Unit193I think canthus13 is....00:00
Unit193So, what version of Ubuntu are you using? (I'm guessing you're using Ubuntu ;) )00:09
UnguidedI am totally newb. Im using ubuntu version 10.10 I have set it up in wubi to try it out. I love it. So much more I can do with it. I currently have a windows home server setup but was looking to move away from that and that it was prompted me to try linux00:12
Unit193Sweet! Welcome to Ubuntu! What are you using the server to do?00:13
UnguidedWell, My home server backs up each computer every night, file server, media server, remote access, stuff like that. Microsoft has decided to take out drive extender in the next version which is a big selling point for the software. Not to mention ease of setup. They released a version one product and believe it or not got it right for the first time in their existance. now they are gonna...00:17
Unguided...muck it up. no point in staying with the product anymore. not tomention the cost and it only allows ten users00:17
UnguidedI believe from what I have read and seen, I can do more with the ubuntu server with less hardware cost. Seems like a win win to me.00:19
canthus13Yup. I is.00:19
UnguidedYou is what?00:19
canthus13From toledo. :)00:19
canthus13I'm the Toledo ReLoCo lead.00:20
canthus13(Such as it is.... Just me and the wife at the moment.)00:20
UnguidedHot Dog! I have asked all over and found no one that uses ubuntu other than guys in school for computers who talk over your head. Dont get me wrong Ive been playing with computers since windows 95 and Im not stupid. I just have reading comprehension dyslexia and it takes me forever to learn from a book. Im strong auditory/visual learner. Swwet on the Toledo Lead. How long have you been using...00:23
canthus13There's a few of us working at our local cable ISP. :)00:23
canthus13Oh.. I've been using Ubuntu for about 4 years.00:23
canthus13Made the switch to straight linux on all my machine about 3 years ago..00:24
UnguidedGreat! Thats funny. when I call in to talk with someone I usually end up telling htem what the problem is and have only found a couple who seem to really have a handle on things. One of my amateur operator friends works for them also.00:25
UnguidedI wasnt trying to offend you. Just soem have "it" and some dont and some of it is my perception as well.00:27
canthus13Unguided: Most of the tech support department is pretty competent with basic troubleshooting.  For linux, you want either Dave, Jason (me), or Mark.  Most people know to transfer to us for linux issues.00:27
canthus13But yeah, there are a few people whose skills are more 'people' than 'tech'.00:28
UnguidedSo hwat shift do you work? I will have to call in when I know you are working.00:28
canthus13second shift usually. Dave works third shift and is the only one there late night.00:29
canthus13Mark does second as well.00:29
canthus13Dave and I are the better of the three. Mark has only been using ubuntu for a few months, but he's looking to get his LPI cert in september.00:29
UnguidedWhat is LPI?00:30
canthus13There are quite a few others there trying it out as well. Hopefully soon we'll convince the dept manager that linux needs to be officially supported.00:30
canthus13Linux Professional I.  there's also II and III.00:30
UnguidedAre their courses you can take for that or books like comptia a+00:31
canthus13Books.  And sometimes courses.00:31
UnguidedSo like barnes and noble or borders? Does it break down concepts?00:31
canthus13Err. LPI is actually Linux Professional Institute, but there are 3 levels. :)00:32
canthus13But yeah. the cert is broken down into areas... and as far as books go, I dunno. I've only glossed through a couple of study guides. I'm prolly going for the cert in september as well, at OLF,  so I'll be looking into study guides soon.00:33
UnguidedWhere can I get the books? its my experience that most of the time the books break down topics so that the average person can understand them. Im getting ready to install on a "real" machine hopefully this weekend. My only fear is the fear of the unknown. Any local groups that have meetings in the area for people to learn?00:35
canthus13No real local groups... Mark and I are prolly going to start getting together to study.  There's TALUG, but I dunno if they're even active.00:36
canthus13Unguided: If you run into any issues with the install, drop in here or #ubuntu.  #ubuntu is probably the better bet, since there's ALWAYS someone to answer questions there.00:37
canthus13Dunno if I'll be able to help you much on the server front.. I don't use windows, so I don't use SAMBA, which is what you'll need for a backup server that's servicing windows machines.00:38
* canthus13 has 3 servers running Debian, and uses NFS for file access.00:38
