credI'm trying to upgrade to the newest LTS and it's hung on mysql spewing a bunch of "audit" errors......................what can I do?00:02
credI'm trying to upgrade to the newest LTS and it's hung on mysql spewing a bunch of "audit" errors......................what can I do?00:05
credwhy is there no /etc/default/grub in 10.04 ???00:30
credhow do I turn off the graphics on boot ???00:30
RoyKthat file is there00:34
RoyKgoogle for it00:34
credthe file isn't there00:35
credI"m ssh'd into the system now00:35
credthere is no /etc/default/grub00:35
credthis upgrade leaves the system broken00:38
credmysql won't start at all, my entire company is down00:38
ScottKThis is probably one of those times when having backups and a redundant server would be nice.00:40
jmarsdencred: Did you move your mysql databases to some totally non-standard location?00:40
jmarsdencred: My guess is that newer apparmor rules for mysql in the upgraded package are not allowing it to access whatever non-standard place you put your databases... but I'm just guessing at this point.00:41
credjmarsden: you guess correctly00:42
jmarsdenOK, so the quick fix is put the databases back where they should be, or else configure apparmor to be in warning only mode.00:42
credjmarsden: but I deleted to new rules with the old one, and still no luck00:42
credjmarsden: I've turned off apparmour and it still won't start00:43
credjmarsden: how do I get it into warning mode only ?00:43
cn1209What's the best offsite backup solution. I was trying to use crashplan.com since it allows me to copy from one computer to another (offsite). Any ideas?00:44
jmarsdencred: something like   sudo complain mysql00:45
jmarsdencred: or maybe sudo complain mysqld    maybe?00:45
jmarsdencred: I am not an apparmor expert at all.00:45
credthat didn't work00:47
jmarsden!doesnt work | cred00:49
ubottucred: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.00:49
GeekyAdamhi all01:02
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lifelesscan uec do something more like a regular kvm setup - with a persistent img file ?01:19
lifelessif so, how does want set it up ?01:20
uvirtbotNew bug: #738527 in openssh (main) "package openssh-server 1:5.1p1-5ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73852701:56
credwhat does this mean: type=1502 audit(1300588611.956:20):  operation="open" pid=1433 parent=1 profile="/usr/sbin/mysqld" requested_mask="r::" denied_mask="r::" fsuid=0 ouid=0 name="/sys/devices/system/cpu/"02:37
credI"m getting this error when I try to start mysql02:38
credI've disabled apparmor, but I'm still getting this crap02:39
credwhat does this mean?:    type=1502 audit(1300588611.956:20):  operation="open" pid=1433 parent=1 profile="/usr/sbin/mysqld" requested_mask="r::" denied_mask="r::" fsuid=0 ouid=0 name="/sys/devices/system/cpu/"02:41
pmatuliscred: how did you disable apparmor?02:58
credpmatulis: I followed the instructions on the wiki, it kept running though so I purged it03:00
credmysql still won't start03:01
credI just removed mysql and re-installed it and now it's hung on the config phase03:02
pmatuliscred: how did you disable apparmor?  what wiki?03:03
credpmatulis: the ubuntu wiki03:03
credpmatulis:  update-rc.d -f apparmor remove03:04
crednow mysql-server won't install at all03:05
credthe config process it hung, I'll have to reboot03:07
credI guess I'll have to save my config file an purge mysql and see if it will install03:08
credit still won't start03:21
credI can't believe this03:22
credhow can mysql not install and run?03:25
pmatuliscred: i heard to completely disable apparmor you need to pass a kernel option b/c there is something lurking in the initramfs03:27
pmatuliscred: 'apparmor=0'03:27
credpmatulis: ok, thanks03:28
credpmatulis: I guess that goes into the non-existant /etc/default/grub file ?03:28
credpmatulis: do you know the command to turn off the graphical boot ????  I have "nomodeset" but it's not working03:29
pmatuliscred: get rid of 'splash'03:32
credpmatulis: splash isn't listed03:32
credwell, I see to NEVER, NEVER use do-release-upgrade03:32
credthis system is hosed03:32
pmatuliscred: i would just pass the option during boot and see if it works03:33
credpmatulis: I'm trying it now03:36
credwell, nothing is working03:44
credI'm going to install centos, thanks for all your help guys03:44
dschuettanyone good with bind9?05:33
airtonixdepends, not really06:34
kaushalDoes Ubuntu 10.04 has asterisk binary packages ?08:20
kaushalI mean Ubuntu Lucid Server08:20
greppyapt-cache search asterisk should show them.08:21
