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duvelhedzgord: The answer to windows 98 is to up your ram to 256 and install lubuntu00:17
duvelhedzczajkowski: I'm on the way home now00:18
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HazRPGhmm, I can't get calibre to convert a cbr (essentially a rar/zip file of images) into a pdf or any other eReader format06:53
HazRPGanyone know anything06:53
knightwisehey HazRPG06:55
knightwisetry calibre06:55
HazRPGknightwise: hey dude :)06:55
knightwiseit might work06:55
HazRPGknightwise: I'm using calibre ;)06:55
knightwiseso much for my good advice06:55
HazRPGI know!06:55
HazRPGnah, see I'm using calibre and its added it to the library and I can open it in calibre06:55
HazRPGbut I just can't see to get it to convert to any other file format :/06:56
knightwisebut its a win app06:56
HazRPGI was about to say :P06:56
HazRPGdon't fancy booting into windows06:56
knightwiseill give it a google when i have the time , have you tried the twitterverse ?06:57
HazRPGis that the terminal twitter?06:58
HazRPGdon't know what twitterverse is... so I'm going to assume no lol06:58
HazRPGah wait07:01
HazRPGwould help if I read the full details of the error07:01
HazRPGseems I'm missing a .so file07:01
HazRPGOSError: libunrar.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory07:01
HazRPGhmm, apparently I already have unrar :/07:02
knightwiseah yeah i got that error once too07:04
knightwisenow i remember , but i didnt get it to work cause i could not find the so file on the web07:04
HazRPGah, think I've found it07:23
HazRPGapparently the tarball for calibre has the .so file inside it07:23
HazRPGand all I need to do is copy it to /usr/lib :)07:23
* HazRPG sets off download07:24
HazRPGMartijnVdS: o/07:48
MartijnVdSTime for some serious houswork L|07:56
MartijnVdShi czajkowski08:36
czajkowski /c08:43
alexcockellHousework?  What's that?  ;)08:45
czajkowskipopey: how do09:08
* popey remembers eating a kebab on the way home with alexcockell 09:13
popeyer AlanBell09:13
MartijnVdSYou can't even remember which one? :)09:13
MartijnVdS(or was that just lazy tabbing :))09:13
czajkowskivery late when I got back09:14
alexcockellPopey - when was that?09:16
alexcockellAhh... typing while still waking up?09:18
czajkowskiAlanBell: howdy09:18
AlanBellhad a conversation with Aine ealier: "did you eat anything when you were out" "no" "you must be starving" "not really . . .  . . . ohh, there may have been a kebab involved at some point"09:22
alexcockellSky currently geeking about Storm Shadow...09:26
alexcockellSorry - wrong channel09:26
czajkowski*yawns* no sign of keith being alive down stairs09:27
popeyi bought him a pint that he refused to drink because "it smells and tastes of farts"09:28
alexcockellOh - of course - was a big rugby thing, wasn't it..09:28
czajkowskipopey: oh dear09:28
alexcockellPints of coffee being prepped for house occupants?09:29
czajkowskiI left sorcha in the pub with the other guy whos name I dont remember and we got the 23:00 train home09:30
AlanBellI really think at these events we need name badges for people who are not called Alan09:32
AlanBellwas it duvelhedz09:34
AlanBellor was that Keith?09:34
czajkowskiduvel is alan09:34
czajkowskikeith is talideon on irc09:34
popeyczajkowski: graham?09:53
czajkowskiahh yes09:56
popeyczajkowski: he's lovely, I've known him for a few years now10:09
MyrttiI can't remember D's tesco password, I can't order him a birthday cake delivery for tomorrow on his expense10:09
Myrttinot that it matters, I don't know at what time he'd be home to receive it10:10
AlanBellits the thought that counts Myrtti10:11
AlanBellwell actually when the thought is about cake, it might actually be the cake that counts10:12
Myrttiindeed :-(10:12
* AlanBell has cake10:13
* BigRedS will have cake shortly10:14
BigRedSI'm being made to leave the house for it, though, which I think is most unfair10:15
MyrttiI've got vanilla bagels and cream cheese10:17
MyrttiI guess that makes up for the cake, he did have some yesterday10:17
czajkowskigoing to head to London10:18
czajkowskiany suggestions for things to do today10:18
gingthe ubuntu network manager is infact magical10:18
gingczajkowski: do you like dinosaurs?10:18
popeythanks for organising last night czajkowski  / danfish10:18
popeywe should do that again10:19
czajkowskibit of a laugh alright10:19
czajkowskiknew it would be a good match :D10:19
gingpopey: did czajkowski get drunk and do anything her co-works shouldnt know about?10:19
czajkowskiging: start that lark buddy trolling me here and you and I will have some issues :)10:20
czajkowskiam I being clear enough :)10:20
gingi was only joking10:20
czajkowskijust to be clear :)10:21
czajkowskiplus I helped get you the job so you've to be nice10:21
MyrttiI suppose every nation needs their silly sports10:21
MyrttiI don't try to understand cricket or rugby, and I don't expect anyone to understand pesäpallo or kyykkä10:22
popeyi was there for the beer and friends, not the sport :)10:27
czajkowskihave to say watching that kinda game in an english bar, was defiantely interesting10:28
gingwere you the only irish fan there?10:28
czajkowskithere were a few...10:29
czajkowskibut definately out numbered10:29
AlanBellging: czajkowski had rounded up some reinforcements10:32
AlanBelllooks like we may need to push back the train to later in the year http://www.watercressonline.co.uk/section.php?xSec=19110:36
* AlanBell adds note, Myrtti to organise kyykkä event http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finnish_skittles10:40
gingyou could organise a kurling event then UK can win it10:41
gingoh it's spelt curling10:42
AlanBellno, you were right http://www.kurling.com/10:42
AlanBellkurling is curling but not neccessarily on ice10:42
AlanBelljust needs a room with a flat floor that might hold say 400 people for example10:43
caulkzmorning guys/gals10:51
jacobwquick question about screen, why is the parameter to change the control character to X '-e^Xx' rather than '-e x' ?10:51
jacobwgood morning caulkz :)10:51
caulkzim taking my trust Nikon d300 out of hibernation, any useful utils that compliment it nicely?10:52
caulkzand, my webcam dont work on some website (no image), using firefox with logitech pro 9000?10:54
caulkzworks with cheese straight out of box!10:54
caulkzplease with cherries lol10:55
caulkzany1 awake?? lol :)10:56
jacobwif it works with cheese, it'll probably work with other programs when the other programs are configured correctly10:57
