[reed]fta: yes00:43
fta[reed], why don't you maintain the packages? they're staled00:44
fta!info bugzilla300:44
[reed]I don't have the time, sadly. :/00:45
fta3.6.3 in natty and debian00:45
[reed]4.0 is latest00:45
ftai know00:45
ftait sucks00:45
[reed]I agree00:45
[reed]and I wish I could help00:45
[reed]I just don't have the time at all00:45
ftai need a bts, i can't find any that don't suck00:46
[reed]you could install it from bzr directly ;)00:46
ftano, i won't have time to maintain it afterwards either00:47
ftahence the need for a well maintained deb00:47
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anteayacan I ask questions about a troublesome spidermonkey build in here?14:43
BUGabundofta: desktop notifications stop working!15:07
BUGabundonewer builds seem to not allow me to enable them :\15:07
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