kaushalis it better to go with 10.04 or 10.10 as server ?08:22
greppyI go with LTS releases08:22
greppyunless I need something specifically from a "normal" release.08:23
kaushalgreppy: Thanks08:25
bigbanghey i followed the mail filtering how to un help ubuntu for postfix.. adding spamassasin and clamav.. is it normal now for it to take so long to send the email out and in ?14:02
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KurtKrautbigbang, so long means how many minutes?14:10
bigbangwell about a whole minute i try like using webmin to do other things and it just slows down the whole pc...14:11
Egbert9e9whenever i start screen on a remote ssh, detach, disconnect and later reattach it, it somehow forgets my home directory and opens each window as "user@server:/$" instead of "user@server:~$"14:38
RoyKEgbert9e9: screen will open new screens with the current directory you had when starting screen in the first place14:40
Egbert9e9RoyK: i start it on ~14:43
Egbert9e9something is weird14:55
uvirtbotNew bug: #738742 in bacula (main) "package bacula-director-mysql (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73874215:26
airtonixgreppy: having any problems with suspend on your desktops lately ? this is me raging at pm_suspend : http://dpaste.com/521335/15:48
greppyairtonix: the only problem I am having is the vga monitor doesn't come back from a suspend or if I power it off for a while, have to reboot.  the dvi monitor comes back fine.15:51
airtonixgreppy: this guy explains my scenario pretty much verbatim : http://forums.debian.net/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=5258115:51
airtonixsshf might the cause15:52
airtonixexcept it's on both server and desktop that it happens15:52
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edgei got my server locked in a dependency problem after trying to upgrade. how can i resolve this. http://pastebin.com/hPGW5pm117:26
hydraDanybody from romania here?17:30
RoyKhydraD: why?17:57
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gbsd-gordRoyK: I assumed he/she needs Romanian language support18:15
gbsd-gordhydraD: is that ^ correct?18:15
wilsotcI'm looking for advice on an HP proliant server model DL360 G7. Are there known issues with this system? The DL360 G6 *is* officially supported, and I would purchase this instead if there are problems.19:43
wilsotc(with the G7)19:43
jpdsOnly one way to find out.19:45
jpdsChanges are everything will just work.19:45
wilsotcI'm fairly confident, just making sure. Also, is the Smart Array controller P410i is supported from the updated kernel in 10.10 through the hpsa driver?19:46
wilsotcI've seen that the hpsa driver is now included in the latest kernels.19:46
wilsotcAnyone using SSD drives?19:47
wilsotcThis system will include battery backed write cache, and I need lots of IOs, not space so I'm looking at SSD19:49
Andy80hi all20:00
Andy80I'm running an Ubuntu server on a VPS (a Karmic version). I've currently installed nptd to keep time updated, but it looks like something is not working, this is what I get when I run "date"  command: Mon Mar 21 16:43:38 CET 201120:01
Andy80the timezone is European/Rome based and it should be Mar 20, 21:0120:01
Andy80how can I fix this?20:01
raphink_Andy80: did you run ntpdate?20:09
wilsotcYour clock should be close to correct before NTPD starts, or it won't sync20:15
wilsotcjust update it (like with ntpdate) and it should work fine20:15
wilsotcntpq -c peers20:15
Andy80if I run ntpdate I get: root@wifi:~# ntpdate20:15
Andy8021 Mar 20:36:28 ntpdate[28004]: no servers can be used, exiting20:15
wilsotcwill show the status of your NTPD process20:15
Andy80let me check the other command...20:15
Andy80root@wifi:~# ntpq -c peers20:15
Andy80     remote           refid      st t when poll reach   delay   offset  jitter20:15
Andy80 europium.canoni    2 u    -   64  377    9.953  -841279 145836.20:15
Andy80 bds2.bds-bayern   2 u   27   64  377    7.812  -841134 143860.20:15
Andy80(sorry for the copy/paste)20:16
wilsotcThe time should be closer than one hour, or it won't sync20:17
wilsotcyour offset is too large20:17
Andy80wilsotc: ok... so how can I change the offset? how can I fix it? Do I have to configure another ntp server in ntpd.conf?20:18
wilsotcyou can do that with the time, and date commands OR in the BIOS when you turn the machine one20:18
wilsotcOR with ntpdate20:18
Andy80I cannot access the bios... it's a VPS20:18
wilsotcntpdate server20:18
wilsotchold I will get the exact command,20:18
Andy80root@wifi:~# ntpdate ntp.ubuntu.com20:18