caulkzno feed from some websites10:57
caulkzissues with flash?10:57
popeyi guess this is a v4l vs v4l2 issue10:59
jacobwprobably, flash is a massive source of issues which can't fixed by any one in the community10:59
caulkzflash is closed source and only adobe can fix?11:01
alexcockellPretty much..11:01
jacobwyes, that is it exactly11:02
caulkzis there a OSS alternative to flash?11:02
alexcockellnot one that you can use against iPlayer...11:02
jacobwthere's many, but they're all far behind Adobe's implementation of Flash11:02
alexcockell.. due to the Beeb locking it all down with Adobe's "check it's really Adobe Flash you're running" code.11:03
caulkzat least adobe supports linux..11:04
jacobwcaulkz: try starting firefox with this command and see if it works, `11:07
jacobwLD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/v4l2convert.so firefox &11:07
jacobwi read about that command at http://lab.marand.com/2010/04/making-webcam-work-in-flash-on-ubuntu/11:09
alexcockellAnd nice that they've got experimental ION support now..11:10
alexcockellAdobe-flashplugin, libvdpau1, textfile change...11:10
caulkzbookmarked the url, cheers alex11:11
ubuntuuk-planet[Andy Loughran] FPTP versus AV - http://zrmt.com/2011/03/19/fptp-versus-av/11:11
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* daubers tries to hack together a linked list in C++12:18
Seeker`daubers: "hack together"?12:32
daubersSeeker`: Never done it before :)12:34
MartijnVdSit's not that hard :)12:34
daubersNo, but just takes a little reading to understand12:34
* directhex downloads palm sdk12:37
brobostigongoodafternoon everyone.12:37
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: afternoonings :P12:38
Seeker`daubers: understand what?12:38
MartijnVdSSeeker`: linked lists12:38
Seeker`linked list = data + pointer12:38
brobostigonMartijnVdS: good afternoon. :)12:38
MartijnVdSSeeker`: maybe two pointers, if you want double links12:39
daubersSeeker`: Just moving around in them really. Just want to make sure I have it right before I make a mess of it :)12:40
Seeker`MartijnVdS: well, yes, but thats more "advanced" :P12:40
MartijnVdSdaubers: list<your_type> L;12:41
MartijnVdS\o/ STL12:41
directhexi am gonna start writing a mobile app!12:42
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 720468 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "[i915gm] GPU lockup (ESR: 0x00000001 IPEHR: 0x7f9c002d)" [High,Fix released]12:43
daubersdirecthex: Anything exciting and will it work on my Pre Plus?12:43
MartijnVdSdirecthex: for the platform that's even less used than Symbian ;)12:43
brobostigonhopefully i will get no more gpulockup. :)12:43
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: cool12:43
brobostigonMartijnVdS: it was releated to libdrm,12:44
Seeker`MartijnVdS: daubers: a puzzle for you; how can you tell if your list has a loop in it?12:44
MartijnVdSSeeker`: Walk it. If you see yourself, it has a loop.12:44
MartijnVdSSeeker`: or do you mean any kind of loop?12:45
Seeker`"if you see yourself"?12:45
MartijnVdSSeeker`: yes.. your starting point12:45
Seeker`what about if you have a->b->c->d->b->c->d->b->c->d->b->c...12:45
MartijnVdSSeeker`: store the "next" pointers somewhere, bail out if you've already seen it12:46
MartijnVdSSeeker`: hash table-ish12:46
directhexdaubers, 2.1 firmware?12:46
daubersdirecthex: Don't think so.... thats only for the Pre 2 onwards isn't it?12:46
directhexdaubers, nein, 2.1 update available for pre plus and higher on o212:47
daubersdirecthex: It is???12:47
Seeker`what about if you have 1->2->3->...->5,000,000,000->5,000,000,001->5,000,000,002->5,000,000,00012:47
daubersSeeker`: Store the 'id' of the list item?12:48
Seeker`daubers: the "id"?12:48
Seeker`thats still 4 bytes12:48
directhexyou're writing your own linked list?12:48
daubersSeeker`: e.g. item number12:48
Seeker`so if you have a large data strugcture you are still storing 4*number of items bytes12:49
Seeker`which for long lists is a large amount of memory12:49
MartijnVdSSeeker`: You could store one/a few pointer at a time and walk the list several times, I guess12:50
directhexdaubers, http://ws.palm.com/WebOsChecker/serialnumberinitial.htm12:51
Seeker`how do you know when to stop walking the list if it has a loop in it? :P12:51
MartijnVdSSeeker`: Walk it twice _at the same time_, at different speeds12:51
MartijnVdSSeeker`: if you pass yourself, you have a loop :)12:51
Seeker`MartijnVdS: correct :)12:51
daubersdirecthex: When I put my serial in it offers webOS® Doctor™ for Palm® Pre™ Plus for O2. Build O2.236.222, webOS 1.4.512:52
MartijnVdSthat might even be relatively fast12:52
Seeker`MartijnVdS: depends on the size of the loop12:52
MartijnVdSSeeker`: sure but it won't be O(n²) or something evil12:52
directhexdaubers, oh, you'll love this. o2 germany have it for the pre plus.12:53
daubersBah, blasted o212:53
MartijnVdSIt won't be O(2) :P12:53
daubersSo I can get it, bit only in German?12:54
directhexdaubers, nothing in software update on the phone?12:54
Seeker`MartijnVdS: Might be O(n) actually.12:54
daubersdirecthex: only application updates12:55
directhexdaubers, how vexing. really just seems to be o2 germany12:55
directhexdaubers, if the pre3 is an o2 exclusive, i'm skipping it12:56
directhexo2 are the worst network ever that isn't vodafone12:56
daubersdirecthex: Yeah :(12:57
daubersstuck till November anyway12:57
MartijnVdSdirecthex: Hm, Vodafone-NL have the best network.. KPN-NL is good as well, but T-Mobile = NOOOOOOOoooooo....12:57
directhexdaubers, wife is on o2 until around then. i'm on orange until july12:58
daubersdirecthex: I may actually just buy a phone instead of get one on contract at that poin12:59
directhexdaubers, yes, i'm considering the same... see also what i said about o2 exclusives13:00
directhexdaubers, right now, 3 have the best sim-only contract sim. giffgaff are better, if you trust them long-term (not sure i do)13:00
daubersdirecthex: The only thing that would swing me is if they gave a free pr3 with a discounted tablet13:00
popeygiffgaff is o2 though13:00
popeyso you're using their coverage13:00
directhexpopey, yeah, but coverage isn't the issue13:01
directhexi really don't care much about coverage maps, they're much of a muchness. i care about data rates and i care about lockdown13:01
directhexthree have the best data rates for a mainstream company (unlimited data sim), giffgaff have some kind of weirdo attitude to things13:01
