robertzaccourhey cyberanger Juzzy14:28
linuxman410wrst u here16:28
linuxman410anyone here16:28
mac9416Ahem. Boo.20:26
wrsthey mac941620:30
wrstlong time no see how you doing?20:30
mac9416Hey, wrst. Kinda quiet in here. I'm okay. Glad to see warmer weather. You?20:30
wrstdoing well, how have things been going?20:31
wrstand yes sunday afternoons usually dead20:31
mac9416Good. Well, I'm having trouble installing Mint, so not too well at the moment.20:32
wrstmint? :)20:33
mac9416Haha, yep.20:33
mac9416Don't like Mint?20:33
wrstnah its ok mac941620:37
wrst:) probably not my fave i'ma  fan of just regular ubuntu20:37
mac9416I actually don't use regular Ubuntu on a single computer.20:37
mac9416I have Lubuntu on my slow lappy...20:38
mac9416Ubuntu Studio on my homemade machine...20:38
mac9416And Mint on a machine I have to be able to play DVDs on.20:38
mac9416(It's offline)20:38
mac9416I'm putting Mint on a friend's machine because I want it to work out of the box.20:38
mac9416But I want to check out Unity when 11.04 comes out.20:39

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