KerberoSymmetria: is .sun.ac.za's internet down again?08:13
SymmetriaKerbero yes08:49
Symmetrianeotel problem08:49
Symmetriathey are working on the fiber somewhere nere kraaifontein08:50
Kerberowe like the sourceforge mirror btw08:52
kodezsymmetria, where is kraaifontein?08:56
Symmetriaheh sourceforge mirror gets a lot of hits09:02
Symmetriaso glad of that09:02
Symmetriaat least its being used after the shit we had getting it put in :)09:03
Symmetriaheh I see that heanet has finally fixed all their tcp window sizing as well09:06
Symmetriato make for easier syncs09:06
Symmetriabefore we used to kinda cap out at 3 or 4 megabytes/second from them09:06
Symmetria  1644920832  39%   29.02MB/s    0:01:2509:06
Symmetriamuch better09:06
SymmetriaI wonder if canonical will give me a za.cdimage.ubuntu.com 09:07
kodezkerbero: thanks for the open street map. i now also know where stellenbosch is situated09:10
Kerberointeresting path the fiber takes to get to stellenbosch09:11
Kerberoi guess alongside major roads is the easiest09:11
Symmetriaproblem with this fiber repair is that its overhead09:15
Symmetriathat means eskom involvement09:15
Symmetriawhich means this wont be quick09:15
Kerberoat least i'm at home on adsl now and not on campus09:16
KerberoSymmetria: i see something about tenet looking at wireless networks?09:17
Symmetriaerrr you're referring to eduroam?09:17
Symmetrialet me be very very very very veryyyyy crystal clear on eduroam, just to counteract the b.s in the media and the rumours09:18
Symmetriayes, we are looking at eduroam, yes there are people who are running it at the moment, however, we considering it to be in a trial phase09:18
Symmetriavery far from production at the moment09:18
Kerberoon the tenet homepage: "TENET Issues RFI  for Wireless providers."09:18
Symmetriaaahh oh that09:18
Symmetriadifferent story09:18
Symmetriathose are for very high speed wireless links in rural areas 09:19
Symmetriato connect rural campuses09:19
Symmetriawhere fiber isnt possible09:19
Kerberoo ok09:19
Symmetria(looking at licensed spectrum wireless gear doing 500mbit - a gigabit)09:19
Kerberothought it might be a ctwug for .ac.za people09:19
Symmetriathats not your normal wireless stuff you'd find in a home :)09:19
Symmetrialol, well, I suppose if people at 200k per wireless unit to afford it... :)09:20
SymmetriaTENET stays very far away from ISM band wireless gear09:21
Kerberothe smart thing to do09:21
Symmetriabecause its slow, there is to much cross talk and there is nothing stopping some idiot putting up some antenna in the way of your p2p link that breaks everything :P09:21
Symmetriawe're busy testing a gigabit high frequency unit at the moment09:22
Symmetriagigabit over 4 kilometers09:22
Kerberoand there is nothing stopping a licensed person transmitting 400W into your radio09:22
Symmetriabut heh, taking off my tenet hat, personally, if it were an option, I'd avoid any form of wireless09:22
Kerberois it that much better than the old telkom microwave links?09:23
Symmetriayou simply cannot get the reliability, the speed, or the long term growth path you need on wireless gear that you get with fiber09:23
SymmetriaKerbero heh the new technology has improved a long way09:23
Symmetriabut wireless will never be fiber :)09:23
Kerberohehe true 09:24
Symmetriajust that fiber isnt economically feasible in a lot of places09:24
Kerberofiber <-> reliable - still to be proven09:24
Kerberoafter all the major breakages the past year09:24
Symmetriafiber is extremely reliable if no one digs it up :p09:24
Symmetriawireless is reliable, if there is no heavy fog/rain/hail/wireless units stolen/antennas stolen/etc/etc/etc09:25
Symmetriaheh there is no fail proof technology09:25
Symmetriajust that with fiber, the only thing that really kills fiber is someone digging it up, or if you've been stupid and put the wrong type of fiber in the wrong place, rats eating it09:25