directhexlockdown... i'll only accept with a good contract. e.g. if three had the pre³13:02
* brobostigon shakes fist @ sky box, for resetting itself, while brobostigon is trying to watch the simpsons.13:02
directhexbrobostigon, what do you expect for an amstrad?13:03
brobostigondirecthex: this is a grundig.13:03
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directhexbrb, restarting x13:05
directhexdaubers, developer device program.13:09
directhexdaubers, the pre³ will  be available at a discount for devs. and i'm writing an app13:09
directhexwait, that's US only -_-13:09
daubersdirecthex: bah13:09
daubersgot me partially excited briefly13:09
AlanBellhi all13:10
brobostigonafternoonings AlanBell13:10
AlanBellI was thinking about putting dual boot Ubuntu on my brothers new laptop13:10
AlanBellhowever HP have been evil with the partition table13:10
AlanBell4 primary partitions all used13:10
AlanBellnow what?13:10
AlanBellcan't create extended partitions without a primary to put them in13:10
MartijnVdSGPT :)13:11
AlanBellthe windows setup routine is *horrible*13:12
directhexAlanBell, not a lot you can do13:12
AlanBellI went through it, but it was so evil I used the recovery thing to set it all back again so he can experience it too13:12
AlanBellis Wubi a good way forward in this instance?13:13
TheOpenSourcererAlanBell: Backup sda3 somewhere else then move the partitions around?13:15
directhexAlanBell, oh, that's a good idea13:16
AlanBellsda2 seems to be the one to nuke and rejiggle13:19
TheOpenSourcererwhat is is sda1?13:19
AlanBellnot too sure13:19
directhexmany vendors have weirdo partitions, sadly13:20
directhexanother point for dell: they ship real windows media, on real discs, with latitude laptops. can just reinstall a pristine windows, for dual-booting13:20
directhexlenovo have a crazy purposefully bad partiiton table (e.g. overlapping partitions) which only their tools can fix13:21
AlanBelltrouble is if I nuke stuff I am going to end up breaking windows beyond my ability to fix it13:22
AlanBelland my brother isn't going to like that13:22
AlanBellI think I will explore wubi a bit13:22
TheOpenSourcererYes, but at least he will have Ubuntu :-)13:22
AlanBelltrue :)13:24
alexcockellLenovo kit supplied by Linux Emporium is pretty hot though - THEY are taking the step of blowing away Windows... then again, I am a bit more of a user than you lot.13:24
directhexif you burn backup media, the lenovo tools permit you to blat the recovery partition, then you can repartition fine13:25
directhexalthough our contracts with lenovo the os doesn't matter13:25
directhexsince we don't send them the hard disks when stuff needs repairing13:25
AlanBellproblem solved, he has brought his old laptop to be forensically wiped13:29
AlanBellso going to nuke it hard with dd then put Ubuntu on it13:29
MartijnVdSDoesn't want his "photo collection" to fall into the wrong hands, eh?13:30
AlanBell;) funny, but he is actually a forensic accountant and wants it clean of customer stuff13:31
popeyAlanBell: what does the window recovery thing do if partitions already exist?13:48
popeydoes it just blat the disk?13:48
penguin42AlanBell: Not going to use dban or scrub?13:49
popeyI'd be inclined to dump /dev/sda3 and /dev/sda413:49
popey16GB is enough for you to install ubuntu in for him to play13:49
popeyand can later resize sda2 down13:50
domjohnsonAnyone here take DiDA?13:56
domjohnson(that is, the subject...)13:56
Seeker`anyone have a xmltv config for freeview?13:57
kvarleydomjohnson: I did it last year14:03
domjohnsonGod I hate it.14:05
ubuntuuk-planet[Matthew Garrett] Archos tablets - http://mjg59.livejournal.com/134903.html15:11
brobostigonno gpu lockup yet, :)15:42
AlanBellpopey: I am not sure what the windows recovery tool does or how upset it would be with a different partition table15:47
AlanBelland I don't really want to nuke the recovery partitions, it doesn't come with any other installation media15:48
mgdmAlanBell: in my experience as long as it stays in the same place and with the same partition number, it's fine15:50
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 720468 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "[i915gm] GPU lockup (ESR: 0x00000001 IPEHR: 0x7f9c002d)" [High,Fix released]16:27
brobostigonany clever graphics people around?16:36
popeyAlanBell: doesnt it let you make recovery DVDs?16:50
AlanBellI didn't see that option, and I don't have any blank DVDs here17:00
AzelphurAnyone amazing at SQL feel like trying to reverse engineer this horrible query I'm trying to understand? XD17:17
AzelphurIt's evil...pure evil17:17
AzelphurI also realized it's entirely pointless too, so never mind xD17:19
alexcockellAzelphur - would you reckon that query belongs on DailyWTF?17:31
Azelphuralexcockell: no idea17:34
shaunoI don't get this at all.  some days MC will run for hours on end, others I'm lucky to get 90 seconds before it crashes.  and I'm finding absolutely no rhythm nor reason behind it :(17:40
directhexwhich java are you using?17:45
shaunothe one apple push, appears to be no alternatives  (yes, it's completely offtopic.  I'm just frustrated because I'm literally getting 90 seconds at a time)17:46
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shaunooh .. minecraft18:09
jacobwI see :)18:09
shaunojust figured there's enough addicts in here than someone may have some pointers :)18:16
shaunoexperimenting with 32bit vs 64bit atm.  tried not using 3 mice, but seemed to make zero difference18:16
brobostigonhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzIeiyzRLCw&feature=player_embedded  interesting.18:19
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: "Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're our only hope"18:20
brobostigonMartijnVdS: :)18:21
phonex01hello gys18:26
phonex01today i gave presentation about aircrack-ng it was really amazing18:26
popeyis it online?18:27
phonex01no man18:27
phonex01it is not allowed to recored !18:27
phonex01university policy !18:27
MartijnVdSpopey: you know security people, very insecure about their security policies18:27
MartijnVdSpopey: also.. very insecure in general :)18:27
MartijnVdS(or should I say paranoid)18:28
jpdsMartijnVdS: Nothing's secure anyway at the end of the day.18:28
phonex01next week we will be about " Software Reverse Engineering "18:28
* popey hacks the gibson18:28
popeyshame, i would like to have seen that18:28
MartijnVdSjpds: Not having data = perfect security :)18:28
