesKajPaulW2U, I was using opera for a few weeks and I liked it a lot but some on some sites text from paragraph would overlap the one below or above when scrolling and would settle into place , essentially making page unreadable ...frustrating14:35
BluesKajerr would not settle into it's place14:36
PaulW2UBluesKaj, I've used Opera since version 3(?). I even paid for it. Yes, there have been problems over the years but may be we just visit different sites. Even my UK bank supports it now!14:38
BluesKajPaulW2U, nice14:41
Daskreechperhaps a better question is can I change the icon size  in unity?14:42
BluesKajPaulW2U, I have the opera_11.01.1190_i386.deb version in my installers folder , is this the latest stable version ?14:46
PaulW2UBluesKaj,  yes it is.14:48
BluesKajok PaulW2U , thanks14:49
PaulW2UDaskreech, yes. I've just done it. Look at the Experimental tab in CCSM Unity plug-in.14:56
DaskreechPaulW2U: Ah thanks14:57
DaskreechPaulW2U: Does that mean that it's being  not ready for primetime? or that it's being tested to see if it will be included?15:03
PaulW2UDaskreech, no idea. Although I've been using 11.04 for some time this is my first day using Unity. I just looked at all the settings there.  :o)15:05
Trewasunity shows only empty desktop for me, right-click shows the nautilus menu and that's all15:06
DaskreechPaulW2U: ha ha Ok thanks. I just found a debate as to if users should be able to change the Icon size or the position of the panel15:06
Trewassomehow it's difficult to believe that in a month unity is in a usable state, but when has that prevented canonical from shipping somehing as default :P15:07
PaulW2UTrewas, that happened to me today too. Can you get to a terminal with ctrl-alt-t and enter "unity --reset"?15:08
TrewasPaulW2U: the laptop is currently booted in windows, but I'll try that later... I checked and there was a couple of bug reports about empty desktop so I thought it is a known problem15:09
shaneois samba 4 a necessary app for natty15:10
shaneoi thought it was some kind of network sharing tool15:10
PaulW2UTrewas, yes a very common problem. I also share your concerns about the release date by the way.15:10
quielhi, alpha 3 is the first time I run ubuntu alpha (have 10.10). but it's still very buggy. Will they be able to finish it?15:10
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shaneobut its colliding with everything i do cant update upgrade or install without it giving me a samba4 error anyway to fix this15:11
arandquiel: Report the bugs and help fix it ;)15:11
quielarand, yeah I do it. Is it always like this 2 weeks before release?15:12
quielI remember 6.04 was postponed to 6.10 or something?15:12
arandNot really 2 weeks though... ~4.515:13
eBittinbtw is there any good way to get the volumekeys and eject key on a mac keyboard working on Debian PPC?15:13
quielarand: but... the release date is the 28th, right?15:14
quielooooh waaiiit15:14
quieli got the months mixed up O_O15:14
arandquiel: I assume many of the issues in this iteration is down to the unity replacing. Plymouth had a lot of issues as well I remeber...15:16
robertzaccourhey yall15:17
quielarand, yes, I can see the unity problems by myself :)15:17
robertzaccouris it possible to move the unity laucher to the bottom?15:17
quielrobertzaccour, there is a patch to move left/right/both, so i guess in the near future it might be possible15:25
quielrobertzaccour, I personally find the sides better for a widescreen15:25
shaneocan someone please explain to me how to purge previous linux kernels and headers15:25
robertzaccourI love how the bar moves out of the way when stuff is fullscreen15:25
* penguin42 has an odd rendering bug on +1 with edgers and latest dri kernel; some blurring at the edge of chromium and a few other places - as if something is spreading an effect a bit far15:48
BluesKajPaulW2U, any advice on how to defeat the opera built in torrnet client ? I prefer ktorrent with it's blocklist and port settings , since I have my router tcp/udp ports all set for different net applications, rather than their default ports .16:09
PaulW2UBluesKaj, see here - http://www.opera.com/support/kb/view/840/16:15
