johnny77Is there a way to know if a ppa is authentic? I'd like to try out Firefox 4, but do not want to install the nightly builds. I searched and found a ppa that says it will update the RCs. But should I trust it?00:21
aveilleuxjohnny77: There generally isn't a reason not to00:22
holsteinjohnny77: what does the page look like?00:22
holsteinyou should be able to 'open' it00:22
holsteinand poke around00:22
holsteinsee what the packages are named at least00:22
holsteinnot that that is totally helpful00:22
johnny77here is where I found it. http://www.webupd8.org/2011/03/install-firefox-4-in-ubuntu-1004-1010.html00:23
holsteinjohnny77: https://launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/firefox-stable00:24
holsteinive never *not* gotten a launchpad PPA for that reason00:25
duanedesignif it is a ppa on launchpad there is a certain amount of confidence you can have. I have never heard of a bad or malicous deb coming from Launchpad PPA00:26
holsteinyeah, if it says launchpad.net, i trust it00:26
duanedesignhopefully if it did happen it would be taken care of quickly00:26
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duanedesignthe only thing like that i can remmeber recently was the wallpaper or screensaver that was on Gnome look00:27
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johnny77ok, thanks everyone.00:28
duanedesignjohnny77: did you find the cli companion ppa?00:29
johnny77duanedesign: I just stole what holstein posted on -team00:30
duanedesignjohnny77: feel free to file any bugs or suggestions you have00:34
johnny77duanedesign: will do.00:35
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RealEyesI've got an Mp3 disc ubuntu won't read.03:36
RealEyesHowto fix??03:36
pedro3005install ubuntu-restricted-extras03:36
RealEyesI have.03:37
pedro3005does it read other discs fine?03:37
pedro3005does the same mp3 disc work on windows?03:38
RealEyeshavent tried03:38
pedro3005or another machine03:38
pedro3005are you able to?03:38
RealEyeshavent tried03:39
RealEyesno big deal03:39
RealEyesoh, it's giving me a Dbus error03:39
RealEyes'unable to mount disc'03:39
kristian-aalborghi all04:39
kristian-aalborghurm - if I install ubuntu via netinstall on one hdd, then move the hdd to another box - will it work?04:40
kristian-aalborgI mean, the install is "neutral", right?04:40
holsteinkristian-aalborg: depends04:40
kristian-aalborghi holstein04:40
holsteinusually its cool04:40
holsteinthe kernel is modular04:40
holsteinyou can run into trouble if you have proprietary drivers installed04:41
holsteinlike nvidia or whatever04:41
holsteinand move to another box04:41
kristian-aalborgI'm not going to install anything, just do it on the faster/better box04:41
kristian-aalborgby "do it", I mean "install" (unfortunately) ;)04:42
holsteinkristian-aalborg: should work just fine :)04:42
kristian-aalborgthis is a CF/PCMCIA thingy that I have04:42
holsteini have SD card intalls04:43
holsteinfrom my old EEE90004:43
holsteinand i have booted them in an EEE1001p04:43
holsteinand an hp mini04:43
kristian-aalborgyou might know this also - as the machine can't boot from pcmcia, could I just have grub on the regular hdd?04:43
holsteinkristian-aalborg: i havent tried that04:43
holsteinbut i would think you should be able to have grub boot any HD it can see at boot time04:44
holsteinany partition*04:44
kristian-aalborgso it seems - I forgot an usb pen and in an old machine (with an installation on it) and grub saw it04:45
ddecatori installed natty kubuntu, and the grub it installed is purple. any idea how i can change it to black?04:45
holsteinddecator: interesting04:45
kristian-aalborgddecator: try something like "grub2 colors" on google04:46
ddecatorholstein: yah, i have no idea why it's purple...04:46
kristian-aalborgsounds yucky04:46
ddecatorkristian-aalborg: i am, but so far it's turning up stuff about theming instead of just simply changing it to black04:46
holsteinddecator: do you have a color entry?04:47
holsteinin /etc/default/grub?04:47
holstein^ potentially relavant04:47