brobostigonphonex01: can i suggest starting with wine, :)18:28
phonex01oh nice18:29
phonex01but i will start with them by the basics18:29
phonex01they are not that Experience !18:29
phonex01they dont even use linux !18:29
brobostigonphonex01: reverse engineering the windows api, in order to emulate the windowsapi.18:29
phonex01yes you are right18:29
brobostigonphonex01: oh i see,ok.18:29
phonex01normally everything done with the ollydebug tool18:30
brobostigonphonex01: but i would suggest, staying within legal limits, like wine.18:30
phonex01ya it is a good idea18:30
phonex01by the way is there any software like File recovery pro for ubuntu  ?18:31
jpdsphonex01: photorec?18:31
brobostigonphonex01: you dont need to be called on for teching people to break the law.18:31
phonex01photorec ?18:31
MartijnVdSphotorec :)18:32
MartijnVdSphonex01: it recovers deleted files from disks18:32
phonex01im installing it right now18:32
MartijnVdSphonex01: useful if you accidentally format your camera memory card, for example18:32
MartijnVdSphonex01: or some other disk with pictures 8-)18:32
jpdsfiles out of dead disks too.18:32
phonex01no i want to make some simple research about low-level file processing18:32
phonex01which mean deals with data without there file system18:33
phonex01the same as recovery tools do18:33
phonex01actually when you delete a file you just delete the pointer or address of that file but physicly the file still there !18:33
jpdsphonex01: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/PhotoRec_Data_Carving18:33
phonex01thank you jpds18:34
brobostigon!info photorec18:34
lubotu3Package photorec does not exist in maverick18:34
brobostigon!info photorec natty18:34
mgdmbrobostigon: it's in the testdisk package18:34
lubotu3Package photorec does not exist in natty18:34
mgdm!info testdisk18:34
lubotu3testdisk (source: testdisk): Partition scanner and disk recovery tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 6.11-1 (maverick), package size 1510 kB, installed size 4672 kB18:34
brobostigonmgdm: ah, thank you,18:34
* mgdm has used that to get people out of some sticky situations :)18:35
MyrttiI wish the local lemsip would have decongestant in it :-( aspirin, vitamin c and caffeine is a rather useless mix18:37
Myrttiespecially useless when I want to sleep anyway and have even medication to help me with it18:39
phonex01ok im using photorec right now it seems good18:40
MyrttiOh well. blackcurrant juice and aspirin it is then18:40
phonex01oh yah guys i have strange problem about backtrack 418:40
popeythere is a backtrack support channel18:40
phonex01when i use back track 4 from live CD or flash everything is ok18:40
popey##backtrack-linux i think18:40
phonex01but when i install it the mouse stop working after loading the dekstop18:41
Myrtti"try ubuntu instead"18:41
phonex01ok no problem with ubuntu18:41
phonex01but im asking about the problem !18:42
phonex01i need to know why ?18:42
phonex01ubuntu is ok18:42
Myrttistrangely enough, this is ubuntu channel18:42
phonex01ok im not allowed to ask such question here18:42
phonex01ok no problem im sorry any wya18:42
Myrttisure you are18:42
Myrttiprobably you're just not getting answers ;-)18:43
brobostigonphonex01: but they in the backtrack channel will be specilist, :)18:43
phonex01im in backtrack channel no one is responding !18:43
phonex01they maybe sleeping !18:43
brobostigonphonex01: i have had a gpu lockup problem. so have been sitting in #ubuntu-x all afternoon, i am being patient, because i know i will get an answer.18:44
popeyphonex01: the official #ubuntu support channel does indeed ban the asking of backtrack questions, and mint too i think18:45
Myrttimmmm cough medicine18:45
phonex01ok i got the msg !18:45
popeybut here we are more relaxed, I just wondered if you knew about the other channel, that's all.18:45
phonex01hi popey ok i said im sorry !18:45
popeyI am not having a go at you18:46
phonex01oh photorec is really good18:46
popeyI am explaining the situation18:46
popeyno need to get ratty with me18:46
phonex01no problem !18:46
phonex01take it easy18:46
* popey wanders off18:46
jpdsI say !18:48
Azelphurrunning a dynmap fullrender on my minecraft server, according to top java is using 115% CPU flat out18:54
Azelphurdefying the laws of physics \o/18:55
mgdmThat means it's using more than one CPU18:56
Azelphurbut minecraft is single threaded?18:56
mgdmI suspect that the app itself is but that bits of the JVM might handle different things on different threads18:56
mgdmor part of the GUI. or something. I don't know, I have no interest in Minecraft18:57
Azelphurtis the server, so no gui18:57
* mgdm shrugs18:57
phonex01guys i need a good learning easy way to write shells for ubuntu ?18:58
phonex01any link ?18:59
dutchie"shell" can mean a lot of things, what exactly do you mean?18:59
phonex01i mean writing shells19:00
jpdsphonex01: http://tldp.org/LDP/Bash-Beginners-Guide/html/index.html19:00
phonex01thnak you19:00
Myrttishell scripts probably...19:26
gordwe have a tend to call anything that contains anything else in software a shell, this is starting to backfire ;)19:32
gordi suggest we now start calling everything a bucket19:32
AlanBellunity is a bucket for gnome, but not gnome-bucket19:35
AlanBellworks for me :)19:35
ali1234if you put just a little bit more thought into it you can probably convince some people that it is a whole new UI paradigm and get a book deal out of it19:36
daubersOnce you've filled the gnome-bucket with widgets, it works more like bucketless gnome?19:37
ali1234no, not widgets... you need to com eup with a new name for them19:37
ali1234like plasmoids19:37
ali1234except plasmoids is already taken19:37
* AlanBell wonders what is going on in the minds of Myrtti and daubers 19:38
MyrttiAlanBell: feet19:38
Myrttia la Gnome logo19:38
ali1234that one is actually good19:39
ali1234footprint would be a better name for "the desktop" (what kde calls an activity)19:39
ali1234i believe os x calls it the dashboard?19:41
ali1234and on windows it's just called "active desktop"19:41
daubersso the bucket handles the footprint, which contains the assorted feet?19:42
daubersAnyone else confused yet, or just me?19:42
ali1234it doesn't even matter if it makes sense19:42
ali1234the more confusing it is, the more innovative it appears to be19:43
mgdmHence, Google Wave19:44
mgdmand we saw how well that did19:44
ali1234mgdm: the problem with googlewave is they actually innovated19:44