Andy8021 Mar 20:43:39 ntpdate[28064]: the NTP socket is in use, exiting20:18
RoyKntpdate pool.ntp.org20:18
Andy80wait, let me stop ntpd20:18
wilsotctry ntpdate ntp-s1.cise.ufl.edu20:19
Andy80ok, now it was set correctly:20:19
RoyKpool.ntp.org is very reliable and close to the source20:19
Andy80root@wifi:~# ntpdate ntp.ubuntu.com20:19
Andy8020 Mar 21:19:13 ntpdate[28087]: step time server offset -84330.344231 sec20:19
Andy80ok, I'll use it then20:19
wilsotcnow /etc/init.d/ntpd restart20:19
wilsotcand you should be golden in a few mins20:20
Andy80let's see.... if I remember well. I had already used ntpdate once.... then I installed ntpd and "someting" messed with time/date again during night....20:21
Andy80let's see if it resists20:21
wilsotcis this a dual boot system?20:21
Andy80this is an Ubuntu server installation on a Virtual Private Server hosting20:22
Andy80by the way... it looks like ntpd is messing again20:22
wilsotcit is likely changing upon restarting your system20:22
Andy80it already set 3-4 minutes more than my local machine20:22
wilsotcthe hardware clock in your machine is likely a different timezone that your server OS is expecting20:23
Andy80server: Sun Mar 20 21:26:19 CET 2011 - local PC: dom 20 mar 2011, 21.23.20, CET20:23
Andy80but.... if the system is virtualized, Ubuntu cannot set the real hardware clock...20:24
wilsotcOR the VM is resetting the virtual or REAL hardware clock20:24
wilsotcin the VM there's a simulated hardware clock that is possibly getting changed20:25
Andy80mmm... I'll have to ask to VPS support then...20:25
wilsotcthat sounds like your VM is hosted on a system with a flaky hardware clock? I've seen cheap crystals so bad that NTPD couldn't run20:27
Andy80for now I've stopped ntpd and re-set the time again using: ntpdate pool.ntp.org20:29
Andy80let's see in 5-10 minutes if/how changes20:29
wilsotcyeah, a cron job every minute will be okay, but you might see lost seconds and weird effects if the clock is drifting that quickly20:30
Andy80with ntpd it has been worse: it changed +24 hours in less than half a day :\20:31
RoyKAndy80: then ntpd probably gave up - is this on a VM?20:32
Andy80RoyK: yes, it's on a VM20:32
Andy80wilsotc: uhm... even with ntpd stopped, the clock is getting forward too fast.... I already have 4 minutes difference between my machine and remote server20:33
wilsotcA bad physical clock in the host machine is possible20:33
wilsotcwhat does your /var/lib/ntp/ntp.drift20:34
wilsotcfile show?20:34
Andy80root@wifi:~# cat /var/lib/ntp/ntp.drift20:36
wilsotcIt usually shouldn't be much over +-2020:36
wilsotcif you look at the 4th column of /var/log/ntpstats/loopstats, does that number fluctuate wildly?20:37
Andy80let me check20:38
RoyKAndy80: there are some issues with some virtualisation systems that may make the clock drift quite badly20:38
RoyKAndy80: it's _not_ an ntp issue, though, it's the emulated BIOS clock that drifts20:38
Andy80wilsotc: cat: /var/log/ntpstats/loopstats: No such file or directory20:38
wilsotcI suspect the VM also20:38
wilsotcyou could look here for further info: http://support.ntp.org/bin/view/Support/KnownOsIssues#Section_9.2.2.20:41
Andy80wow, lot of info to read... give me some minutes :)20:42
wilsotcSee if your hosting service uses NTPD or equivalent, then just use the host VMs clock seems to be the answer20:43
Andy80I don't know what they use to virtualize :\20:44
Andy80I'll ask a friend of mine who works in that service, as soon as I get him online.20:44
Andy80uff :\ the clocl is completly fu*** it's already 18 minutes forward my local time...20:46
RoyKAndy80: what sort of virtualisation system are you on?20:46
Andy80RoyK: I don't know....20:49
gbsd-gordsounds like H.G.Wells-ware :)20:49
wilsotcI've seen a bad hardware clock drift that much20:49
Andy80RoyK: it's not something I'm managing directly... it's a service I'm buying from a friend20:49
RoyKAndy80: not that I think it will help, but can you check if you're running a "server" or "generic" or "virtual" kernel?20:50
RoyKuname -a20:51
Andy80root@wifi:~# uname -a20:51
Andy80Linux wifi 2.6.31-20-server #58-Ubuntu SMP Fri Mar 12 05:40:05 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux20:51
RoyKwhich distro is this?20:52
RoyKdistro version, I mean20:52
Andy80ubuntu 9.1020:53
RoyKupgrade to 10.04 for a start20:54
RoyK9.10 is theoretically supported for another month, but 10.04 will be supported until april 2015, and I doubt much bugs will be fixed in 9.1020:55
gbsd-gordagreed - 1st priority, then if time problem goes away, you're sorted ;)20:55
