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apacheloggerari-tczew: yeah, though I am going on vacation soon00:29
ari-tczewapachelogger: enjoy :)00:29
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hyperairari-tczew: pong01:16
hyperairhmm segfault on start eh.01:17
hyperairthat sounds bad.01:17
* hyperair schroot's to natty to test01:18
hyperairhmm it works here01:19
hyperairmaybe it's a plugin. let's try installing all of them01:19
hyperairnope, it starts up fine too01:20
ari-tczewhyperair: I have to reboot natty, maybe after updates regression appeared.01:31
hyperairyeah perhaps01:38
hyperairari-tczew: so anyway, didy ou manage to trigger apport?01:38
ari-tczewhyperair: there was apport notification, but I rejected it. I'll retry it if segfault still is crashing after reboot.01:39
hyperairi think the .crash file should still be around01:40
hyperairso if you run apport-collect on it, it should work01:40
ari-tczewhyperair: I won't do reboot right now, no point. I'll run my PC when I'll wake up.01:40
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rr0hitA typo in a patch for istanbul has created a bug in natty. How do i go about settling it?12:37
rr0hitPS: i dint write the patch12:37
ari-tczewrr0hit: file a bug against this package12:51
rr0hitI have, bug 73867312:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 738673 in istanbul (Ubuntu) "Save Dialogue does not open in natty" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73867312:52
rr0hitari-tczew: can I submit a patch? The typo is absent in source package, but is present in a patch. In that case how should I submit the patch?12:53
ari-tczewrr0hit: yes, of course! patches always are welcome :)12:53
rr0hitari-tczew: can i first apply existing patches, then create a patch to correct the mistake?12:53
rr0hitari-tczew: is this the right way to patch a patch ?12:54
ari-tczewrr0hit: no, just fix patch where is typo. then create a debdiff12:54
yofelari-tczew: it's one of the quilt patches of the package that adds the broken line, how should one fix that?12:54
yofelah, just edit it?12:54
ari-tczewyofel: do you working on rr0hit's case?12:54
rr0hitari-tczew: yes12:55
ari-tczewgood luck then12:55
yofelwe were debugging this in -bugs, and I wasn't sure how to do this so I advised him to ask here12:55
rr0hitari-tczew: how do i edit the patch ? i'm noob here12:55
ari-tczewrr0hit: grab the source by command 'apt-get source PACKAGENAME' then edit in your favourite text editor :)12:56
ari-tczew*/debian/patches/ this is a path where are patches12:56
rr0hitari-tczew: I'll edit just the patch that creates the problem?13:02
ari-tczewrr0hit: yes13:02
rr0hitari-tczew: after that?13:02
ari-tczewrr0hit: create a new debian/ubuntu revision in d/changelog by command 'dch -i' and build the source13:03
rr0hitari-tczew: how do i get it pushed?13:03
ari-tczewuseful wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/PatchSystems13:04
ari-tczew!debdiff | rr0hit13:04
ubotturr0hit: A simple way to patch Debian/Ubuntu packages is to attach a debdiff to a bug report, or send it to the team which handles the package. Learn more about it from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Howtos/Debdiff13:04
rr0hitari-tczew, yofel , I have attached a patch to bug 738673. could you just go through it. Does it look allright? First patch !!13:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 738673 in istanbul (Ubuntu) "Save Dialogue does not open in natty" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73867313:44
ari-tczewrr0hit: as it's first time, looks good. however, please add (LP: #738673) at the end of sentence in d/changelog.13:49
ari-tczewrr0hit: also, could you use your real full name and real e-mail?13:49
ari-tczewon Launchpad you don't need (but it;s preffered) however, in debdiffs we use real stuff13:50
rr0hitari-tczew: in the changelog? or do i have to set it somewhere13:50
ari-tczewrr0hit: use command 'dch -e' and edit13:50
ari-tczewrr0hit: in future, you can set DEBFULLNAME, let me find something in internet13:51
rr0hitari-tczew: is there a way to delete the submitted patch?13:53
ari-tczewrr0hit: yes, on launchpad in bug13:53
ari-tczewon the right side below Subscribers field is Patches field13:53
ari-tczewclick on (edit) next to attached file13:54
ari-tczewrr0hit: would you like to get to know using Bazaar for patches?14:01
rr0hiti am behind a proxy and was not able to use bzr14:02
ari-tczewaha ok14:02
rr0hitari-tczew: uploaded the new patch14:06
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rr0hitari-tczew: now i have to find "sponsors" ?14:07