UnguidedBTW, my friend is an installer or cable modem troubleshooter. he does service calls. I wish there were groups to get involved with. Ok. The remote desktop equivalent for linux is what? realVNC?00:39
UnguidedOk on the servers. Ubunutu is debian derivative right?00:41
canthus13There are a lot of different options. I use ssh to get command line access to my servers. none of them has a GUI.00:41
canthus13For access to my laptop when I'm at work, I use FreeNX, which works more like terminal services than VNC. you could use VNC too, though.  but it's slow over the wild internet.00:41
canthus13Heck, it's a bit slow over Fast Ethernet.00:42
UnguidedSo what can i use that is cross platform? My goal is to get my wife over to linux as well. I got her to commit to learning with me today and I think that is awesome.00:43
canthus13FreeNX works pretty well and has a windows client.  And my wife loves Linux.. I think she'd kill me in my sleep if I tried to put windows back on her laptop... :)00:43
canthus13Don't think FreeNX has a windows server, though.  Of course, Ubuntu comes with an RDP client so it'll connect to windows machines.00:45
UnguidedI guess the other big thing for me is to figure out how the directory structure works. not like windows at all. seems better and way more flexible. any magazines you can recommend?00:47
canthus13Hmm... Linux Magazine is pretty good. Ubuntu User is another that might be nice... I haven't read it, really, but it's geared towards noobs.  Full Circle is a free online publication that's got a good mix of noob and pro stuff.00:49
UnguidedKewl. I also bought Ubuntu Unleashed 2011 so that should give me some places to get a good start. ubuntu user had an article about year ago on home theater that caught my eye.00:53
UnguidedAny podcasts or video tutorials that you can recommend?00:54
UnguidedCan ubuntu wake up a sleeping computer back it up and then put it back to sleep and if so what back up software do you recommend?00:55
EricR2427Hey everyone00:57
Unit193Hello EricR2427 ;)00:58
canthus13Unguided: You can use Wake On Lan if the machine supports it.  I've never used it, though.00:59
UnguidedOk. I believe all of my machines support it01:08
canthus13http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=234588  <- Wake on Lan howto01:11
canthus13It's about 5 years old, but should still be fairly relevant.01:11
Unguidedok. thanks.01:13
UnguidedHey how does remote desktop work in ubuntu? whatis it etc?01:29
Unguidednever mind. found the  answer myself.01:30
Derath-SrvrHi guys02:27
Unit193Hello Derath-Srvr!02:27
Derath-SrvrHow is everyone?02:29
* Unit193 is alive02:29
Unit193How about you?02:29
Derath-SrvrDoign great... flying out for first day of work tomorrow02:30
Derath-Srvrand will be working in columbus after that02:30
Unit193New job?02:30
Derath-SrvrYep... Netsmart02:31
Derath-SrvrGetting excited to have a paycheck again, and hopefully a new cell phone soon02:31
Unit193You still leading U-H where you are?02:32
Derath-SrvrHaven't had one of those yet actually02:32
Derath-SrvrNow that I caught what you meant lol02:32
* Derath-Srvr is a better support player than a lead, only I'm as responsible as a lead lol02:33
* Unit193 just attends02:35
Unit193There is also less people here...02:35
Derath-SrvrWell, I might be able to go to UH's in Columbus from time to time after work02:36
Unit193It's always nice to have people that understand you when you talk102:37
canthus13Derath-Srvr: Netsmart... the guys that do mental hospital software?02:41
Derath-SrvrYeah, and not jsut mental from what I have heard... medical database provider type thing02:41
canthus13Ah. should be fun dealing with all the regulations involved in that...02:41
Derath-SrvrProbably... then again, I'll just be a sysadmin, so as long as the backups are good and regular, I shouldn't have to do much beyond that02:54
Derath-Srvrbrb again02:54
canthus13Derath-Srvr: Ah. In that case, have fun. :)03:02
Unit193Anyone look at the supermoon?05:01
=== Unit193 is now known as Unit193-AFKbaby
canthus13Unit193-AFKbaby: Total bust.  It wasn't even wearing a cape.05:24
Cheri703I saw nothing different than a normal full moon...I may have missed the "moment" of it looking super...05:32
* canthus13 didn't really care about an optical illusion.05:41
=== Vetinari is now known as lukjad
Guest___anyone live in here?22:06
Guest___apparently not22:08
Cheri703paultag: can we get a block on that ip?22:09
Cheri703or whoever is an op...22:09
Cheri703because...that's just not necessary22:09
paultagCheri703: all set. BRB22:16
paultagyeah that was out of line Cheri70322:25
Cheri703people are ridiculous22:27
paultagCheri703: heh22:28

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