kristian-aalborgwhat about /etc/grub.d/05_debian_theme ?04:48
kristian-aalborgholstein: with that kind of install, will fstab be a mess?04:49
holsteinkristian-aalborg: depends04:49
holsteinyou can always sort it out04:49
* kristian-aalborg is bad with that file04:50
kristian-aalborgbut I guess I could04:50
ddecatorholstein: the /etc/default/grub appears to be the default (no mention of a color change)04:50
ddecatorhi dejai04:50
kristian-aalborgthe sweet thing is, I'm going to keep the install that I have now... then I can just move over stuff :)04:50
holsteinddecator: im out of ideas :/04:51
ddecatorholstein: not a big deal, just seems kind of odd..04:51
nit-witddecator, are you multiboooting04:51
ddecatornit-wit: yah, i have windows on here just in case. i've been doing that for a while and have done at least two fresh installs before now without the grub menu being purple, haha04:52
dejaiJust wanted to post here saying I am working on a project called unity-extras to add features such as a moveable launcher (and other community requested features) to the project. If anyone is interested.04:52
nit-witddecator, I was wondering I have maverick as the controlling boot on 4 os and the background is black04:53
kristian-aalborgddecator: "set menu_color_normal=white/black" - is this in the file I mentioned?04:54
ddecatorkristian-aalborg: oh, i didn't notice you mentioned that file. one sec04:54
kristian-aalborgddecator: back it up and cp mine over it... one sec04:55
* bwright is dejai04:55
ddecatorkristian-aalborg: it's set to black/white already04:55
kristian-aalborgdunno then... grub is a mystery04:56
bwrightGrub was originally designed for hurd not linux, it is very odd indeed.04:57
kristian-aalborganyway, 6 AM here04:57
kristian-aalborgI think it was designed for aliens04:57
ddecatorkristian-aalborg: hm, mine is different from yours. i just realized that it mentions setting an aubergine background..04:58
kristian-aalborgbackup your own and copy mine over it04:59
kristian-aalborgthat's probably easier than tweaking by hand04:59
ddecatori'm just going to leave it for now. your file is really different from what's in mine, and i don't want to risk borking things just because the grub menu is purple :p05:00
kristian-aalborgddecator: there should be no risk?05:01
kristian-aalborgalthough a borked grub is something to fear of course... but to my understanding, this file is all about "superficial" things05:02
ddecatorshouldn't be, but i don't mess with anything in /etc unless i really need to, just to play it safe05:02
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kristian-aalborgare you people using DBAN before installation? I'm wondering if it's making a difference for a CF card which has been swiped with gparted...09:43
head_victimI had to google dban so no, never used it sorry. Someone else might have though.09:45
kristian-aalborghi head_victim09:55
kristian-aalborgI found an alternative09:55
head_victimkristian-aalborg: good to hear, sorry I wasn't able to be more useful10:04
kristian-aalborgno worries, who's using CF these days anywho? ;)10:05
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kristian-aalborgis ext4 bad for CF?10:37
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kristian-aalborghurm, I guess I could prepare stuff in gparted10:52
dr0pb3arg'day everyone can someone give me a hand with a problem I am having... it's probably an easy one11:07
dr0pb3arI downloaded a program today called Mobile Atlas Creator 1.8.1 in the file there is a file called start.sh, mobile atlas creator.exe and mobil atlas creator.jar11:08
dr0pb3arI have tried to make the files executable11:08
dr0pb3arI have java installed11:08
dr0pb3arI don't really know where to go from here11:09
dr0pb3arany ideas11:09
bwrightTry executing java mobil\ /atlass\ /creator.jar from terminal and post the output to pastebin if it fails.11:15
bwrightOh actually11:16
bwrightpastebin start.sh11:16
bwrightAnd I can figure out what it needs to run.11:16
dr0pb3arhere it is11:21