ari-tczewrr0hit: yes, you should subscribe ubuntu-sponsors to bug14:08
ari-tczewhowever, I'm one of sponsors :)14:08
ari-tczewsponsors are developers with upload access14:08
rr0hitari-tczew: so u can do it for me?14:08
ari-tczewrr0hit: yes14:11
rr0hitari-tczew: thanks :)14:11
ari-tczewjust let me finish one thing14:11
rr0hitari-tczew: i am out to grab something to eat. will be back in 5 - 10 minutes. My first sponsor :)14:12
ari-tczewrr0hit: enjoy your meal14:12
ari-tczewI;ve got a ftbfs: /usr/include/bits/stdio2.h:96:1: note: expected 'const char * __restrict__' but argument is of type 'struct _IO_FILE *'14:22
ari-tczewthis line looks that: fprintf (FILE *__restrict __stream, __const char *__restrict __fmt, ...)14:23
ari-tczewanybody knows how to fix it?14:23
ari-tczewrr0hit: could you check whether is the same bug reported already in Debian? if no, could you forward your change to Debian?14:25
rr0hitari-tczew: alright14:26
geserari-tczew: can you pastebin the source code causing this message?14:27
ari-tczewgeser: sure, http://paste.ubuntu.com/582944/14:28
xteejxHi all, I know feature freeze is in effect, but would it be possible to get Fold-it into multiverse repo? How is it done?14:29
xteejxref: bug 37553014:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 375530 in Ubuntu "[needs-packaging] foldit game to Ubuntu repository" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37553014:29
ari-tczew!FFe | xteejx14:29
ubottuxteejx: Feature Freeze Exception. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess for the freeze exception process.14:29
xteejxI thought FF was just bug fixes?14:30
ari-tczewrr0hit: if you would like to get fixed your full name and e-mail, please read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Recipes/PackageUpdate14:30
xteejxI'm not worried if it's not until 11.1014:30
ari-tczewxteejx: bug fixes go without FFe. New upstream releases and new packages need FFe,14:31
ari-tczewxteejx: if you don't want to spend time on making FFe, you can get in in natty+1.14:31
rr0hitari-tczew: thanks..will keep in mind :)14:31
ari-tczewxteejx: preffered way is get it to Debian first and sync to Ubuntu.14:31
xteejxHmm, the problem with fold-it and Debian might be the licensing (there is none AFAIK)14:32
geserari-tczew: sorry, no idea14:32
ari-tczewxteejx: did you try to get it in Debian?14:33
xteejxari-tczew: Haven't tried14:33
ari-tczewxteejx: could you try? :)14:34
xteejxI'll keep that as a good option I think ;)14:34
xteejxMy packaging skill sare limited so I will do it when I have time :)14:34
rr0hitari-tczew: the bug is not reported in debian.14:34
ari-tczewrr0hit: could you report it and attach your patch?14:34
rr0hitari-tczew: k14:35
ari-tczewgeser: but problem is in libc6-dev (binary of eglibc source), not in package which I'm trying to build, right?14:36
rr0hitari-tczew: should i submit by mail? i dont see another option14:37
ari-tczewrr0hit: we have a script 'submittodebian' but I prefer to use just mail.14:38
rr0hitari-tczew: i can attach the patch to the mail?14:38
ari-tczewrr0hit: yes14:40
ari-tczewrr0hit: http://paste.ubuntu.com/582950/ please use Subject field as bug title14:40
geserari-tczew: not sure, from your pastebin it looks like the arguments got interchanged, but the source code looks ok14:40
rr0hitari-tczew: thanks :)14:41
ari-tczewgeser: a piece of source code where it's failling: http://paste.ubuntu.com/582952/14:43
ari-tczewI'm fixing FTBFS in package gridengine, loads and loads gcc errors14:43
geserari-tczew: then I looked at the wrong piece, and this explains the error you get14:44
ari-tczewgeser: yes? do you know resolve it?14:45
ari-tczewknow how to *14:45
rr0hitari-tczew: do i need to give a bug description or just refer to the LP bug14:45
ari-tczewrr0hit: yea, just use the same infromation about typo which causes crash14:45
rr0hitari-tczew: and in the template, you provided what is the line that starts with *14:46
geserari-tczew: does that file get patched? because when I look at http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/natty/gridengine/natty/view/head:/source/libs/cull/cull_multitype.c#L105 it looks different (or it this the wrong file to look at?)14:47
ari-tczewrr0hit: * debian/ ? this is a place where you should copy and paste your entry from d/changelog.14:49
ari-tczewgeser: yes as I said, I'm fixing loads of gcc errors, this is my patch for file cull_multitype.c: http://paste.ubuntu.com/582955/14:50
rr0hitari-tczew: http://paste.ubuntu.com/582956/ looks ok?14:51
geserari-tczew: ah, your patch is wrong: I assume you want to fix the warning about the missing format string, right?14:52