penguin42any other KDE users having problems with hanging kmix ? (bug 720882 )16:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 720882 in kdemultimedia (Ubuntu) "Kmix causes my computer cpu to use 100% mainly in core 0, but both cores get affected." [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72088216:38
BluesKajPaulW2U, the opera torrent dialog won't save the /usr/bin/ktorrent setting and doesn't allow the "remember setting" checkbox. This becoming a bit tedious.16:44
BluesKajguess I should use the support page , PaulW2U , NM , I'll deal with this myself16:44
yofelpenguin42: thanks for reminding me of that, I had that too, after that I removed the file, haven't seen it break anything (yet)16:49
yofelremoving the PulseAudio.Playback_Streams.1.default.xml16:49
penguin42yofel: Hmm I wonder when it's going to come back16:49
OmegaI have a user called proxy in my login prompt, how do I remove it?16:50
yofelno idea, I removed it ages ago and it's still gone16:50
penguin42Omega: It's there because you have a proxy package of some type installed that created a proxy user16:51
penguin42(and didn't use the uid small enough to be omitted from the list)16:51
Omegapenguin42: Hmm, tor maybe?16:55
penguin42possibly; never tried it16:55
OmegaI don't remembering having that when I had tor on my old install.16:55
yofelOmega: hwat UID does proxy have? here it's 13 which makes it hidden (check in /etc/passwd)16:58
penguin42yofel: I suspect it depends which package created it16:58
quielcan someone clear up something for me: normal unity is running compiz, unity 2d is running metacity, correct?16:58
OmegaAnd it isn't hidden here.16:59
yofelhm, I would blame gdm then (or whatever)17:00
OmegaHmm, and it seems it isn't tor either, they have their own debian-tor:x:113:123::/var/lib/tor:/bin/bash user17:00
icerootOmega: there is an option in gdm, not to show users which have a uid < 100017:01
Omegaiceroot: Do you know where I can locate it?17:05
vega_ /etc/gdm17:06
quielanyone running the ayatana overlay scrollbars in natty?17:23
quieli followed the installation procedure but can't get them to appear17:23
quieldo I need to logout+login/restart?17:24
Daekdroomquiel, did you export the environment variables?17:25
quielDaekdroom, yes, tried with evince, the good old scrollbars remain17:25
Daekdroomquiel, is that the only application? I've heard that overlay scrollbars aren't working with all apps and all scrollbars.17:26
quielDaekdroom, I tried others as well, but non of the confirmed-working (evince including) works17:26
Daekdroomquiel, hm, I installed them here right now and they don't seem to work either17:30
quielDaekdroom, hm, call it "alpha", I guess :)17:30
Daekdroomquiel, indeed, anyway, I think that regarding the overlay scrollbars, it's easier to find help over #ayatana17:30
quielit isn't the biggest issue with natty ATM, anyway17:30
quielDaekdroom, thanks  for pointing out the channel. I never think about other channels existing besides #ubuntu :)17:31
quielI have to admin, I didn't like unity at first, but the keyboard shortcuts are amazing17:33
ubuntu_hi, after some recent update my system will no longer even attempt to boot17:41
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legodudemight be some sort of problem with MBR?17:41
legodudeif I put in a USB disk w/ kubuntu on it and from the startup menu choose 'boot from first hard disk' it won't go either17:41
legodudethe screen flashes black really quick and then it goes back to the menu17:42
legodudebut I can boot from the flash drive and mount my hard disk without problem17:42
yofelcan you try to hold the left shift key pressed at the bios screen to see if you can open the grub menu?17:42
legodudestart holding left shift as soon as the computer turns on?17:43
yofelwell, start holding it before grub would show up17:43
yofelfor some reason the timout for that is 0 seconds17:43
legodudeI'll go give that a try17:43
legodudebrb in a minute17:43
legodudeno idea why17:46
legodudebut that worked17:46
legodudedidn't even give me a menu17:46
legodudebut booted to my system17:46
legodudeso thanks17:46
