UnguidedI dont see letters backwards or anything like that. I have reading comprehension dyslexia. takes me forever to read 20 pages.00:00
UnguidedIm definitely not stupid either. My day job is a registered nurse. I just dont learn things as fast as everyone else.00:01
UnguidedAs far as IRC, It doesnt. But it is nice to know there are people close to my area that use ubuntu as well00:02
DBO:) there are probably a lot of people in toledo as well00:02
UnguidedI just havent been able to find them. does anyone know of group meetings and such that someone like me can learn be hearing and sight?00:04
DBOchecking it out right now :)00:05
DBOlooks like the next meeting is April 9th, 1:00 to 3:30 PM at the Toledo Sanger Branch Library, AV Room A00:06
UnguidedDBO: Thanks. Can u give me any search tips also. I try to use google.com/linux and most of the searches seem to produce nothing of the information I am trying to find. help zeroing in would be great.00:07
DBOLUG is the key search term00:07
DBOits short for "linux user group"00:07
DBOalmost all linux user groups go by the name LUG00:07
snap-lDBO: My biggest beef with Unity is that it's clunky.00:08
DBOsnap-l, maverick or natty version?00:08
snap-lNatty, recent build (Alpha 2)00:08
snap-lThe fading-in menu bar is where I want to spit fire00:08
snap-lwarning: I have just tried to install something via Wine, so I'm rady to rip faces off00:09
DBOah the menu bar thing00:11
DBOyeah its terrible00:11
snap-lAnd I'm not a fan of the left-handed dock bar00:12
DBOI voted for it to be positional00:14
DBOi dont think thats out of the cards either00:14
snap-lDBO: Thank you. :)00:14
snap-lI don't remember if it has the application menu that takes up the whole damn screen00:14
snap-lI really don't like that00:15
DBORTL will eventually force us to make it possible to place on the right at least00:15
DBOand hell, if we are going to do that, might as well support the bottom00:15
DBOthe application menu no longer takes up the whole screen00:15
tjagodaUnity is painful =(02:23
strangeoneI gave natty th eboot when the side bar could not make up its mind about where it belonged in regards to my application windows02:25
tjagodaI enjoy how the file menus are removed from firefox and there's no way I can add them back in even when I swap into classic gnome mode02:43
tjagodaIf they break it all we may become #linux-mint-us-mi or #debian-us-mi =P02:45
brouschpoor google. they can't even make an ubuntu-quality .deb any more02:54
brousch"The installation of a package which violates the quality standards isn't allowed. This could cause serious problems on your computer. Please contact the person or organisation who provided this package file and include the details beneath."02:54
strangeoneyeah I have been pushed back to chromium instead of chrome for compatibility issues02:56
strangeoneboth on this ubuntu based bodhi and on crunchbang as well02:56
snap-lhttp://exde.org/ <- And we get yet another desktop environment for our trouble03:10
snap-lhttp://exde.org/node/3 <- The roadmap is brillaint03:10
snap-lI look forward to being able to brew a pot of tea from my window bar.03:11
strangeoneI am growing attached to enlightenment :S03:21
strangeonebut not brave enough to try it on natty03:21
strangeoneafreaid I will break a lot of things03:21
tjagodaWhats with all these newfangled window managers trying to steal my file and menu buttons?03:50
snap-lGood morning13:16
rick_h_ah, the smell of new passing tests in the morning lol13:27
brouschi swear i read that "pissing tests"13:33
brouschare you on the drugs?13:33
rick_h_pretty much13:36
snap-lIt is now 10:30, and I have not yet had coffee14:33
snap-lThis is a crime against humanity.14:33
snap-lAre slideshare and scribd owned by the same company?14:39
snap-lbecause I want both of them turned into smouldering craters equally.14:39
jrwrensnap-l: *gasp* i'm on my second cup of a very strong french press14:53
jrwrensnap-l: can I help get you some coffee?14:53
snap-ljrwren: Nope, I we managed to sort it out17:05
snap-lwent to National Coney for lunch and Meijer for groceries17:05
jrwreni order my coffee from Colorado, so if there is none, I weep.17:52
snap-lOh brilliant. :)19:47
snap-lAT&T is buying T-Mobile. :)19:47
ngonzalhopefully we can get some more 3g in michigan19:47
snap-lDon't bet on it19:48
ngonzalthey've been promising me 3G in kalamazoo for over 3 yrs now19:49
snap-lmust remember to ask Jorge re: his new AT&T service.19:49
snap-lKalamazoo? Sheesh, does anyone live there? :)19:49
ngonzalmore people than Holland MI, and they have 3G19:49
snap-lI thought we sold that to the Canadians for a 24 pack of Molson and a box of Tim Bits19:49
ngonzalit's mostly drunk college students now19:50
jrwrenthey don't have 3G in kzoo???20:02
jrwrenor only T-mobile doesn't?20:02
jrwrenI'd think ATT does. college students = iphones20:02
ngonzalATT doesnt20:02
ngonzalim sure everyone else does, sprint has 4g here20:03
ngonzallots of iphones here..on EDGE20:03
jcastroI can't believe tmo's going away20:12
jrwrennow ATT just has to buy sprint/nextel and it will be a two party system and america can take sides.20:13
jrwrenD & R20:13
jrwrenMac & PC20:13
jrwrenCable and Sat20:13
jrwrenJapanese or Domestic Cars.20:14
jjessewe can be a red state and blue state?  verizon/att20:14
jcastrojrwren: hahaha, I was just telling jill "2 carriers sucks"20:22
jcastrobecause I totally forgot about sprint20:22
snap-lDoes anyone take Sprint seriously that isn't hell-bent on buying a Palm?20:25
snap-lThey've always struck me as the "me too" carrier.20:25
jrwrensprint actually bought nextel years ago.20:27
jrwrenI dunno how they managed to ruin that.20:27
jrwrennextel had some impressive tech.20:27
snap-ljrwren: Had20:28
snap-lThat's the operative word20:28
jrwrensprint ruined it.20:28
jrwrenand they ruined the winston cup20:28
snap-lWell, that and they had some spectacularly awful customer service20:28
snap-lHey, they still have Daytona20:28
snap-lif they can ruin NASCAR as well, I'll be a happy man20:29
jjessehow did sprint ruin nascar?20:30
snap-ljjesse: Was a hope, not a statement. ;)20:30
jjessei think nascar itself has ruined things20:31
jjessegot too far away from its roots20:31
snap-lChampagne instead of PBR?20:31
jjessenot letting the drivers bump and crash20:31
jjessetried to make it too soft20:31
jjesseso more people owuld watch20:32
snap-lYeah, like hockey20:32
jjesseor the nfl20:32
snap-lor basketball20:32
snap-lI don't think they ever call travelling anymore20:32
snap-land double-dribble is just an old video game20:32
jjessehahaha correct20:33
snap-lI remember getting called for travelling so many times in jr high20:33
snap-lI'm like "Jesus, I can't even get the damn ball going before taking a step"20:34
jrwrenbecause the winston cup was so much better than nextel cup or sprint/nextel cup or sprint cup.20:38
jrwrensmoking > cell phones20:38
jjesseyeah it was but stupid political correctness ;)20:39
jrwrenat least busch league is still busch league20:39
jjessenope thats nationwide20:40
snap-lThat's because everyone LOVES political correctness. ;)20:42
nixternalnascar sucks!20:45
jrwrennascar sucks.21:18
Dekk-lappybtw who won at bristol?21:31

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