bwrightdr0pb3ar: And start.sh?11:36
dr0pb3arhold on11:36
bwrightnot the ouput.11:39
bwrightedit start.sh11:39
bwrightand copy that11:39
dr0pb3aroh sorry11:40
dr0pb3ar# This file will start the TrekBuddy Atlas Creator with custom memory settings for11:40
dr0pb3ar# the JVM. With the below settings the heap size (Available memory for the application)11:40
dr0pb3ar# will range from 64 megabyte up to 512 megabyte.11:40
dr0pb3arjava -Xms64m -Xmx512M -jar Mobile_Atlas_Creator.jar11:40
bwrightAlright so the application is trying to run with java and failing so it is spewing out those exceptions11:41
dr0pb3arI am pretty sure I installed java correctly today11:41
dr0pb3arthrough synaptic11:41
dr0pb3ar(build 1.6.0_24-b07)11:42
dr0pb3arthat's what I have11:42
bwrightYou may actually need to install sun_java that is my guess11:42
dr0pb3arI am pretty sure that I have... I am a bit of a spastic so might have done something wrong11:43
bwrightIf you installed it from the repos it is openJDK11:43
bwrightubuntu dropped support for sun-java recently11:43
bwrightWell they don't package it11:44
dr0pb3aroh... can you talk me through putting that on?11:44
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bwrightGoogle ubuntu sun java 3rd link11:46
dr0pb3arokay... thanks11:46
bwright10.10 or 10.04?11:46
bwrightReplace lucid with maverick essentially is all you need to do if on 10.1011:47
bwrightIf that doesn't work just search around for ubuntu 10.10 sun java11:47
dr0pb3aroh okay11:49
geirhaYou enable the partner repository and install the sun-java6 packages...11:50
dr0pb3arthen what... just run start.sh?11:50
dr0pb3arhow do I know if it is done right?11:51
dr0pb3aris there a way to check?11:52
geirhaIt looks like you have sun-java installed correctly11:52
geirhaif java -version says  (build 1.6.0_24-b07) in there11:53
bwrightHmm maybe a missing dependency or a bug?11:53
dr0pb3arhow should I try to launch the program? by running start.sh?11:54
dr0pb3aror with the .exe file?11:54
bwright.sh .exe don't work natively on linux.11:54
geirhachange to the directory where start.sh is located, and run ./start.sh11:55
dr0pb3aras in just type "run  ./start.sh"11:56
geirhanothing else11:56
geirhaOh it came from a zip-file. It won't have the execute permission then.11:58
geirhachmod +x start.sh11:58
dr0pb3arit just brings up all of those errors12:00
geirhaI've downloaded it myself now, and tried it.12:02
geirhaAnd it works here12:02
geirhaI guess your best bet is to write a bug report on it at http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=238075&atid=110549412:05
lorizeanhey guys, i got a problem with compiz/nautilus. I'm trying to set it up so I get multiple wallpapers (one for each workspace), but I cannot get it to work. I've found several guides which all tell me the same thing - install the wallpaper plugin, select the pictures i want and disable show_desktop under nautilus.12:19
lorizeanwhen I do that, I get transparent black desktops which do not refresh, i.e. nothing at all I suppose12:19
lorizeani searched some forums but didn't rly find a solution yet...12:20
lorizeanoh, I'm using 10.10 btw12:23
bobo123hello. if I want to test a program, for example VLC 1.1.7 without installing it, is that possible?13:31
MrChrisDruifbobo123: I don't think that is possible, how did you think that would be possible?13:32
bobo123well.. I would love if it was possible. to run a linux application just like a dos-program so to speak.13:33
MrChrisDruifI've heard about portable Linux apps, but not everything is available I think...13:34
bobo123MrChrisDruif: or like a "portable windows appliction", but for linux13:34
MrChrisDruifbobo123: http://portablelinuxapps.org/13:35
bobo123cool! I look there!13:35
MrChrisDruifYour welcome bobo123 :)13:37
bobo123the webpage lists a VLC 1.1.5 version but the file seems to be missing. so perhaps I try that "VLC 1.2.0-git" version instead then13:41
MrChrisDruifThe 1.1.1 is also available I see...but you can try 1.2...it's for trying, right?13:42