legodudeyou get a gold star for the day17:48
ChrisBuchholzEy guys. I have a problem with the boot-up of natty. After grub, i get an purple screen and then just one second before gdm starts, i get the ubuntu-load logo. Thats not all, the ubuntu load thing is all wrong resolution. How can i fix this, to get pretty load?17:57
icerootChrisBuchholz: sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.old   worked for me18:02
coz_whoa the plasma netbook in natty ramped CPU to 100%  had to remove it18:03
ChrisBuchholziceroot: i will try that, thanks18:04
ChrisBuchholziceroot: unfortunately, it didnt work for me. Its the same, but i also now get a pretty nvidia logo upon start up :D18:07
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icerootChrisBuchholz: hm i was having the same issue as you and it worked for me (i am also using nvidia/ion)18:11
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ChrisBuchholziceroot: im not that lucky, i guess :p18:15
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mbrigdanI don't know if this has been changed since when I installed ubuntu (way back), but I figured I might as well bring it up now. The installer used to use some default formula to figure out swap size, but it didn't have any real sanity checks, so I ended up with 11GB of swap. If it hasn't been fixed, it might be something to look into.19:04
bullgard4I wonder when Ubuntu will provide a DEB program package gnome-shell.19:35
thiebaudebullgard4, is 11.04 using alot of ram for you?19:36
bullgard4thiebaude: No. RAM usage is normal here. Of it depends on how many programs you are using simultansously. But top did not show me a larger usage at the first glance.19:39
rockyis the gtk+ theme crashing and such on latest updates something i can work around?19:39
thiebaudeim using 709 mb out of 2gb and im just running xchat19:39
ximGood evening gentlemen, I an testing natty and have a small question about the nice flashing panel icon in unity...19:39
xim... When I open a link from another app, firefox flashes nicely in the bar.19:40
ximCan I get the same effect on bell in the terminal?19:40
ximWhen I trigger a bell now, nothing happens. At all. :)19:40
thiebaudebrb going to checkout the classic desktop option19:41
ximDon't think it's explicitely deactivated anywhere, and the bell option in gnome-terminal is on19:42
bullgard4rocky: I did not experience Gtk+ trouble during the last two days. Gtk+ worked all right with me.19:42
ximIt would be nice to get a notification somehow when someone sends me emails or talks to me in irssi :)19:43
rockybullgard4, do you know if 3d accelerated driver is required?19:46
rockyunity isn't starting up either19:47
rockyi'm testing this in a VirtualBox VM to see what's coming down the pipeline19:47
Moc22ok, 11.04 is evil ! I selected to replace my 10.10 installed, and it actually wiped my whole HD including my windows partition !20:05
yofelMoc22: someone already reported that, let me look for the bug #20:05
rockydon't suppose anyone knowso f a vboxvideo driver version that works with latest Natty X update? (abi 10)20:05
yofelbug 73836620:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 738366 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) ""Erase Natty" wording DANGEROUSLY misleading" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73836620:06
Moc22and to make mather worst, install didn't even complete, go stuck alittle bit after creating user,  and grub wasn't installed at that point20:06
yofelbullgard4: there was a gnome-shell package in maverick, was removed in natty since it was unusable. Now only the gnome3 team has a PPA for it20:07
Moc22yofel: thx, added me as affected user20:08
bullgard4rocky: I do not know. I do not care about 3D myself.20:08
yofelMoc22: can you set the bug to confirmed too with a short message that you're able to reproduce it?20:10
rockybullgard4, well i really just want to see the new unity interface which doesn't work withou 3d apparently20:10
Moc22yofel: I don't seem to have that access20:11
yofelMoc22: as long as you have an account you can set things to confirmed20:12
