nnonixAnyone playing with Gnome 3 yet?04:01
* nnonix throws tomatoes04:03
damianWell this is interesting, I'm connected through an android app.06:41
damianAnyone know of any FOSS events or groups besides our LoCo?06:42
tonyyarussodamian: I assume you mean in Minnesota?06:43
tonyyarussoThings with varying degrees of overlap that I can think of off the top of my head:06:43
tonyyarussoTCLUG / Penguins Unbound (St. Paul), K-LUG (Rochester), Northfield LUG06:44
tonyyarussoFreeGeek Twin Cities06:44
tonyyarussoBeyond the Yellow Ribbon06:44
damianWow, where did you come across them?06:45
damianI mean is there a central site for this stuff (the ones I went to didn't have MN)06:46
tonyyarussoThere's also a UNIX user group, a generic PC one, and an Association for Women in Computing chapter, and I think a LinuxChix chapter.06:46
tonyyarussodamian: Nope - this is in my head :P06:46
tonyyarussoGathered from multiple sources.06:46
tonyyarussoPlus there are a couple of companies / organizations that use or support FLOSS, such as the U of M CompSci department, CodeWeavers (WINE/CrossOver), and Nagios Enterprises (my employer).06:47
tonyyarussoSo yeah, there is a LOT of potential for collaboration that we haven't even begun to tap.06:48
tonyyarussoOf those, the ones that we've ever done anything with so far are Penguins Unbound and the UofM, and I've had people contact me asking about possibilities from FreeGeek and BtYR, and I have an outside-of-MN-Ubuntu connection to AWC and LinuxChix.06:49
damianHappen to know if any of them holding an event?06:55
damianI was in the browser, so I didn't realize you had made more msgs.06:56
tonyyarussono idea06:58
tonyyarussowell, PU does once a month.06:58
damianI'm gonna try the next PU, thanks for the help.07:03
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TakyojiCurious if anyone here has come across this: http://betterfly.com/category/operating-systems/betterists19:35

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