ali1234the path to success is copy something that everyone is familiar with and then rename all the parts so people think it is something new19:45
shaunowave was fascinating, but the client they put on the frontend wasn't :(19:45
mgdmthe tech seemed to be rather cool, but yeah, the UI was less-than-obvious19:46
mgdmthough I did do some useful things in it19:46
MyrttiAWWWWW GOATS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQ6xGMSOu1E19:46
daubersC++ question.... if I have a pointer set up that is being reassigned now and again, how can I assign a new object to that point with the correct arguments to initialise that object?20:11
phonex01guys need help20:12
daubersI'm trying to do foo->bar = new FooBar(x,y,z);20:12
phonex01how can i change color on IRC ?20:12
daubersphonex01: Depends on your client20:12
phonex01i mean i saw some people on some rooms change the bg color and such things20:12
phonex01ok im using XCHAT20:13
ali1234so my youtube video has been flagged: Entity: Music Publishing Rights Collecting Society Content Type: Musical Composition20:25
ali1234even though the music is out of copyright20:25
ali1234that is, the composition was done in the 1900s and it is an original recording20:26
shaunoheh, I like the name tho.  atleast they're not pretending to be artists20:26
ali1234that's just a generic name for whatever local organization collects royalties on behalf of compaosers20:27
Azelphuris there any free alternative to spotify that runs on Ubuntu?20:27
popeyAzelphur: bittorrent20:28
Azelphurwell yea I use that but was after something more spotify-ish for a friend :p20:29
Azelphurthey said they don't like last.fm because you can't choose specific songs20:29
popeywhy not spotify?20:29
Azelphurgrooveshark I'll take a look at20:29
Azelphurpopey: because it's not free for Linux, which is extremely lame and makes me want to slap them? :D20:29
popeyit works in wine20:29
popeyactually I have tried it in wine20:29
popeyon my joggler20:29
AzelphurI see20:30
Azelphursuppose I'll just wine spotify, irritating when there's a native client right there20:30
Azelphurmakes me want to send them an email.20:30
popeythey know20:30
popeyspoke to them about it ages ago20:30
shaunoali1234: bummer.  for a moment I thought someone actually had the gall to name their company "copyright trolls"20:31
Azelphurpopey: what did they say?20:31
popeyi think they said it was something to do with not being able to guarantee the delivery of the adverts on the client20:34
popeybut that sounds more like what you'd say if you were implementing an open source client20:34
popeymark (on the podcast) spoke to them about it20:34
popeymore recently than I20:34
popeyask them in #spotify20:37
Azelphurfun \o/20:42
jacobw!info vim20:48
lubotu3vim (source: vim): Vi IMproved - enhanced vi editor. In component main, is optional. Version 2:7.2.330-1ubuntu4 (maverick), package size 836 kB, installed size 1656 kB20:48
=== cbx333 is now known as cbx33
* brobostigon puts bbc2 on, for wonders.21:00
HazRPGhow's everyone doing?21:01
brobostigonevening HazRPG :)21:01
MartijnVdSsleepy :)21:01
AlanBellhttp://people.ubuntu.com/~alanbell/beard.jpg should I keep it or not?21:02
brobostigonHazRPG: quiteill, headache, throat ache, back pain. how about you?21:02
brobostigonHazRPG: also i added you to me new project on launchpad.21:02
HazRPGbrobostigon: evening :)21:02
brobostigonHazRPG: :)21:03
HazRPGbrobostigon: :( hope ya feel better soon squire21:03
HazRPGbrobostigon: I know the feeling though, woke up 3 times in front of the computer since last night... so I have a sore back and neck now21:04
HazRPGbrobostigon: ooo, new project?21:04
brobostigonHazRPG: thank, me too.21:04
MartijnVdSHazRPG: and a keyboard full of drool? :P21:04
HazRPGAlanBell: yes!21:04
brobostigonHazRPG: https://launchpad.net/~hazrpg is that you?21:04
HazRPGAlanBell: Personally I find it easier to keep trimming a beard, than it is to keep shaving every couple of days21:05
HazRPGbrobostigon: That would be correct :)21:05
HazRPGMartijnVdS: heh, no... thankfully :P21:06
brobostigonHazRPG: i have added you to the new group then, https://launchpad.net/~hydraulic-hybrid , it is the old project, but gives me version control, which i needed.21:06
HazRPGbrobostigon: ah yeah, I recall you looking up various version control stuff and people recommending bzr to you :)21:07
brobostigonHazRPG: is also makes it much easier on me, to allow people to see the code.21:08
MartijnVdSbut.. that's scary21:08
MartijnVdShaving other people look at your code ;)21:08
brobostigonMartijnVdS: very much, so, yes.21:08
MartijnVdSyou'll get used to it21:09
brobostigonMartijnVdS: at the moment it is a  total mess.21:09
MartijnVdSwe do code reviews at work.. at first everyone is scared :)21:09
HazRPGheh yeah, sharing code around for the first time is always scary21:09
HazRPGI remember setting up my SVN and sharing my code off to close friends by giving them access to it...21:10
MartijnVdShah, I used 3.5" disks for that :)21:10
brobostigonHazRPG: thats why i am keeping it a relativlyclosedgroup. so i dont get silly stupid people, wrecking it.21:10
HazRPGwhen you think your coding is pretty decent, and others go off and say there's a few issues with it... always makes you feel inadequate lol21:11
MartijnVdSHazRPG: at some point they'll start saying it's good though21:11
MartijnVdSHazRPG: and you learn to anticipate their criticism (as well as your own -- reviewing goes both ways :))21:11
brobostigonso any ideas, are welcome, :)21:11
MartijnVdSwhich means overall code quality increases21:12
HazRPGMartijnVdS: Yeah, but they were expecting it to be fully working when I'd only been spending like a few weeks on it lol21:12
HazRPGMartijnVdS: Indeed :)21:12
MartijnVdSHazRPG: you can't fix unrealistic expectations (well, maybe by showing it earlier. Agile-ish approaches etc.)21:12
brobostigonHazRPG: so if you have any ideas, you can, s you are now a group member, i am keeping it this way, so i dont get arses messing with it, and or vandalising it.21:13
HazRPGbrobostigon: good stuff :)21:13
* MartijnVdS decides it's time for sleep21:14
HazRPGbrobostigon: is this pretty much the project I was helping you review a few years back?21:14
brobostigonnos da MartijnVdS21:14
MartijnVdSgood luck with your project, brobostigon & HazRPG21:14
HazRPGMartijnVdS: aww you off :(?21:14
HazRPGMartijnVdS: Night, sleep well.21:14
brobostigonHazRPG: what i have there now, is the lastfew months, i havent put any of thatoldstuff up yet.21:14
