DutchyI keep getting this error when using Eclipse: http://pastebin.com/muBNp86X14:15
DutchyBoth with Eclipse downloaded from the eclipse site and the ubuntu package14:16
Dutchyso I'm guessing there's something wrong with my JVM14:16
Dutchybut I have absolutely no clue what14:16
DutchyI have sun-java6-jre and jdk installed but I am not sure how I check if I'm actually using those14:19
Dutchybtw, this happens when I try to use auto-completion features14:20
DutchyI am going to try turning auto-completion off and see if it still happens14:21
Dutchyok I have no problems whatsoever if I turn completion off :(14:30
lee1954quick question do you make icons?20:20
lee1954hi got time for a question or 2?21:07
lee1954i think this is about java packaging21:08

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