bobo123btw, is it possible to have two versions of a program installed in ubuntu? so it is possible to two different versions of a program at the same time (even when there is no portablelinuxapps for it)13:45
bobo123or "install" a program in a directory in my homedirectory instead of in the system13:47
melsaswahcan someone help me , i can get to the login screen, if i  log into recovery mode it's ok13:58
melsaswahnormal mode i can't see any thing (just the mous and a wallpaper) any ideas ?13:58
bobo123melsaswah:  ok but you have desktop wallpaper and the mouse is working, only gnome is not starting?14:00
melsaswahi can get into recovery envirment thgough14:02
melsaswahi'm on it now (on the other pc)14:02
bobo123strange that gnome doesn't start for you, (but it works in recovery mode?)14:06
melsaswahi have gui in recovery mode14:07
melsaswahnot in the normal one14:07
bobo123I suppose you might have some setting that makes gnome not working (and it does not use that settings in recovery mode)14:09
melsaswahi suppose so14:09
melsaswahhow do i alternate this (it might be video problems)14:09
bobo123perhaps you can try remove gnome (including settings) and reinstall it14:09
bobo123I must run now, i'll be back in an hour if there are noone else that can help you14:10
melsaswahjust tell me how to remove gnome14:11
bobo123I suppose you can find it if you start synaptic and reinstall gnome from there14:11
melsaswahok thanks14:11
bobbycheetahUsing Ubuntu, gnome,  System drop-down menu - Click on "About Ubuntu"  briefly opens a tab in the taskbar, but then disappears, and the "About Ubuntu" window never appears.  I do know I'm running 8.04.1, but want to know why this "function" is not working.15:12
aveilleuxbobbycheetah: Is there a particular reason you're still on 8.04.1? I can't really help you since the "About Ubuntu" menu item hasn't been around for quite some time, but I suggest you look in Alacarte (System > Preferences > Main Menu) and see if its menu item looks correct.15:21
geirhabobbycheetah: In a terminal, what happens when you run:  yelp ghelp:about-ubuntu15:21
geirhaaveilleux: It's still there in 10.0415:22
aveilleuxgeirha: Is it? I don't have that option (in 10.10)15:22
geirhaI use 8.04 on my laptop too15:22
bobbycheetah$ yelp ghelp:about-ubuntu15:22
bobbycheetahSegmentation fault15:22
geirhathat's odd15:23
geirha$ type -a yelp15:23
bobbycheetahdidn't understand that...15:25
bobbycheetahtype "-a yelp"  ?15:25
bobbycheetahobviously didn't work.   however.15:26
bobbycheetah"type -a yelp"  looks like  "which yelp"  = /usr/bin/yelp15:26
geirhaYes, type is the command you should've used when you use which.15:28
geirhai.e. which is useless.15:28
geirhaBut anyway, that's the expected output, so it sounds like yelp in 8.04 has a serious bug.15:28
geirhaTry reinstalling the yelp package though, just in case one of its files have been corrupted for whatever reason.15:29
geirhasudo aptitude reinstall yelp15:29
bobbycheetahoh.  just used to "which" from my unix experience.   ok, not a big deal.  will try that. thx!15:29
geirhaYeah, it's used in all kinds of silly unix/linux howtos, but your shell has the builtin type command which is much saner since it also shows you functions and aliases.15:32
geirhawhich is non-standard, it's output differ between system, and it's an external command (often a script), so it can't show you aliases and functions.15:32
bobbycheetahreinstall of yelp didn't help15:34
bobbycheetahor should I try to reboot?15:34
geirhaReboot is only necessary if you've installed a kernel update.15:35
geirhaIt doesn't hurt to try, but I doubt it changes anything. I'd consider reporting a bug.15:35
bobbycheetahk. thx again15:36
bobo123is ubuntu softwarecenter, supposed to list all applications that is available in synaptiic, or only some of them?16:15
aveilleuxbobo123: It's just another apt frontend, so I assume  it lists the same applications16:16
holsteinbobo123: synaptic and the softwarecenter *should* list what is availalbe in the repositories16:16
* aveilleux does not use Software Center16:16