brobostigonMartijnVdS: thank you, :)21:14
HazRPGMartijnVdS: Indeed, thanks :)21:15
brobostigonHazRPG: also i need to put up the C modules i am using, aswell.21:16
brobostigonHazRPG: that means atthe moment, you need to get the modules manually.21:17
HazRPGbrobostigon: ah ok21:17
brobostigonHazRPG: the modules are in an entirly different folder, to where the source is held, and i need to find a way, of doing that properly.21:18
Myrttidamned cough21:18
HazRPGMyrtti: got a cold?21:19
brobostigonHazRPG: so you just bzr one lot, and have everything, rather than having to bzr seperate folders, and combine them.21:19
popeybrobostigon: tip: commit messages should have useful text in them :)21:20
HazRPGbrobostigon: yeah, that does sound better - because then people don't have to worry about the dependencies, plus everyone will be working with the same code-set21:20
brobostigonpopey: yes, sorry, :)21:20
HazRPGpopey: heh, I was just about to bring him up on that :P21:20
brobostigonHazRPG: yes, that is a thought,21:20
brobostigonshould compile* is maybe alittle weak.21:21
popeyit was all the ones before that actually :)21:21
brobostigonthats also, yes, :)21:21
HazRPGbrobostigon: that one's fine, because that at least tells people it should compile - problem is with the others21:21
brobostigonHazRPG: they are content light, very true, i need tobe more discriptive.21:22
HazRPGlooks like you beat me to it :P21:22
HazRPGbrobostigon: trust me, its not just useful for others to understand what's going on - it'll help you too so you can see the way things have been going :)21:23
brobostigonHazRPG: i agree, i will add some of the stuff in my paper notes, in the future,21:23
HazRPGbrobostigon: coolies :)21:24
HazRPGbrobostigon: just out of interesting, what's the graphie stuff for?21:26
brobostigonHazRPG: :), if you see any mistakes or improvements, pleaseadd them,  :)21:26
HazRPGbrobostigon: will do :)21:26
brobostigonHazRPG: thats to repreent the output data, from the arduino over the usb.21:26
brobostigonis a nice graph.21:26
HazRPGah cool :)21:26
brobostigonin a*21:26
popeyexobuzz: hey!21:27
HazRPGI am tempted to get an arduino myself tbh, so I might be more useful over time :)21:27
exobuzzpopey, hi21:27
exobuzzexcellent podcast (as usual) :21:28
exobuzz:) even21:28
popeyyay, thanks21:28
brobostigonHazRPG: that would be interesting yes, you can do alot, and interesting things, as i am trying, and all it is, is simple C, so easy to program, atleastshould be, anyways, :)21:28
HazRPGbrobostigon: I'm not sure if it'll fit my needs, but it will definitely help get me back into the swing of electronics though :)21:29
brobostigonHazRPG: ah, i see. yes it will definatly  do that, :)21:30
HazRPGpopey: I must say, I do love the way Calibre grabs news sites! I was reading away through some articles before I went to bed21:32
popeyits rather cool isnt it21:33
popeyreminds me21:33
* popey updates his calibre21:33
mgdmpopey: what reader do you use?21:33
ali1234every commit should compile21:34
ali1234just saying21:34
HazRPGpopey: Hmm, do you grab Calibre straight from the site? Because I've noticed the repo only has up to 0.7.1821:34
HazRPGali1234: you mean without errors?21:35
popeyHazRPG: on osx i do21:35
mgdmHazRPG: that's the generally accepted definition of "compile", yes21:35
czajkowskidanfish: you missed an epic day!21:36
HazRPGmgdm: heh21:36
* HazRPG pokes brobostigon to see ali's comment21:37
ali1234yes without errors21:37
brobostigonHazRPG: where?21:37
HazRPGbrobostigon: (2011-03-20 9:34:42 PM) ali1234: every commit should compile21:38
ali1234a commit is a snapshot in history21:38
ali1234ask yourself why would you ever want to go back to a snapshot that doesn't compile?21:38
HazRPGali1234: heh, when you put it like that makes me think "why would you ever take a photo, without the people in it yet"21:39
popeya bad analogy is like a leaky screwdriver21:39
popeyyou would never roll back to a photo21:39
popeyunless you were in a film like Back to the future21:40
* mgdm takes lots of photos and very few of them ever have people in21:41
brobostigonali1234: maybe, yes, but sometimes even i am not perfect.21:41
* brobostigon making croaking noises,21:42
HazRPGheh, I've only *just* seen the WikiReader21:44
popeyi do like that device, if only you could use a kindle sized device offline for that21:44
HazRPGpopey: I'm sure if you grabbed a dump of wiki you could21:45
HazRPGis it just me, but having a dump of the full wiki for offline use, is like having a hitchikers guide to the galaxy (minus the fact that its not the whole galaxy)21:47
gingpopey: you know about the free internet on the 3g kindle right?21:47
popeyi do21:47
HazRPGging: only if you dished out extra for that version :P21:47
popeyhe said "3g kindle"21:48
gingHazRPG: I did21:48
ali1234HazRPG: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Database_download21:48
ali123427GB uncompressed just for the newest revisions21:48
gingjust seems wrong to download wikipedia21:48
popeyhmm, that would fit on my ipad :)21:48
popeythe wikireader is a cut-down version, no images21:48
gingit's like keeping a monkey in a tiny cage21:48
ali1234popey: 27GB does not include images21:49
popeythats fine21:50
popeyits the text i'd mostly want21:50
popeythe wikireader is 4GB iirc?21:50
popeymicro sdhc21:50
HazRPGpopey: 8GB according to this source21:51
ali1234sure, if you compress it and remove all the buffy the vampire slayer articles it would be much smaller21:51
HazRPGpopey: the download they provide is 4GB21:51
ali1234"all revisions, all pages" uncompresses to 5 terabytes21:52
gingi dont see how it is in anyway better than using a kindle in a country where you get free internet on it21:52
ali1234it isn't21:53
Seeker`ging: just because you can?21:53
popeyi was thinking more for the kids21:53
ali1234wikireader is for people who are worried about looking up the major characters of buffy in the event of a large scale disaster taking out the 3G network21:54
AlanBellging: in preparation for when society breaks down and anarchy rules, the internet is gone, and you want to look up the article for rubbing sticks together to make fire21:54
gingali1234: i never thought about that21:54
Seeker`ali1234: you seem to be obsessed with buffy21:54
AlanBelland then the article for making a steam powered kindle charger21:54
ali1234better print that just in case21:54
Azelphuris there any place to look at the major/blocker bugs for 11.04?21:55