Symmetriaif you're laying fiber in certain places, you better be damn sure you're using fiber thats specifically armored against rats09:26
Symmetriabecause rats *LOVE* fiber 09:26
Kerberoi heard sharks like it too09:26
Owkkurigood digestion's always on their minds09:26
Symmetriaheh the reason for it is actually really simple with the rats09:26
Symmetriainside a fiber cable, there is kevlar sheathing 09:27
Symmetriawhich is thousands of tiny strands of kevlar, like, cotton wool09:27
Symmetriathe rats chew through and rip that stuff up and use it to make nests out of09:27
kodezsymmentria, i had converted one of my neighbour to ubuntu and i had failed to connect him through his wireless network but the lan is working fine, please help. he is using telkom09:27
Symmetriaheh, I cant help you there, I dont use wireless09:30
Symmetriaother than via high speed fiber linked wireless units that the box knows nothing about09:31
Symmetriabut right now, I gotta go drink beer at the beer festival :) will be back in a few hours09:31
Kerberotoo bad i'm not in CPT at the moment09:36
kodezkerbero: are there any receipt of beers there? will we see this event in Gauteng?09:45
kodezhow do i get the ascii codes in linux to print if i want to use them in a terminal?10:30
superflyyou don't, you use the "compose" key10:43
Kerberoctrl+shift+u+unicode number11:00
Kerberounicode number != ascii number11:00
Kerberoand therefore the composekey is much easier11:01
kodezit's just that i have the ascii table, i need the n with ` on top. it's number 164 and i will appreciate if i can get a link to a unicode table11:11
kodezor the table itself will be appreciated11:13
tumbleweedMaaz: unicode ǹ11:24
Maaztumbleweed: 'ǹ' is Latin Small Letter N With Grave (U+01F9), a lowercase letter with left-to-right directionality11:24
tumbleweedkodez: compoze key makes it easy: <compose>, `, n11:25
tumbleweedascii 164 is ambiguous. is 164 decimal, octal, or hex? (also none of those seem to refer to an ǹ (which isn't in ASCII, anyway)11:26
kodeztumbleweed. thanks but where can i get the unicode table?11:29
tumbleweedkodez: it's very very big11:30
kodezplease give a link where to download it or you may email it to me11:30
superflykodez: you don't, you use the compose key11:30
kodezi want to be able to search for the characters without consistently asking11:33
tumbleweedkodez: use your character map application, or Maaz11:33
tumbleweedkodez: but seriously, why bother searching? Most of the ones you need day-to-day can be compused11:34
plustwohi all11:43
plustwohey kodez... whazup?11:44
kodezhola heita, nothing is up, everything is down here. how are you?11:45
plustwoek probeer net om alles reg te kry... :-)11:46
sakhihi ubuntu-za11:48
sakhiplustwo: probeer jy nog?11:49
sakhiwat is alles?11:49
sakhikodez: eita hola unjani?11:49
kodezsakhi: i'm better than yesterday, thanks for asking. how are you?11:50
sakhiI'm good thanks.11:53
plustwosakhi: i got myself into a 11:56
plustwoGUI project... trying to get to grips on it11:56
plustwopython gui programming i meant11:56
Kilosevening everyone. hope you are all well17:14
KilosMaaz, coffee on17:17
* Maaz puts the kettle on17:17
KilosMaaz, hurry17:17
MaazKilos: Excuse me?17:17
KilosMaaz, you're excused17:17
MaazKilos: *blink*17:17
Kilosnuvolari, ping17:19
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!17:21
KilosMaaz,  thank you kind bot17:21
Maazno problem, Kilos17:21
kodezevening kilos17:33
kodezMaaz: i will appreciate a cup of coffee too, please17:33
Maazkodez: What?17:33
kodezMaaz: coffee on17:34
* Maaz puts the kettle on17:34
kodezMaaz: thank you17:35
Maazkodez: No problem17:35
MaazCoffee's ready for kodez!17:38
kodezMaaz: thank you, you are a smart person17:39
Maazkodez: Got it17:39

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