holsteinBUT, the software center has a certain 'look and feel'16:16
nhandlerYou also will want to check what filters are enabled, as those could prevent you from seeing certain applications16:17
bobo123it seems to be impossible to find firefox in softwarecenter without searching. Internet/Webbrowsers lists Arora, Chromium and others but not Firefox16:17
bobo123but when I search in softwarecenter i lists it (in the list as "safe and easy web browser from Mozilla" with the decription "firefox" with small text under it)16:19
bobo123it is not in the lists of Installed software there either16:20
bobo123aveilleux: yeah I don't normally use Software Center either. And perhaps now even less...16:22
holsteinbobo123: thats FF16:23
aveilleuxbobo123: I don't even use Synaptic, really... just aptitude install16:23
bobo123ah.. well I have allways used synaptic, but thought the sofwarecenter was worth a try but.... but appearently it is a bit buggy (at least in 10.04)16:28
holsteinbobo123: buggy?16:29
holsteini mean, you might think it sucks or whatever16:29
holsteinand i dont like to use it ether16:29
holsteinBUT, that is firefox16:29
holsteinsafe and easy web browser from Mozilla16:29
holsteinAND, if you think about simplifying the process for new users16:29
holsteinyou dont really need to explain firefox much16:30
holsteinits installed by default16:30
bobo123well you cant find firefox in it..... and it the names/decriptions for some applications is backwards.... and the idea behind softwarecenter was (i thought) that it only lists applications, not libraries and other support-packages.. but it do lists "ffmpegthumbnailer-dbg, debugging informations for ffmpegthumbnailer" so I guess it doesn't do that right either16:30
bobo123(and yes I allready have firefox installed, it is default installed, so it is not a big problem that you can't easily find it in softwarecenter.. but perhaps there are more programs missing in it too?)16:32
holsteinbobo123: its not really for us16:34
holsteinas a target audience16:34
holsteinits more for someone who just installed ubuntu16:35
holsteinand is looking for whatever16:35
bobo123I wish the good parts of softwarecenter would be implemented in synaptic though... it has nice sized screenshots directly (kind of important for games), and nice categories (the Sections list in synaptic is not so good), and is it possible to filter in synaptic to only show applications? (well really only graphical applications)16:43
aveilleuxbobo123: You might like the work that's being done on aptitude-gtk16:44
bobo123oh.. a gtk version? I should check that out perhaps16:44
negatiivHi Folks. I'm trying to vnc over the internet (ssh tunnel) to my home windows computer. My ssh server (22) is on my linux computer ( on the same network as my windows computer ( I'm really confused how to do this. I can ssh to my linux computer by typing: ssh myaccount.dyndns.org. So can I tunnel the 5900 traffic from the laptop i'm on right now, over the internet, through my linux computer and over16:45
negatiiv that lan to my windows computer?16:45
aveilleuxnegatiiv: do ssh -D 9999 myaccount.dyndns.org16:48
aveilleuxnegatiiv: Then you have a tunnel into that machine at localhost:999916:48
aveilleuxnegatiiv: I'm not really sure how you can point traffic to the VNC host... is forwarding port 5900 from the machine out of the question?16:49
negatiivits not out of the question, if I knew how to do it :D16:50
aveilleuxnegatiiv: How did you forward port 22?16:50
negatiivon my router I forwarded 22 to my linux computer (
aveilleuxnegatiiv: Yeah, so... do that, except port 5900 to
negatiivisn't that sending 5900 traffic outside of the ssh tunnel?16:52
aveilleuxWell, yeah... I wasn't talking about tunneling. I was talking about port forwarding.16:53
negatiivoh okay16:53
aveilleuxnegatiiv: If you set up SSH access to the VNC host, you can use the -via flag on the vncviewer command to encrypt the connection16:55
aveilleuxnegatiiv: So instead of SSH'ing into one machine and bouncing to another, you basically connect vncviewer to SSH, then launch the viewer16:56