gbsd-gordonce 9.10 "drops off", it will be a little difficult to upgrade smoothly20:55
RoyKalso, after upgrading to 10.04, install 2.6.35 as your kernel - the default, 2.6.32 IIRC, has some issues that has been fixed in .3520:55
Andy80mmm.... I'm running a "half-critic" service on this machine.... are we sure everything will be ok?20:56
RoyKgbsd-gord: really?20:56
RoyKgbsd-gord: I've upgraded rather old machines way after their support went out20:56
RoyKAndy80: do you have console access to the machine?20:56
gbsd-gordafter it drops off the mirrors (at some unknown unpecified time I think) then  a CDrom upgrade is needed20:56
RoyKAndy80: usually, an upgrade to a new release is trivial, but then...20:57
Andy80RoyK: I've ssh/root access to it20:57
RoyKgbsd-gord: I guess that's highly theoretical - it's only a few weeks since I upgraded a 9.04 machine20:57
gbsd-gordRoyk: that could be at least 7-19 months from now, best not to take too long because it's easy to forget20:57
gbsd-gordRoyK: oh yes, not urgent, but a very good idea and might fix the time trouble20:58
RoyKAndy80: well, ask whoever setup the system in the first place - an upgrade should be trivial, but if their infrastructure is wierd, well, you never know20:58
Andy80can you point me to some upgrading information/instructions that I can read? usually on old debian machines I used to manually change the source.list file to reflect the new version, then apt-get dist-upgrade...20:58
RoyKAndy80: apt-get update && do-release-upgrade20:59
RoyKno reason to change sources.list20:59
gbsd-gordhttp://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade    covers it20:59
Andy80ok, let's try....20:59
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gbsd-gordupdating-over-ssh is in theory "more risky" over ssh (in case you lose the SSH by upgrading, but if you write down the extra ssh port it opens for you you should be pretty safe21:00
gbsd-gordI've never had problems, ymmv21:01
Andy80ok, let's try21:01
* Andy80 cross fingers....21:04
uvirtbotNew bug: #738949 in dovecot (main) "package dovecot-common 1:1.2.9-1ubuntu6.3 failed to install/upgrade:" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73894921:06
Andy80is the configuration of apache, php, postgresql ecc.... kept? yes?21:09
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RoyKAndy80: yes21:22
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Andy80RoyK: upgrade finished! system restarted and running. The hosted service seems to run fine. The problem with date/time remained :\22:02
Andy80RoyK: what I don't understand is: why the kernel version is the same?22:03
Andy80andy80@wifi:~$ uname -a22:03
Andy80Linux wifi 2.6.31-20-server #58-Ubuntu SMP Fri Mar 12 05:40:05 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux22:03
Andy80and I cannot find /boot/grub/menu.lst nor /boot/grub/grub.cfg22:19
RoAkSoAxkirkland: ping22:26
DavieyAndy80, It sounds like the kernel is not part of your image... This isn't that uncommon for some visualisation methods.22:27
Andy80btw... I've my friend on Skype now... he says they use xen22:27
Davieyit's /usual/ for the kernel not to be part of the Domu... there are hacks that allow it to seem to be inside.22:28
DavieyAndy80, So, unless your provider supports pvgrub or simialr. - you are stuck on the kernel they provide.22:28
RoAkSoAxDaviey: o/22:41
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gwynddyllydhey. i just installed a minimal natty system and would like to add X to it. i installed xorg but failed to find a package to configure it from the command-line. do i have to fiddle with the xorg.conf file or is there some package (maybe curses based) to do it?23:02
gwynddyllydsorry if this is the wrong place to ask23:03
gwynddyllydthe system will function as a small LAN file server23:03
Davieyhey RoAkSoAx23:21
Andy80RoyK: we've fixed it :)23:26
Andy80RoyK: echo xen > /sys/devices/system/clocksource/clocksource0/current_clocksource23:26
Andy80yeah ;)23:26
Theravadani am trying to start a m2.4xlarge in any availability zone using an ubuntu server ami and it goes from pending->terminated, anyone know what i'm doing wrong or recommend any ubuntu ami that might work?23:56
lifelesson UEC or EC2 ?23:57
Theravadanec2-run-instances ami-548c783d -n 1 -t m2.4xlarge -z us-east-1c -b /dev/sdb=:500:false -k 'afkeypair' is the cmd23:58
zulhttp://uec-images.ubuntu.com and the get-console command should be able to tell you what is happening hopefully23:59

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