rwwFlannel: jimmy_birer dropped by #ubuntu again. debugger [~jimmy@]. I set a broader ban by ident and partial IP.00:40
elkywho is lazypower?04:26
elkyand someone needs to stop *ball from changing his nick so much, it's taken me minutes to realise it wasn't him.04:27
rwwhateball doesn't identify with nickserv04:27
rwwand I don't know, but I was just pondering him.04:27
rwwnot hateball, the other one04:28
elkyhateball doesn't put his real name as charles butler either04:28
elkyit took me minutes to be suspicious enough to check04:28
rwwi maintain that having one's client make identified and unidentified people different colors is useful constantly.04:29
rwwanyway. lazypower. i don't know, and i'm hoping wastrel starts doing his wastrel thing and distracts everyone or something.04:29
bazhangno response from stryker in PM before he quit05:04
bazhangpreparing his escape pod now06:16
edbianSomeone named Stryker is asking me to ask you to unban him.07:07
rwwUmm. Are they banned from #ubuntu-ops?07:08
FlannelLooks like muted in #ubuntu (and currently in #u)07:08
rwwedbian: best to have them wander in here, rather than doing it by proxy07:08
edbianI already relayed the message07:09
edbianHe's here07:10
FlannelHey Stryker07:10
StrykerHello Flannel07:10
FlannelHow's it going?07:10
StrykerPretty awful for me.07:11
FlannelSorry to hear that07:11
StrykerYeah, been banned on very short notice.07:11
FlannelStryker: Yeah, you were actually quieted, not banned (this is semantics, not exactly important),07:12
StrykerHey, thanks07:12
StrykerI checked the banlist, and i was on there07:13
FlannelI'm not exactly sure why, and I believe it was a mistake that it wasn't already removed.07:13
StrykerOkay, thanks, Flannel07:13
FlannelStryker: But, regardless, I believe it was with regard to #ubuntu-offtopic being the offtopic channel07:13
StrykerI do agree07:13
FlannelStryker: so, any non-support (chat, socializing, random questions, etc) should be in #ubuntu-offtopic, and #ubuntu is for Ubuntu support.07:13
StrykerOkay, will do.07:14
FlannelStryker: Anyway, keep that in mind, and have a good time in #ubuntu.  Is there anything else I can help you with tonight?07:14
StrykerJust wanted to say I have created a large following of people I have helped last few hours by private msg.07:15
StrykerIf they say anything about unbanning me, I have helped them.07:15
FlannelStryker: Sorry you've had to do that.  Now you know about this channel, although I don't foresee you needing to use it again in the future.07:15
StrykerThanks, Flannel07:15
StrykerI have respect for ya.07:16
allknowingeyecan you guys unban me from #ubuntu07:21
allknowingeyeI was being an idiot the day I gave false information; it was a fake command as well... i didn't truly mean it07:22
rwwallknowingeye: Additionally to that, you had rather a bad attitude. If I unban you, that won't happen again either?07:22
allknowingeyeno it won't; i learned my lesson07:23
rwwalrighty. Please read http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines and http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct , let me know when you're done and if you have any questions, and assuming you're fine with following both I'll remove your ban.07:24
allknowingeyerww, i read them; can i be unbanned now?07:30
rwwallknowingeye: and you're going to follow both of them?07:30
allknowingeyeyes, to the letter!07:31
rwwallknowingeye: alrighty, I removed your ban. Please /join #ubuntu so I can make sure you're all set.07:31
allknowingeye:) ty07:31
rwwno problem. have a nice evening07:32
rww(oh, also, standard unbanning text: don't get banned again, we tend to require more convincing after the first time ;)07:32
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cdbsallknowingeye: Read the topic, idlers aren't welcome on this channel08:01
elkyallknowingeye, we prefer people don't idle here, it avoids distractions and us poking you every five minutes. I'm going to remove you now, but if you have further issues to discuss with us, you can rejoin08:13
elkycdbs, be a little less terse next time please.08:13
cdbselky: okay08:14
elky"you can't be here, because of blah" is a lot less rude than "you can't be here"08:14
cdbsI'll remember that elky08:14
bazhangFlannel, the +q of stryker was no mistake, oddly enough the bot did not offer a chance to comment; he was going excessively after every suggestion with "hey, what about stryker, he's a cool guy" and other such; he quit before responding to my PM10:32
bazhangthe bantracker has this documented quite clearly if you scroll up before his +q10:33
bazhangfidde seems to be stuck at the who are you screen, which still apparently requires all small case11:06
Jordan_Ubazhang: It shouldn't require all lowercase for anything but the username, and he has other symptoms that even if unrelated should probably be investigated.11:09
bazhangJordan_U, true, but best to knock out the first11:09
Jordan_Ubazhang: I disagree, if the media is bad he could end up with a mostly working but corrupt install, or worse there could be corruption in the partitioning code.11:12
bazhangalsaconf seem only to exist in a vim package12:02
bazhangany idea how heleny got alsaconf?12:04
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, eBittin said: ubottu: ah there is an ubuntu ppc channel :)13:47
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Incarus6please have a look at #ubuntu, Jak3 is insulting members and gives wrong suggestions17:54
oCeanplease notce Jak3 in #u17:58
oCeangetting annoying17:58
Incarus6I agree. pls ban17:58
ikoniaI'll look into this, thanks Incarus6  also17:59
Incarus6<Jak3> blueskaj go suk, im helping these peeps, not teavhing to spell18:00
Incarus6<Jak3> u non-educated delinquint18:00
ikoniaIncarus6: I'll deal with it, thank you18:01
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ikoniaI can see it18:01
=== LarsTorbenK is now known as LarsTorben
ikoniaLarsTorben: do you need any help from the ubuntu operator team ?18:01
ubottudnivra called the ops in #ubuntu (Jak3)18:02
nhandlerIncarus6: Is there anything else we can help you with?18:02
Incarus6nhandler, he is banned yet, thank you.18:03
cdbsWait, was I too strick?18:03
ikoniacdbs: thank you I have bad lag18:03
LjLcdbs: absolutely not18:04
cdbsikonia: you're welcome18:04
ikoniacdbs: no, fine, I was just too slow with lag18:04
Jordan_USigh, I'm not in the mood to get in an argument but I don't want DasEi to continue wasting George_e's time either.21:59
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