Ronniemorning mhall11913:20
UndiFineDnice work Ronnie 15:06
Ronniethx UndiFineD15:06
mhall119Ronnie: I like the look of your "my teams" page15:12
mhall119not sure how useful it'll be before we bring in non-loco teams though15:12
mhall119Ronnie: what would it look like if a team has both microblog feed and photos?15:12
Ronnieme neither, im thinking to make the link "My Teams" to "My Team" if the user only has one team, and then redirect to the team detail page. what do you think?15:13
Ronniemicroblog has first priority, photo's is fallback15:13
Ronnieonly flickr photo's is now supported15:14
mhall119I would rather that link functionality remains consistent15:14
Ronniei dont support picasa or pixie, because both still have ugly js15:14
Ronniethe template will be a complete mess if i want to support those15:15
mhall119can the js be cleaned up?15:15
mhall119or is it because of their APIs?15:15
Ronniesure, but costs time15:15
Ronnieno, it because its not jquery-like15:15
mhall119maybe daker can take a stab at it15:15
Ronniebut that can be a separate bug, so the my-teams page can be merged before thats done15:16
* Ronnie hopes daker will do that15:16
Ronniemhall119: the my-teams page already has your merge of bzr apps included15:16
Ronnieso if you could review the code, then we have both merges in one15:17
mhall119Ronnie: which branch is that?15:20
Ronniehmm, i guess i didnt create a merge request for it15:20
Ronniemhall119: https://code.launchpad.net/~ronnie.vd.c/loco-directory/my-teams/+merge/5412615:23
mhall119Ronnie: you did the code that sets long/lat from a venue's address, right?15:25
Ronniemhall119: yes15:25
mhall119I wrote this a while back: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mhall119/loco-directory/timezone-from-venue/revision/8615:25
Ronnieis there something wrong with it?15:25
mhall119it gets a timezone form long/lat, do you think you could incorporate it?15:25
mhall119nope, nothign wrong, works beautifully15:25
mhall119now that our venues have a tz field, we can store it instead of retrieving it all the time15:26
mhall119but it's still not being set all the time, so doing it automagically like you did for lon/lat might be better15:27
Ronniethe feature is great15:27
mhall119you can probably do it all in javascript, rather than python15:27
Ronniecould be an idea15:28
mhall119since it's just calling an external webservice15:28
mhall119I'm cleaning up my old branches in LD, and wanted to bring that up before I deleted it15:28
Ronniekeep it till the js version is ready 15:31
Ronniemhall119: can you create A bug for it15:31
Ronnieim now busy with other things15:31
mhall119hmmm, earthtools only gives offsets, not timezone names15:38
mhall119so it may not be practical15:39
mhall119unless you default it to Etc/GMT+offset, if they still have it on UTC15:42
mhall119might be better than nothing15:43
mhall119Ronnie: are you sure you need my old timezone retreival branch?  I liked to the earthtools webservice in the bug I made15:50
Ronnieif the js dont work as expected we still have your code as backup15:50
mhall119my code is too old to be used15:51
mhall119it came from a time before we had a timezone field in Venue models15:51
Ronniemhall119: maybe its easier to couple country + spr to timezone?17:39
Ronnieinstead of lat/lng17:39
Ronniethe site you mentioned covers only europe en north america17:40
mhall119Ronnie: in USA, a state can have multiple timezones, unfortunately18:18
mhall119so, maybe this whole idea just isn't going to work18:18
mhall119feel free to mark the bug as invalid if there's no clean and easy way to implement it18:19
Ronniemhall119: and if we differ by state ?18:19
mhall119Ronnie: for example, part of Florida is US/Easter, part of Florida is US/Central18:19
Ronniethat sucks :(18:19
Ronniehow does the ubuntu installer guess the timezone?18:20
mhall119I don't know, geoip maybe18:21
JanCrecent installer versions use the ubuntu-geoip package, which looks at http://geoip.ubuntu.com/lookup19:08
JanCI guess you could use some JavaScript to get the timezone from that webservice19:08
JanCRonnie / mhall119 ^^^19:09
JanC(I suppose using that service is okay as long as it's for something Ubuntu-related)19:09
RonnieJanC, this way we get the timezone of the user, not from the venue19:10
Ronniealtough these are usually the same19:10
JanCit might be a "default"19:10
JanCI think there are services that can return timezones based on lat/lng too19:11
RonnieJanC, we couldn't find one covering the whole world19:11
JanCbut I think more people know the timezone than lat/lng  ;)19:12
Ronniethe lat/lng isnt a problem http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/venues/add/19:12
Ronniejust click on the map, or fill in the adress and voila19:13
YoBoYI think the timezone of the user is great as a default value. I'm bored to have to scroll to select my timezone and my country (and I have done it a lot of times)19:13
Ronnielol, i just found that mexico has an street named "Amsterdam"19:14
Ronnieso when i fill "Netherlands Amsterdam" i end up in mexico :S19:14
YoBoYwe have one too in Paris19:15
JanChttp://www.geonames.org/export/web-services.html#timezone --> useful?19:33
lee1954am i in the right place to ask sort of a beginner's question?20:36
Pendulumlee1954: where are you from? (you probably want either #ubuntu or the IRC channel for the LoCo Team closest to you)20:37
lee1954well you have to be invited to join the group in kentucky20:37
lee1954no biggie thanks anyway20:38
AlanBellthere is an invitation only loco?20:39
YoBoYit's a moderated team (launchpad group)20:40
Pendulumseveral of the US LoCos are moderated20:41
YoBoYhe's gone ^^"20:42
PendulumI know, that was for AlanBell :)20:42
AlanBellbut moderated still means you can request to join, someone just approves the request20:43
AlanBellinvitation only is a step further20:44
YoBoYyes, it's not a restricted LP group like my team20:44
PendulumI don't get the whole restricting LoCo LP groups, but that's just me20:45
AlanBellthat only makes sense to me if it is using lauchpad mailing lists to avoid spammers signing up20:46
YoBoYyou are always assuming every team want to use LP to "count" their members, that's not the case, some teams don't use LP for that.20:50
Pendulummy experience was with a team where at the time you couldn't join the ML unless you were in the LP team20:57
Pendulumand the LP team was moderated20:57
Pendulumand to join you had to e-mail the head with your full name & location which was then published on the public website for the team20:57
PendulumI am rather guarded about some of my location info due to being a rape survivor and I was not about to allow it to go up on the internet everywhere20:58
Pendulumwhile it's since changed for that LoCo, it was a major turn off for me20:58
YoBoYthe launchpad mailing list are not usable, you need a launchpad account to participate in a launchpad ML. All unknown emails are sended to /dev/null20:59
YoBoYreally bad 20:59
PendulumI don't think it was a LP mailing list21:00
Pendulumjust a moderated list21:00
Pendulumand they allowed moderation by who was in the LP team21:00
YoBoYseems very restrictive :]21:01
YoBoYfrench people don't like to share location too, and real names also,... and personal informations in general ^^" 21:04
paultaglp:locoteams and lp:locoteams-approved's membership policies have been changed to the new deligated mode, if you had an open team before launchpad's change, you can re-set that now.21:11

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