aveilleuxnegatiiv: Is SSH access to the first machine a necessity?16:57
negatiivsweet, it's working now with the ssh -D 5900 myaccount.dyndns.org. Then I opened the remote desktop viewer and put in my linux computer as the ssh tunnel16:57
negatiivnope its not16:57
negatiiv*nope its not a necessity16:57
negatiivi tried setting up ssh access to the vnc host by installing copssh (cygwin based i think) but i couldnt get it to accept my ssh connections16:58
aveilleuxnegatiiv: Ohhh, it's a Windows machine16:58
aveilleuxnegatiiv: I missed that part16:58
negatiivso I just figured that since I already had ssh server set up with pka and everything on my linux computer, i would try to use it16:58
negatiivearlier I was VNCing to my linux computer, then opening another vnc to my windows computer, but of course that was very very slow haha16:59
negatiivThanks for the help!17:01
aveilleuxnegatiiv: Try this. ssh -L 5901: myaccount.dyndns.org17:01
aveilleuxnegatiiv: Then VNC into localhost:117:01
aveilleuxnegatiiv: It's been a long time since I've used the -L flag, so this may be a massive shot in the dark17:02
negatiivthat one doesn't seems to work, I just get a black box in my remote desktop viewer. no error though..17:04
aveilleuxnegatiiv: Shake the mouse?17:04
negatiivno worky17:04
aveilleuxnegatiiv: Hm.17:04
aveilleuxnegatiiv: It's progress, at least.... hm.... try VNC'ing into localhost:590117:05
negatiivsame thing, black window17:07
negatiivgoing to try changing from wireless to wired incase that's having any bad effects17:13
negatiivoh nevermind i'm already on wired.. hehe17:13
aveilleuxnegatiiv: Hm, I don't know... it just worked for me17:34
aveilleuxnegatiiv: What VNC server are you running on the Windows machine?17:35
negatiivaveilleux: I think my problem may be the client i'm using right now.. vinagre. i'm getting some "error creating the ssh tunnel" errors with that client. i'm going to try the tightvnc client17:52
negatiivi'm using tightvnc server on my windows computer17:52
holsteinnegatiiv: i really like remmina17:55
holsteinnot sure if it will do what you want either17:55
holsteintightvnc has always worked well too17:55
negatiivtightvnc connected the first time for me when I did this:18:00
negatiivvncviewer -via myaccount.dyndns.org
negatiivgotta head out, thanks for the help!18:05
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melsaswahhey all18:40
melsaswahi need help booting without vga support (in verbose mode)18:40
holsteinmelsaswah: what are you trying to accomplish?18:45
holsteina headless machine?18:45
sumedhI use Acer 5745G with Nvidia DT 330M 1gb graphics card! After I install its driver and restart my laptop doesnt login like normal in graphical mode! It asks my username na all terminal mode or whatever u call it!!! And I can never see my desktop until I boot from generic mode n reset graphics settings!18:50
holsteinsumedh: have you tried the proprietary driver?18:51
holsteinfor nvidia?18:51
bioterroryou should look logs from /var/log/Xorg.0.log18:51
sumedhM a noob!18:51
sumedhCan u give me sum directions?18:51
holsteinsumedh: when you say 'after i install its driver'18:52
holsteinwhat does that mean?18:52
holsteinyou get a prompt for a 'restricted driver'?18:52
holsteinand you install it?18:52
sumedhIts normal installation18:54
sumedhNo probs!18:54
sumedhIt just asks me to restart like usual!18:54
holsteinsumedh: it?18:54
holsteinwhat is it?18:54
sumedhIt shows a green light nr d driver!18:55
sumedhlets start again!18:55
sumedhI install a fresh copy!18:56
holsteinsumedh: of ubuntu?18:56
sumedh64 bit18:56
sumedhThey dont have ne!18:56
holsteinany what?18:57
sumedhNow I go to additional drivers18:57
holsteinsumedh: why?18:57
holsteinis the open one not going to work for you?18:57
holsteinyou feel you need the proprietary one?18:57
holsteinor is 3D not supported for your device by the open source one included with ubuntu?18:58
sumedhI cant use visual features!18:58
holsteinsumedh: compiz... OK18:58