bullgard4yofel: On April 8th there will be held a GNOME 3 party and visited by well-known persons in the field. Should I wait for this date before installing any GNOME 3 PPA package?20:12
yofelrocky, bullgard4: bug 73833020:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 738330 in virtualbox-guest-additions (Ubuntu) "Today's Natty update means no guest additions in virtualbox" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73833020:12
bullgard4yofel: In Berlin in the c-base20:12
yofelbullgard4: no idea, I don't use the PPA myself, someone else might know20:13
bullgard4yofel ok20:13
Moc22yofel: I've click that the bug affect me, but I don't see option to confirm a bug20:13
Moc22ha never mind20:13
Moc22found it,20:14
bullgard4yofel: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=738330: "Bug #738330 does not exist."20:14
ubottuError: Bugzilla bug 738330 not found20:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 738330 in virtualbox-guest-additions (Ubuntu) "Today's Natty update means no guest additions in virtualbox" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73833020:14
Moc22bug 73836620:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 738366 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) ""Erase Natty" wording DANGEROUSLY misleading" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73836620:14
yofelbullgard4: *launchpad* bug 73833020:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 738330 in virtualbox-guest-additions (Ubuntu) "Today's Natty update means no guest additions in virtualbox" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73833020:15
Moc22brb, installed worked this time20:16
Moc22oh well, seem I can't use 11.04 on my laptop just yet20:31
Moc22compiz freeze on me at startup20:31
Moc22it finally started a bit... I get big white border arround everything20:32
Moc22first thing I need to find is how to put back the file... menu in window20:33
Moc22and to get alt-tab to it non 3d 'accelerated' state !20:35
Moc22How do you get the file/edit... option back to the window ? I can't find the options in the system settings20:37
Moc22also, where is this left dock everyone talk about ?20:41
trismMoc22: remove indicator-appmenu and restart your session20:41
Moc22 brb20:42
Moc22trism: Thanks, lot better20:44
Moc22one of the reason I think OSX is bad.  Especially on multi screen setup20:45
Moc22I'm on my far right side screen, but need to move back 2 full screen to access the menu !20:46
Moc22and back 2 screen to get back at the app20:47
Moc22how do you install the left dock ? I want to try it out20:48
Moc22I though it came by default20:49
scizzo-Moc22: it does.....its called unity20:49
scizzo-Moc22: you have to choose that in the login screen20:49
Moc22I choices default desktop I think20:49
scizzo-Moc22: exactly20:50
Moc22well, there is no left bar on my default desktop20:50
scizzo-Moc22: you do realize that Default does not mean unity right?20:50
Moc22you said exactly to the default desktop option20:51
scizzo-21:49      Moc22 I choices default desktop I think20:51
scizzo-in my mind that means that you choose "Default" or Last session20:51
scizzo-meaning...."Exactly, you are using the standard setup and not unity."20:52
Moc22k right20:52
Moc22k now it a different experience20:53
scizzo-Moc22: on the website it says: "Unity is now the default Ubuntu Desktop session. If you encounter a problem with Unity, and it is not mentioned in the known bugs below, please follow the directions for filing a Unity bug."20:54
Moc22scizzo-: I'm in unity now20:54
scizzo-Moc22: :-)20:54
Moc22first annoying thing to me is clicking the Terminal Icon only launch one instance of it20:54
Moc22Also, I wish result of search would appear quicker (while typing)20:55
trismMoc22: I came up with a workaround for the terminal thing, make a new .desktop file with http://paste.ubuntu.com/583057/ and drag it to the dock, it adds a context menu option to create a new terminal20:57
Moc22maybe adding like a double click action on the dock to do different actions20:58
trismMoc22: yeah that would be nice20:58
Moc22Not sure if anyone else get this, but when you get into the unity menu, and click the location to type a search term, you can't type20:59