mgdmTo be fair it's not just Buffy. There's a fair amount of Pokemon in there too21:58
popeyand doctor who21:58
mgdmAh, but that's worthwhile!21:58
popeywikireader is only 60 quid21:59
gingthey sell them in UK?21:59
mgdmis it hackable in any way?21:59
czajkowskiboo no moodoo :(21:59
HazRPGWikiReader is open source as far as I'm aware22:00
HazRPGand popey just confirmed that :P22:01
gingwhat happened to openmoko?22:01
popeythey made a sucky phone22:01
ali1234Azelphur: try this: http://bit.ly/hyoVYE22:01
Azelphurali1234: ty :D22:02
popeyhaha, is the nintendo 3ds and the ipad 2 releasing on the same day!?22:02
gingi remember wanting 1 when they came out because everyone said they were awsome22:02
popeythey were never awesome ging22:03
gingdoesnt mean people didnt say they were22:03
ali1234i don't see a problem, i mean it's not like there's any overlap... i mean one is a kids toy and the other is a handheld gaming device...22:03
HazRPGtrue... plus its not like the queues are going to be for the same stores, I doubt GAME or GameStation will be selling iPad 222:06
HazRPGalthough would be interesting to see stores like Tesco releasing them both :P22:10
* brobostigon makes a pot of coffee for the communal table.22:10
HazRPGbrobostigon: \o/22:10
* daubers still wants a kindle :(22:10
ali1234you're not going to see huge queues for ipad 2 and nds anyway22:10
ali1234not harry potter type queues22:10
popeyyeah, not in the UK22:11
* brobostigon kinda wants a n900 with android, however,22:11
ali1234i'm sure the media will manage to drum up a "huge queue" somewhere22:12
daubersor apple will pay for one22:12
HazRPGali1234: I would like to say your right, but I use to work at GAME during the time the PS3 Slim/DSi/etc22:12
ali1234probably by advertising in advance that the bbc will be coming down to report on the "huge queue" so if you want to get your face on tv, be sure to turn up!22:12
HazRPGit took 3-4 hours to get rid of the queue that had parked themselves22:13
HazRPGdaubers: I must say, I just got a kindle the other day... and I'm enjoying it, so highly recommended :)22:14
popeysurely the ps3 market is much larger than the ipad one?22:14
ali1234i would expect so22:14
ali1234and the 3ds market too22:14
HazRPGdaubers: I got mine in tesco's, so you don't have to link it up with amazon22:14
HazRPGpopey: ah I thought ali was referring to the 3DS22:15
ali1234i don't expect huge queues for the 3ds22:15
daubersHazRPG: I know :( But moneys a bit of an issue at the moment... silly house buying messyness22:15
ali1234but they'll be bigger than ipad queues22:15
mgdmThere was a guy buying a Kindle at LHR T5 the other week when Iw as there22:16
mgdmthey were trying to sell him a massively overpriced cover for it22:16
mgdmI held up the jiffy bag mine's in, pulled the Kindle out a little bit, winked and wandered off22:17
mgdmThey didn't sell him one ;)22:17
daubersMight see if my boss can get one for me from 'merkia when he goes over there. Play the exchange rate a little22:17
HazRPGmgdm: heh yeah I noticed on amazon, they have a case that costs £50 just because its leather and has an LED light :/22:17
brobostigonHazRPG: thats half the cost, amazing.22:18
popeyhaha, just realised my kindle fits in this here jiffy bag!22:18
HazRPGmgdm: haha winner :P22:18
mgdmHazRPG: aye - boggling22:18
mgdmpopey: yay! I have about 3 that are exactly the correct size22:18
popeythe best part is that these jiffy bags were "free222:18
HazRPGbrobostigon: it is!22:19
brobostigonHazRPG: isnt the kindle justover £100 ?22:20
HazRPGbrobostigon: £110 for wifi edition, £152 for wifi+3g22:20
HazRPGbrobostigon: I bought a case for £3 off ebay :P22:20
Davieypopey, There is no such thing as a free lun^D jiffy bag!22:21
popeywell, no22:21
popeythese came in a box, and contained 2TB hard disks :)22:21
brobostigonHazRPG: £50 for that cover is roughly half, that cost. £3yes, i made a cover for mmy n800, our of somespare felt, cost, nothing.22:21
Davieypopey, heh, 2TB.. that is just greedy.22:21
popeythats backups for you :)22:21
zleaphi Daviey i have added  a link to the podcast on my website22:22
zleapi mean there is a link to the ubuntu podcast on my website22:22
HazRPGbrobostigon: I would make one, if I had something to make one with :P22:23
Davieyzleap, Oooo.. that is good.  Sadly, i'm no longer a regular presenter. :(22:23
brobostigonHazRPG: however it shows, how muchpeople get ripped off, as you said.22:24
zleapwell thats ok, its on there, so hopefully anyone going on my site to download a club newsletter (rugby club) will see the banner22:24
HazRPGbrobostigon: in egypt, they have problems with sand and dust getting everywhere in the house... plus people eat with their hands usually, communally as a family... so what my family does is cover remotes for TV's etc in cling foil to stop them getting ruined :P22:24
brobostigonHazRPG: ah, i see, interesting idea.22:25
HazRPGbrobostigon: I always thought that was normal! Until I moved back to the UK for college/uni22:26
brobostigonHazRPG: ah, ys, you will notice clearly.22:26
* AlanBell struggles with Launchpad and GPG22:27
HazRPGAlanBell: what's up?22:27
AlanBellLaunchpad could not import your OpenPGP key22:28
AlanBellhttp://keyserver.ubuntu.com:11371/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0x4D8800C856EBDC35 there it is22:28
brobostigonHazRPG: my htc dream would make things difficult, to protect, with the fold out keyboard.22:28
* hamitron pokes Azelphur22:29
* popey pokes hamitron 22:29
* Azelphur pokes hamitron and popey22:29
hamitronyou find a price for the psu?22:29
HazRPGAlanBell: I'm confused... that looks like its there :S22:29
Azelphurhamitron: the one you wanna buy off me?22:29
Azelphurmy friend just posted me a PSU for £11 if that's what you mean22:30
hamitron£11 delivery?22:30
AlanBellHazRPG: it is there in the keyserver, but launchpad won't let me import it to my account so I can do "quickly share"22:30
hamitronnot worth the hassle is it :/22:30
Azelphur*shrug* still cheaper22:30
HazRPGAlanBell: ...oh22:30
hamitron£10 + 11 > £2022:30
Azelphurso I'll sell you it for £5 tada :P22:31
hamitronimo, you should just keep it as a spare22:31
hamitronor some arduino project22:31
hamitronmy 250W psu seems to be holding up atm22:32
Azelphurhamitron: I don't have any machines that'd take it haha22:33
hamitronno, but use it for general psu for arduino22:33
hamitronis £11 royal mail?22:34
AzelphurI think so yea22:34
Azelphurfirst class too22:34
ali1234you shouldn't use PC powersupply as a bench PSU22:34