sumedhI install NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver18:59
holsteinyou'll need to sort out how to install the proprietary drivers then18:59
sumedhI installed it!18:59
sumedhIt installs fine!18:59
sumedhAfter installing I have to restart it right?18:59
holsteinsumedh: i would also update first19:00
holsteinmake sure all your pacakges are up to date19:00
holsteinand you are running the lastest availalbe kernel19:00
sumedhI just downloaded it 4m d site!19:01
holsteinsumedh: are you up to date with your packages?19:02
holsteinis that yes?19:02
sumedhIt is a general prob!19:02
melsaswahsorry i got what i was searching for :)19:02
holsteinmelsaswah: cool :)19:02
sumedhIt happens wid Mint too!19:02
melsaswahi have a problem with my ati card though19:02
melsaswahi have no video driver installed19:03
holsteinmelsaswah: you have no desktop?19:03
melsaswahi have a desktop19:03
sumedhit = UBUNTU19:03
melsaswahbut i think it's working on generic19:04
holsteinsumedh: ubuntu happens with mint too?... im having a challenging time understanding you...19:04
melsaswahi.e full screen vids, and compiz crash the machine (freeeze)19:04
holsteinmelsaswah: that can happen19:04
holsteinmelsaswah: what is the ATI device?19:05
sumedhSame prob!19:05
melsaswahx600 radeon19:05
sumedhLike it boots in dat mode19:05
sumedh4m commandline boot!19:06
holsteinmelsaswah: maybe check out https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver19:06
holsteinseems like there might be a relavant PPA19:06
holsteinin the 'getting better 3d support' section19:07
melsaswahwhen i input lspci -nn | grep VGA i get no answer19:08
holsteinsumedh: maybe something like http://www.oz9aec.net/index.php/linux/351-ubuntu-linux-on-the-acer-aspire-5745g-laptop19:08
holsteinwould be helpful for you19:08
holsteinmelsaswah: interesting19:09
melsaswahsorry vga had to be VGA19:09
earthling_what is the linux generic kernel update about? and what is "bump ABI" ?19:52
kristian-aalborghi holstein19:52
holsteinkristian-aalborg: o/19:53
jhana-frogis it a security update earthling_?19:53
holsteinearthling_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=37827119:53
kristian-aalborghurm, one of the entries in my fstab does not show up when I do blkid19:54
earthling_thx holstein19:55
earthling_do you guys always install all the security and recommended updates?19:56
holsteinkristian-aalborg: what about sudo fdisk -l ?19:57
holsteinearthling_: i usually take updates19:57
holsteini dont do it as regular as i should on my server machine probably19:57
holsteinkristian-aalborg: something is missing?19:58
holsteina partition?19:58
kristian-aalborgholstein: http://pastebin.com/DePQX4WL <--- I tried piping them together, hope it's readable20:00
holsteinkristian-aalborg: sdb ?20:03
kristian-aalborgcompact flash in pcmcia20:03
holsteindoes it mount otherwise?20:04
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HoboSteauxmy 10.10 server dropped into an initramfs shell, unable to mount the root drive20:33
HoboSteauxhow do i fix  this?20:33
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LukasBHi can anybody answer a short question please? Where do I find programs in ubuntu? Is there a search command for the terminal?22:38
LukasBI just want to find the exe of filezilla...22:39
nit-witsynaptic or software center22:40
nit-witno exe in ubuntu22:41
LukasBnit-wit: Oh thanks. Actually I don't want the filezilla exe, but I use filezilla and want to open a file with bluefish. So when I want to choose a program to open this file with, where do I find it? Because it comes up with the file directory22:44
jhana-frogwell, except with wine :)22:45
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ubot2For information concerning ZFS and Ubuntu, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZFS23:11
LuigiHello All! Newb questions. Can anyone tell me if i set up a samba server can a linux client access the shares as well?23:16
LuigiNevermind. I found it. Didnt read far enough. Thanks23:18

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