Moc22trism: nice, thanks21:02
Moc22that desktop isn't as bad as I was expecting21:04
MonkeyDustfolx, I skipped Maverick and just installed Natty alpha 3, is it, in this stage, possible to add an extra taskbar? where do I find Preferences and Administration?21:13
DaekdroomMonkeyDust, are you using Unity? If so, you can't get an extra taskbar within unity.21:13
Moc22sorry, ui crashed21:14
Daekdroomand you can find the preferences through the shutdown icon in the upper right, it has a "System settings" option.21:14
MonkeyDustDaekdroom: what about notification area?21:14
DaekdroomMonkeyDust, notification area is only available to Wine, Java and Skype, iirc, the rest you have to whitelist the program manually.21:15
DaekdroomThere are a few articles in the internet telling how.21:15
Moc22how do I change compiz settings with unity ?21:16
DaekdroomMoc22, install compizconfig-settings-manager package21:16
Moc22I did, but every change make window manager stop21:17
DaekdroomThat is a reported bug.21:17
Moc22ha k21:18
Moc22my annoying Alt-tab problem seem to be related to a default of 200ms before the alt-tab window show21:18
Moc22sometime the dock doesn't auto hide21:21
MonkeyDustDaekdroom: what do you mean by whitelist?21:21
DaekdroomMonkeyDust, only apps that are in a conf list can display in the notification area..21:22
DaekdroomMonkeyDust, but the list can only be edited through a CLI command21:22
MonkeyDustawe rite21:22
MonkeyDustinconvenience: i do not have system settings in the shutdown menu :/21:23
Moc22on a multi screen setup, every screen should have a top bar with the application/name options21:23
DaekdroomIs your system up to date?21:23
MonkeyDustmy /home is untouched, erased /21:24
DaekdroomMonkeyDust, try ALT+F2 and gnome-control-center21:25
Moc22moving a window away from the dock make the focus go to the dock21:26
Moc22thunderbird link in email is broken also21:32
Moc22ok unity isn't great for multi-screen setup21:35
skyjumperanyone ever seen mouse cursor lag on a thinkpad?21:36
skyjumperas in, freezing for seconds at a time under load21:36
Moc22skyjumper: had that a long time ago with my dell21:38
Moc22with the autogroup kernel patch, it should be even rarer21:38
skyjumperMoc22: is it still happening to you on natty?21:41
Moc22it didn't' occur on 10.1021:43
Moc22doesn't seem to occur on 11.04 so far, but I havent put any heavy load21:44
Moc22I keep finding new bug21:44
skyjumperhappens like crazy on this t400 with 10.1021:44
Moc22Found a super easy way to make unity crash doing 3 click21:44
skyjumperOT, but anyone know if any of the newer thinkpads have a decent screen?21:45
Moc223 click (Unity->Find Media App->Click checkbox icon left of Installed21:45
Moc22good april release seem to be a hard target based on what I see now21:48
david234Hey, I installed Ubuntu 11.04 on my machine, and I want to try out the GUI but am away from the house. Which VNC service should I install?21:53
Moc22david234: there is a default remote desktop feature in ubuntu21:53
david234ok can it be activated from the terminal ?21:53
Moc22System Settings->Remote Desktop21:54
Moc22Yes, just don't know how21:54
david234I can do that using X Forwarding :D21:54
Moc22it a gconf setting21:54
Moc22Is it normal the dock show as fade when getting close to the top left 0x0 pixel of the screen ?21:54
david234I guess calling "unity" in ssh -X isn't a good idea :(21:55
Moc22hehe maybe not, but gconf-editor might work21:57
Moc22Daekdroom: vino-preferences21:58
Moc22oh it was for david234 but he gone21:58
MonkeyDustfolx, how do I whitelist aMSN to appear in the notification area, it starts iconized22:27
OmegaMonkeyDust: Enter the following in a terminal: gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Panel systray-whitelist "['JavaEmbeddedFrame', 'Wine', 'Skype', 'aMSN']"22:32
MonkeyDustnever mind, found it in the menu on the top left22:33
Moc22unity dev will have a very hard next few week22:37
Moc22well, 11 bug report, that all for today22:59
Moctime to go back on 10.10 now23:39

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