ali1234they are rather unstable when not laoded correctly22:34
popeywhen i worked at a college, the students would play tricks on us using the bench PSUs22:34
popeythey'd put an electrolytic cap between two contacts, hit the stop button on the room then turn the psu on22:35
popeywe'd walk in. look around, unlock the stop button and BOOOM! paper everywhere22:35
ali1234yeah the kids in my school used to do stuff like that22:35
ali1234except they would also turn on all the gas taps22:35
hamitronali1234: I use mine with old motherboards22:36
LaneyGlibc and others may be using the kernel headers that can be generated from a kernel source tree by doing a "make headers_install". That Makefile target was added to help library developers and distributions create the header files that are required to use the kernel ABI. It is not a requirement, as there are other ways to generate (or create) the required headers, and various libraries have done it differently along the way. The ...22:36
Laney... Android developers intend to eventually use the headers that can be created from the kernel tree, but there are currently some technical barriers to doing so. The key piece to understand is that the information required to use the kernel ABI are contained in one and only one place: the kernel header files.22:36
LaneyI /really/ wish I could turn off triple click paste22:36
HazRPGAlanBell: are you trying to import it using the https://launchpad.net/~AlanBell/+editpgpkeys ?22:36
daubersMinecraft won't let me login :(22:37
Laneyone of these days I am going to accidently paste something terrible22:37
HazRPGor is there another way that I haven't heard of before?22:37
* webpigeon just read <hamitron> £10 + 11 > £20 and thought type error, I need more sleep or less code x.x22:37
ali1234i heard about that android stuff22:37
ali1234apparently if you #include a kernel header in your code, your code has to be GPL22:37
AlanBellHazRPG: yes, that is what I am trying to do22:37
Laneyaccording to some nutters, but not Linus or the license of the kernel22:37
hamitronwho is webpigeon22:38
ali1234well funny you should say that because linus himself is the source of that one22:38
webpigeonhamitron: I ask myself that a lot :P22:38
Laneyyou should read the LWN article22:38
brobostigonhamitron: webpigeon ia friend of mine.22:38
ali1234i did, in the comments it links to a mailing list post by linus where he says exactly this. in capital letters no less22:38
popeyhttp://lwn.net/Articles/434318/ that one Laney ?22:38
brobostigonhamitron: he also manages unity-coders,22:39
hamitronbrobostigon: just wondered if he was an alt name for someone :)22:39
HazRPGAlanBell: still no joy? I'll make a new key and see if I can give it a go22:39
Laneypopey: yeah22:39
webpigeonhamitron: na, I just haven't been arround in here much for the last while :P22:39
hamitronk :)22:39
AlanBellHazRPG: still nothing22:40
AlanBellI will ask in #launchpad tomorrow if it still doesn't work22:40
* Laney sighs22:40
Laneyplease read the article, it addresses exactly that22:40
ali1234oh it does does it? was it written by linus?22:40
Laneynot going to be trolled22:40
hamitronone "problem" with the GPL I suppose22:40
webpigeonali1234: caps much :P22:40
ali1234webpigeon: linus caps, not mine22:40
webpigeonI know22:41
ali1234interesting to see how someone manages to make that quote mean the opposite of what it says, but will have to wait until 31st of march to find out22:41
webpigeon"You can use it to control a nuclear submarine, and that's totally outside the scope of the license" ^.^22:42
ali1234i don't agree that linus is correct btw22:43
ali1234but it's pretty clear what he is saying22:43
webpigeonYou can't distribute GPL'd code (or use gpl'd code in your projects) if you distrubute the binaries and not the source.22:44
ali1234and of course what i meant to say was "your code has to be GPL if you want to distribute the binary"22:44
webpigeonbut that's a whole heated flamey topic22:45
hamitrongets ya thinking though ;)22:45
shaunonot entirely sure what's being discussed myself.  all I've got so far is "please read the article" -> paywall22:46
ali1234in a nutshell: "can you #include a linux kernel header file in a program which you then later distribute without source?"22:47
ali1234linus says you can't. in all caps, and at great length.22:47
shaunoright.  but the odd thing is it doesn't actually matter what linus says22:47
brobostigonnos da everyone, sleep well.22:47
webpigeonnight brobostigon o22:47
ali1234yeah i know :)22:47
webpigeonignore the o22:48
ali1234and it was 8 years ago too22:48
brobostigonnight webpigeon :)22:48
hamitronI'd guess Linus is right tbh22:48
ali1234but if he ever came out and said "actually guys i was wrong" i'm sure someone would have found it by now22:48
Laneythe thread is about kernel modules and not user-space22:48
hamitronelse there wouldn't be a need for the LGPL?22:48
Laneythat is what 'binaries' refers to22:49
ali1234Laney: why does it matter?22:49
webpigeonway the libraries are linked?22:49
ali1234kernel modules might be forced to be GPL for some other reason22:49
Laneyit matters because that is what the exemption in the license says22:51
Laneysee this post too http://lkml.org/lkml/2003/12/5/16222:51
Laneyreally EOD now: watching ER22:51
HazRPGAlanBell: Hmm, I've managed to take mine off and put it back up again... wonder why its not working on your end22:57
* popey wonders if anyone can replicate bug 73902423:05
lubotu3Launchpad bug 739024 in compiz (Ubuntu) "Window drop shadow overwrites panel drop shadow" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73902423:05
HazRPGhmm, apparently I'm doing karaoke tonight...23:06
HazRPGto the pub!23:07
ali1234popey: screenshot?23:07
popeyon the bug23:07
ali1234oh there is one never mind23:07
ali1234nope, doesn't happen here23:08
popeyhappens on two machines here23:08
popeyclassic, non-unity23:08
ali1234oh, i'm on maverick23:08
HazRPGpopey: hmm, that's an interesting one23:09
HazRPGdoes do that here, I'm on maverick too23:09
ali1234hmm 'sudo update-manager -d' isn't offering me natty?23:10
dutchietry with -c too?23:10
dutchiefor check23:10
popeyi doubt it would do it on maverick23:10
ali1234er... why?23:11
popeybecause natty introduces lots of new compiz oddness23:11
ali1234oh, i thought you meant -d23:11
popeyoh, sorry23:11
popeytwo convos23:11
ali1234oh, i think it was because no wireless connection...23:14

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