ari-tczewrr0hit: not at all: Version: 0.2.2-814:52
geserthe it should be "fprintf(stderr, "%s", buf)" (the argument order is: where, format, variable)14:53
rr0hitari-tczew: oops14:53
rr0hitari-tczew: anything else?14:53
ari-tczewrr0hit: paste a link to bug on launchpad14:53
rr0hitari-tczew: right14:53
geserI guess the same for CRITICAL but check to what it expends first14:53
ari-tczewrr0hit: attach your patch14:53
rr0hitari-tczew: k14:53
ari-tczewrr0hit: and please about fill Subject field as bug title14:54
ari-tczewotherwise, looks fine14:54
ari-tczewgeser: I found in google this blog: http://bobthegnome.blogspot.com/2009/07/format-not-string-literal-and-no-format.html14:54
geserari-tczew: in that case it's correct, as g_error() doesn't expect a file object as first argument but a format string and then it's variables14:56
ari-tczewgeser: I just used this blog as useful handbook14:56
ari-tczewand I fixed a lot of warnings, I'll show you patch when it's done.14:57
ari-tczewgeser: current package has got a delta which is workaround for errors, it should be fixed instead making it quiet14:58
ari-tczewgeser: yeah, fixed, thanks!!!15:02
rr0hitari-tczew: done. http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=61902815:06
ubottuDebian bug 619028 in istanbul "Istanbul save dialogue does not open" [Normal,Open]15:06
ari-tczewrr0hit: could you open a task for Debian and link this bug ^^ to launchpad?15:08
rr0hitari-tczew: how do i do that15:09
rr0hitari-tczew: "also affects ?"15:10
ari-tczewrr0hit: also affects distribution15:10
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rr0hitari-tczew: done15:11
ari-tczewrr0hit: ok thanks. I'll test your patch.15:12
rr0hitari-tczew: :)15:13
ari-tczewrr0hit: you should choice project Debian, not istanbul upstream15:19
rr0hitari-tczew: how do i change15:20
ari-tczewrr0hit: there is a button to edit project name, but I guess it won't work15:21
ari-tczewI'll fix it.15:22
ari-tczewrr0hit: I did Invalid status for upstream istanbul and noticed you opened task on Debian now correctly.15:23
ari-tczewnow I'm going to play with your debdiff.15:23
rr0hitari-tczew: yes..15:23
ari-tczewrr0hit: ah, you forgot to use update-maintainer :)15:25
ari-tczewand I forgot to point out you for it.15:25
* ari-tczew lunch, afk.15:25
rr0hitah..so i ve to correct it in 2 places15:25
ari-tczewrr0hit: I'll fix it.15:26
ari-tczewit's 5 sec work.15:26
ari-tczewbut in future remember about it :)15:27
rr0hitari-tczew: what about the debian bug15:27
ari-tczewrr0hit: I'll add Closes: #XXXXX to d/changelog entry.15:28
ari-tczewrr0hit: in future please attach patch with only needed thing, so entry of d/changelog should not be included since it's wrong for Debian and you included information from d/changelog in e-mail.15:29
rr0hitari-tczew: ahh15:31
rr0hitari-tczew: so you are correcting my mistakes right?15:32
ari-tczewrr0hit: yes, but I can't fix attached file on BTS. :)15:33
rr0hityou can add  a separate reply, right?15:33
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ari-tczewrr0hit: yes, but there is no need to additional commenting on debian bug. they know how to cut necessary changes from your debdiff.15:39
rr0hitari-tczew: ofcourse they do :)15:40
ari-tczewgeser: how to resolve this line?    chown(fname, myuid, mygid, "%s");16:53
ari-tczewthe same error as previous16:53
ari-tczewI moved %s everywhere in ( ) but no good result :/16:56
qnixHow can I get the ImplicitPointerConversions when building in my pbuilder env?17:02
qnixThat way, I could fix them before uploading to launchpad17:02
rr0hitari-tczew: are you there?17:26
rr0hitari-tczew: i was just checking out istanbul on my debian squeeze installation, (same version 2.2-8), the bug is absent in that package17:27
rr0hitari-tczew: isnt that strange?17:27
ari-tczewrr0hit: well, let's wait for comments on Debian bug.17:28
rr0hitari-tczew: thanks for ur help. feels good. fix released. :)17:32
ari-tczewrr0hit: thank you for patch!17:32
rr0hitari-tczew: :)17:33
rr0hitmonday morning physics class now17:33
ari-tczewrr0hit: you have uploaded your first package in Ubuntu!17:34
c_korndoes someone know how I can set all packages in a repository to priority standard using reprepro ?19:26
cody-somervillec_korn, You'll have to use an override file.19:53
cody-somervillec_korn, You could write a hook to do it whenever a package is added (see man page). Then you could run rerunnotifiers19:55
c_korncody-somerville: ok, will give it a try thanks19:58
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